Luperon Beach Resort

Ciudad Marina, Playa Grande, Luperon, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

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Luperon Beach Resort

by donpaul77 about Barely acceptable

The Luperon Beach Resort is all inclusive and located 1 hour and fifteen minutes from Puerto Plata airport. While the surrounding countryside is beautiful, the resort suffers from deficiencies that become even more glaring due to the lack of nearby options for food and entertainment. It is truly for the budget minded, due to the low cost.

The greatest problem is that the rooms are almost in a state of disrepair. Leaking ceilings, broken televisions, and trickling showers are common. Most of the phones in the rooms do not work. After changing rooms twice, we settled for a non-locking sliding door to the balcony as the least of the evils of the other rooms.

The buffet was okay, yet tiring. There is one a la carte restaurant.

The beach is dangerous due to rock shelf. There are only a couple of "sweet spots" where it is safe. The grounds are very nice and well maintained.

The adventurous could go off the resort to the Yacht Club and Marina restaurant/bars for better food and ambiance.

Marina Puerto Blanco

by donpaul77

The Marina Puerto Blanco is a where the cruising sailors go for all of their needs, including a restaurant , bar and social activities. As refugees from the Luperon Beach resort, it was a great alternative for food, drink, exploring and socializing.

The bar/restaurant is open walled and airy. The people working there were friendly and they served good food and inexpensive beer. We enjoyed talking with the temporary and semi-permanent locals, and joined them for their New Years Eve bash. It was good fun and one of the best New years I've enjoyed.

Sailors will want to visit the website for info pertinent to them.

Directions are by foot: To get to the Yacht Club, you leave the Luperon Resort and head right. Then take your next left. When you come to the rotary, stay left, with the ruins of a night club to your left. Continue down this road until you come to an intersection. There is a sign which points you right, down a dirt road. Follow the dirt road down the hill, to an 'intersection" with a small apartment building on your left. Take the right road, as the sign indicates and follow the road, staying to the left and down the hill to the water.

I loved Luperon!

by A TripAdvisor Member

My stay at the Luperon Beach resort; was a taste of heaven.... Beyond my expectations in everyway and the staff was incredibly pleasant! Despite the langauge barrier... Nightime entertainment was abundant and both couples and single people got along beautifully~ The disco was great~ the beach was gorgeous and the nightly entertainment show was helariously entertaining! The simplicity was beautiful and so was the hotel; the grounds were so well kept and I was so sad to leave! The group I was with (20 people ) all loved loved loved it as well; the blackouts were only at nightime for temporariy 20 minute sprees; only happened 2 times and well it's a 3rd world country where that is something the biggest city experiences DAILY the crowd handled it by singing together! it was corny and so fun, all it takes to have fun there; is an appreciation of what is real. The room was exactly like the picture; and so was the beach.I LOVED LUPERON!

Luperone Yacht Club

by donpaul77

We were fortunate to find this lovely refuge, a fifteen minute walk from the Luperon Beach Resort, and a much better option for eating, drinking and ambiance. It is nestled on the side of a hill in the woods, overlooking Puerto Blanco. We came across it with the help of a couple of English sailors who were exploring the area on foot, as they had their sailboat in port.

The bar and restaurant area is open-walled and the view is spectacular. The people working there and running the place were very kind to us and the beers inexpensive. We were made to feel very comfortable and returned several times. You will meet many interesting people, as sailors from all over the world stop here on their voyages. They serve food and have daily specials, though we did not eat there.

While we were there, the place were under a bit of renovation, but the upper bar/restaurant were in full working order.

Directions are by foot: To get to the Yacht Club, you leave the Luperon Resort and head right. Then take your next left. When you come to the rotary, stay left, with the ruins of a night club to your left. Continue down this road until you come to an intersection. There is a sign which points you right, down a dirt road. Follow the dirt road down the hill, to an 'intersection" with a small apartment building on your left. Take the left road, as the sign indicates and up the hill to the yacht club on your right.

It is indeed a working yacht club, so sailors should look into their website for more details and contact info.

In the north of the...

by jill_archer

In the north of the Island,Luperon is a sleepy village in a peaceful location.

Visa Charges;Tourist cards are required for entry into dom rep and should be obtained in advance by sending a photocopy of your passport page showing your photograph and personal details, plus a cheque for £8 made payable to the Dominican Repuplic Embassy and sent to 139 Inverness Terrace, London W2 6JF,at least 28 days before departure.Alternativly, tourist cards are available upon entry to the country and cost $10 US.

The Best Time Ever!

by A TripAdvisor Member

I just got back from the Luperon Beach Resort, it was fabulous!! Just to note, I previously went to Barcelo Capella in La Romana, and I say Luperon Beach Resort is sooo much better. The Beach is incredible in Luperon, for those who said there were no fish, you were probably snorkeling in the pool. There is an area in the water where you can swim freely without the use of water shoes, and there is an area where you really must grab snorkel gear (its free to rent), take some slices of bread in a ziplock bag and go observe the coral life!! On the release of the bread, there are countless numbers of truly colourful fish swimming all around you, they are very friendly and very shy fish, it is a sight to see! The food was good, although redudant, the desserts were something to savour :). The rooms were quite nice, a pitcher of Dasani water was constantly refilled in a mini fridge. The people (aside from the fish) were most memorable and hilarious!

drinky drinky

by A TripAdvisor Member

What can I say, the Luperon Beach Resort was an amazing vacation. I went down with a close friend lookin for a nice beach, some drinks and to meet some new people. We found just that. We went the week of Feb 26-Mar4/2004. We met a lot of awesome people and partied every night.
Our room was nice.. had an ocean view and really cool doors to our balcony. There isn't too much night life at the Luperon.. as in clubs but we made our way to the disco every night and had some crazy parties on the beach. We met so many people to party with that we didn't need a new club every night. The beach was great. The grounds were beautiful.
The ppl were nice.. except they couldn't really understand us. For two 21 year olds this place was exactly what we needed. My only real complaint would be the food... but hey, I'm a picky eater. For the people that gave this resort horrible reviews... I can't understand it.
Then again it all depends on what you're looking for I guess. We didn't care about an amazing room or anything fancy.. we just wanted to relax on the beach, party and meet people and that's exactly what we did.

I miss it already.

The Trip of A Lifetime

by A TripAdvisor Member

If you are looking to have a good time, Luperon is the place to go. The Animacion Team is amazing and the staff are hilarious. Everyone is so friendly and courteous, and the atmosphere just adds to the excitement.
The beaches are beautiful, the rooms are comfortable, and the grounds are gorgeous. The food was somewhat monotonous, but the Mediterranian a la carte was fantastic.

Like being on Cloud #9

by A TripAdvisor Member

WOW... What a vacation. This was my second time in dominican, and it over took the rave reviews i gave the first trip. Luperon was incredible. I cant imagine anyone not having a great time. Those who gave negative reviews must have been at the wrong hotel. Our ocean view room was amazing, saw some dolphins in the morning. Cleaning staff was magnificant, and extremely friendly. Fresh water in the fridge daily.
Very pleased with the room conditions. Luperon is secluded about an hour and 10 mins from the airport, but daily trips are available to see the city, go snorkelling etc. Daily activities are ogranized at the hotel as well, free banana boat rides, free horseback riding, pool activities, various sports, three pools to choose from nightly entertainment. As for complaints about locals...Hmmm... i only saw a few and they were behind a fence right near the disco. They were also no bother, friendly young boys just hanging out and having a bonfire.
Also you have a few locals selling their crafts on the beach. Staff was great.. food was great.... restaurant meals were fantastic. Weather was great. Luperon "city" was only a 20 min walk (if that), and it was a nice experience to interact with the people. I STRONGLY recommend the catamaran trip--> 1.5 hour boat ride to a small town in Dominican where you snorkle have lunch and interact with the locals. It was amazing to see how they live with no electricity, no toys, no candy, and clothes that barely fit them. We bought them crackers that they classified as "candy" and they swarmed us for this candy. Truely remarkable. Next year we are bring a suitcase of toys and candies to give to them. ENJOY the vacation!! I have no doubts in my mind that you will have the time of your life. Relaxing yet eventful!!!

loved it

by TripAdvisor Member happycoupleGatineau

just got back on feb 8th 2004..loved it.. we got a great deal with go direct travel. we were a little skeptic after reading reviews but once we got there could not understand the bad reviews. we have nothing but possitive feedback. the staff was friendly, helpful, the rooms were kept very clean, always fresh towels and fresh flowers in our room. air cond. working and fridge. we could not ask for better weather and the food was excellent alot to choose from. don't let the hour bus ride fool you it was great and went by fast and gave you the chance to see the surroundings. ps be warned: the drinks are very strong. go mellow on the rhum if you want to remember your trip. the horseback ridding was really worth it ( it's also free) have fun and enjoy this little paradise.


Hotel Luperon Beach ResortHotel Luperon Beach Resort

Luperon Beach Resort.Luperon Beach Resort.

Room Luperon BeachRoom Luperon Beach

view of Luperon harborview of Luperon harbor

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luperon tropical beach resort in puerto plata

by phil-sue

hi we are phil and sue, we are going to the tropical on 7th september for our honeymoon, and wondered if anyone had been there and what they thought of the resort as we have read many bad reports and are wondering if we have made a big mistake, we would be very pleased to hear from anyone who has been or are going there the same time as us.
we would also like any other tips or information that would help us whist there.
phil and sue

Re: luperon tropical beach resort in puerto plata

by Dumpymotel

I just wanted to say congratulations and I hope you have a good time in puerto plata.

Re: luperon tropical beach resort in puerto plata

by Sandra30

I know that the Iberostar Dominica resort is fantastic and also the Riu Bambo is great!

Re: luperon tropical beach resort in puerto plata


Phil and Sue

I have stayed at Luperon and found the food possibly 4 out of 5 rating in the main restaurants although during the day (snacks) were 3 out of 5.

Saying that we never had any problems with the food just the snacks sometimes only warm.

Regarding activities there are obviously ones organised by the reps (very expensive cheapest possibly £40pp).

There is nothing around the hotel it is isolated and about 6 miles from the nearest town which is only small but worth a taxi ride to have a look. We went into the town and the people are very nice.

The hotel itself was clean but i would only rate it
3 star+.

There is nightly entertainment put on by the staff which is ok.

If you require any further details please contact me.


The north or the south

by Dobinsons

We are looking to go to the Dominican Republic next August and are unsure which area to go to. We have two sons 17 and 22, who generally eat just pizza. Can anyone advise on Superclubs Breezes Puerto Plata Resort near Sousa? What is Sousa and Caberet like. Any other advice please

RE: The north or the south

by dziadziu

Greetings from Canada. From this side of the Atlantic the Dominican Republic is not a great choice!!!!!!!!!!!! Panama (Decameron Chain) GREAT! Costa Rica (GR$$T) CUBA (Wonderful) Mexico Mayan Reviara O LA LA. BUT from YOUR CANADIAN COUSIN --- D.R. not so good an idea UNLESS--- unless you enjoy upper end resorts being gated & at night more guards than waiters. ROYAL DECAMERON Panama (PLAYA BLANCA)---( have been 4x in the last 2 1/2 years my wife and I love it !!!) from Canada is great value for $$$$$$$$$$. E mail me back if you need more. ( Reguards, Ron Gorski

RE: The north or the south

by curlyq

Hello from another Canadian who has been making regular trips to the Dominicsn Republic since 2003. This is a great island with many things to see and do. The people are extremely friendly and the resorts are beautiful. Not all are five star, but I would not recommend staying anywhere less that four star. D.R. is an affordable destination by far. Cabarete is known to be a surfing town and holds international competitions each year. There are many restaurants that serve international foods along the local strip near the hotels, as well there are also cafes, bars and clubs your sons may be interested in that play familiar music. Sosua is much the same and in located near Peurta Plata city. This is a very beachy town also and just as nice. If you are interested Playa Dorada beach where all the major resorts are located is also very nice. You are 20 minutes from downtown, and there is a local tourists shopping complex five minutes away. All of the resorts serve different types of foods, most we are familiar with, and a lot of them have pizza places. There is actually a Pizza Hut in the city that delivers to the resorts. There are lots of activities daily at the resorts and many tours you can take as well. Your tour guide will book them for you. Hope I have been helpful. If you have any other questions, feel free to send me an email. Happy travelling.

RE: The north or the south

by Holamamma

Hello from another Canadian:
We took our 2 teens ages 14 and 17 to the DR. We stayed at the Luperon Beach Resort which is in the North. The resort was fine, had a disco for adults and teens, internet cafe, daily and nightly entertainment, only draw back was it was 1 1/2 hour drive to the resort. All in all we had a good time.

Happy Travels

taxi to village

by theresabrewst

what is the fee for taxi to village and how can i contact them

Re: taxi to village

by theresabrewst

i will be arriving at Luperon Apr.1

Re: taxi to village

by Beausoleil

Taxi to what village?

Re: taxi to village

by theresabrewst

looking to see any close by place to shop,drink,eat,talk to locals-whatever

Re: taxi to village

by theresabrewst


I am from canada,nova scotia,cape breton. We always say HELP! I am only a Cape Bretoner

Re: taxi to village

by marielexoteria

It would be easier for us to give you advice if you say which village, as there are a number of cities you can visit from Luperon: Puerto Plata, Cofresí, Playa Dorada, Sosúa...

If you want to go from the hotel to the town of Luperon, your hotel can arrange a taxi for you - otherwise check out VT member Donpaul's Dominican Republic pages, as he's been there rather recently.

I will ask for other companies tho.


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