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Playa Dorada 162, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

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Dorado club 10/10 holiday

by A TripAdvisor Member

The dorado club was excellent. I was becoming wary of it being a 3 star hotel but was suprised when i got there that it had the same standards as a 5 star. We stayed there for 14 nights and thought it was a 10/10 holiday!
They had a fun team which entertained you with games in the day and live entertainment in the evening consisting of bingo and kareoke even the fun team re-acting movies and song videos, which was hilarious as most of the men had to dress up as women. Gregory, shaggy, sofia and enrique made up the fun team and were excellent!
The weather the first week wasnt to good but the second week was gorgeous! In the hotel there is a small shop which sells sun creams, snacks and souvenirs, if you want something that isnt available in the shop the plaza is literally opposite the hotel which includes souvenir shops, restauraunts and banks, there is even a club called hemmingways which is open every night.
The beach called naco beach is a short walk from the hotel which is extremely convenient. There is a beach bar which sells foods and drinks from 12.00 am and is good if you are feeling peckish.
There is also another hotetur hotel called villas doradas and you can eat there and also use the pool facilities which is good.
All the staff in this hotel are all so friendly and all happy to help if any problems occur, But when there is a problem with the phone they dont seem to listen so try not to use the hotel phone in your room, it becomes very expensive!
We were a little dissapointed with the standard of our room but it didnt bother us much as it was only used when we were sleeping.
Frindly atmosphere and great service! Was dissapointed with the lack of help from the receptioner and the rep but it didnt bother us! Will be returning to dorado club in march and cant wait!


by A TripAdvisor Member

Just got back! Didn't want to leave! We stayed at (Hotetur) Dorado Club for the last 2 weeks of April 2004. Took Skyservice- bring your own headphones for the movie (and snacks!). It's the smallest hotel in the playa dorada complex, but it's a sure winner if you want a quiet family or couple type atmosphere. This is not the place if you want to party. (Of course there are discos like the Crazy Moon if you do). Very warm and attentive hotel staff. Oh yeah, and if you're Canadian, they'll love ya because the owners are Canadian. The fun team (Scooby, Shaggy, Winston and the 2 girls) are just great. They work so hard (10-12 hours a day) to make your stay an enjoyable one. Note: Winston is usually rude to overweight people, especially women, and needs a good spanking! Entertainment was great! We especially enjoyed the Micheal Jackson show. Could've sworn it was him! The dance shows are also great, including the ones from the fun team. Do participate in the crazy games or shows at night- you can win free rum, t-shirts, hats, etc. Great variety of food- something for everyone. Banana Mamas and super sweet pineapple was refreshing after a day in the sun. AH yes and the beach was every so wonderful! We actually passed by other resorts, such as neighboring Naco and the Flamenco. Both were seemingly more impressive because they were bigger hotels with more pools and more services, but lack the charm and warmth of Dorado Club. Here are some other tips: 1) Don't book your tours with your tour rep. Find Johnny and be prepared to haggle. We saved a bundle for the exact same tours! Loved the JEEP SAFARI & Paradise Island. The Jeep tour is for the adventuresome as there is a 20 minute hike to and from the waterfall as well as CLIMBING waterfalls (7 exactly) with the help of the waterguides. (and bring money for those waterguides because they work hard and only rely on tips for money). Be prepared for a 2 hour bus ride to and from Paradise island and a fun butt slapping time in the speedboat. All worth it for an exquisite time snorkeling! Get Black Banana as your tour guide- you'll be happy you did! Do bring toys, candy & school supplies for there are many children in need. Also bring some gooodies like soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc. for the chamber maid. 2) Do visit Puerto Plata & Sosua. You have to exit the complex and catch the bus or gua gua on the main highway. Gua guas are mini-vans (or cars) which either go to Sosua or Puerto Plata. It can be quite a crowded ride, but is a real cultural experience. Do inquire about the cost before you get in: it should be 10 pesos to Puerto Plata per person and 20-25 to Sosua. Don't enlist any of the children to act as a guide-it's illegal. There are tour guides in central park who will show you the Amber Musueum, Fort, and stores for a reasonable fee. By the way, you can take a taxi, but it will cost you $10 US and up. 3) Don't change all of your money to pesos at once, and yes you can bring Candian dollars (although you have to pay a departure tax of $20 in US currency ONLY). 4) For souvenir shopping, don't go to the store at the hotel. The mall across the street has prices that are higher than what you might pay in Canada, but are rather reasonable compared to the prices you will pay in Puerto Plata & Sosua. Also, REMEmBER: you will have to haggle for a great price. If they say 800, you say 200, then they say 600, you say 400 etc. The supermercado or super market has good prices, especially if you want food or sunscreen. 5) If the path to the beach gets muddy, take a stroll through Naco to get to the beach instead. All in all, you get what you pay for: the decor is in need of change, but everything else is just fabulous! A big thanks to all you trip advisors who helped us to choose a great vacation! Any questions? Drop us a line!

it was nothing like i imagined

by TripAdvisor Member hotcibao809

well i went to dorado club resort for 3 days i was totally amazed. it was too good to be true .this is my second time going there and to tell you the truth every time i go there i like it more. so when you go on vacation consider it as one of your options.

Unparalleled Value

by A TripAdvisor Member

Just got back after 2 weeks in the sun. We found the staff to be very warm and eager to please. The pool is a little small but a beautiful beach is only a hop skip and a jump away. The first room we were offered on the ground floor was not to our liking and we were moved to a very spacious room on the third floor. The food was not spectacular but did offer something for everyone. We loved the animation team as well as the nightly entertainment. For the price we paid for this package: $1000CAD Tax in pp for 2 weeks I would say the value Dorado Club Resort offers for your dollar is Unparalleled. We were very sad to leave.

A Nice Getaway

by A TripAdvisor Member

Myself and a couple of friends just got back from the Dorado Club Hotel (June 19-26). We enjoyed our stay. It is not the most modern of hotels, but the staff are extremely friendly - from front desk to the security personnel. The vast majority of the people staying there were English and French, with some Germans mixed in. (It was fun to see how these people got along when soccer was on tv). Don't have any hesitations about the food - it was great. Like most tourists, I was hesitant at first, mostly nibbling, seeing what would happen in the first minutes after I ate the food. I am happy to report I gained weight on my trip. There is always lots to eat, and the food always very tasty. It could have used some variety, but the salads, fruits and other daily dishes are enough to satisfy any palette. They usually serve chicken at both lunch and dinner everyday. Magua, the a-la-carte restaurant is also very good. They also open from 12-7am for those looking for a late-late night snack.
The beach was very nice. Make sure you say HOLA to Pedro on the way to the beach. He is the lucky security guard to watches the gate to the beach - standing there 12 hours a day. There were always plenty of chairs, and shade under the palms. The water was warm and not impeded by rocks/coral like the majority of the rest of beach - if you walk in either direction. From 3-5 you can also eat at the beach bar. They only serve hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and fried chicken.
Try and book your tours through the kiosk in the mall. The Jungle Safari, Paradise Island trip etc. were usually half the price of what the guys on the beach or your tour rep will try and sell it for.
There are plenty of Dominicans that flood the hotel on weekends, so don't be surprised if you are wondering why things got so busy all of a sudden. By Monday however, it is pretty quiet.
The nightlife in the Dorado Complex isn't great, but a tourist doesn't have much choice. It is either Hemingways or Crazy Moon. During the week both places were pretty dead, but picked up on Thursday-Saturday. There are also plenty of hookers walking around, so just be weary if YOU get approached by a nice looking lady...:)
NOTE: Don't buy anything in the shops along Sosua beach. You may think you are getting a great deal, but they start the prices so high, anything low looks good. GO TO THE MALL on the complex. A large bottle of vanilla extract for example is 40 pesos, wheras the the guy at Sosua started me at $10 US!! You can find pretty much anything at the mall at a reasonable price (including cigars, rum and t-shirts etc), and you can still barter with them.
One other thing also to weary of is if you take a taxi. If you agree on a price, then make sure your driver sticks to it. We had a situation where when we paid the driver, he suddenly changed his price - citing the no english excuse. A policeman got involved, and we ended up having to pay more. Just we weary of that.

For the $$$, the Dorado Club is a good deal, and worth a shot. I hope this helps...

Brilliant !!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

Dave , Sue , Joe(12) and David(11) April 3rd - April 17th , 2004 Unless you are very very fussy , please do not have any doubts about the Dorado Club. Accommodation , while not 5 star , is comfortable , clean and spacious.Maid service daily , clean towels and seperate pool/beach towels. If you encounter any minor problems , the very friendly staff will act immediately to put right . Food is plentiful and varied - something for everyone , including the kids. The beach is just a short stroll away and is beautiful , fringed with palm trees , and the sea is very warm. We liked the fact that all nationalities staying there seemed to mix and get along- everyone very friendly.We had doubts about staying over Easter as we had heard that the locals took over - but it was no more busy than Majorca in August .On Easter Monday it was back to normal , anyway it was nice to have them there because they added something special to the atmosphere. We took advantage of the free horseriding in the countryside (recommended) , a very enjoyable morning.Also the jeep safari (well worth it) and trip to Puerto Plata - remember to take sweets or small gifts for the local children - if you don't you'll wish you had! Saving the best till last - the Fun Team.We had read about these characters before we went and were a little bit dubious as we do not usually want to get roped in for games etc.But , Winston , Scooby , Shaggy , Sofia and Arisleda are absolutely fantastic people.Fun and games by the pool every day , if you wanted - no pressure. They will soon give you a nickname when they get to know you , we are still quoting Winston's catchphrases now ( oh bejesus etc).Enjoyed aqua aerobics with Scooby every day at 12.00pm , and what can I say about Shaggy - I just wanted to bring him home with me!!Sofia and Arisleda very good with the children. Every evening there is entertainment ,i.e karaoake , bingo , magic shows , dominican dancers , live bands etc, Al in all a very enjoyable two weeks - we did not want to come home and we are already planning next year's visit.


by A TripAdvisor Member

We stayed at Dorado Club from Dec 22 to Jan 5. The flight and check-in were ok. So the adventures started when we arrived at the hotel.
Hotel Rooms:
-Quite spacious, with musty smell and dampness. The toilet needed to be flushed at least twice. The bathtub and shower walls were simly.....just nasty! Grout was plain black colour. We were disgusted to touch the shower curtain and it provided complete darkness during showers. There were some sinister looking stains on the mirror - so if you were to look at your reflection it looked like you had some major stains on your face and clothes. IMPORTANT! If you don't tip the maids don't expect to have fresh towels that day.
Hotel Territory:
-When it rains you can figure skate in the ankle-deep water from your room to the restaurant to have dinner. You might consider to bring flippers for such festive occasions instead of your dressy shoes.
Food & Drinks:
-To our huge surprize the food was actually good at both the restaurant and the beach bar. Bar service was excellent - thank you to all the guys.
-What a disappointment! There is no need to book the Safari tour - you can have a full experience by walking to the beach on the dirt road that becomes a swamp when it rains. If you are looking for crystal clear water and snow-white sand you came to the wrong place (Lake Ontario with its posted signs "Do Not Swim" at the beach looks more picturesque). The ocean was full of seaweed and mismatched pairs of shoes. All the vendors are quite friendly and polite.
Fun Team:
-Somehow we didn't feel welcome at the hotel upon our arrival, yet we were warmly greeted by the locals (gangster-looking) at the beach - makes you feel safe, doesn't it?! The guys from fun team were ok and are good dancers. DJ Carlos is the best.
Places of interest:
-Not that many...we had tons of fun at Crazy Moon and Hemingway's.
In coclusion - if you pay a discounted price to stay at this hotel it's ok. Since we paid a full price we felt it was a total rip-off.

beejesus absolutely schmammered every day!!! loved it!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

This was the best holiday ever, was well worth the journey. The weather was great for most of the time and the beach and pool were wicked.
Loads to do, volleyball ,water aerobics etc. M. jackson night was amazing, thought it was dancer ever!! Be careful with the free drinks, they really are unlimited and very strong, it was all good. Met some great people, loads of Canadians....everyone was great.
Two crazy men "loud and louder" kept us entertained. Also the reps were hilarious, absolutely crazy and always up for it. buy loads of rum and cigars as these are ridiculously cheap.make sure you go on the paradise island trip, the placeis so beautiful. food for vegetarians is delicious. we're gutted to be back home....carappy crappy!!remember we love you....happy hour every minute!!!


by A TripAdvisor Member

It was a great holiday. The 'Fun Teaam' was great but Winston was annoying anfter a few days but the stuff they put on was good but we only got 1 game of football in 2 weeks and we were meant to have a game aday. Drinks were great Very Strong and beer is nice after a few days. Food is ---- go to the piza hut in plaza.And if you win a 'crazy game' u wont get any rum unless u win a few you'll get 1 bottle on the last day.

Not so good!

by A TripAdvisor Member

I don't think this is as good as people here are making out, I've just returned from this resort after being flown out to the Dominican Republic to avoid hurricane Ivan in Jamaica. Generally the resort is quite tidy but being there for 10 days the 1 buffet restaurant gets very boring with little variation. Failed many times to get booked in at the steak bar which supposedly serves steaks, fish and chinese food (kept being told to come back next morning!!!). Had to be moved to a new room due to bathroom not working right and no hot water. If you get a cheap deal then this is not a bad place but don't expect anything great. Don't buy anything in the shop at the hotel, it's expensive, go to the shops opposite at the plaza.

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New Year's in Puerto Plata

by sjs0914

I've got a couple of questions I hope that you can answer.
I am coming down with a buddy of mine to Puerto Plata for a five-night vacation from Pennsylvania and am staying at the Dorado Club Resort. This is my first visit to the Caribbean and I hope the first of many.
— I have heard differing views of the Dorado Club, what is it really like?
— Is it still damaged from the earthquake?
— Where is the place to go for New Year's Eve?
— Where is the place to go to watch American football on Sunday afternoon?
— Where is a good place for two single American men to go? What should we watch out for?
— I want to go watch a baseball game. Where is the closest field and where can I get a schedule?
— What is something unique and exciting that I can do or see while there for that short period of time?
— What will I be most surprised by when I get there?
Thank you for your help!!!!!!

Re: New Year's in Puerto Plata

by oldhippy

Q What will I be most surprised by when I get there?
A. How cheap the hookers are!

Just joking!.... [sort of!]

...go to this following link in [close by] sosua and see Marco, once there...He will set you up with all you need....
like...Eddie's sports bar...etc. etc.

Re: New Year's in Puerto Plata

by redwedding

hi,we are also going to DORADA CLUB RESORT but not until dec 28th for our honeymoon,if your there before us could you please lets me know whats its like when you get back,many thanks,REDWEDDING

Re: New Year's in Puerto Plata

by Echo33

I'm not exacty sure where Dorado Club is? Playa Dorado complex?

My husband lives in Puerto Plata and I just recently returned from there. There is virtually no earthquake damage to be seen by tourists, if you didn't know there had been one you would never even notice.

Depends on where you are staying where the best place to go catch a football game...probably just on your tv in your own room or Hemingways if you are staying the Playa Dorada area.

I'm pretty positive there are no baseball games being played right now...I'll check and let you know.


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