Grand Paradise Bavaro

Carretera Higuey, Playa Arena Gorda, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

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  • shame, shame, shame


    me n my wife went on our 1 aniversary on may 11,2012 for 7 days,, and everything was cool until wed night went we get to the room found that we got rob,,, they left us with $0 ,,,, stole all out money and the hotel don't do nothing about,,, just "sorry" sorry, sorry,,,,, we will never stay @ grand paradise bavaro again EVER,,,,





    It is unfortunate to be in a position where I have to write this letter but I refuse to be silent about something I feel so strongly about.

    Recently, I went on vacation from January 2-January 9 for a getaway with friends and family. We returned home yesterday to Toronto and we literally kissed the floor at the Toronto Airport so thankful to be home.

    I write this letter with two objectives...first, to alert you about this hotel and hope this letter discourages you from ever going there and secondly, to bring attention to the hotel itself about its mismanagement and contemptible service.

    We stayed at a hotel called the Grand Paradise Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana. After putting our trust in a travel agent (who we will not name as we are hoping to work with them on a refund), we packed our bags and travelled to Punta Cana.

    Upon arrival, we immediately regretted our decision and our seven days of hell began.

    Our hotel room was not only disgusting but it was unhealthy, unsanitary and uncivilized. We found mold, dirt, hair, feces, cockroaches and dead bugs all over the rooms. The beds and sheets were damP from the humidity and none of the air-conditioners worked.

    Now, while the view was spectacular and the beaches were beautiful ....IT IS not so great when your OCEAN view comes with a side of food poisoning and ulcers from the stress.

    We awoke every day hoping to find food that would not make us sick but instead we were greeted with food that looked like it had sat there for days and had flies all over it. We were forced to eat French Fries day in and day out just for sustenance. This left us with no nutritional value, no energy, a comprised immune system and ultimately made us very, very ill.

    Our rooms were so disgusting that we voluntarily went outside in a tropical storm just to avoid the stench of the room. Since our showers did not work, we nearly became as unsanitary as the resort itself. My personal favourite was when Jonathan took a shower (no soap or towels) and had to use a floss to tie the shower head in place (if we did not do this, the bathroom flooded).

    Some nights, we went to bed with the sounds of roaming cockroaches crawling beneath us. By the end of this trip, we were so physically and emotionally exhausted that we turned on each other and ended our trip fighting.

    To add insult to injury, we often woke up at 2am from the heat and would seek out water- Only we never had any clean water and were forced to drink COKE to attempt to stay hydrated.

    Toilet Paper was a luxury. We searched high and low for rolls of toilet paper almost every day. You want to know what ruins a romantic dinner in the Caribbean? When you have to ask your boyfriend to go find you toilet paper in the mouldy, dirty bathrooms.

    Let’s move on to the bribery and corruption of the resort. We were told to pay for dinners, drinks and a whole host of other things at an all inclusive. We were laughed at by hotel staff who couldn’t believe how DUMB we were for being there.

    Our group spent double our budget to bribe the staff to let us sit in a certain restaurant or just to simply bring us water.

    Our complaints were met with hostility and often we received worse service following a complaint to guest service. The only time we received attention at all was when we were being hustled to purchase Marijuana from “staff” at the resort.
    I would love to continue this email but unfortunately I have to call SunWing who “misplaced” all of our luggage. Perfect end to the trip from hell.
    Please never stay at this hotel. You will regret it.

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    Punta Cana All-Inclusive Delight


    An all-inclusive resort was a new experience for me and I was a bit apprehensive - mostly because of the variety of reviews I'd read about the Grand Paradise Bavaro. Not all of the reviews were complimentary. I can only say that people just don't necessarily see things the same way. I had a delightful stay at this gorgeous resort.

    We arrived at the hotel and the grounds were incredibly beautiful - some 60 acres - I was told. The taxi took us to the main building which wasn't where we needed to be, so the Concierge took us under his wing and whisked us and our luggage away to the tram and across the property to our area of the resort. We were checked in with a minimum of fuss. The tv remote and a key for the safe are picked up on check-in. There is a small fee for the safe key. We discovered that almost all of the main staff was tri-lingual (English, Spanish, and French) which was a wonderful thing. There were a lot of Canadians and Europeans in the area where we stayed --translate that to mean topless sun bathing and swimming.

    Our suite was large and nicely appointed with a balcony facing one of the pools. We had a queensize bed and daybed. The bath was also large and luxurious. We had a color tv but never turned it on. We also had a refrigerator which our maids kept stocked with sodas and water. The suite was as clean as the rest of the resort -- no mildew, no dirt, no bugs -- nothing negative. The main feature of the hotel though, is the grounds. The landscaping and profusion of plants and flowers were exceptional. The grounds were extremely clean and well-kept. It was a pleasure just to walk around and see everything!! There are many buildings and they are painted multiple bright, happy colors -- green, violet, coral, blue, red and yellow --- all trimmed in a crisp white. Many of the restaurants were open air and thatched with palm fronds.

    There are 3 main pools on the resort, and, of course, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is clean and the sand looks and feels as much like sugar as it does like sand. On Bavaro Beach, the sea is calm and all the shades of blue and green associated with the Caribbean -- fantastic! The hundreds of palms all along the beach certainly add to that tropical feel. There are palapas on the beach if you need to get out of the sun and many, many padded lounge chairs everywhere you go.

    There are 9 restaurants - some are buffet and several are specialty. We were well pleased with all of our meals. We especially liked the seafood restaurant on the beach for dinner and the beach restaurant for lunch. Besides the local fare, there were always hamburgers and hot dogs, etc. and lots of fresh fruit. There are also 9 bars including two swim-up bars, a beach bar and a sports bar - very nice.

    There is a small casino, tennis courts, a spa, a couple of shops, archery range, childcare facilities, and internet cafe. At night, live entertainment was provided in the covered open-air theater. It was local, but lively, and amusing variety shows. There is also a late-nite disco on the resort. Because the resort is so spread out, there is a multi-car tram that moves folks from area to area. The tram arrives at the various stations about every 15-20 minutes.

    The resort was very nice and I would certainly return. I found the staff very cordial and helpful and have no complaints about any facet of my stay. Good job Grand Paradise Bavaro! It was a memorable vacation.

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    We had a lovely room (#9141) in the second area of the sprawling complex. It was about a ten minute walk to the Main Lobby and the Beaches. As the pictures will show, our room was huge and on the first floor. We had two queen-sized beds, a sitting area, a TV with satellite, a walk-in closet, mini-bar stocked with items which had to be purchased, full bath and a little patio with table and chairs.
    Speaking of the mini-bar, this was one annoying aspect of this all-inclusive. The only item complimentary was (4) cans of no-name soda. Prices for the rest was absolutely ridiculous.
    For example:
    Natural Water US 3.50
    Imported water (small bottle of Evian) US 6.50
    Gatorade US 5.00
    Small little container of Pringles Potato Chips US 5.00

    Pic # 1 two queen-size beds
    Pic #2 Sink & Shower area
    Pic #3 Walk-in Closet & TV
    Pic #4 Sitting area
    Pic #5 View to the Patio doors

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    November 17 to 24, 2008
    The GRAND PARADISE BAVARO RESORT is located 35 minutes from the Punta Cana Airport. This sprawling and huge resort complex includes the main beachfront hotel and the brand new Sunquest Select Hotel, with its 273 rooms, located on the same property behind the main hotel.
    This all-inclusive resort includes:
    Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
    8 restaurants including 6 a la carte
    9 bars
    domestic drinks
    24-hour Sports Bar & Deli
    3 Pools
    3 Kids Pools
    on-site shuttle
    kids' Club
    daily activities
    nightly entertainment

More about Grand Paradise Bavaro


by LoriPori

As the Grand Paradise Bavaro is such a huge, sprawling resort, they actually need a SHUTTLE to get folks around. Many times we walked, but many times we used the shuttle.There were "stations" spread along the resort and they even had little "stations" or sitting areas, as sometimes you could wait fifteen or twenty minutes for one to come along.

Real Paradise

by A TripAdvisor Member

We just returned from a two weeks vacation at Grand Paradise Bavaro and we'll like to recommend everybody who wants a great time, to choose this resort. No complains, everything was perfect, nice people, great entertainment. All of you who we'll go there enjoy every moment!

Great Time!

by A TripAdvisor Member

Myself and 2 friends just returned from one week at Grand Paradise Bavaro. It was absolutely wonderful! The resort itself was beautiful. The staff were exceptionally kind, friendly and fun! The beach and all the water sports/activities were great. The food was plentiful and a wide variety to suit all. Overall I had a wonderful time and would return to this resort again.

Truly Paradise!

by TripAdvisor Member LLuckenbl

The name of this resort was certainly befitting the place... it truly was Paradise! What a fabulous "post-graduate" Spring Break week we had! Absolutely everything about the resort was fantastic, from the accommodations to the food to the drinks to the gorgeous beach to the people... there is not one valid complaint that we can make. This was our second trip to the D.R. and we will certainly be visiting again next year at the same time. We have to admit that we were just a little apprehensive about this resort after reading a few of the more recent reviews, however, they couldn't have been more inaccurate. Check-in was a breeze, with a lovely young woman who couldn't have been sweeter. Our room was great, very spacious, and clean. The grounds of the resort were kept spotless and perfectly manicured. The pool was crystal clear and the water was warm and inviting. The food was delicious and the variety was huge. If you couldn't find something to satisfy your hunger at each meal then you're a person who simply cannot be pleased. We didn't eat in any of the specialty restaurants because the main buffet was just too good to take a chance on any other place. Now... the beach! Words can't describe how beautiful the beach was and the water was breathtaking... so many beautiful shades of blue and green! Occasionally, you would see a piece of seaweed float by but nothing more than that and early each morning they would rake whatever seaweed had collected during the night and dispose of it. The sand was clean and soft both on the beach and into the water... no shells or rocks to make walking barefoot uncomfortable. The vacation experience we had at this resort last week was perfect in every way and we would, without question, highly recommend the Grand Paradise Bavaro. In conclusion, we'd like to say the only thing that made the resort even better for us were the people who we met there last week. Our new friends from NY, Nova Scotia, and Toronto are etched in our memories forever meeting them. Thank you, Grand Paradise Bavaro, for making our winter getaway the experience of a lifetime!

Awful travel, Greatest vacation

by TripAdvisor Member MississaugaRed

We visited the Grand Paradise Bavaro the last week of February - a group of 10 people ages mid-30's to mid-50's. In no time we were all feeling and acting like teenagers. How could you not when the staff there went out of their way to make your stay as relaxed or fun-filled as you desired.The awful part of the trip was the travel - Redseal/Jetsgo supplied. We have renamed the air line "JetsSTOP". While the staff manning the aircraft were very pleasant and as accomodating as they were able to be, the fact that we were using a fledgling travel & air carrier meant we had all the problems associated with using the low man on the totem pole. From departure time, to gate access, to over booked hotel rooms, we were the people getting bumped. Our flight was delayed longer than any others the day we left Pearson. In spite of a storm the day we left all other air lines got away within an hour or two of their scheduled departure time. We had an eleven hour delay! An hour of that sitting on the plane because they couldn't get the luggage loaded properly. Say no more. Our solution - Pack as much fun as we could into the time we had did have. We kept a positive attitude, generally entertaining ourselves (and others) in the process. Once we got to the resort, the spacious & clean rooms were a welcome sight. We were kept supplied with bottled water & soft drinks. Maid service was propmpt. Maybe too much so, as housekeeping would sometimes try to enter our room before it was vacated in the morning. It took us several days to realize there was a way to lock the door. So, FYI - moving the handle into an upward position means the staff may knock, but they can't come in! I also begged a "do not disturb" sign from one of the housekeeping staff I encountered, which solved that little issue. Our rooms were in building "2", close to the pool and beach which was perfect for our needs, just far enough away to cut down some of the noise if you were an early to bed kind of person. The resort has a very compact & efficient layout which meant everything was easily accessed. You didn't have to give up an hour of your time to pop back to your room if you forgot something, or if you needed to go up to the front desk. We close a daily nesting spot between the pool and the beach. The pool bar was right there and a lot of the activities during the day took place pool side next to the bar. It made it very easy to join in the various games, dance lessons & aerobic sessions that went on at various times all through the day. The same staff that supervised these activities were also part of the nightly show times and were often seen assisting with special events at the disco late into the night. The animation team put in a very long day and should be commended for generally keeping an easy going and friendly manner no matter what the circumstances. The disco was hit and miss. Some nights were packed and a little smokey for our taste, other times the music was great and the mix of people just right for a good time.The beach was beautiful. It seemed to go on forever. The water was very surfy, which make it great for playing, maybe a little rough for very small children to go into without a parent. The surf action did change during the day so it might seem fairly calm during the morning but pick up a bit in the afternoon. Nothing that an adult with even a reasonable amount of swimming talent couldn't handle. The food was great. Not one of our party had a problem of any kind related to the food or drink. At the buffet the menu was always varied. A differnent theme was used each night during the week. There was always a good assortment of vegetables, fruit, meats, pasta and deserts. They usually had a couple of specialty stations set up with the nightly theme food. The grilled steak & pork they made a couple of nights was excellent. My only disappointment with the buffet - it was totally enclosed, with a limited number of windows and none that opened. The same for the Asian and Italian restaurants, which were all part of the same building. Now, I'm sure they have a reason for designing the layout like this, but part of the joy of travelling during Canadian winters to the carribean is being able to do so much outside in the warmth! It would have been nice if the buffet, where you had to take breakfast and where you dined any night that you didn't have a reservation at a specialty restaurant, could have had at least some outside seating. The beach restaurant was lovely. It served a nicely varied lunch (the pizza was always fresh, thin crusted with a variety of topping; great hamburgers - ask for them well-done!), during the dinner hour it was "The Grill" restaurant requiring reservations, and between mid-night and 1:00 a.m. served a late night snack. They staff there were wonderfully flexible with the timing for the mid-night snacks. If they had enough takers, they would stay open late and throw on fresh food for you. I know we ate there after 2:00 a.m. at least a couple of nights. They would accomodate by keeping that bar open a little later as well. We did get into The Grill restaurant 2 nights, and it was the best atmosphere you could want for a tropical evening dining out. The staff were great. The pre-dinner drink service was a little slow at first, but once we started joking with the wait staff they quickly picked up on our vacation-fun spirit and joked and teased us in return - while sending over ample drinkage all the while! In general we found the Dominican people to be generous and good-natured. Most of the staff spoke some language other than their native Spanish, although that language was not always limited. I admit to feeling a little inadequate when having to tell them I spoke only English. Luckily one of our party spoke french and another Italian, so we were always able to be understood. The locals were also very pleased anytime we made the least effort to address them with the limited Spanish we knew from our phrase books. Please make the effort if you go there - it's worth it to show them that you respect their culture and appreciate the opportunity to enjoy their country. Yes, the tourist industry is very important to the Island, but that doesn't mean we should be dismissive of these people's pride and worth. If you treat those who are working there like people and not like servants your vacation will be the better for it. You'll come away with new friends and happy memories, and maybe leave some of the same behind you with them. Other things we learned:There is a market about a 10-15 minute walk down the beach. They offer a little bit of everything. The prices they were willing to take for their wares changed from day to day. Bottom line: If you're not comfortable with the price, say No, Thank-you, and walk away. Tomorrow the price could be higher or lower, for no reason we could see other than the mood of the vendor at the time.Take American dollars: Last year we visited the La Romana area of the DR and were advised to use pecos whenever possible since that was their currency. This year, no one seemed happy unless they were getting American money. They would jack the price up so much if you wanted to pay in pecos that even with the exchange it was cheaper to pay in American Dollars than in Canadian converted to Pecos. Do not take damaged bills: We couldn't give away an American $50 bill we had because it had a slight tear on one side. We tried at the market, at the resort and even at the Punta Cana airport - no takers. Something about their banks not accepting it.Travel mugs: Take them! Not only do they make for fewer trips to the bar or restaurant but it keeps your beverage colder/hotter longer. Also - great for trading. The locals don't have access to these kind of things. Several vendors offered to trade a t-shirt for my mug - which I might have done if it had been the last day instead of one of the first!Salty Snacks: If you can't go an entire week without chips or chocolate, take your own. What they have available there in the gift shop or at the airport is hugely expensive. These treats can also be used as a thank you to particularly helpful staff. Air mattresses: we took a couple to inflate when we got there, using a small bicycle pump we had. It made for a more comfortable lounge chair as well as a great water toy. The cheap ones from Canadian Tire work well and can be left behind as a gift for one of the staff with children.If you enjoy Volleyball - take your own: We did and didn't have to wait for anyone else to get a game started. The sports hut shut down at about 6:00 p.m. and they would always take the equipment back. With your own, you can play indefinitely, or at least as long as your teams last. Medical supplies: As well as the usual medications you'll think you might need, take bug spray and bandaids. If you are usually a feast to bugs here in Ontario it's going to be open season on you in the DR. Not everyone got bitten, but those of us were normally do here, got it there too. Bandaids are a must because if you're wearing sandals after being in winter shoes for several months, you're bound to end up with blisters & sore spots.Sunscreen: The cost of a 30SPF bottle there translated to about $46 Canadian. You will need it -take it from home and save yourself a bundle.A La Carte Restaurants - they changed their set-up during the week we were there. Instead of making reservations it became first come, first served. We were able to go up to a restaurant around 6:00 p.m. and get in the schedule for the first available seating, which might not be until 8:00 or 9:00 pm. which suited us fine.Hope this is helpful in some way. The best advise anyone can give no matter where you're vacationing is to keep an up-beat attitude - the fun will find you if you do! Go with the intention to enjoy and you can't miss! I will happlily answer whatever questions anyone might have.


by A TripAdvisor Member

I arrived at Grand Paradise with my parents and was thinking that it was only going to be a beach vacation but it was SO much more than that. Being 18 I was expecting to spend a lot of time on my own but I met SOO many people and the only bad thing about the whole trip was that I had to leave them behind! They were so helpful (and very polite...and good looking which helped) and they made a point to get everyone involved in activities. The animation staff were unbelievable at getting people to join really made an impression! The food was different but there was lots of choice. The room was VERY clean and always air conditioned, and the disco was one of the most important part of the trip because that was where you get to listen to many different types of music and mingle with lot's of people. I will never forget what an amazing time I had there!!

Punta Cana - Grand Paradise Bavaro

by Teacher_at_loss

A must see place. It is truly heaven on earth. Wonderful, warm people with genuine charm. My heart and head have been left behind in the beautiful beaches. The resort I stayed at was absolutely spectacular.
Keep a few things in mind when visitng...
You need to keep their motto of "no problemo" in mind as truly there are no problems while there. Relax and enjoy the sun and numerous activities to choose from. If you are visiting Punta Cana I strongly suggest you ask your travel rep for more info on 'The Kontiki Party Boat'. Wonderful snorkelling and a wild party to rock the boat on the way back!! Don't think just go :)


Grand Paradise BavaroGrand Paradise Bavaro

Grand ParadiseGrand Paradise

Paradise - Punta CanaParadise - Punta Cana

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grand paradise bavaro

by sleddy

we have booked for the grand paradise bavaro for next may, has anyone stayed there, if so can u give an honest opinion, beach, cleanliness, food, room comfort. thanks for your help


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