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Talanquera Tanks

by A TripAdvisor Member

I was at the Barcelo Talanquera from July 30 through August 4, 2003. I can mostly only echo the poor reviews this place has already received. Had I read them I would have stayed away from this place. NEVER go by what the American Airlines Vacations or Expedia websites tell you! Check out a good travel guide or Tripadvisor instead.In short:1. Mostly rude, unhelpful front desk staff. No maps available. You must ask around and fend for yourself. (If you want to go to the capital, Santo Domingo or in the opposite direction, to San Pedro or La Romana, take a local "guagua," or bus for 35 pesos and skip the taxis.) 2. Smelly, musty, mosquito-infested room wasn't ready until 3:30pm. Needed a paint-job badly. No washcloths. Hard water. No remote for T.V. Had to ask for iron but no ironing board. 3. Mediocre, bland food! Everything is a poor facsimilie of the real thing. (But to be fair, it was like this everywhere else I ate in the Dominican Republic, except maybe for Vesuvio, a seafood place in the Malecon area.) Breakfast fare was OK. Orange juice tasted like watered down Tang. Coffee and flan were good. 4. Beach small, rocky, lots of seaweed, sunchairs sparse, dirty. 5. Entertainment is infantile and aimed at children: a total lack of sophistication. 6. While room was air-conditioned, almost nothing else was, including the so-called gym. 7. Too many bare-breasted European women: highly unappetizing. 8. Too many alcoholic prepubescents. 9. Too many pushy peddlers, taxi-drivers, motorcycle "taxis" and self-appointed tour guides, etc. A constant barrage of $35 dollar seashells and $15 dollar sneaker "shines." 10. One positive: Bartenders were generally competent and friendly, although the liquor used (Normandy brand) is second-rate.In conclusion, this place has neither the resources nor the sophistication to deliver what it promises.

It's all in the hips......

by dantes2

Merengue History
Merengue is a dominican folkloric dance widely spread and considered by many as the dominican national dance.

The origin of merengue is still discussed. Among the different opinions we find: It was Alfonseca who invented merenge (according to Flérida de Nolasco)
Its origin and apparition is lost in the foggyness of the past. (Julio Alberto Hernández).
It was born as a dominican melody after the dominican victory at the Talanquera battle. (Rafael Vidal).
It seems that merengue comes from a cuban music called UPA, which had a part called merengue. UPA arrived to Santo Domingo in the middle of 19th century from Puerto Rico. (Fradique Lizardo).

San Pedro de Macorís Tip

by Pierangelo

Merengue dance: singers and music. The origin of merengue is still discussed. Among the different opinions: It was Alfonseca who invented merenge (according to Flérida de Nolasco)
Its origin and apparition is lost in the foggyness of the past. (Julio Alberto Hernández).
It was born as a dominican melody after the dominican victory at the Talanquera battle. (Rafael Vidal).
It seems that merengue comes from a cuban music called UPA, which had a part called merengue. UPA arrived to Santo Domingo in the middle of 19th century from Puerto Rico. (Fradique Lizardo). Merengue choreography is as follows: Men and woman hold each other in a vals-like position and step to their side in what is know as 'paso de la empalizada' or 'stick-fence step'. They can then turn clockwise or counterclockwise. This is called Ballroom Merengue (merengue de salón), in which couples never separated. There is also what is called Figure Merengue (Merengue de Figura) in which dancers also make turns individualy, but never letting go the hand of the partner.
Nowadays, genuine merengue only survives in the rural areas. Traditional form of merengue has changed. The walk disappeared. The body has been extended and instead of 8 to 12 beats sometimes 32 or 48 are used. The jaleo has suffered the insertion of exotic rythms that have alienated it.

Mixed Review

by TripAdvisor Member bubbles22999

I have just returned from 2 weeks at the Barcelo Talanquera in Juan Dolio. I must admit to having mixed feelings prior to my visit after reading other reviews, but was told by several people that the place was great. Having visited the Dominican before (North side) I had some standards to compare this with, on the whole I have to admit to being disappointed. We stayed in the newer block on the beach side and had a lovely view out to sea and the beach. The room was clean and very large, the maid service was excellent. Although there was a bath and a shower, it took us all of the 1st week to get a simple plug fitted to the bath so we could have a bath. We also experienced some noise from the disco which is open from 11pm till around 2am. Fortunately we were at the far end of the building. Others we met were not so lucky and were kept awake every night until the music stopped. If you are unlucky enough to get one of the bungalows on the other side of the road you may want to complain very quickly. They are old and shabby, the doors are old and not secure so make sure all valuables are securely locked in the safety deposit boxes. The beach is man-made, but don't let that put you off, there are plenty of sunbeds, the water is always warm, although there is a bit of seaweed and a lot of rocks. It is advisable to wear some shoes. You will be visited by the "looky looky" men a couple of times a day, selling jewellery, shoes, paintings, cigarettes, coconuts etc. On the whole they are no bother, if you say no they will carry on past. We did buy some bits from them, we always haggled, and we always got the price we wanted to pay. There are security guards on the beach 24 hours a day so you have no reason to feel threatened.
There is a bar and a buffet restaurant on the beach too, the restaurant is open for lunch then again from 11pm. It was in the area of food that we had our most complaints. In the main complex there is the main buffet restaurant where they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I did not expect to sit on plastic chairs around plastic tables to eat my food, very tacky and cheap. On nearly every occassion we had to wait for a table to be laid up for us. The food, both in this and the beach buffet was not of a high standard and after having suffered upset tummy's we chose our food very carefully. Things like bread and deserts are left uncovered for the flies to land on. Also the spoons used to help yourself to any of the hot dishes are left on a plate in front of the covered dishes holding the food. Fortunately we ate at the Italian and French restaurants for the last 4 days of our holiday and were finally able to enjoy a meal without the worry of being ill afterwards.
On my previous visit I found the Dominican people very friendly and helpful, on the whole I cannot say the same for those in the Talanquera. In fact on one occasion when myself and my partner were watching a game on the beach one of the entertainment crew advised us to go back to our sunbeds as we did not want to take part in the game ourselves !! We did not let the problems ruin our holiday, fortunately we met some lovely people and had a great time with them, but I would definitely not go back to the Talanquera. In fact I heard several people, for who this was there first visit, say they would not go back to the Dominican again. If you can choose another hotel I would recomend you do so, if you are going to the Talanquera, arm yourself with plenty of medication for upset tummys, be very careful what you eat and be prepared to complain very quickly and very loudly if something goes wrong, that way you will stand more chance of getting it sorted and not have it ruin your whole holiday. (Photos available if required, just email me)


by TripAdvisor Member Welsh-Dragon-2006

This was my first visit to the Dominican Republic in 1998, it was our honey moon, we have since returned to the Island on 3 occasions, but none of the experiences has been like the one at the Talanquera, a small friendly hotel with great food and staff.

Can't fault it, i don't know what everyone else is complaining about,

We had a great time!!!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

My Husband and I spent a short time at the Talanquera Beach Resort last year and we have absolutely nothing to complain about. The staff was polite, the food was excellent and the bartenders defenitely knew what they were doing. I don't know why everyone else had such a terrible time. We got a very spacious and clean room with a beautiful view.

Superb holiday resort! Sept 17th - 2nd Oct 2003

by TripAdvisor Member BristolJustine

Well, I must admit, after reading all the negative reviews about the Talanquera I was a bit worried, mind you, it was already booked, so there was nothing I could do about it!! Our flight arrived on time and everything ran smoothly at La Romana airport. We arrived at the Talanquera and were greeted with an ice cold fruit punch. There were a lot of us on our transfer bus, but the check in was quick, staff were friendly and the porter took our cases to our room. We gave him a small tip which he was very grateful for. The resort is set in lush greenery, which is watered and tended to daily. They have waterfalls and ponds with flamingos and fish which really gives it a tropical feel.

Our room contained two king sized beds, a big dressing table, a bedside cabinet and a large wardrobe. We had a television which worked perfectly well and had cable TV. Everything was clean. The bathroom was clean and the shower and water worked fine, despite loads of reviews I've read saying different! Our towels were changed daily and the room and beds tidied daily by the chamber maids.

The swimming pools are beautiful and maintained to a very high standard. There are plenty of sun loungers to go round and we didn't have any trouble finding one at any time of the day. They play music at the pool area and have holiday games and entertainment. The beach is less than a minute away over the coastal road. Again, there are plenty of sun loungers. The sea can be rocky so beach shoes should be worn, it's nice and clear and just like a hot bath!

The food and drink is plenty, the restaurant and bar staff work very hard and keep waiting time to a minimum. There are four restaruants, two buffet, one Italian and one French. We ate in them all and had lovely meals in each of them.

The entertainment staff work very hard morning, noon and night. Their evening shows are well thought out and amusing..

They have an internet cafe which has about 10 computers and a Gamecube and an X-Box for kids.

To sum it up - we didn't want to come home! We had an excellent time at the Talanquera and I find it hard when reading negative reviews to believe that they are writing about the same place!!!!

Absolutely fantastic

by A TripAdvisor Member

My wife and I went to the Talanquera Beach Resort for our honeymoon and found it to be a fantastic place. The pool was absolutely amazing, warm, clean and not crowded. The entertainment team were particularly good. Look out for Henry, he's a funny guy! The food was ok, not great but not rubbish either. The apartment was very spacious and clean and the maids were there every other day. Fresh towels were always available. The night-time entertainment was varied and very good.
Reception were very helpful and the reps are there nearly every day.
Quad-biking was extremely good. It was very safe and good value for money. I would definately recommend this place to anyone and we are considering going back next year.

great fun

by A TripAdvisor Member

i have just got back from hotel Talanquera and i have to say i really enjoyed myself,despite the hotel standards not being great and my sister and father being ill i had the best time ever. The entertainers were fabulous they worked hard all day to make sure that people were having fun, look out for Henry he was so great and had so much energy.The shows they put on were very amusing, i would recomend this hotel to teenagers who are looking for fun,sea and sand,but for the adults its not the best place to visit,im 15 and cant wait until i can go back with my friends.

Playa Juan Dolio, San Pedro, Dominican Republic

by AlwaysATourist

"Juan Dolio Beach"

We stayed at the Barcelo Talanqera which was an all inclusive resort right on the beach.

"San Pedro de Macoris"

One should visit the quaint town of San Pedro with its beautiful white church, malecon and many small shops. This is where the real Dominicans are! We bought a bottle of mamajuana to bring back to NYC.

"Fun at the Talanquera"

We had a restful vacation at this resort which is located right on the Caribbean.


Barcelo TalanqueraBarcelo Talanquera

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Dominican Republic- Juan Dolio

by Reanton


Going to Barcelo Talanquera Beach Resort - Merengue Sun Coast Juan Dolio in two weeks. The vacation was very cheap. I'm wodering if anyone has been to this area and could share any advice, likes and dislikes. There are three of us, all 25 years old, but have never been to the DR.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Dominican Republic- Juan Dolio

by stormy69

Never been, but looked the area up for you on the travel agents truth bible-
Middlemarket families, couples and honeymooners looking for a moderately quiet holiday.

Location: Towards the E end of Caribbean S coast. 40 mls E of Santo Domingo, 25 mls E of its airport.
Position: Flat, uninspiring coastal plain backed by scrub and tropical farmland. Palms run along much of the length of this coast, which is protected by a reef.

General Description
Originally a small fishing village, the town today is not much more than a shambling, 3½-ml-long ribbon of development, merging imperceptibly with nearby Guayacanes, and comprising jumbled hotels, private resort complexes and shacks with a scattering of shops and bars in and around the "centre". The dominance of all-inclusive packages has resulted in little development of infrastructure.

Mainly all-inclusive hotels with only 1 or 2 approaching luxury status. The emphasis is on organised games, entertainments and sports.

Narrow stretches of fine, light sand shaded by palms. Near the village "centre" the sand is not very clean, and is strewn with driftwood, seaweed and odd pieces of litter. The water is mostly shallow and protected by an offshore reef. Larger hotels provide a choice of water sports.

Re: Dominican Republic- Juan Dolio

by stormy69

And this is what is says about the hotel-
Breezy relaxed all-inclusive attracting middlemarket clientele. Includes 15 rooms with kitchen facilities.

Exterior: 4 dark pink 2- and 3-storey buildings with beachside villas across road (1984). Most rooms with balcony. Interior: Limited to simple low-key L-shaped reception. Grounds: 3 pools including large freeform (23 yds) with bridges and waterfalls, set in paved surrounds with a few sunbeds. Cute thatched poolside bar and airy sports bar. Reasonably kept relaxing gardens with streams and ornamental fish ponds. 4 eateries including colourful buffet restaurant with view of beach. Access to sandy beach with ample supply of sunbeds and Caribbean-style beach bar.


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