Grand Oasis Bavaro

Cabeza de Toro, Punta Cana, 809, Caribbean

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We Got Scammed - MUST READ

by TripAdvisor Member not_happy_with_Oasis

We spent two weeks at the Grand Oasis Bavaro and I would say that the other reviews can give you a good overview of the hotel and property. It is true that it can be difficult to communicate with many staff members unless you know spanish.

Everyone has heard about the time share scams but I was not aware of the Casino scam at this hotel that apparently can be found throughout the Caribbean. They give you chips at the entrance to play a set up version of Roulette making you think you can win a large jackpot, the dollars values increase out of control and it seems the only way out is to keep playing..... We lost thousands of US dollars in almost the blink of an eye then confronted the Casino manager to see the video surveillance and divulge the scam. However, he did not speak English, of course, and the camera apparently had no zoom.

The hotel manager acknowledged that he was aware of the scam and basically shrugged it off. I am disgusted that management would allow this fraud and criminal activity to occur at their resort. PLEASE DO NOT GET SUCKED IN AND WARN EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS SCAM. I believe that it goes under many different names. I think the managment of Grand Oasis has extremely poor integrity, as you should feel safe in a secluded resort.

Wonderful Food! Beautiful Room! Spotless Grounds! LOVED IT!!

by TripAdvisor Member BeachDiva

Please read my HONEST REVIEW:

We checked into the Grand Oasis Bavaro (Cameleon Club). We did have to switch rooms twice on the 1st day, but was handled fine. Our first room had 2 queens and we wanted a King. Then in our 2nd room the toilet broke and the Jacuzzi would not plug. We brought it up to the Manager who told us there was nothing left. After realizing that our toilet was broken she told us to give her an hour adn she would try to find us another room. The first few rooms were a 3.5 star rating - HOWEVER she moved us to BUILDING 15 - oh my GOODNESS - perfection. HUGE room, immaculate, walk in glass shower and brand new tub. It overlooked a spotless, pristine pool with your private bar for your building and a few others. The air conditioning worked perfect, the room was cleaned perfectly every day!!

FOOD: huge selection - Italian is wonderful and we ate there with an Italian. TexMex - great Fajitas. Aqua(you eat ther for free as Cameleon member - otherwise $15 USD/per person) - gourmet food. Japanese - it was ok, if you like stir-fry (also normally $15/USD per person). The buffet had great selection - fresh omlette in the morning.

ENTERTAINMENT: the staff are great. we were interacting with them every day. The shows in the evening are entertaining and fun! The disco was fun as well. Piano Bar has no piano player, so forget it. Great evening life and lots of fun!

BEACH: nothing to say here it is the BAVARO beach - beautiful, white sand and blue sea. There is a shortage of chairs so come early or drag them from the pool area.

Overall GREAT vacation - remember you are in a 3rd world country, you can't expect 5 STAR Canadian or American standards, but it was beautiful. If you have a problem, complain, but do it politely and give them a few dollars, it will go a long way.

Email me if you have any questions! i loaded a bunch of pictures.

decent rooms , wonderful staff; wont be back..

by TripAdvisor Member Jbhulai_631

Ok where do i start ?? Rooms that are higher in numbers like building 15; which my family and i were in are very nice, there all brand new.. The staff is wonderful ! but the vendors sort of ruined our vacation.. BEWARE of the vacation club guys, wow it is really timeshare... The ladys on the beach who braid would want to braid your hair or give you massages, run from them, they think since your on vacation that you are RICH.. They charged me 70 bucks for my two year olds hair ; like come on now how much hair can a two year old have right... and lets not mention my hair which was just half braided and my nine year olds hair, i wanted to faint when they gave me a total.. If you want your hair braided ; which is good if your in the beach alot , just go inside the resort to the spa they only charge 40 bucks, which i found out after; lucky me right.. <

The watersports that they advertise , are cheap speedboats that look like they are going to fall apart when your in the middle of the ocean... Do not get me wrong now we went on one with a really nice dominican guy and he took us to captain cook ; which is 15 minutes away near other resorts along the route of the sand not straight into the ocean thank god right..It was nice, the food was good and the water was much more clear then at the resort,there was no seaweed; oh yea i forget to mention Grand Oasis Bavaro is the last resort on the island and has a handful of seaweed floating in the water but they did do a great job in keeping it clean.. On our way back he took us to a part of the ocean call Natural pool and wow the water was up to our waist when we jump in and was really warm...... So back to captain cook, they took a picture of us and said we dont have to pay for it but when the girl came back she had our picture on a Rum bottle which look sooo nice and of course we had to buy it right.. lol.. but it was cheap 25 bucks is not bad i guess...

Ok back to the resort.. Leave your kids at home ! .or just let them visit just once and thts it cuz it really not that some were Nude on the beach and Pool area, they did have a pool area for adults but 2 older chicks decided to go bare in pool area where we were with our kids.(.)...The food was good and was not cold at all like some reviewers said... The first night we arrived , they had a show on the beach at night that was nice , you know music and dancing on the sand but that was it; after that all the shows were in some open theater that had shows that i thought was funny for a second because they pick guys from the audience and they had to dance like micheal jackson one by one... But then i realized every night they only picked guys( not tht i wanted to get picked lol) and thats when i started to wonder ummm thats odd, no ladys !! hahaha... anyway we only stayed there beacuse it was cheapier than the other nice hotels but i would have rather went to BocaChica or Puerto Plata which i heard was very nice....

What else Ooh there was music playing late at night but it wasnt coming from the resort , it came from like a block away from the resort i guess it was people who lived in Punta Cana.. idk if your drinking all day i guess at night when its time for bed you wont mind because your going to knock right out...

Lastly i bought a banana boat sun screen for kids at the gift sop and they charged me 26 USD. So Do not buy anything from thoses gifts shops or the vendors who be around with tables outside because they charge wayyyy too much money for cheap stuff that you can buy from 2-5 bucks elsehwere. ANd there is a mini market you can walk to if you go left when you leave the resort you'll see it , its like less than a half mile away and they sell rum for way cheaper than the resort and little snacks and stuff... HOPE THAT WAS HELPFULL FOR ALL WHO ARE PLANNING A CARIBBEAN VACAY.. BYE FOR NOW ! :0)

Nice Place!

by TripAdvisor Member ortonhunter

Just got back and had a great time. This is a huge hotel complex with 2 hotels sharing the site. I travelled with my wife and 2 kids, 14 and 17. The first night the hotel had a problem with our room request and had to put us up in an apartment for one night. The apartment was in building #8. It had 5 huge rooms in it, four bathrooms. It would be ideal for a couple travelling families to share. Unfortunately it was a bit old and musty smelling so we were happy to be moved to building 14 the next day. We received two adjoining rooms and they were great. Marble floors, mostly comfortable beds, big decks, flat screen TV and a big bathroom. All we could ask for. If you go, ask for building 14 or 15. They are newer and very clean. Also quieter than the main pool area. You are on the beach in three minutes or at all the buffets restaurants within 2 minutes. It also includes your own set of pools and a bar with the coolest bartender in the world. Franklin was his name. He works hard and sings all day to the entire complex.
I have travelled to a few different places in the Caribbean and I would put the food at above par. The booze is good but I was missing tequila. They serve a tequila liqueur which was not as good. The Staff were great to my family. By day 2 they knew our names and treated our kids like kings. The nightly entertainment was brilliant. The shops were good. We were told that they do not barter but they do. Outside the complex is the real bartering market. They love to barter and will not let you leave empty handed. It's fun if you are into that kind of thing. They will take no for an answer and are polite.
The beach was nice; the water was really not great for swimming unfortunately. There is a lot of seaweed and coral to negotiate. But the sand and palm tree and sunshine was brilliant. You can walk along way down the beach and is worth it for the sites.
Would I go back to this resort again? No...I like to see different resorts but I would recommend it to anyone to stay there. Just make sure you get a newer room and the rest will be great.

This was truely a great deal for your money!

by TripAdvisor Member LoveTravelAurora

This was a great place all around. Before I booked my holiday I read many reviews that scared me about this place, but fear not! This is a beautiful, well taken care of resort that is easy to scrounge up the money for.
We flew with Skyview, booked out trip through itravel 2000 and requested to stay at the Bavaro, rather than the Punta Cana side. This is a hotel that is two in one. The Bavaro side comes with way more perks for your money. itravel 2000 got us on the Cameleon Club Select. This gave us our own check in, first come first service on a la cart, our own pool and most importantly, our own beautiful restaurant buffet. After reviewing some of the reviews, I noticed a particular part of the hotel that I wanted. Our room was beautiful; it was an upgraded room for no upgraded prices. The room number is 7323, known for its spectacular ocean view, large bathroom, canopy bed, hot tub on balcony, free safe and free Internet room!!!!! If you want a great holiday ask for this room.
Our flight was great; our check in was super fast and same for our check out. Bavaro has their own lobby so you don't need to wait in those long line-up when there.
The food is good. Dominican isn't known for the greatest food but we did ok. Thank goodness for the Aqua Restaurant. This is the Bavaro sided private buffet, very nice, clean and open for breakfast, lunch and diner. There are four other a la carts that you can use. The Japanese restaurant was amazing, the seafood was great, the Mexican I could definitely do without and never got to try the Italian but heard that it was great.
A couple of things to know, tipping goes a long way. Very important to know before heading anyway in the Dominican, the service is slow, they walk slow they talk slow and they do not respond to you well if you get mad for the silliest reasons. Once you are there, adjust your speed, time is not important!
The staff is great, if you are nice to them, they treat you like gold. I noticed a lot of guest getting mad for reasons like, my bar fridge is empty! Please people. Be patient and nice and you will get everything you want out of this holiday.
Things to ask your travel agent:
Ask them to write ahead and request were you want to be.
Room 7323 is the most beautiful location in the place, however, if you want to be in the Bavaro side, even though you do have all amenities is this building, building 15 and 11, and 10 are nice and chic with very little noise.
Book with the Cameleaon Club Select!

Excellent Time A++++

by TripAdvisor Member JenLA77

Prior to my trip I read reviews that made me very nervous. However, the trip was already booked and all we could do was hope for the best.

Arrival - When we arrived at the resort we found it to be absolutely gorgeous. At our check-in we were greated with a fabulous rum punch and friendly and expedious service by hotel attendants.

Rooms - When we arrived at our room we were very happy with the cleanliness and modern decor. The bed was very spacious and was comfortable.

Restaurants - The Windows buffet was okay, took a little getting used to. The AQUA steakhouse was great. The steak was flavourful and the shrimp were very tasty. Da Mario's Italian Restaurant was great as well. I had the risotto and it was to die for. The Japanese restaurant was an experience itself. I loved the way the food was prepared before my eyes and the presentation was beautiful. Very tasty, especially the sushi and rice! The Tex Mex restaurant was pretty good, I had chicken fajita's and they tasted just as good as at home. Don't forget to try the margarita's here, they're delicious! Finally, we ate at the Seafood restaurant which turned out to be fantastic too. I splurged and ordered the lobster (was a cost of approx. $25 USD). It was grilled to perfection, very nice, light flavour.

Don't forget to spend the $60 USD and take a trip to Captain Cook's! They take you on a 20 minute boat ride down the way to a small restaurant where you will be served a HUGE platter of lobster, squid, fish and shrimp! And I mean HUGE! It was so good. Very well worth the money.

Beach - absolutely BEAUTIFUL and breathtaking. We spent $25 to go snorkelling and it was worth every penny. Took out underwater cameras and the fish ate right out of our hand.

Service - The overall service of the hotel staff was pretty good. As in other reviews, not every attendant was overly happy but I wouldn't say that this hindered my vacation one bit. Water was not replenished in our rooms every day so I would recommend nipping it in the bud and letting the front desk know asap rather than taking the water out of the fridge as it is VERY costly, we didn't realize just how costly until we checked out.

Overall, our group of 10 had a marvelous stay and thoroughly enjoyed our staff. I would recommend it and would go back to this resort in a heartbeat.

Punta Cana -Dominican Republic

by Maples01


The Dominican Republic is the most beautiful place I had ever been. White sand beaches and perfect weather along with friendly people made a great vacation.

Here is the beautiful beach at our hotel!

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

by Dolphin49


After spending a week in Punta Cana it was very hard to come back to the cold and snow.

We had a great time on our week's holiday. We did a jeep tour into the country side where we tested some sugar cane, went horseback riding, visited a home where they grew different fruits and coffee beans. We also took along some crayons and toys for the children in the small villages, which they loved. The expression on their little faces was incredible. I spent $20.00 Canadian on the items we took and it was the best $20.00 I have ever spent.

We also took a introductory diving course at our hotel one morning and then went diving into the Atlantic in the afternoon. The ocean, was by far, a lot warmer then the pool. We purchased the video of the event that the diving company took for us and it is worth the $40.00 USF we spent.

The Dominican people are very warm and friendly people. Anything at all we needed, they were there to take care of us.

The beaches were beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was windy most days, but that was okay as the sun was very hot.

The staff at the resort are there to take care of you and they proved that over and over again. We also took along items such as candles, lotions and items with the Canadian flag on it for the cleaning staff. Each day we were rewarded with beautiful flower decorated towels in our room.

You can make your Punta Cana vacation as packed or relaxed as you would like. They have many tours (at an extra cost) or you could lounge on the beach or pool sipping tropical cocktails. We did a little of both.

We loved our trip and would definitely recomend a visit.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

by islandjim

"The Dominican Experience"

Preparing for the trip to the Dominican Republic was as interesting as the trip itself. I usual prepare for a new destination by extensive research to learn about the people, customs, and what is or is not appreciated. The Dominican is a island with strong cultural ties. During my research I found that many of the workers in the hotels that can't speak a second language are given a laborers job as gardener, cleaning service, laundry, etc. Those that can speak a second language are used as contact people for the hotels. Many workers are fromHaiti. The pay scale for either one is not anywhere close to what an American would consider good wages. They often work multiple jobs to help their families survive.

"Giving a big tip with little cost!"

I found that tipping in most all inclusive hotels was not permitted, however, never found anyone to refuse a tip. The following are some tips that will help make your vacation great and somepnes life a little better.

Taking care of your maid/cleaning person:
We brought sound costume jewelery, like earings, pins, necklace, and watch. Things things cost us about $3 to $7 each. We also brough a bag of ccoloring books with crayons. each day we would leave the maid a note (in spanish) thanking her, a couple dollars, and a gift. We had more towels, water and extras than you would think possible. She mopped our floor with bleach everyday to make sure the bugs stayed out, kept the curtains closed to keep the room cooler, and got us anything we needed. At the end of the week we asked her if she had any children and she responed that she had 4 children. My wife went to the closet and took out the bag of coloring books and crayons and gave it to her. She began to cry and hugged us both.

Taking care of the Bartender:
In resorts where you are in the public, it is difficult to tip your bartender. What we did was to see who was the regular bartenders and when they got off, I'd walk to the end of the bar and talk to him as he walked away and told him that we wanted to thank him for the good service he was providing. He saw me folding up a $5 bill and place it in my hand. I than shock hands with him and slipped him the $5. I did this every day when he got off. I can't praise the service we received everyday when we went to the bar area. We would walk up and our drinks would already be sitting on the bar. We would give us a heads up on when they were bringing food out for a snack, often he would prepare a little plate aand bring it over to us. Just super service!

Taking care of your waiter/server:
I did find this the most combersum in trying to tip the person taking care of you. The problem was compounded by fact that you had a beverage person and a food person taking care of you. We ended up folding up a couple dollars and as the person came over, I would hold her hand and push the cash into her hand. This always brings on a big smile and super service.

"Reef preservation not important in the dominican"

Most of our ptrips are made around my wanting to dive the area. The resorts usually use a dive service instead of having their own service. I dove on several occasions with just the Dive Instructor/Dive Master. The diving is usually done in an open skiff and you fall back over the side for entry and reboard over the side without your equipment on. At no time are you given a speach about not touching things. I found this unusual. The diving was different than the wall diving I am acustumed to and found it very interesting. We did cave dives, wreck dives, reef dives, and coral head dives along the reef. All were great, but the visability was not what I expected.

We also did the Bavaro splash excursion where you drive your own little speed boat to a location and do some snorkeling. A great excursion and highly recommended. However, You will see the guides climbing on the coral, standing, handling, etc. It was a terrible thing to see such lack of appreciation of the reef life.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 2005

by GinaNY

I went to Punta Cana from May 19 - May 23. I stood in Breezes Resort. It was my first experience in an all exclusive resort. Nice time. 5 days was enough time though. Not bad, but in 5 days you've done it all basically. People very friendly, very safe. Some people get sick I hear but I was perfectly fine.

Forum Posts

Looking for a travelling female companion!

by globetrotter_mtl


I am planning to spend 2 weeks in PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic next summer
(mai, june, July). I prefer all-inclusiv vacation in a 4* hotel at least. I am
42 male, single, would like to spend time on beach, doing trips to see the region, interested in cultures, relaxing, etc..

Any female from canada interested?
Please contact me:


Best Adults Only resort in the DR

by lukas_mattias

Can someone give me a list of the best adults only resorts in the DR?
My wife and I are 40 and looking for a week of fun in the sun, drinkin and dancing etc


Re: Best Adults Only resort in the DR

by marielexoteria

Secrets Excellence Punta Cana.

Re: Best Adults Only resort in the DR

by marielexoteria

Hmmm I can't see my reply so I'm not sure if you got it. Anyway, what most consider the best no-children-allowed all inclusive resort is Secrets Excellence Punta Cana.

Re: Best Adults Only resort in the DR

by lukas_mattias

I searched this resort - said it open in 2009?

Re: Best Adults Only resort in the DR

by marielexoteria

Hmmm, let me check that for you. I saw that the recommendation was from a Dominican site and for a couple that was coming down there for a weekend soon.

Re: Best Adults Only resort in the DR

by marielexoteria

Ok, I got the info. The name "Secrets" belongs to another hotel chain so the hotel I mean is called "Excellence Punta Cana" as of See reviews of the Excellence Punta Cana here: and the hotel's website is

Caribbean Island - Family Friendly, Snorkeling and Golf?

by shawnusher

What is the best Caribbean destination that is family friendly, with good snorkeling and golf? We love St. John, USVI for the access to great snorkeling directly from the beaches, availability of villas for traveling with kids (ages 5 and 7) and their grandparents (ages 75 and 80), but going to St. Thomas for golf is not very convenient. We went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic last year, where the golf and accommodations were great and convenient, but snorkeling was not good (and there was too much seaweed washing up on the beach). Where is the best place for access to all three (family friendly, good snorkeling, good golf)??? Thanks for any suggestions!!!

Re: Caribbean Island - Family Friendly, Snorkeling and Golf?

by Odinnthor

Barbados is a good choice. There is always Jamaica, - plenty of both activities there.

Re: Caribbean Island - Family Friendly, Snorkeling and Golf?

by shawnusher

Thanks for suggesting Barbados and Jamaica. I have been to both, but Barbados was 15 years ago and Jamaica was 20 years ago..... I'll look into them again.

Re: Caribbean Island - Family Friendly, Snorkeling and Golf?

by toemayn

LaRomana, DR is better than Punta Cana, DR


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