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The Fun Royale, also known as...

by kitkat

The Fun Royale, also known as Interclubs Fun Royale and Fun Tropicale.
If you live in Canada it is best to book a package for air and hotel. It's all inclusive, all the food you want, all the alcohol you want. Three pools, nightclub, 2 restaurants, plus a buffet restaurant and a pizza bar. Activities all day long, aqua aerobics, water volleyball, all sorts of things too many to mention.

Absolutely fantastic!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

Just got back from 2 weeks of bliss at the Fun Tropicale (1 - 15 July)

Can't praise hotel enough. Sure, the rooms are basic, but very, very clean!
I have never seen so many staff cleaning, and at all hours of the day and night.

The food in the Calypso Restaurant is first class. Normally on All Inclusive you have a choice of maybe 5 or 6 main courses. Here you have 11 or 12, plenty of meat dishes, plenty of vegetarian dishes and the wonderful pasta bar where you can make up your own sauce. Considering the hotel is catering for a number of nationalities i.e. American, Canadian, French, German, English and Spanish the choices managed to please everyone. We tried things we would never have dreamed of. We did go to the Italian restaurant which is included (we wouldn't have minded paying extra for it)
and it was superb. The staff in all the restaurants and bars are very friendly and efficient. I have read reviews that have said the staff are rude, we never experienced this although, we did notice a lot of people when asking for things treated the staff as servants and did not say please or thank you, a little manners goes a long way.

The animation team were great, and the shows very professional. Love to Elvis, Safi, Alex and Domingo.

We went to Ocean World whilst here and would recommend it to everyone. Swimming with the dolphins did not cost the earth, and was great.

My one bit of advice would be to take a strong tropical mosquito killer with you as nearly everyone in resort was covered in bites, and the repellent in hotel shop is very expensive.

There are plenty of sun loungers around the pool, so no need to get up at 6 to bag yours. The quiet pool is just that, quiet, we preferred the main pool where all the action is, mainly for swim up bar. No need to get out of water for a drink, heaven.

Excellent Value Holiday

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband and I have just returned from a two week stay in the Fun Tropicale and had a fantastic time.

We were very impressed with our room (considering we were in the Caribbean), separate bed and living rooms, kitchenette with fridge, microwave, toaster/grill and two ring hob. We had requested a high floor, which had a lovely sloping, wooden ceiling. Our room was kept very clean, maid service seven days a week! Two years ago we stayed at 4* Beaches in Cuba, and our room was much better here.

The grounds of the hotel were bigger than we were expecting and were kept very clean. Even though they are shared with the Fun Royale it never seemed over crowded and we could always get beds round either of the pools.

We tended to stay round the quiet pool, which is adults only, the animation team are based around the main pool where there are lots of children (this is where the swim up bar is).

The entertainment was very good and runs on a two week programme, so there are different evening shows on throughout your stay. The shows on a whole were really good, but some were excellent - sounds a bit strange but Michael Jackson was fab! Word of warning though, they tend to use fire a lot so if you have kids be careful.

We were also very impressed with the food and drink. The two a la carte restaurants were excellent and the managers made a really big fuss of you. There was also a good choice in the buffet restaurant, with separate area where they served kiddy friendly food like burgers, chips etc.

The soft drinks were branded (sprite, coca-cola) and the local alcohol was good stuff too. The beer was surprisingly tasty and it was really easy to get drunk on some of the cocktails - Tom Collins blows your head off! We have been to some all-inclusives where it is impossible to get drunk.

Only one complaint - the hotel have their own time-share business which they tout for around the grounds. They did take no for an answer, but still asked us every other day of our holiday.

If you are looking for a good value holiday with lots to do on site you will have a fantastic time here. If you are really fussy and are looking for top class accommodation - pay the money.

The Truth!!!!!

by TripAdvisor Member sclarke83

Hello All,

Well firstly I did what you are doing right now, read every single review possible before going. I felt so strongly about writing an honest true review that im doing it right waway.Although it’s too late you've booked it now. I scared myself silly reading reviews. I will try to tell an unbiased review of my first and final thoughts of the place.

Me and my fiancé (21 and 26 yrs) went on 1st till 17 June 2005. Only just got back! We paid £550 for 2weeks Aincl. We have only ever been Greece and gran canaries so we wanted a change and this seemed different so we tried.

Firstly, I was a bit naive to say the least about the country as a whole. When we got off the plane, as I had read people beg you, I put away all my money thinking we were gonna get mugged. Walked out only to find one band playing drums, just the same as they do on tube stations here! Jesus! I thought, what an over exaggeration! They don’t bother you they just play their music.

We got our bags and the porters will shout "my travel" so stupidly we said oh that must be our rep, the reps wait outside and let the porters take your bag, however they ask for a tip. So:
WARNING1: say NO! Or just don’t tip them up 2 you.
WARNING2: When get off plane you will feel the heat, wear some light clothes u will sweat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pools: The pools were ok. The first day we sat at the big pool. It was bit noisy and they do try to get you up to play games etc! I would have but just wanted to relax for first few days. You are on holiday! However the quiet pool is round the corner and that is nice and quiet.

Some days the pools were clean and other times there was a few bits of bird poo! But don’t be put off by it, it isn’t that bad! WARNING3: quiet pool, it is dirtier on side furthest away from toilets, more trees etc.

Staff-To be honest the staff although they speak English they don’t all speak enough! I mean that in the sense of people saying they are rude, you find the ones that can speak more English joke about with you, the ones that don’t, are just shy probably coz if you talk to them they don’t understand! They are not rude.

Entertainment-We were boring and only went to 2 nights out of 14 shows. We couldn’t be bothered, we just wanted to chill so we would buy Doritos from the shop and watch movies. It’s hard to get used to the time difference at first, so we were really tired by like 9pm.

Rooms- Difference between Fun Royal and fun Tropicale, in a nutshell is
FUN ROYAL-two queen size beds, no sofa, fridge with drinks etc (free)
FUN TROPICALE-One queen size bed, however does have sofa/ living area, no fridge etc. I think you can call/email the hotel direct and upgrade to royale, for bout 40$ for 2 weeks, well worth it wish we knew coz the drinks would have been nice.

Playa Dorada-The complex is a bit like Butlins holiday place, however, we went to chill out so we didn’t mind. We walked along the beach about 5.30, which was nice, it gets dark about 7.30pm.

Food-We went 5 star in Gran canaria, and the food was better here than in Gran canaria and it is only 4*. To be honest I think anyone would get bored of the food after a while, its nothing personal, there was a lot of choice, but everything was saucy so if you a bit fussy then there will be nights when there isn’t much choice for you.
They have the pasta dude cooking pasta with whatever sauce you want. Some examples of the everyday menus was, fresh Veg, Salad, Steak, Pasta, Burgers, Chips, Rice, Rolls. That was for def every night. So you already have basics then they had variety mostly lasagne or their own speciality foods.

Brazilian- this was lovely. Im not really a meat eater, but my boyfriend loved it! You need to book it at the main restaurant in the morning, I booked at about 2pm once coz they had spaces so they squeezed me in! No formal dress code for this one. They serve chips and rice, then all different meats. Really nice. Even for the rice alone! I can taste it now yum yum, its like Caribbean rice. Yum!

Italian- unfortunately we didn’t get to go to this rest. WARNING 4: men take one pair on long trousers and shoes. Coz they wont let you into Italian otherwise. Darren, my fiancé only had ¾ lengths so we didn’t try. But it looked lovely in there. Shame to miss, and it breaks up the buffet being boring after a while if you spread out your nights.

Would I go back? Erm………I don’t know…..I cant say NO I wouldn’t so it wasn’t bad, however i'e been there now and there

WARNING5: Trips, dont be fooled by the tour operators you can get the trips so much cheaper through local company. we got ours half price. they say they dont have insurance etc, but martin showed us all his certificates etc. infact a lady fell out the raft while we river rafted and she got full medical attention, hopsital for a day, tablets etc all free. so dont listen to them. i personally went to him because a friend reccomended. i would just go with any random local. i would def go with martin if you wanna do it cheaply. For instance we went with MyTravel, river rafting was 110$ with them, with Martin it was 65$. paradise island with my travel was 85$ and with Martin it was 55$. and you get a local touch when go with them, you are not really allowed out of the resort in playadorada so you dont get to see or meet locals. i will explain the trip in full:

Paradise Island: picked up at 7am went for about 1 hour drive then stopped of at a local cafe, shop place. It is remote is middle of nowhere so no beggin etc. but the locals are working there and they are really friendly. you could get a drink from there or some crisps etc.
Then we got back on the coach and went on to the place to get speed boat (pictures included) however, WARNING6: children are very poor when you get off, we had about 10 begging for food etc. so if you are gonna feel bad buy them some crisps etc. they dont harrass you but it will make u teary. they will just take food that you give and start eating without looking twice that must show how hungry they are. (however dont let this put you off you are there for like 5 minutes, and the kids are like 5 yrs old etc.) they are just hungry.

the speedboat was wicked! absolutely wicked, they make it a ride! got to island and assumed it wouldnt look as good as the pic but OH my GOD, it looked better was absolutely beatiful! paradise def. you can get a drink etc for free and snorkle. we were there for about 2.5 hours, then back on the speedboat, and back to bit where kids were. got back on coach and stopped off for lunch all included in price in another remote place little kids playing drums, but they dont bother you (picture included)

Then off we went back on coach and stopped off at a gift shop, again remote no locals bothering you. shop had good cheap items, but haggle i did not very good at it but got a few quid off! got back home about 7pm. so was wicked day out.

however some friends we met at the hotel went with my travel, didnt even a good lunch like we did they got sandwiches and didnt stop off at a shop!

Whitewater rafting: if you have an annoying adrenaline boyfriend like mine! then he will prob pressure u into going white water rafting. you will end up saying yes! im sure!

same sort of day really and we got treated really well. weas a bit scary, but good fun. wouldnt do again though!!! only cost 65$ with Martin but 110$ with Mytravel!!!!!!!



by A TripAdvisor Member

Just back from 2 weeks (01/06/05 - 16/06/05)of fun fun fun. Can't believe its over but looking forward to going back next year.
Hotel rooms are very basic but beds are comfortable and room cleaned daily so can't ask for much more as you don't go on holiday to sit in a room all day.

Pools- Although there are 3 pools on the hotel site myself and my girlfriend only ever used Activity Pool which was brilliant, constantly things happening a great laugh from 10.00 till 18.00 although if you want to be left alone they will take no for an answer but not the first time Safi, Alex and Domingo are legends what a laugh we had with them, but if you want a quiet time you can go to the Adult Pool where everyone can relax without music or daft games (but not for me).

Food- Quality of food was always good plenty of selection and always hot also a Brazilian and Italian Restuarant that could be visited once a week. Brazilian would be great if you are a big meat eater once was enough for us but Italian was first class. Also Popeyes Pizza great fresh pizza when ever you want it 12.00-17.00 can't get much better.

Entertainment- We could not believe the amount of effort these guys put on for the shows. Shows are great entertainment every night was first class never heard one person put any of the shows down everyone seemed to be in agreement that all the shows were brilliant and like nothing we had seen on any other holiday.

Tours- We only went on 2 official Tours Monster Truck Safari Awesome make sure you take plenty of things for local kids (sweets, pens and paper or any old toys) and Catamarane Snorkelling was great also great food and party on boat. We booked through Plaza instead of Holiday Rep and saved quite a bit so worth the 10 Mins walk. Also went on Buggies through Hotel what a laugh although make sure you wear old clothes as you come back filthy especially if it has been raining.

In general we had a great time best holiday ever and can't wait to go back big hello to John and Kate.


by A TripAdvisor Member

This is the best place i have ever been to. the people are very nice and friendly. I would definatley reccomend it to anyone. they have entertainment day and night and games. It has 3 fantastic pools and a disco which is excellent as the entertainment staff come and dance with you. They have quite a few bars and the bar staff are very friendly. They have a wicked club dance!!!

Loved every minute

by TripAdvisor Member grannygrim

Pappy Virgilio

We returned from there yesterday and what a great holiday we had, we were booked into the Tropicale section but they had a problem with one of the rooms so they transferred us to the Royale at no extra charge. The rooms are basic but very clean, the maid service is excellent in fact I have never seen people work so hard to keep the whole place spotless. The food in the buffet restaurant was very good but after two weeks we found it a bit repetative although once again you cant fault the staff, they were so polite and helpful and as we wasn't limited to the amount of times we could use the Italian and Brazilian restaurants we were very happy with the food.

Mario Manatte, ( I think that's how you spell it) the Managing Director, should be so proud of all his staff from the managers down to the pool cleaner everyone there bar staff, cleaners, waiters were all so smiley and always ready to help.

A big thanks to the animation team particularly, Jhonny, Alex, Domingo, Juan, Andres and specially Renny (Mr Spaghetti) who made everyone laugh. (Francesca sends a big kiss to Andres) Also all the excellent dancers led by Ricardo.

Overall a great holiday, can't wait to go back

Hotel Tropical

by TripAdvisor Member escort1

Hotel rooms clean but could do with upgrading furniture Air conditioned and fan always worked. fresh water supplied when you wanted ( at bar) No fridge or kettle which would have been very helpful.

Staff , always busy cleaning, sweeping.

and friendly ( it has to work both ways!!)

Food, Buffet large choice i stuck to hot foods. Pizzerie ( cant spell sorry) fresh hot pizza - great

Activities Good for younger kids Our Kids were 16 and 14!!need i say any more

Beach not as blue and clear as i had hoped but better beach around the corner if you are prepared to walk. Free activities good but you have to book as there is limited amounts of equipment.

If what you want from a hotel is a place to lounge by the pool , drink what you want when you want, eat when you want then this is a good choice for a budget all inclusive hoilday. If you want posh nosh posh rooms 5 star service then perhaps have a look else where although staff aleays gave first class service.

We as a familt found the humidity difficult to cope with. therefor the longer that you can go for the better, as you will adjust to the temperature. enjoy

Great time in the Tropics

by TripAdvisor Member Flabbylass

We have just returned from the Tropicale and had a really great time.

As previous reviews have said the rooms are clean but in need of a face lift. Saying that the hair dryer supplied is up to date and the towel service is very good. Also, the grounds and eating venues are excellent and we couldn't see how they could be bettered. You would have to be very picky not to find something you like to eat here!

The staff are extemely friendly and all work very hard to ensure you have a good holiday.

Do try to join in with the animation team. They won't pressure you but you will have a really great time if you try some of the activities. The evening shows are also very good.

Trips we would recommend include the Outback Safari, Catamaran Sailing, Horse Riding and the Ocean World park.

My son (12) swam with the sharks & sting rays. It is an experience he will never forget - wonderful!

The Dominican is a beautiful tropical place with a lot to offer for a family holiday.

the best holiday weve been on

by A TripAdvisor Member

I believe this was the best holiday me and my family have ever beeb on and totally recommend it to familys. we think it would be a very good 4 star hotel. the food was brilliant it changes every night from english, chinese, mexican 2 french dominican and many more. The people and staff were very polite. the beach is great its clean and peaceful the weather was the best 36 degrees through most the holiday make sure you bring youre sun lotion. dont believe any bad reviews because we were unsure about the holiday because of the reviews and the reviews were prooved wrong because we couldnt of picked a beta holiday and are going there next year. the only bad part was leaving because we didnt want to go. i hope my review helps youre choice of holiday.

we love the dominican republic fun royale/ tropicale
by stephanie tristram


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