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It was half destroyedIt was half destroyed

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old Sugar Millold Sugar Mill

Travel Tips for Carriacou Island

Historical Sugar Mills

by dbeatty

I love to just drive around to see what I can find in a new place. Here are some sugar mill ruins we found. Aren't they fabulous? We passed them on the way up to the Scenic Overlook at the hospital in Belair.

Shipwreck Beach

by dbeatty

AT the northern tip of the island at Gun Point there is a shipwreck. There is a beautiful white sandy beach next to it, very long. The surf break is pretty strong so be careful and there is broken coral in the surf too so I'd advise some water shoes. The beach is deserted though. There is a palapa hut with information about turtle conservation. A great place to pack some cool drinks and a snack and be limin'!
To get there, drive west through Petit Carenage in Windward and just as you leave town there is a little sign on the right showing the beach path. Look sharp or you'll miss it!

Small quiet island

by jorgejuansanchez

Very easy to get there from Granada (Grenada in english) by boat. There are several sailings daily. You will see many tiny Grenadines along the journey.
The Catholic Church was in the dawntown, but uninhabited because a huracan.
Many rastafaris in the island.

"Welcome to Hillsborough"

That was the name of the main town in Carriacou island


by OttonJana

"Paradise Beach"

From the mangrove point at the eastern end by the airstrip, the beach gently curves around ending at a rocky promotory crowned by the large Las Tortugas villa. There are several places to eat, drink and hang.

"L'Esterre Bay"

Paradise Beach lines the Bay. I took this shot at sunrise.

"Cistern Point"

Cistern Point and Jack Iron Point are the southwest tips of the island. At the west end of Paradise Beach, you have to back up to the road to get past a rocky outcrop and dense mangrove beyond that. The road splits into 3 with the main road going left, a tract going straight (the high road)and a concrete strip dropping back down towards the water. A trail continues along a quite beach and curves around out to the point. Out at the point there are paths leading over to the Atlantic side where you will find stretches of black sand beach with only your footprints.


by dbeatty

"Getting There..."

It's not hard to be in Carriacou. Getting there is another matter. In December of 2006 we flew non-stop on Air Jamaica from New York into Grenada. From Grenada you must either take a small plane, SVG airlines, or take a ferry, The Osprey.

Our flight was to arrive in Grenada with about 1 hour to spare before the ferry departed for Carriacou. Unfortunately our flight was late. By the time our taxi arrived at the ferry dock, it was almost 30 minutes past the scheduled ferry departure time. Luckily the ferry was still there, running late.

The ferry ride between Grenada and Carriacou is never a smooth one. Our first ride was on a rainy day and the seas were kicked up. We were moving pretty fast. Once we cleared the northern tip of Grenada we started to pound the water pretty well but didn't slow down one bit! The estimated travel time is 70 minutes. It's quite a ride. Stay up top to avoid being sea sick inside the cabin below.

The return ride from Carriacou to Grenada is much nicer :)

If you choose to fly SVG, you'll have to overnight in Grenada and fly over in the morning.

"Da Island"

Lodging on the island is a mixture of small hotels, rental homes or rooms for rent. The island is only about 3 miles wide by 7 miles long! Not very big. Island life is very slow.

You can usually find what you're looking for in town but you might have to visit a few stores to get it. In the main town of Hillsborough there are two large grocery markets. Then there are several other smaller stores which offer a selection of food and necessities. Other businesses include clothing boutiques, a couple of hardware stores and pharmacies. The Osprey Ferry Line has an office in town. There is a new deli near the ferry dock, Patti's Deli, which is fabulous!

A drive around the island will show you a variety of beaches, sugar mill ruins, fabulous vistas and maybe even a boat being built. Goats, cows, bulls, chickens, dogs and even pigs can be seen roaming freely.

I find that reading a book in the shade with a cool drink is a nice way to spend the day. Cooling off in the sea occasionally and strolling down the beach are a nice accompaniment. If that gets boring, take a drive and find a road to explore. You'll never know what you find!


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