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Don't believe everything you read...

by Samscalling about Paraiso Del Sol, Cabarete

Before we went to the Dom Rep - I was worried. Seriously worried. Trip Advisor had so many bad reviews - how could all those people be wrong?

We thought the rooms were fine......they don’t look amazing at first, but once you’ve seen what people in the Dominican Republic have – they’re great. They could be more modern – the furniture is wooden which makes it look a little old, but you’ve got a fridge, 2 double beds, air conditioning and a nice bathroom…..this is a poor country…..and we found our room was great. They’re kept really clean – the maids came everyday, gave us clean towels and mopped the floor, tidied up etc – I’ve stayed in better rooms which weren’t kept nearly as clean! We were overlooking a smaller pool, and had no problems whatsoever with noise.

The Animation Team provide the entertainment both at the day and night, and they do a great job. The entertainment at night was good – quite cheesy but we enjoyed it. They get people up on stage everynight, but again, I didn’t wanna go up and said no and they didn’t push you at all. They’re always smiling and making sure you have a good time despite the long hours they obviously work!

There’s lots of choice with the food and everynight they have a theme – like Oriental night, German night, French night, etc……couldn’t complain about the quality of the food & there was lots of choice. There’s two main buffet restaurants, one which has candlelit tables which is nice, one which is near the pool so it’s good for when you’re having a pool day, and one Italian a la Carte.

You can exchange money at a place over the road from the hotel, it’s better rates than at the hotel. You can’t miss it, they have a big board with the rates which are exactly the same as you’ll get in Cabarete. On the beach, we never had a problem getting a sunlounger and there were plenty of mini palm trees which acted as umberellas. If you walk to Cabarete along the beach, it’s about 40-50 minutes. We got a taxi back which cost us 10US dollars for the two of us. The entertainment team are fantastic!
Huge pool & lots of sunloungers
Direct access to a gorgeous beach
Massive buffet selection
Rooms cleaned daily to high standard
2 other smaller pools

I'd definitely recommend this hotel!

You want Service? Well you'd better tip.

by A TripAdvisor Member

When you’re booking the Paraiso Del Sol you're actually booking the Camino Del Sol. Same resort but crappier rooms. We thought we were by the pool and getting A/C, TV, telephone and a fridge but we got no A/C, no TV, and no telephone and we could just barely see the pool from where we were. The Fridge we got was small but we weren't planning on going to Loblaws anytime to stock it up so it was ok.

When we were put in our room and noticed that we got nothing like what we were told we booked we went back to the front desk to be put in the appropriate room. They confirmed that we would be by the pool and the bellboy began to lead us to our new room. Our new room was a tiny room in a villa with no fridge and it couldn't have been further from the pool. So we complained that it wasn't by the pool like they promised and that's when they said "of course it's not by the pool, by the pool is the Paraiso Del Sol, you booked Camino Del Sol" I said "no I didn't, I've never heard the words Camino Del Sol" he says "no, you booked Camino here's our bill of sale proving you booked Camino" I said "you printed that up yourself.......forget it, whatever, can we just have our old room back" and we went back to our first room and suddenly appreciated it more. We later found out that everyone we met had booked the Paraiso del Sol but was put in the Camino del Sol.

If you must go to this hotel GO ON THE JEEP SAFARI at Freddy's Tours across from the hotel, it's $30 each and the hotel charges $70 each for the same thing. But that was an extremely fun day, just don't eat at the restaurant that they take you to at the end of the tour, we got extremely sick from it.

Try to spend your time in Cabarette if you still want to stay at Paraiso Del Sol, it's 200 Paso's about $4-5 and the night life on the beach is great and they play our music that you would hear in a Toronto club and there's a great Irish Pub called Jose O'shays that you have to go to, great service, great prices and great GREAT food!

Anyway, sorry for the long review but in closing, would I go to Dominican again..........probably not, if I had to go on vacation and couldn't find anything at all somewhere else I might, simply, the people there are too poor (I don't mean that in the way it sounds) they hound you way too much for your money, especially in Sosoua. But would I go back to the Paraiso Del Sol , NEVER AGAIN NO MATTER THE PRICE, unless it was free.


by TripAdvisor Member cherished

Just got back from a 3 week holiday from paraiso del sol and to tell the truth i was glad to get home
the rooms were nice and the people are lovely but thats all its got going for it. Same food for 3 weeks loads of sick people and the worst of all the VIP CLUB its time share and it cost us 3000 pound as they lied about what you got for your money we tryed to cancel after 12 hours and they said ok but you dont get your money back, they showed us a lovely villa and put us into a rat hole my airtours rep got us put back into the first room we were in.
Just watch out for a guy called RICHARD his the biggest con man going

Do Not Go Here

by A TripAdvisor Member

My family and I stayed at Paraiso Del Sol from March 10th 2004 to March 17th 2004 and it was the most horrible vacation we have ever had. The front desk staff is unco-operative and defensive (pretend they don't speak english) you are constantly hounded by people calling themselves the VIP club they are there to sell you time shares and do not leave you alone. The beach has a slew of vendors hawking jewellery from suitcases that wake you up on the beach pester you the entire time you are there they go as far as putting necklaces and anklets on you and will not leave you alone....And gosh help you if you ask for another bar of soap for your room that seems to be a major inconvenience and definitely don't ask for a wake up call because it probably won't happen. Also don't complain about not getting your wake up call because apparently that is all your fault. In summary do not go to this hotel we have been on other tropical vacations to Cuba and never have we ever had such shabby service. We will not be going back to the Dominican Republic because of the bad service we received.

Met amazing people from around the world! Overall great experience

by A TripAdvisor Member

We have read the other reveiws, and we truly believe that this hotel is one where you get what you pay for. We went on our trip solely for the sun, the ocean, and the partying! we are two single girls in our twenties, not looking for an expensive holiday. We found it here at Paraiso Del Sol. The food was not the best, however the staff when treated with respect, treat you like you are royalty. We went to the clubs with our bartenders, got served with smiles, and our maid was just the sweetest lady. We felt very safe and secure on this resort, and the weather was amazing! we met tons of great people, whom we have developed great friendships with from other countries in which we will be visiting soon. Overall, we got what we paid for and more. Stay away from the water (DONT DRINK) and take your showers in mid afternoon, evening, because hot water is scarce! LOL PS if you like to party, go to Cabarete at night, the cab is 4 dollars US, and its lotsa fun, and they play our music. Also to they sell Budweiser ect .... ENJOY we might see you there, since we are going back! PS dont forget to bring gifts to give to your maids, like soaps, nailpolish, candy. And remember to tip your bartenders at the end of your trip, even if just a little! Its just the nice Canadian thing to do. CHEERS

Wonderful place to holiday...

by TripAdvisor Member Dardal

We just returned on March 26th from a two week holiday at the Paraiso Del Sol (stayed in the Superior rooms section by the entertainment center) and we had a wonderful time. I would recommend this resort to anyone. We have stayed at 4 and 5 star resorts that don't come close to this one. The staff were wonderful ! Always wanting to help out . The food was great in all the restaurants as well as in the a la carte restaurant, Michelangelo's. Rooms were always clean and even though the towels we're taken out every morning. all you had to do was tell them to leave them and they would. It was no big deal anyway as they were always back around noon. Kiko's team were fabulous. I don't know what they get paid for sure, but whatever it is , it isn't enough. They work extremely long hours to make sure everyone has a good time. From the games they organize, to the aerobic's , water volleyball and water polo to the dance lessons and "Speedy's " spanish lesson's ( a must to do) and their nightly show's they were awesome. The show's at night we're great. We never missed a show the whole two weeks we were there. We've paid to see show's that weren't as entertaining as these were. The beach was a little rough, but nice. Always seemed to be windy so we spent most of time around the pool and that was where most of the fun seemed to be anyway. There weren't as many vendors at the beach resort as in Cabarete or Sosua and if you gave then a firm no, they left you alone after that as did the VIP guys. We told the VIP guys the first day we weren't interested and they never bothered us after that.We traveled into Cabarete by the shuttle bus and also into Sosua to go to the beach . Bus ride to Cabarete is only 3 mins and Sosua about 15mins.
Cab ride was only 200 peso's($4.00US) from Cabarete to the resort.We went on the Outback Jungle Safari tour and that was one of the most fun tours we're been on. Very educational and the guides are excellent.
(non-stop refreshments too, leaded and unleaded if you know what I mean). Loads of laughs.Would highly recommend you take this tour. It leaves the resort on Thursday and Saturday. As far as money. next time I would take US dollars as you get a better rate than for Canadian dollars. Canadian buck is discounted lots. If you have to use a bank, with debit card, they can be pretty touchy. Some won't reconize your card even though they should and ATM's have a habit of closing anytime.
The Banco Progressio in Cabarete on the main drag was the best one.
Recognized all the cards. Bank of Nova Scotia wouldn't recognize Canadian cards???? People were more than ticked off about that. I would strongly recommend that you don't rent any car, motorcylce or whatever while there as only driving rule there is, there isn't any. If you get in accident, you go to the Police station until everything is straightened out and in D.R. that can take a long time and can be very costly. They have an internet service in the lobby as well as there is an Internet Cafe just a short walk down the street. They go down lots as there is always power outages.They are cheap though to use. Over all we highly enjoyed our stay there. The D.R. people are so friendly and at the resort they were great. We would stay there in a minute and would recommend it to anyone planning to visit the Dominican Republic.
We plan to go back.

Pretty good overall

by A TripAdvisor Member

We just came back from a week spent (march 18-25th) at the Paraiso Del Sol Resort in the Dominican Republic. This was a last minute decision, however, it all worked out fairly well. We couldn't get a flight out of where we live, so we drove to Edmonton. The flight there was alright- SkyService was fine, although they ran out of duty free Bailey's :(. We hadn't ever travelled out of the country as a family so it was an experience that perhaps required more extensive research. Upon arrival to the hotel by shuttle service (quite a ride!) we were misdirected a few times, but eventually got bracelets for ID in the hotel grounds and then a check in. The bellboys were helpful, carried our bags to the room and switched on our airconditionner. However, that day was the only day it actually worked properly. Every night after that we had a power failure in the evening and our fridge and airconditionner did not work until 3pm the next day. We did tell the desk, but it was hard to communicate with the repairmen and they couldn't really do much... (?) The communication barrier was not that bad though. Both my kids are fluent in French and so that was pretty easy to communicate with, although knowing some Spanish would be useful. Also, don't change your money at the hotel, their rate isn't great. It's much better to go out to Sosua. Also, a good idea is to bring US dollars instead of canadian $. (if you're canadian) You'll get 40 pesos for 1 US$ but only ~26 pesos for your CAN dollar. However, it does change frequently and one day we did get 30.5 pesos. The best part----The Kiko's Team was just unbelievable!!! Not only were they knowledgeable about just everything, they were friendly, upbeat, encouraging,easygoing, playful and always had activities to do such as water polo, darts, pool, foozball,spanish lessons, merengue dancing lessons, aerobics, stretching, tennis rental equipment, bingo ETC. That was definitely the BEST part of the whole thing. They each took time to talk to you and get to know you a little bit and always called my daughter beautiful seniorita, which I'm sure made her feel special :) We took pictures with them and my daughter says she misses them already!! Something fun: if you play bingo with them (so much fun in the first place) and you say Bingo but don't have bingo, they throw you in the pool!!! The shopping is good in Sosua, by the beach and all the vendors where you can haggle for good prices and pretty good stuff. The vendors and hair braiding ladies on the beach are persistant but if you tell them a firm no, they get the picture after awhile. The food was great, always a different theme at night and Michelangelo's was good althought you do have to book a spot. A good thing to keep in mind ... don't forget to drink extra extra water so you don't get dehydrated, it is a big change from Canada. We think that's what happened to our daughter. Being sick is no fun, so make sure you have some medications with you. My daughter says she regrets being sick for almost the whole week and curses her body for not working properly. She says she would go back in a minute to spend more time with the Kiko's team and their activities and heehee to get a better tan. No other complaints except for having to fend for ourselves a lot, and our AC and our fridge, but those got fixed...but only the day before we left....Also, we left small gifts such as hair elastics and barettes and some chocolates for our chamber maid and in return received pretty good service and flowers everyday. Be understanding about the towel thing- maybe bring an extra towel with you or use your beach towel if you need to shower as they have a system with washing and then returning towels, even if it is a little inconvenient timing.
All in all, our holiday was an experience to remember. However, with our all inclusive package we had 1 hour of non motorized watersports per day and found we couldn't use it everyday as we were tired but i'd say that 1 week isn't enough to do everything you want. One last word- do use the certified taxis and shuttles from the resorts to get around-not the little motorbikes,their traffic laws are non exsistant so there ya have it! Have fun and yes i do reccomend this resort!! It was perfect 3*'s for our family and worked out well for a last minute decision!!! Good luck to all future travellers, your vacation is what you make of it so go for it and don't forget, a tip occasionally goes a long way!! Have fun!

Great Time

by A TripAdvisor Member

I have read many reviews about this hotel and a lot of the reviews were true BUT, this resort is a 3* not a 4 or 5. If you have been to a 4 or 5 of course it is not comparible. This is an average resort. We stayed here for a week and were very pleased. Towels were an issue at the beginning, towels are taken in the morning and brought back around 3pm.
If you don't want anyone bothering you first thing, there are do not disturb sighns. We put the sign out every night before we went to bed and turned it over when we went for breakfast. So towels aren't taken until your finished morning showers and brought back after lunch. If this bothers you, keep one of the towels at all times or bring an extra towel. We did. The food was great, we didn't get sick, there were bugs-not in the beds. The bugs are called NATS and they are on the ground and usually can only jump knee high. They are all over. My brother got bites at a 4*. The ocean is rough. It is the Atlantic not the sea on the other side. People should look into these kind of things before they go. The resort does have 3 pools as well. There are always things going on, yes into the night but usually only 11-12. If people complain about this, they probably would complain if there was nothing to do. The front desk always had money to change over and were comparible to down the street. 46 pesos to $1.00. Sometimes you could find 47 to a $1 somewhere else. There were buses going into town daily, if you missed those, taxi drivers and scooters were available at your disposible. Town was not 10 minutes away, it was 4 minutes by bus.
Actually 3 km. If your going to make a review, make it when your thinking, not upset. The people were great. It was a great place to see the everyday life, it you want a resort where things are perfect and you can hide from there everyday life, this is not the place for you.
We had a great time, and we would go back.

Better time in jail....

by A TripAdvisor Member

Oh wow, we just got back a few hours ago from the D.R. the only way I can see someone liking this resort (if you can call it that) is if they were inebriated all the time. All inclusive to them means, maybe satellite tv (pirated), electricity (when available), yellowish smelly water (take a quick shower though, hot water runs out fast), all the maids you can handle walking into your room without knocking even while you are asleep, all the non-existent wake up calls you need, all the spanish speaking help you need (they pretend to not speak english until you tip them), all the medical assistance you need until you need it (yes, we needed an ambulance and they sent us a doctor to tell us that yes, 'he is definitely hurt' and then refuse to call for an ambulance to take us to the hospital --which, if your emergency is at night, can only be in Puerto Plata...1 hour away in a taxi/ambulance with no ambulance necessities but a big red painted cross on the windshield)....anyways, the "doctor" charged us $70 plus $60 for an ambulance that took 1 hr to get there and 1 hour to get to the hospital -- just make sure you don't plan to have a heart attack here or else.... Anyways, you get the picture. I've been in plenty of dumps but this gets the trophy. I've never been so happy to be back in good ole smelly New Orleans.

It was great!

by A TripAdvisor Member

I just returned from staying at Pariaso del sol. After reading the reviws I was expecting a dump but I was completely surprised. Our room was gorgeous! We stayed in the paraiso side NOT Camino side so we had a/c, cable and yes a hairdryer. I had gone down with three of my girls and we are all in our early 20's and we had a blast. The food is my only complaint but the room, pool and beach were great. Every night we went into Cabarete to party it up and it only cost $4 us for the ride in. The watersports offered by the hotel were lots of fun too. I wouldnt recommend the horseback riding unless you really love riding (very painful). The reception could be slow at times when responding to questions but it depends on the time of day. The hot water was fine and yes I would bring an extra towel. BUt overall the resort was amazing and the staff was very friendly.

Forum Posts

paraiso del sol?

by dearlicious


I have got 2 weeks booked at the Paraiso del sol in Cabarette, in July. Has anyone ever stayed there?

I am going all inclusive, but my main question is what are the rooms like and is the white wine there nice and dry?

Please let me know!


Puerto Plata--June 12-17,2009

by jerich

Hi to all,I want to know what's gonna be the weather like in Puerto Plata this coming June 12-17,2009.Im gonna staying at Casa Marina Beach&Reef an Amhsa Marina Resort.Does anybody know how far is this resort to Ocean World?And what are the things to do around the resort?Thank you very much!

Re: Puerto Plata--June 12-17,2009

by marielexoteria

In June the weather is usually sunny and hot. Should there be any rain, it's usually been a "shower" and then the sun is back out, but even when raining it's warm.

I haven't stayed at Casa Marina Beach but the hotel is located in Sosúa. The activities I know of other than visiting the beach are:

- visiting the Jewish museum
- day tour to Puerto Plata, either on your own (bus takes about 40 minutes) or with a tour
- day trip to Cabarete, if you're into kite surfing and windsurfing.
- day tour to Laguna Gri Gri, near Río San Juan
- day tour to Ocean World in Cofresí, about 50 minutes (40 to Puerto Plata and about 10 from Puerto Plata to Ocean World), best done by taxi if you're all about comfort or bus to Puerto Plata+taxi from there
- you could take a look at Damajagua's cascades (27 charcos,
- day tour to Santiago de los Caballeros, about 1h30.

If you want to see what to do in Puerto Plata or Santiago, see VT's travel guides, but off the top of my head I can recommend:

In Puerto Plata:
- Fortaleza de San Felipe
- The Amber museum
- teleférico (cable car) to Loma Isabel de Torres

In Santiago:
- Monumento a los Héroes
- Centro León, art and cultural center

Hope it helps.

Re: Puerto Plata--June 12-17,2009

by jerich

Thank you very much Mariel for your answer.I will print this out and take with me to DR.I am excited with this trip hope the weather will cooperate!

Re: Puerto Plata--June 12-17,2009

by marielexoteria

No problem.

In June the weather should be good for excursions. Let me know if you're interested in other activities and I'll be happy to look around.


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