Tropical Casa Laguna Beach Club

Main Road, Cabarete, Dominican Republic, 1, Caribbean

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    Very clean place but so basic. Accommodation, towels, crockery, all need replaced as they are very old and worn but not dirty. Room we had had cracks all over the ceiling and going down the walls but the air con worked fine so we were happy with that. The Ritz it is not but it did us for the fortnight. Drinks were not the strongest and cocktails very sweet as made with fruit syrups. Food very basic too. Lot of the same stuff but the mexican/italian restaurant was good.
    Would not rush back but would take it if there was no other options and hol was cheap enough.
    Felt like we were a bother to the bar staff and even got ignored by them sometimes! Smiled and their faces would crack, some of them. Have been in worse tho.... animaton team?..... zzzzzzzz. They tried, God love them but to no avail
    Main pool/stage and beach club/buffet restaurant split by a busy main road too. Not too great to get across.
    All Incl drinks stop at 11pm and that's when bar closes. If you wanna drink later you will need to go to one of the bars on the beach and pay for your drinks. I recommend Jose o'Sheas Irish bar. Good measures for the price and good grub too!

    Unique Quality: Pool was good!

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Scuba Diving in Cabarete / Sosua

by hippocampo

I recently finished a vacation in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic and discovered Scuba Diving.I went with Hippocampo in the Hotel tropical Casa laguna and have found something I never thought I would enjoy..From my first breath underwater I was spell bound. The Instructor there..Andreas made me feel relaxed and made the course fun.I went to a place called Three rocks and there were so many fish sometimes I lost sight of Andreas. The water was calm and very very clear.I just wanted to recommend this diving centre because of the amazing experience I had with them.They only go in small groups so it makes the experience even more personal. Look them up up at . Hope you have as great a time as I did..

Brilliant holiday

by A TripAdvisor Member

We stayed at the tropical casa laguna hotel for a week in Sept 2005. After reading some of the other reviews i was pretty worried about what it would be like, but was pleasently surprised. Our room was just like the one i'd seen in the odyssey brochure , and was cleaned every day. Staff also cleaned the pool area every morning and everywhere seemed clean all the time. The food was good for beakfast and lunch but was a bit repetetive in the evening. But the restaurants on the beach were really good, and made a nice change. The entertainment staff were great fun, but id definitely recommend having some nights out of the hotel as there are some nice bars on the beach and they stay open much later. I dont know what all the fuss is about the main road, as long as your careful and move fast its no problem crossing!

If you get the chance definitely go on the Paradise island trip, this was the best day of our holiday, our tour guide was Luis and he made the 3 hour coach journey go really fast as he told us loads of stuff about the island. Overall we had a fab holiday, and would definitely go again.

A Fab 2 weeks

by A TripAdvisor Member

My friend & I spent 2 weeks at the Tropical Casa Laguna, at first we were abit worried as to what we would find when we arrived after reading the reviews prior to going but we were pleasantly surprised to find it ok, although i would agree that the food isnt all that good, but a few meals out breaks that up.
The rooms were ok, could have been cleaned more often especially after spending days on the beach and bringing sand back into the room, but we did get clean towels everyday.
The hotel staff where very friendly but the entertainment team made the holiday, Wellington, Kenya, Nelly, Patricia, Nandito etc were fantastic, they had so much energy and really knew how to have a good time, i would highly recommend the disco tour after they have finished work only if you can really party.
the weather wasnt brilliant, a few rainy days but couldnt complain as England was so cold.
i wouldnt recommend it for small children as there really isnt much for them to do whilst in the hotel.
Would definately go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a Great Time

by A TripAdvisor Member

We went to Tropical Casa Laguna at the beginning of August for a 2 week honeymoon. We had not expected much after reading the reviews but were pleasantly surprised.
On arrival we did notice the road, but it was not as busy as we thought it would be, although you can not tell what side of the road they are going to be on as there don't seem to be any rules for driving out there! They just swerve all over to try and miss the numerous potholes in the road.
The hotel rooms were very clean and were cleaned every day by the maids, we were also brought clean towels every day. If we left glasses from the bar up there they were also returned for us. the bed was 2 single beds pushed together, we were told thats how all beds are over there.
The barstaff were always very pleasant, and served us straight away when we went for a drink. Don't forget to try a romancie drink, they are really nice!
The restraunts were clean, but there were a few flys in there but HEY, what do you expect in such a hot country. Also, if we got to the restraunt early, the food was always covered, its the guests that uncover the food and can't be bothered to re-cover it to stop flys walking on it. The food wasn't always brilliant, but we always found something to eat & didn't spend the holiday on the toilet as many said they did. We found a shop across the road that sells pringles and m&m's so we were ok! there was also a pizza place next to the hotel on the beach.
The complex gardens and pool area were immaculate, and every morning we could see them testing the pools water on a PH meter to make sure it was ok.
The staff all work very hard there, they start around 7am and are still working at 11pm for very little money, and they are not proffessional entertainers, but they do their best. They do Spanish lessons every morning by the pool, games throughout the day and pool aerobics to keep you entertained, then do evening entertainment as well.
When walking on the beach we had problems with everyone coming up trying to sell us things, and when we said no thankyou, they tried to give us thier life story about how poor they were. In the end we started to go to the beach before 9 am then go back tothe complex and return to the beach at 6ish, we then missed all the hawkers.
I had my hair braided by a woman that comes to the hotel & that was very good, I had heard that she was alot better than the one on the beach.
All in all was a great holiday. Just remember you get what you pay for, don't expect the earth and you'll enjoy yourself.

love this hotel

by TripAdvisor Member blondytomato

I have stayed in Casa Laguna twice already this year,once in july and then i went back again in September so i think my understanding of the hotel is probably more than most peoples,my thoughts are as follows

The rooms here are spacious and clean, the maid calls in everday and rooms have air conditioning and sat t.v .Upon my first visit after reading the reviews i was shocked and pleasently surprised with the standards and was left thinking " why have people been complaining ?". My only piece of advice is ask for a pool view because the block that over looks the pool is new to the complex so consequently rooms are of a slightly higher standard.

I must admit the food here is not great.However i did not experience stomach problems at all in both of my stays here.I did hear people complaining of stomach upsets but i think this was more to do with the amount of alcohol consumed more than anything else.The only fault with the food is lack of variety i mainly stuck to rice,pasta and chicken ( my new dominican diet !!) i do love my dominican diet but it does get a bit annoying after a while !!!.

The entertainment here is the best thing of this hotel.Other guests were coming up to me asking "are you some type of rep?" as i was always dancing with them on stage apart from the fact im engaged to an animator who used to work at this hotel and maybe that makes me byast i still think the "animation" team are the life and soul of this hotel.Please take the time to speak to them as they are all really lovely people who work really long hours .The team does change quite frequently so some of the names mentioned on other reviews probably wont be working there when you stay however you will probably find Wellington,Kenya and Cornelous.

In short this is a fab hotel with loads and loads of spirit.It is not 4 star i repeat not 4 star so if you are the type of people who want 4 star luxury at a cheap 3 star price then i suggest you check into another hotel down the road because Casa Laguna will not be what your looking for.On the other hand if you are well up for a laugh and understand the phrase you get what you pay for then you will have a ball at this hotel. The Dominican Republic is a developing country and to me i love the rawness of it its like no place ive been to before "loco republicana dominica" please take the time to go outside the resort some of the things you can see and do will amaze you,it really is a beautiful country my body is in England but my heart in the Dominican Republic.I think that covers about everything - oh that road at the hotel !!! - dont worry to much only really a problem if you have young kids. Thanks for reading enjoy your stay !!

No problems here!

by TripAdvisor Member Neilmcc

Like a few others on the site we had mixed feelings about booking a two-week all-inclusive here, but it turned out to be excellent, bearing in mind that we have often stayed in two-star accommodation in countries such as India and Gambia.

Rooms: The staff found us a quiet room well away from the pool area, although all accommodation blocks looked high standard, and the site had a spacious feel as they had not crammed too much accommodation. The bed was comfortable, we had air-con as standard, fridge, TV and a balcony, which was just as well as we had rather a lot of rain.

Food: I was expecting poor fare but to be honest I thought it was pretty good for buffet service; each meal had a chef present cooking/carving something fresh, but if you didn't like that they was a wide array of meat, pasta, vegetables, salads, etc. Really nice soups with lunch and dinner, puddings OK but not wonderful - breakfast was excellent with plenty of choice and fresh-cooked omelette or fried egg if you desired. HOWEVER, if you're there on a two-week holiday week 2 will largely be a repeat of week 1, and for vegetarians the staff often "spiced up" salads with bacon, tuna, etc. Great coffee, and we were never ill. Apparently if you go B+B you can upgrade to all-inclusive for the second week, and Cabarete's certainly not a cheap place to eat out.

General cleanliness: Very high, despite the rain causing huge puddles and a lot of debris. The swimming pools were spotlessly clean, and the maid service was efficient.

Drinks: Don't expect anything flash, a cocktail consists of a lot of liquids slopped into a tumbler without measuring. That doesn't mean that they're not nice, just beware high alcohol contant!

Staff : Great generally, particularly the entertainments team who worked tirelessly, although some of the bar staff didn't know what they were doing. Don't expect sophisticated and glamourous shows, just muck in with the fun.

General : You have to cross the road to the sister hotel for the evening buffet meal (you can order Mexican/Italian alternative evenings in the Casa Laguna) - but it's not as nightnarish to cross as many I've seen in Europe or Asia. The in-house masseuse was excellent and reasonable.

the best

by A TripAdvisor Member

i came to the hotel last year with my friend,and had a brilliant time, we got to no the animation and bar staff very well, we had many nights out eith them to beach bars and clubs, ok the food was not to good, but we still managed some nice meals on the beach cafes, we enjoyed it so much we went back 2 weeks after our first stay and went back this year, i hope to go back in november some time and every year after that

Had the time of my life!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

When we first arrived on 26th August it was thunder lightning and raining (Tropical Storm) we thought brilliant this weather for a fortnight. We arose the next morning and the sun was splitting the trees, it only rained twice after that, both at night.
We stayed on the top floor, our back view wasn't up to much (air con generator) but our front view was of the garden and pools. The rooms are very clean, and maids clean and change towels daily. There are two pools and jacuzzi in both hotels, which are very clean also. Pools close at 7pm but on more than one occasion we jumped in pool after hours and when everyone was away home, the kind security guards turned a blind to this. The only complaint we had was of the food, it is very repetitive and nothing goes together-other than the Mexican,that was magnificent. There are restaurants across from hotel(pizzeria,chinese...etc) which are very resonably priced. The beach over at Tropical Beach Resort is quite quiet other than the looky looky people, who are a pain-especially PETER, he does not get the hint.
The entertainment team are extremely friendly, we got very well with Michael, Kenya and ET. Sadly Louis quit his job when we were there, but he hadnt gone far as he decided to stay in hotel for few days holiday. His replacement(TYSON) was very annoying and we did have a few bad words to say about him.
Bar staff are very nice (especially Eddie) and you are served very quickly if it aint too busy.
In the garden there is a huge chess set and a talking parrot.
We went on a free horse riding lesson (which is part of all-inclusive packages) also went on couple of excursions: Paradise Island(not up too much) and Ocean World, swimming with dolphins (out of this world)
Our overall opinion on this holiday is you get your moneys worth and it truly is PARADISE!!!!

The worst hotel in the world - probably

by TripAdvisor Member Tommy2925

This is, qute frankly, the worst hotel I have ever had the misfortune to stay in. My wife and I stayed here from 07/12/05 - 21/12/05 and will never set foot in the place again. We were under no illusions as to what to expect from a three star, cheap and cheerful, holiday - THIS HOTEL HAS NEVER SEEN 3 STARS. It is neither cheap nor cheerful. There are simply no standards of hygiene, customer care or professional standards. The staff have absolutely no manners or idea of the basic standards of a hotel. They are ignorant, rude and unhelpful - particularly bar staff and waiters. We are not even big drinkers but got sick and tired of waiting to be served, at any time of the day / night, by bar staff too interested in flirting with each other or texting all day. How difficult is it to pour 2 x cokes or 2 x waters. They simply have no concept of how to behave, they are not even subtle about it. They just look you up and down, with a contemptous sneer on their faces, before making a snide remark in Spanish to each other - I speak excellent spanish and it was joy to watch their faces when you explained to them, in spanish, that you understood everything they were saying. The food is absolutely appalling - we ate out every lunch and evening meal because the food was so bad. Everybody, yes everybody, in the hotel had bad stomachs every day whilst here. We did too until we quickly realised it was much better to eat out and save yourself the grief rather than the expense. The hotel is a dump. There are no standards, facilities or just anything to do here. The most activity that occurred here was the daily procession of people changing rooms - some people had 4 or 5 room changes during their 2 week stay - thankfully we didn't. The resort of Cabarete is also a dump consisting of a high street / main road with a collection of market stalls selling tourist tat at over inflated prices. Always barter and never pay more than 20% of the advertised price. The main street is frequented by gangs of pimps and prostitutes who are not even subtle about approaching either groups or couples and offering sex. For the first couple of times it was actually quite amusing but on day 12 when you are still being approached by the same people it tended to wear a little thin. It says in the brochures that " a firm polite NO is sufficient " - ABSOLUTE CODSWALLOP. They simply either don't understand or don't care and think they can badger or intimidate you into buying whatever it is they sell by following you up and down the street. PLEASE do not waste your money by going to this hotel it really isn't worth it.

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Cabarete weatehr in December / January & resorts

by rickyranger

I am thinking of travelling to DR over the Christmas New Year period and have been looking at Cabarete as a possible destination. Has anyone been at his time or knows if the weather is good at this time of year is it all sun or would a few days rain be expected?
Also the two resorts i have been lookin at are Wyndham Tangerine and Tropical Casa Laguna has anyone any experience of either of these places.
Many thanks in advance for your help.

RE: Cabarete weatehr in December / January & resorts

by solo-man

Ricky I was just in Punta Cana and the locals told me it's great there in dec also hell of alot cooler. Vacations are great anytime


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