Dreams Punta Cana

Playas Uvero Alto - Provincia La Altagracia (Formerly Sunscape) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
(5 star hotel)
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Nightmares Punta Cana Resort and Spa

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on May 19, 2014

On the evening of May 10th, 2014, there was a gas explosion at the Dreams Resort and Spa in Punta Cana. My girlfriend, many of her immediate family, and myself were inside the World Café restaurant when the explosion occurred around 7pm. Anyone who was in attendance heard a large bang come from the kitchen (distinct sound of an explosion), immediately afterwards the glass windows and doors of the World Café started to shatter, causing many guests to sustain lacerations, myself included. The decorative roof then started to collapse (note the order of these events). At this point, both guests and staff alike were frantically fleeing the restaurant, some staff were even observed pushing elderly guests out of the way while making their escape. Thankfully, the members of our group only sustained a few small lacerations and contusions, minor injuries. Kitchen staff were seen being carried out with severe burns and cuts. It could have been much, much worse. Many other guests were bleeding heavily from their injuries. People also had to abandon their personal belongings and never received them back. Several people acknowledged that emergency services such as police and fire fighters were very delayed in responding. It was also reported that media was given misleading information regarding the explosion and possibly denied entrance.

Once we were outside the World Café restaurant, guests were warning people to stay away from the building, as it was reported some people had fainted from the exposure to the gas, and no one knew if there would be another explosion or not. Now, instead of being concerned for the well being of their guests, I observed staff members running towards the building and they began boarding it up with plywood and tarps so no one could see inside the demolished restaurant. This was obviously done to minimize their bad publicity, fortunately many pictures were still captured. The staff also all had radios and were obviously instructed to do this.

My heart goes out to the people involved, many of which had it worse than us. There are reports of people having heart attacks, people having to dig their loved ones out from underneath the debris. To think there was a wedding next door that was completely ruined as well is just a shame. The response of staff during and after absolutely disgust me.

Now, this is the part that get’s me. Management was aware of every single person who was in the World Café at the time of the explosion because they had a list the guests had to sign with your room number to enter. Despite having our names/room numbers, no one even bothered to call or follow-up in any sort of way on our well-being. Management happily lied to our faces when they claimed that they had sent out courtesy calls, odd not a single person said this was true. Management also claimed that they had doctors and psychiatrists on site immediately afterwards to deal with the aftermath of the explosion, this was also untrue as I circled the entire resort several times looking for other members of our party , and I noticed only tourists who had medical training helping guests. There was no response from the Resort. There was no emergency plan set up what so ever. No one had helped us in any way, no one told us where to muster, no one stated when it was safe to return to our rooms, no one explained what had happened, nothing. In fact, the following day when I was asking staff members what had happened, they blankly stared at me and stated they were instructed not say anything. Many people were so distraught they would have left the resort the following day if they could and never returned.

Now here’s the kicker, the following Monday, when management actually decided to come to the resort themselves, the General Manager and General Resident Manager began spewing their cover-up story to anyone who would listen. They claimed that there was “intense winds” that built-up pressure and brought the roof down, causing the explosion. This story is very easily debunked by looking up the forecast for that night, which clearly states the winds were a mere 15km. There are pictures circulating that clearly depict the restaurant minutes after the explosion. The picture’s clearly shows that there are tables with umbrellas right outside the restaurant that had not moved at all. If there was such intense wind, one would think the umbrellas would move before infrastructure, right? Maybe the pictures are lying. Not only does any forecast disprove it, but if that really was the order of events, how could so many first-person accounts, from people all over the world say the same thing, the explosion happened first. Management also attempted to claim that our group was the only one to have complained, and judging by all the response on social media and websites, this was untrue as well. Guests who were just arriving were told the restaurant was simply “undergoing renovations.”

I understand this type of accident could happen anywhere, however, not anywhere would have handled the aftermath so poorly. I’ve never dealt with such ignorant management in my life. Had management simply came forward with the truth, instead of their pathetic cover-up attempt, many guests would not feel so betrayed and distressed. Some people who were in attendance now exhibit obvious signs of post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) because of this incident.

I would never return to this resort or any owned and operated by AMResorts for that matter. It is scary to think this sad excuse of a management group is in charge of vacationer’s safety and welfare. With the vast multitude of all-inclusive resorts on the island I would strongly recommend avoiding this place and their other locations.

Below I have attached a sited weather forecast for the evening. It clearly states the winds were 15km, with a high of 28km. To put this into perspective, 28km winds is about enough to lift a piece of loose paper from a table, not bring down a building. Please check out the links and spread the word.

Weather History for Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
View Current Weather in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Saturday, May 10, 2014

Actual Average Record
Mean Temperature 27 °C -
Max Temperature 29 °C 29 °C 32 °C (1998)
Min Temperature 25 °C 24 °C 22 °C (2012)
Cooling Degree Days 15
Growing Degree Days 30 (Base 50)
Dew Point 21 °C
Average Humidity 72
Maximum Humidity 91
Minimum Humidity 58
Precipitation 0.0 mm - - ()
Sea Level Pressure
Sea Level Pressure 1016.00 hPa
Wind Speed 15 km/h ()
Max Wind Speed 28 km/h
Max Gust Speed -
Visibility 11.4 kilometers




Dreams Punta Cana - Fantastic

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 17, 2011

We just returned from our 10th visit to Dreams Punta Cana. We have previously been to Superclubs Breezes Puerto Plata, Beaches Negril (Jamaica), Victoria Resort (Puerto Plata), Occidental Allegra Playa Dorada (Puerto Plata), Gran Bahia Principe Samana, Gran Bahia Principe Ambar Punta Cana, GBP Punta Cana, Sol Rio de Luna y Mares (Cuba) and a number of others.

Dreams Punta Cana
As soon as we got there we were treated like kings! Bell hop was so friendly, you would have thought he was a long lost relative!
We stayed in a Preferred Club section and again it was terrific! The rooms are generally smaller at Dreams PC than most resorts, so if you like a spacious feeling, definitely upgrade to a Honeymoon Suite or Junior Suite. The standard rooms at GBP Ambar Punta Cana or Bahia Principe Cayacoa are all quite a bit larger than Dreams for example. However, the rooms at Dreams - even the smallest, are still okay.
The day we arrived they were refilling the section of the pool that had been closed!!! Yeah!!! Unfortunately, the very next week they drained the remaining area of the pool so that was closed for the remainder of our vacation. Being Preferred Club though we at least got a great section of the beach to enjoy, as the pool was too crowded due to the maintenance.
The food seems to get better with every visit. I don’t know how that can be!
Steaks were terrible, but other than that, food is great. (Met one guest who said he had one of the best steaks of his life there, so go figure!) I gave up ordering them because they were all poor as far as I was concerned. However, one thing about Dreams we have noticed over these visits is that if you don't like it this visit, it will almost certainly be better next visit. Every trip we find little improvements to an already great experience.
We enjoyed all the a la cartes for 14 nights (with the exception of the Japanese which we don’t eat, and would drop in at the buffet just for a cookie or snack every now and then. All were great.
I hear people complain about the selection at the buffet which always amazes my wife and I as we find it incredible. I counted 12 varieties of bread and buns in the bread area of the buffet for example – and that was every day. The buns at the a la cartes with the various flavorings were great too. Improved from previous visits. We were never ever bored with selection at the buffet and it seemed they had every food type known to man at every meal.
I can’t imagine better service at any resort. Beaches Negril and Bahia Principe Ambar are 5 star and they aren’t as good as DPC. Thanks Jesus, Manzweta, Humberto, Willy, Santos, Cristino, Vanessa, Judith, Mark, and absolutely everyone. You just can’t find bad service here even if you try.
Maid service was great as always.
Vendors on the Sidewalk
The vendors are almost all too pushy and ask ridiculous amounts of money for the smallest of trinkets. They are there 2 times per week, and the resort seems determined to let them harass the guests. We have come to accept the fact that twice a week they will bug us, and it goes with the territory. No need to let them ruin the trip. . . we walk along the pool area to avoid them when we can.
The pool side and beach drink service is absolutely fantastic. Great frozen drinks and great servers!
We bring our own 160 gig IPOD and docking station and just leave it out all day on a bachata / salsa playlist for the maid to listen to.
Note – the two rooms we tried in building 6 and building 7 both had IPOD docking stations supplied – they didn’t previously. . . The Sound Soother that used to be there and was fantastic was gone. It was great to have, so we really missed it. . . but it is nice to have the docking station to charge your IPOD.

We had a wonderful visit with a former management person at this hotel and she told us some of the scams guests run or try to run. They’d be hilarious if they weren’t so shocking. Not saying that is the case every time of course, but we’ve seen some pretty outrageous behavior from the guests – and never once seen bad behavior from the staff. Who is more credible? If you read a review where someone got ripped off or was treated rudely, take it with a very big grain of salt. . .

Changes from Prior Visits
The water has a roped off area where you can go in the ocean and not cut your feet on the coral. I don’t recall seeing that in the previous 9 visits. It was great.
The Preferred Club upgraded their beach area significantly! A huge prime area of the beach immediately between the Sugar Reef bar and the ocean now. Easier access to bathrooms, and 12 or so huge sun beds. Huge improvement over the old Preferred Club area of the beach. For this alone it might be worth upgrading to Preferred Club. . .
It used to be unsupervised but DPC has a full time person monitoring access to the PC beach area now. Every day we would watch Mark catch people trying to steal the PC beds. They’d get all outraged and I talked with one women who was “Ooofended” and in all a huff because she’d been caught stealing the PC beds and was politely instructed to leave. Mark does a great job and is a great person for this. He never got upset with the chair thieves, but just calmly had them leave. A very skilled diplomat!

Live Dinner Music
Loved the trio who came around regularly at dinner and played requests. Beautiful, classy, romantic. This was the 3rd trip we’ve seen them there and they are a highlight!

Who is this resort for?
The guests at this resort are pretty much all honeymooners, couples, and families. If you are looking for a party type / spring break kind of resort, you will find this place too calm.


Pretty much everything – great service, delicious drinks, excellent food, stunningly beautiful resort. The staff is wonderful! PC beach area big improvement. Evening shows keep getting better. When we first went years ago, the shows were not nearly as good as they are now.
Dreams PC is pretty much perfect and offers fantastic value and we will be back (just not during very low season/Mercedes Day period).

Unique Quality: Absolutely off the charts great staff; no dinner reservations required; great chair side drink service; no bracelets; free room service; beautiful resort

Dream? More Like a Nightmare

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 11, 2011

This was my fourth time visiting Punta Cana, 20th+ time visiting an "all-inclusive" beach resort. If you are considering this resort I strongly urge you to read this review in full unless you want to set yourself up for utter disappointment.

I have broken my review down to several key items rather than describe the experience in a narrative:

1. The Room
The rooms are horribly outdated, they are not comfortable, the A/C barely takes the edge off the heat. The beds are very stiff, it is as if you are sleeping on a board. The worst thing about the beds is that they simply feel disgusting. It is as if the pillows and mattresses are drenched in the sweat of all the previous guests because of the head and lack of a good A/C, changing the sheets does nothing to freshen things up. The water coming out of the type is practically poisonous. They advice you to brush your teeth with bottled water. There are no amenities other than a TV with few clear channels, a mini-bar that is never restocked, and a safe that makes you wonder just how secure it really is. I opted for a "swim-out" room however it is not what you would expect. Their idea of a swim out is walking out the back door and through 15 feet of grass to get to the pool.

2. The Food
There are a few sit down restaurants and a buffet. The one good thing I can say about this hotel is that they don't have a reservation system. Just show up when you want, worst case scenario you ended up waiting 15 minutes (this is true except for the Japanese restaurant, but don't even bother, I don't know why they hype it up, it is the worst one out of the bunch and I whole heartily enjoy hibachi) There is nothing that great about the food, I've seen worse but for the price of this hotel I was expecting something better than average.

3. Coupons/Resort Credit
This is the point where this review takes this resort from bad to horrible. They offer $200 worth of spa/wine credits to entice you to book with their resort. During the booking process they tell you nothing other than the denomination of the coupon slips. Once you try to use them, the story changes. You can't combine the coupons for more than $40 when using them towards the spa, no more than $10 for wine. You can only use the coupons and a handful of the things available at the spa. These of course are only the more expensive items, some going up to $400 for a massage. $40 barely makes a dent.
These draconian rules make the coupons useless. The $200 you thought you had turns into $40 at best with you paying the rest. The worst part about it is that they don't tell you these restrictions during the booking process, they spring them on you once you arrive. I consider this to be outright FRAUD. I have since put a stop payment on the charge as the credit card company investigates the issue.

4. Employees/Souvenir/Drug Merchants
Every other day or so the resort allows outside merchants to set up tables around the lobby and surrounding areas. They sell little souvenirs at ridiculously high prices, alcohol, cigars, fake designer bags, and cocaine. Yes you read that correctly. As a matter of fact a large minority of the hotel staff sells drugs. I've seen others being and been solicited myself by pool attendants, room service waiter, and other members of the staff. This happens throughout your stay. People selling things in general at this resort are very annoying, you can't walk from your room to a restaurant at night without having to walk through the gauntlet of merchants that get in your way. They have very disrespectful tactics. They stop you, physically pull you towards their tables and put items in your pockets. They won't let you walk away even after repeatedly stating you are not interested. The male staff at this hotel is crosses the line with female guests. Honestly, i don't think its wise for a girl to walk around this resort by herself at night given what I see going on during the day. They make comments that I found inappropriate. Some even go as far as physical contact. Again, I highly advise all females to travel in groups or with a male companion. I would not put rape past some of these employees who look like they belong in a maximum security prison rather than a resort.

5. Fraud
Review your bill VERY VERY VERY carefully. I feel like these people are just looking for anyway to take money from you. When they call you to try to sell you spa treatments/tours, they try to charge you for the minutes on the phone. These people are just looking for anyway to take money from you. They will take your bags upon arrival and try to "sell" them back to you, saying something like "amigo the average tip is $10 per bag". DO NOT GO ON THEIR TIME SHARE TOUR. They will try to entice you with a free 25 minute massage. They will take 6+ hours of your time trying to sell you a time share package for $100,000+. When you go and try to redeem your 25min massage, they will you that you have to buy a 50min massage and then they will add a free 25min to it. COMPLETE SCAM!!

To put it simply, FIND ANOTHER RESORT, do not, under any circumstances go to this place. You will be pissed, upset, defrauded. Learn from my misfortune. I was itching to write this review the whole plane ride home. To be honest, you shouldn't go to the dominican rep. at all. Try an American Island like St. Thomas. or better yet go on a cruise with reputable company like Royal Caribbean.

Unique Quality: none

Stolen medication ruined our trip...

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on March 21, 2011

Not friendly, pretty sneaky, did not call or email back. Went to front desk and manager to tell them medication had been stolen from our room in the hour we were gone. My mom remembered she left it out, was worried, went back to room, there was a guy and two women there "cleaning." The guy vanished and she realized it was gone. All staff except one kind concierge who tried to help me get a refill (it was fake, expensive, and took a whole day of the 3-day trip) were uncaring and looked at me with a blank look and a shrug. I explained to them that this is a woman with a heart condition, her health could be in your hands. Nothing. They were not great in other ways. They say no tipping but we saw people doing it and obviously getting preferential treatment. They say one wedding a day but it was one wedding per wedding consultant, of which there were several, so we were rushed out of the wedding area due to the next wedding of a real bridezilla and her posse. People begging for money at airport. Sing you a song, then ask for money, you say no, they shove you and hiss in your ear what a **** you are. Is this a beautiful tropical island? Yes. Can you relax and have a good time? No. Staff either needs to be paid more or screened better before hiring.

Not a good dream by any stretch!

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on March 8, 2011

I just returned from Dreams after traveling with my family group of 22. 10 of us had "intestinal issues" caused by the food.
Our group started with an extended wait for our rooms. My room was supposed to be two rooms next to each other with a pass through door. After a two hour wait for keys, I spent another hour trying to get someone to open the door between the rooms. In the end no key was found. They forced the lock and stuffed the locking plate with toilet paper to keep it from locking again.
The property was a gauntlet of people trying to sell you things... "artwork", stays at resorts that were opening shortly, full day excursions, etc.
The resort cuts corners on cheap silly things.... they have 7 kayaks, but only have paddles for 3. They have a batting cage, but only one adult bat that was so heavy that Barry Bonds could not have swung it, let alone the kids. Never have towels at pool, etc., etc.
Staff as a whole was not unpleasant, but there was clearly no one going the extra mile. Communication with English speakers was an issue for many of the staff. If you wanted a kayak, you had to drag it 25 yards down the beach to the water. A Hobie Cat was never rigged unless someone stood there and waited for them to do it. Two other Hobies were never rigged at all, even if there were people waiting to sail. The only staff member at the kids Core Zone would be willing to help out…. if you could manage to track him down and ask.
Food didn't taste bad (other than getting many of us sick). However, going to any restaurant other than the main buffet makes no sense... essentially all of the food appears to be made (and also served) at the main buffet then transported to the other restaurants. As a result, we had waits of close to two hours s at every restaurant we tried.
On departure the front desk would not allow me to check out (or release my luggage) because there was a charge on my room that was not mine. They agreed that the charge slip had someone else's signature on it, but since my room # had been written on it, I had to pay. An airport shuttle was waiting full of people from our resort and others. After 25 minutes (and my flight time getting uncomfortably close) I raised my voice and demanded that they release my luggage (no profanity, just loud). The manager, Carlos, finally appeared flanked by large security people. He did not ask what the problem was (or really care). I extended my hand to shake his hand and he refused to take my handshake. He got directly in my face and said "why are you raising your voice to my staff".... I always assumed that in a service industry you determine the issue before accosting a guest. It took another 10 minutes, but he eventually agreed that I should not have to pay a charge that was clearly not mine (gee thanks!) and released my luggage. We boarded our plane less than 10 minutes after clearing security. My guess is that the other people on the delayed shuttle that had flights leaving 30 minutes before ours probably missed their flights.
My issues were echoed by essentially all of our party of 22.... so do yourself a favor and skip Dreams. There are certainly better places out there.


Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on November 1, 2010



Not what we expected for the cost/rating!

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on June 21, 2010

WOW, where to start?!?! Service? I'd rather say LACK OF good service! The service at this "all-inclusive 4 star resort" overall was POOR! When you called the front desk to ask for/about something, they got to it, when they were "able", no rush what-so-ever & I can't tell you how many times in ONE WEEK, we had to call 2 or more times to actually get something done/fixed. The service at the restaurants had a LOT TO BE DESIRED! We traveled with a party of (8) - 3 of which were children under the age of 5, so we needed to relax a bit, eat & move on (young kids don't "sit" well while waiting for food/service for 2 hours) - if it wasn't labeled as a "family-friendly resort" ... I wouldn't have been so "upset" with this situation ... however, the overall waiting/cooking staff quality was very, very poor! They were VERY SLOW to take your order ... and when they did, you "held your breath" that it would come out as ordered. To be honest, you were VERY LUCKY to have everyone's appetizers/dinner/deserts/drinks come out at the same time. This happened to us on NUMEROUS occassions during our stay, and we were DEFINITELY NOT the only ones complaining about this situation! The quality of the food was "OK", but the preparation took FOREVER! And when you DID get your food, it wasn't served to everyone at one time (this situation MAY have been different for smaller parties/couples, but for us, with 8 people ... this happened EVERY SINGLE time we sat down to eat - talk about FRUSTRATING!) Secondly, the Buffet (which is open around the clock) is SO DARN HOT, it's hard to even have an appetite!!! NO AIR CONDITIONING at all & I know it's only in the Mid-Upper 80's on a daily basis, but with the heat index at this time of year (June/2010) and the extreme humidity factored in, your easily approaching 100 degrees & again, NO AIR CONDITIONING in this particular eating venue! Sweat was actually rolling down my face & back (and I'm a very average sized female) the ENTIRE time I tried to eat, which quite honestly, makes me terrribly uncomfortable & tends to make me lose my appetite altogether. The food is served buffet style, and I can tell you, the refrigeration methods are very much lacking. Also, lots of "gnats" on the food due to it being an open-air venue. YUCK! The Milk was seperating from lack of being cooled to the right temp, I didn't trust it at all, so we didn't drink milk for a week! The restaurants that DID have AC, well, it was "cooler", but definitely not what we are used to in the U.S., I can promise you that! And again, the time it took to prepare your food is TERRIBLE! You can expect to be sitting/waiting for quite some time each & every time you dine! Also, make SURE that all MEN traveling here ... pack at least ONE PAIR of pants/slacks with you! This is something, as a female, I think is RIDICULOUS when vacationing. People that pay this kind of $$ for their stay aren't "thugs" and they almost always dress just fine/appropriate. WHY IN THE WORLD can girls/women dress in cutoff jean shorts/tank tops, but the men have to wear collared shirts & PANTS (and in this kind of heat)?!?!? REALLY, is this at all fair?!? Pathetic! When vacationing at a "nicer" place like this was SUPPOSED to be ... people should be able to dress casually and eat wherever they'd like in an all-inclusive resort. I really DO NOT get it! But "be warned". (all dining places, except the Buffet, require that Men have pants on when dining)

Now, onto the rooms themselves. TERRIBLE, really, TERRIBLE! NO PRIVACY WHAT-SO-EVER! There is a see through glass door that divides the toilet from the sink/vanity area! REALLY???? NO PRIVACY!!! The room we stayed in didn't have a bathtub & the shower stall itself only had a 1/2 glass wall that allowed water to just pour out all over the floor everytime we showered. Whoever the designer was for these rooms should be fired/ashamed of themselves (I've never seen anything like it & we travel quite a bit)!!! Really, REALLY bad! The AC in the rooms left a "musty stink" in the room at all times. Sometimes it worked great, other times it worked very little & left the ALL TILE floors so slippery, that our child fell on them several times during our stay, due to the moisture the AC unit blew out, causing condensation all over the floors! And when we asked to have it serviced, it took them a full day to do ANYTHING about it & when it WAS "fixed", it really wasn't! The mini-bar refrigerators do not keep things COLD. Consider yourself lucky if your beverages are SOMEWHAT COOL. Oh, and the tiny "ants/gnats" that were ALL OVER our sink, that's just downright DISGUSTING! I didn't even want to keep our toothbrushes, hairbrushes or anything out on the sink b/c of it! We put everything away after every use so we could HOPEFULLY avoid having our items covered in them. We asked about these bugs, and apparently they spray for these 1x/month, but it OBVIOUSLY does NOT resolve the issue!

There is NO "SOUNDPROOFING" of any kind in your rooms. You can hear someone "pass gas" in the hallways ... really, it's that bad! You can even hear full conversations upstairs when there is no noise to drown it out in your room.

The two things that I CAN/WILL "applaud" is 1) that the outside grounds/pool area/beach area are kept nice. The BAR STAFF at/surrounding the pool area are GREAT & FRIENDLY! If you want a double, ask & you'll get a double. If you want top shelf Rum (i.e. Malibu) instead of "well liquor" ... just ask & you'll get it - they are NOT "stingy" at all there! VERY NICE & COURTEOUS! In addition the resorts' "get this party started" staff (this is what we called them), I have to assume they are the "Event Staff" were EXTREMELY NICE & fun to be around!!! They LOVE the travelers & they do a VERY GOOD job at getting people up to dance, join in on nightly entertainment, shows, etc.

Also, "tips included" is the "general rule" when going to an all-inclusive resort, unless you feel someone has gone above & beyond & you CHOOSE to give them one yourself. This is NOT the case here. The bellman, the person taking your luggage up to the rooms, etc. ... they DO "expect/want" tips ... don't let them fool you, so be prepared!

Unique Quality: VERY NICE pool area! Well kept beach!

You get what you pay for

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on March 16, 2008

Terrible. Stayed for 7 nights- 6 nights too many! We arrived at night, so we didn't get a taste of it until the next day. You need to book dinners three days in advance, so you can only eat at the a la carte restaurants your last 3-4 days. The buffet is the same breakfast/lunch/dinner, and there is a bit of selection, but by day three its very boring, and its the only place to eat breakfast and lunch. Linups to get in to eat- no snacks offered, and the snack bars the talked about- didnt exist.

Terrible staff. If you are a woman- run. I was hit on numerous times, even when with my father, and the staff were again- very very very friendly. I was uncomfortable, and i had to complain to the manager- didnt do anything. The pool boy even came to find me 'after work,' which was hugely inappropriate, and unacceptable. Was uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit, and I dress fairly conservative. They also forced alochol at me during meals even though I was underage, and during dessert the waiter offered me himself- he wasn't kidding.

The beach is beautiful- but thats about it. The water was nice, but alot of seaweed on the shore- could have been dealt with. Also the staff would come up and tickle me when i was sunbathing. Awful. Surprised they didn't get fired. Also can not go onto beach after dark, as there are prostitutes, men hitting on men, 14 year old girls offering themselves- terribly sad, nevermind unsafe.

The rooms were clean, but the walls are not sound proof. Couldn't get to sleep because there the people next to us were 'doing it' and then woke up to hear people barfing at 7 am- wonderful. Also the people next to us were broken into.

Nothing to do. They offer water aerobics and vollyball- but no one did it, and they tried to force you into it. No means no, but they dont get it. Can't walkt anywhere from resort. Day trips were the best part, but expensive ($70 US per person.)

Virtually no night life. I was 17 at the time, and bored as anything. NOT a place for teens- the only teen there over 12 and under 20. One dance club, with one room, and techno music. The bar was the most happening place- but only because no where to go before then.

Staff put on terrible shows- Lion king? Only enjoyable because everyone wathcing was drunk-
only because there was nothing to do besides drink.

Staff called everyone "American Alcoholic."

Surprised it got even one good review.

Would not recommend it to families, singles especially, or anyone who enjoys delicious food.

Would recommend it if you are a drunkard who wants a cheap warm gettaway, and dont mind slimy men gropping you.

Unique Quality: Nothing. Not one unique thing.

windoweb's Profile Photo

Sunny beaches

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 27, 2005

Along one of the finest oceanfronts on this Caribbean island, facing a pristine beach and blue waters stretching to the horizon, Sunscape The Beach Punta Cana offers a glorious sea view from the majority of guest accommodations.

This beautiful resort is wrapped around an expansive, free form swimming pool that meanders from the lobby down to the beach and is complete with waterfalls, a swim-up bar and themed restaurants and venues throughout. For friends, families, and couples – the place for outstanding scenery, tranquility and hospitality is right here.

Unique Quality: The resort features many activities as well, including Spanish classes, dancing lessons, cooking classes, painting and ceramics. Full details and schedules are posted in the lobby.

Directions: Playas Uvero Alto
Provincia La Altagracia
Dominican Republic

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Perfect for Anyone

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 11, 2005

stayed for a week, between july 3rd and 10th, alot of people came on the 10th. Lots of couples, lots of famalies, lots of europeans (their the best), lots of singles- perfect stay for anyone. Single ladies- BEWARE- you will be proposed to; very, very, very friendly staff. Decent nightlife, however, Mangu (local club) is alot better (20 minute ride from hotel which is $20 american). really cool prizes; two couples won 1 week free trips at any occidental hotel! Excursions are very expensive, however there is alot of choices- swim with sharks and dolphins, monster truck etc. Lots of daily activities, such as beach aerobics, bingo, beach soccer and volleyball. Food was okay, being vegetarian i didn't have much choice and the buffet offered more "adult" food, but the beach bar offered "kid" stuff (fries, burgers etc)... try the pizza from the pizza shack (right beside pool). Only dissappointments were that nothing was served after 2 pm..boo..so bring some snacks and maybe buy some rhum from the store. The rooms were also very damp and there was literally like an inch of water on the floor, so we had to leave our air conditioner on all the time, fulll blast; our clothes were always damp. Also, if you are travelling with young ones or plan on going to bed early, try to get a room as far from the pool as possible.. the music blares from the shows into the rooms;not very thick walls.lol. Overall, good trip. Recomend it.

Unique Quality: Beach is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l , its rated a 5 however i don't think i'd give it that much- just b/c there is lots of seaweed [which should have been cleaned daily] I got out of the water looking like a sea monster.

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Great place for families

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on March 27, 2005

The Sunscape is a short 20 min drive from the airport. It had a great mix of people ranging in age from seniors to babies and there seemed to be a little for everyone. It is VERY relaxing, so if you're looking for a little more activity I don't think this would be your place.

Unique Quality: Great pool and swim-up bar. The beach is roomy compared to other hotels we walked by.

Directions: the bus picked us up a the airport - just sit back and relax.

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Great, Compact Resort

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 11, 2004

This was a great little resort. It had everything you needed, but being small, it was all right there for you. You didn't need to spend 20 minutes running back to the room if you forgot something.

Unique Quality: Great location. There were only 2 other hotels (Sunscape and Natura Park), 1 on either side. Beyond that, the fishing village of Cabeza del Toro, then nothing but deserted beach. Great photo-op in the town too.

Nearby Dreams Punta Cana

Dreams Punta Cana

We've found that other people looking for this hotel also know it by these names:

  • Sunscape Beach Punta Cana
  • Dreams Resort Punta Cana
  • Dreams Punta Cana Resort
  • Dreams Dominican Republic
  • Punta Cana Sunscape Beach
  • Dreams Punta Cana Hotel Punta Cana

Address: Playas Uvero Alto - Provincia La Altagracia (Formerly Sunscape) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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Amenities at Dreams Punta Cana

  • Restaurant
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Room Service
  • Fitness Center
  • Free Parking
  • Business Services
  • Kids Activities
  • Casino
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Spa
  • Suites
  • Bar / Lounge

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