Fantasy Island Beach Resort

Carretera Pavimentada Ppal, French Harbour, , Honduras
Fantasy Island Beach Resort
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Fantasy Island Resort

by TripAdvisor Member PLAYAGIRL10

First thing I did on arrival was buy (available at the hotel and eslewhere) some Cactus Juice - a natural insect repellent made from cactus with SPF15 as well. I did not have the insect bite problem that others are obviously having such a hard time with. I got just a few bites when I forgot to use Cactus Juice and that's it. By the way, this product was originally developed in Honduras and smells and feels so much better than any other insect or sun product I've ever used - it's not even greasy. I'm taking it on my next trip in March to Isla Holbox. As for the musty rooms at Fantasy Island - I stayed in the brand new section which had just opened and it couldn't have been fresher - it was actually quite lovely - but not near the dive shop/marina (which didn't matter to me - I like to walk and it was about 5 minutes away).


Loved Fantasy Island

by TripAdvisor Member DivingGirll

Reading some of the other reviews for Fantasy Island, I was a bit nervous when it was confirmed that this was where I was going to be spending my winter vacation. I needn’t have worried. I just got back from a week-long stay at the resort with my parents; the only negative thing I have to say has little to do with the hotel…

Diving/Snorkeling – My dad and I are divers; my mom is a snorkeler. So we wanted to go somewhere that could accommodate all of our water needs easily and well. Fantasy Island did just that. About the diving first: the dive shop on –site is awesome. The outfit is set up superbly. We arrived on Saturday and attended the 8:00 AM dive orientation on Sunday morning. Robert told us how the dives work. Everyday there are 3 dives: 9 AM, 11 AM, and 2:30 PM. The boats ALWAYS come back to the shop between the two morning dives so it’s not a problem to only do one (and it doesn’t matter which one). And you don’t even need to decide ahead of time which dives you’re going to do. Show up at the dock 10 minutes before the boat leaves, get your gear together and go. All of the dives are included if you sign up for the dive package! No additional costs.

Also, each boat would be assigned an evening later in the week for the night dive. We were also assigned a boat (with a dive master and boat captain for the week.) With the exception of 3 dives, I was with Derry and Pedro all week. (More on them later!) There are lockers to hold the dive gear right at the shop – 15 feet from where the boats leave. And while they didn’t lock, or even have doors, I felt completely safe leaving all of my gear there whenever I wasn’t on the boat (and so did everyone else!)

After the orientation, we were outfitted with the rental gear we needed and left on the 9 AM dive. The coral on that dive, and all subsequent dives, was great. The sea life was minimal at times but still beautiful. The longest boat ride I went on was to Mary’s Place and that was only 15 minutes. All of the other dives were within a 5 – 10 minute boat ride of the resort. Mary’s Place, often written up as the best diving in Honduras, was cool in that we swam through the crevice, but inside the coral is pretty beat up. On top, the coral was plentiful. I made it a priority to go on that dive, but I was expecting more.

After each dive, there were towels with which to dry off and (really yummy) fruit to eat. I’m a pretty small person and often struggled with the weight of the tank and the weight belt. Derry and Pedro were always very helpful helping me on and off the boat. As I mentioned earlier, I did most of my dives with them. Derry always led a guided tour and was very good about showing us interesting sea life (puffer fish – that puffed on the night dive, octopi, lobsters, crabs, sea horses, moray eels – green and spotted, barracuda, etc.) I really enjoyed diving with these professionals.

One day we decided to do a shore(-ish) dive. I say shore(-ish) because we dove off the hotel’s gazebo but the dive shop skiff dropped us off so it was a one-way trip. We dove CoCo View Wall and then down to the (huge) ship wreck and airplane. The same skiff also dropped my mom in similar spots when she wanted to do a one-way snorkel. The gazebo area of the hotel provided good snorkeling with nice coral and sea-life.

With regards to water sports, Fantasy Island was awesome. (As a note, a private vendor also rents wave runners near the dive shop. We didn’t use them but there were some people who did.)

Rooms – The room we had was fine. It didn’t have that much to offer, but really, how much are you in the room. Each room has a balcony facing the water and was always clean. It met our requirements fine.

Food – I’m a big food person. I love food, it’s very important to me! So you can believe me when I say that while the food was not amazing, it was certainly good. There was always lots of fruit, and at lunch and dinner there was always salad stuff. Every day at breakfast, I had a freshly made-to-order omellette with veggies and cheese. Eggs cooked other ways were also available upon request.

If there was one suggestion I had for the food it would be that a bigger selection would be better. Lunch was typically hamburgers, chicken, and fish – definitely selection there – but the same 3 or 4 dishes every day. There was a bit more rotation with the dinner menu, but I would still suggest a bit more selection. Again, it was fine. We ate well. I especially highly recommend the pineapple. (I always hoped it was pineapple that was on the dive boat after the morning dive!)

Entertainment – I actually didn’t attend any of the evening entertainment but, from what I hear, it was OK – nothing too amazing but often fun. Friday night is the excursion to West End for bar-hopping (or perhaps just a bar and no hopping). I heard it was a lot of fun; people didn’t get back til 2 AM.

Mosquitos – This is the one negative of the trip. There are lots to bugs that have very nasty bites. I got very bitten up. And the bites are very itchy. Supposedly OFF! Spray works; I probably should have used more bug spray, perhaps I’d be less itchy now… but alas, one negative isn’t bad.

Random Stuff –
-Post cards – The postcards at the hotel gift shop are lousy (and expensive). But don’t wait till the airport to buy better ones; there aren’t any there. Perhaps buy some somewhere else. I didn’t and regretted it later.
-Pool – The pool was not great. But why bother with a pool anyway when a clear warm ocean is 20 feet away?
-Wildlife at the hotel – Monkeys and watoosas (wild rabbits) abound at the hotel. The monkeys can cause quite a stir, especially if you’re eating outside. In general, they’re cute and not too bothersome. Some people really like the monkeys; I’m not one of them but learned how to avoid them. (ie. If you’re eating lunch outside at the palapa, eat under the roof – they don’t come in there!)
-Canopy Tour – We rented a car and eventually found the canopy tour at Gumbalimba Park. The tour person at the hotel indicated that there were lots of signs where to go. We saw none. (For the record, drive towards the West End, make a left towards West Bay, right at the big white house, and then the Canopy Tour will be on your right. Park on the road.) It was a fun activity. I would definitely suggest it, though you have to have decent arm strength. I had a great time.
-Snorkeling at West Bay – After the canopy tour, we drove to the Mayan Princess hotel, parked there, and walked down the beach (to the left). We were told that there was good snorkeling at the end of the beach. Well, we finally got there, after walking through crowds of people, possibly more than we’d seen for the rest of the week combined. And the snorkeling sucked. No sea life and the coral was all dead. Yes, the beach is BEAUTIFUL and the sand is awesome, but probably not worth the trip.

Overall – I would go back! I would love to go back! I highly recommend Fantasy Island. It’s not a 5-star resort but is clean, everyone is nice, and the water activities are awesome. Have a great time!

If you like cigarette buts, bugs, bad food....go to Fantasy Island

by A TripAdvisor Member

I am not a five star traveller, but trust me, this place is not somewhere you want to go unless your underwater, away from the resort, scuba diving. That's all the place is good for. I arrived on Saturday, I was sick by Tuesday and didn't recover the whole trip. The food wasn't even a good attempt at lousy. Picture this, one breakfast served cut up winners with eggs. The eggs are cooked in some kind of clear oil that permeates the flavour of the eggs to an extent that you feel the oil in your mouth for hours.

The manufactured beach is littered in area's with cigerette buts. Every day a front end loader passed by my chair every hour carrying sand for some resort road repair. There are rat like creatures (they call them rabits) running everywhere. Trust me , they are not rabits.

We all got bug bites but one member of our party reacted horribly from the bites and everyinch of her legs were covered in infected swelled up bumps. She was in excruciating discomfort for the entire vacation. The room where musty and smelly. The air conditioners were old a loud. The windows had no screens on them so you virtually had no access to fresh air. Trying to have a consistent tempature shower was impossible. At various locations around the resort you couldn't escape the smell of sewege.

Don't go to this place. You will regret it.

There are many Islands on...

by John195123

There are many Islands on Roatan, from local to Italian to Mexican they are all excellent. Recommendations:
Italian: Romeo's and Gio's
Mexican: Tres Flores (Which has awesome views of both sides of the island and is great for sunset shots.)
Local: Paya Bay (offers local and some other interesting foods)
Others: Fantasy Island, AKR, Bite on the Beach, French Harbor (now closed)
The evening view in front of the island's Thai restaurant in the West End. Chiken, beef, fish, lobster, crab... it's all good, and all fresh.

If you go to Honduras, be sure...

by John195123

If you go to Honduras, be sure to visit the islands of Roatan and Guanaja. Roatan is a richly historical island with spectacular diving. It was once a pirate island and today still has some remnants of that past.
I travel there almost every year. Excellent diving at Fantasy Island and AKR. Also, dolphin shows at AKR.

Honduras is a country in the midst of being built. Like many and most of the countries in Central America, it is growing and modernizing. However, changes are slow in coming, and not the most efficient. Another VT member noted how San Pedro Sula, one of the larger cities in the country, seems half-finished. Not to quote directly. I wold have to agree with that, though in the many years of travel, I look at it from a different point of view. As I said above, Honduras, and therefore San Pedro are in the stages of building and modernizing. Note that the San Pedro airport has been under construction for how many years, five?, and is still not fully completed. Also note, that the automatic doors are not used, except by hand. Things happen sooooo slowly in these countries, and it is necessary to take that into consideration when asking why things are as they are. They don't possess the same rabid speed of life that we do, and therefore things take longer. Much longer. Thus, the cities always looks as if they are under construction, and they are.

Despite slow forward progress as a country, Honduras still captures its visitors. It is an amazing country with the same type of amazing and interesting history as the countries surrounding it. Trip to Roatan with girlfriend!

Not the place for me

by TripAdvisor Member Peggie King

I had the misfortune of having to stay at Fantasy Island for 2 nights due to being evacuated from another hotel on the Island during Hurricane Wilma. This was the nastiest place I've ever stayed at on any of my dive trips. There was no hot water and it was brown in the mornings, therefore, I had to brush my teeth and was my face with bottled water and take cold showers. The place smelled of raw sewer. I became ill after the first night stay. The beach was nice and the food and drinks were good. The dive boats were not very comfortable. They were too flat (I got sea sick on these boats and even fell). When I return to Roatan next year, I will definitely not stay at this place.

Sand Fleas Are a Problem on Roatan - Pity. Everything Else - Very Good

by TripAdvisor Member Trillium

Fantasy Island Beach and Diving Resort

Roatan, Honduras, Central America

Trip Report, January 7 – 14, 2006

Marlene & Phil MacKenzie, Kingston, ON


A comfortable flight on West Jet with Nolitours after a 45 minute delay in Toronto while the plane was waiting to be de-iced. A storm had come in overnight delaying all departures including our 6:30 a.m. flight. Each passenger has their own seat-back TV with satellite service and $5.00 pay per view movies. Head sets were sold for $1.00 for the ear buds or $3.00 for the full headset. The plug-in is single-prong for all the headsets.


We arrived on the island at mid day. It was sunny and warm with a cool breeze. The airport is small but organized. There is no currency exchange area available; that would have to wait until we reached the hotel but American dollars are happily accepted. Passengers headed for Fantasy Island were directed to waiting buses and left when full. Within 30 minutes of arrival, we were at the resort. Check-in was quick and luggage was taken to the pre-appointed rooms.

Snorkeling and Diving

The big draw to Roatan are the beautiful coral reefs and excellent scuba diving and snorkeling right off the shore. Fantasy Island has a very busy Dive Shop with six large diving boats that hold 20 people doing three dives per day plus night diving. This is what drew us to the island and we were not disappointed.


The resort is a solid 3 to 3.5 star. The buildings are all painted turquoise with white trim and surrounded by natural rainforest complete with wildlife to include a family of five friendly monkeys, rabbit-like animals that resemble giant guinea pigs (watussa???), iguanas, and a few species of birds. It has approximately 130 rooms located in several two-story rows of buildings dotted across throughout the property. This smaller island is connected to the island of Roatan by a road and a bridge. It was originally built by Albert Jackson, the “Donald Trump” of Roatan, whose mansion sits high on a hill at the entrance to Fantasy Island. Mr. Jackson sold his resort recently to a Spanish chain.

Our room in building D-6 is a single-story row of rooms, fronted by a grassy area and a dock. It was very basic but had a 5 star view out across the water and a resident tortoise shell kitty who lived on the verandah and looked for her daily fish or chicken tidbits from guests (like me) with soft hearts for animals. She is expecting a litter soon. The two double-sized beds in our room had mattresses that were quite soft with little resistance from the spring coils and the pillows were flat (both observations I commented on in the customer survey left in the room). We had a mini-fridge with a pitcher of purified water which was topped up each day, an old television that was replaced after three days because the internal buzzing was louder than the sound capability, a rattan 3-drawer dresser with mirror, and one easy chair with arms. Outside our door, on the verandah, was a white, wooden, Aiderondeck chair. The floor was ceramic tile and there was an air conditioner in the window which worked well. We kept in on, not because it was too hot, but the cooler air in the room diminished the “musty” smell. The bathroom floor is badly in need of updating but it had a clean and useable bathtub, sink and toilet. This row of buildings was right beside the Dive shop. As we were to learn, divers don’t care about 4 or 5 star accommodations; they are there to dive, dive, dive, LOL and Fantasy Island does not fall short of meeting that desire.


The food was quite good from the fresh fruit and baked bread with made to order omlettes at breakfast, to offerings of beef, chicken and fish dishes with fresh salads and a variety of vegetables and cake or European-style dessert at supper. There is one buffet located on the second floor of the main building (not wheelchair accessible) and a tasty lunch of burgers, nachos & cheese, chicken, fish and French fries all served outside on the beach with partial cover inside a smaller building. Bottled “Imperial” beer, red or white wine was always available for lunch and dinner. Friday night is the Gala supper with a lavish Seafood buffet to include grilled lobster, crab legs, jumbo shrimp, calamari, conch, fresh fish with various fresh salads and fruit. It was a culinary highlight for seafood lovers.


The antics of the monkeys at lunch made up for not having nightly entertainment. The resort did bring in a Fire Dancer on Friday night and a cultural (dancing/drumming) show on Tuesday night from the nearby Garafund village from the east end of the island. Both shows were performed on the beach.
Every evening at 5 pm, in the lobby, a happy hour was held and the day’s diving videos shown on a large TV screen. There are three computers with internet in the lobby for $5.00 per 30 minutes. The resort’s entertainment coordinator did a good job announcing various local tours that were available, organizing a karaoke one night, hosting a manager’s cocktail hour on another day.


Car rental is available on-site for $55 including insurance for a day. Scooters are $30/day. It is safe to drive around Roatan. There is only one main road to the east and one to the west. The little villages are interesting and all the people are friendly and speak English. The local bus runs by the resort every hour or thereabouts and for a dollar, you can get from Fantasy Island to Punta Gorda (the Garafund village), 30 minutes away or Oakridge (mangrove tours) in the east and for five dollars, you can head west to the capital of Coxen Hole where the cruise ships dock Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. West End is a popular destination on the island with its sand-packed main street and fascinating shops that sell Honduran-made cottage craft and very reasonable prices. The resort offers many organized tours as well ranging in price from $5.00 to visit the iguana farm next door (5 minute paddle by kayak from the beach) to $15 per person for a shopping or bar hopping tour to $100 for a plane ride over Roatan, or excursion to mainland Honduras and several others in between – many related to “diving with the sharks” or “whale sharks” excursions or a boat tour through the mangrove canals. Horseback riding is also popular with many guests.

Pool and Ocean

Beach towels were provided daily from the Reception Desk. The swimming pool was very small, placed to the right of the main building in the middle of the beach, surrounded by trees. You would easily miss it if you weren't looking for it. I never saw anyone in it during our week whenever we passed by walking from our room to the main building. There was so much to see in the clear, warm ocean, but if you weren't wearing fins, it was necessary to wear beach shoes to enter the water or just jump off the gazebo for a good swim and snorkeling experience. The bottom was sandy in spots but it is best to wear something on your feet. The beach sand was golden brown but the sand fleas were un-relentless. The first time my husband and I laid on the plastic beach loungers, I received many bites that went un-noticed until the evening when the itching began. We never stayed on the beach again except for the two evenings of the special entertainment, at which I got more. Needless to say, the beach was not crowded or overused as everyone had the same complaint. I understand that it is the same no matter what time of year you go to Roatan. On arrival home, after our week there, I counted over 85 bites on my arms and legs. They are healing well after a week of intense itching. I don’t think the bug spray did much good but antihistimine and Tylenol which I brought with me from home helped me sleep at night. A very kind food server named Carolina saw me scratching my legs one morning and offered me a bottle of vinegar with helped temporarily.


Except for the sand fleas, we enjoyed seeing Roatan and staying at Fantasy Island Beach and Diving Resort. The sealife, rainforest, and warmth and friendliness of the Honduran people made the trip to the Bay Islands worthwhile. The sand fleas will probably deter us from returning but the island is truly a snorkler’s or diver’s paradise. We felt we got good value for our vacation dollars spent at this destination.

It was appropriate for the price

by TripAdvisor Member BCtravelgal

My fiancé and I went to Fantasy Island for March break last year. We had a GREAT time probably because we went with realistic expectations. Fantasy Island is not an expensive resort and you get what you pay for.

Rooms: The rooms are not beautiful but they are clean. Our room was a bit beat up but we chose to keep it even when they gave us the option to switch because it was very quiet (it was right near the scuba center). Further, we did not go on a March break vacation to hang out in our room.

Food: The food is fine - we did not go hungry. Again, you get what you pay for.

Beach: From reading the other reviews, I was really worried about lots of insects. All I can say is that we did not get ONE bite the entire time we were there and we never used repellent (although we had brought lots to be safe). The beach was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. We lay on the beach all day. There were so many lounge chairs that we never had to reserve one (unlike our stay in Mexico). My favourite memory of the trip is lounging for hours on the beach under the palm trees.

Diving: the diving is great but I wish I had known that you have the option to purchase "special" dives once you get down there. We had pre-purchased five days of diving and so we didn't want to purchase additional dives. But we would have liked to do the dolphin dive or the shark dive. The staff at the dive shop are wonderful and all the other divers we met were very friendly. Great place to go if you want to meet laid-back, fun people.

Entertainment: there is very little so bring lots of books. There was one evening performance of traditional dancing and on the last night, we had a little dance which was fun.

Other: There is a great restaurant called "The View" which you can take a taxi to. It is one of the best meals I have ever had ANYWHERE (and we have eaten at a lot of fancy restaurants) and we ate watching the sun set over the jungle and the Roatan coastline. We also did the zip line adventure through the jungle which was really fun!!! We visited the iguna farm which is neat if you have never seen iguanas - make sure to go during the day; they retreat into the trees in the evening.

Animals: there are monkeys, iguanas, and watoosas (sp?) all over the resort. I personally liked it but if animals scare you, be aware that they are all around.

In short, I had a great time and I would go back. If you choose to go, go with realisitc expectations and you will enjoy yourself!

A Christmas Trip to Remember

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband, 6 year old son and myself visited Fantasy Island Dec 24-31, 2005...We truly enjoyed our stay there and had a fabulous time..
We had prepared for our visit having read previous the sand fleas, the lack of a pool, the rooms, etc.
However, we can honestly say that for the seasoned traveller who is prepared to travel "off the beaten track", this resort and Roatan Island itself is a lovely, untouched part of the world...full of natural beauty, with some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. Some of the best snorkeling is at the gazebo (you can get there by a short path from the resoirt)
We were absolutely blown away by the crystalline water, the varied fish, the reef and coral, the underwater flora and fauna!! Our 6 year old son snorkeled for the first time in these waters and we can be sure he is hooked forever as we are....
The resort itself is lovely, simple, and clean....The food was fabulous every night. A great varietry, tasty (lobster, fries for the kids, great hamburgs, seafood every night!
A real family resort, homey and welcoming....
The resort put on a fantastic Christmas dinner with Santa and goodies for the kids..Santa on the beach was a real treat...
The staff at the resort are excellent...Hard-working and efficient. Always ready to lend a helping hand..
The icing on the cake..white-faced monkeys who are tame and have a great appetite for bread handed out by willing children (and grownups!!)...Our son was so thrilled when they visited each day. Iguanas, peacocks, macaws, etc..all the in the wild in their natural habitat...
The nightly entertainment was great each night...simple and every one joins in. Get your kareoke voices ready.....

All in all, a fabulous trip and resort...Get ready for a super time.

ps. if you are the type who gets bitten by bugs, just come prepared with spray (Skin so Soft by Avon worked for me..)...and get off the beach at dusk...That is when they come out..

Have fun ...we are sure to return one day soon.

John, Wynne and Sam

Awesome Diving!

by TripAdvisor Member Mo'divin

Fantasy Island Dive Resort is a perfect location for the avid scuba diver-- we have been back 2 years in a row, and expect to be there again next year. There really isn't much else to do at this place but dive, so I wouldn't recommend it to people who are looking for typical, scheduled resort activities. There is a beach volleyball court which is seldom used, a pool (which was freezing cold the 1st year, and green and closed the 2nd year)and kayaks. That's about it-- if you're looking to do excursions, you can book that through the hotel, but they generally take place elsewhere.

There are 6 dive boats in fleet, each doing 3 dives daily- 9am, 11:30am and then 2:30. If you have your choice of divemasters, ask for Derry as he knows exactly where to find all the interesting stuff.

FOOD: We come here to dive, not to eat, which is probably best because the food is nothing to rave about. It is acceptable and will keep a hungry diver full. Pack your Pepto-Bismol.

ROOMS: The rooms are clean and comfortable, although nothing exceptional. The King size beds in the older rooms are simply 2 twins pushed together. The pillows are flat, and tend to be alot more comfortable if you fold them in half.

BEACH: Besides the dive operation, probably the nicest thing about this place. Beware the sand fleas--pack lots of insect repellent. There is fantastic snorkelling right off shore, and specifically off the gazebo at Coco View wall.

SERVICE: Service is decent...very good if you know how to tip-- Henry (bartender) is the best and loves to laugh and talk with the guests.

Keep in mind that this is a 3-star resort in Central America. Expect critters and bugs, intermittent power and water shortages as well as a casual, no-rush attitude. If you are looking for typical, touristy, high-end hotel and service, this is not for you. If you are tolerant and are willing to sacrifice some of the big resort niceties for fantastic diving and local culture, give this place a shot!

Forum Posts

Roatan - Diving and getting there?

by TinKan

We are looking for the best way to get to Roatan island and for information about Anthoneys Key resort. Any information as to the best way and the best rooms?

Re: Roatan - Diving and getting there?

by jbarce

I went to Roatán in 1997 (I think) while I was working in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The best and I think only way to get there is by plane. I remember I took the route Tegucigalpa - La Ceiba - Roatán in a local airline called Isleña Airlines (it was a very safe trip). If you are coming from outside Honduras, you could probably fly to San Pedro Sula and from there take a short flight (15 minutes or so) to Roatán. I don't know anything about Anthoneys Key resort. I stayed at Fantasy Island Hotel, and I recommend it.
Have fun!

Re: Re: Roatan - Diving and getting there?

by TinKan

Thank you for the tip. We now have our flight from LAX to DFW to Roatan and are set. We were also able to get a room/bungalow and dive package at Anthony Keys. We did look at FI but they were not available.
Do you have any idea what it is like in the winter there and how was the diving?
Thanks again.

Re: Re: Roatan - Diving and getting there?

by jbarce

winter should be OK in Roatán. The weather in Honduras is good throughout the year (except for the raining season). I visited Roatán in november of 1997 and the weather was perfect, very tropical but not too hot. I did not dive in Roatán, but I think 90% of the visitors go there for that reason. I only submerged on a small submarine they have in West End and everything looked fantastic down there.

Have fun!

Re: Re: Roatan - Diving and getting there?

by TinKan

Thanks for the info.
We had a blast and are now planing our move there.
We did get stuck there for two extra days due to the rain but the hotel did not charge us for the rooms or for the food.
All in all AKR is the best and roatan was great.


Where is the best snorkeling?

by zipperneck

Planning a trip to Honduras - roatan or guanaj. Where is the best snorkeling? Intermediate level - prefer protected reef areas. Would like to stay at a hotel or condo/villa on the beach that has the best snorkeling. Any advice would be appreciated. What is the best time of year to travel?

RE: Where is the best snorkeling?

by ScubaCat

Hi Zipperneck.

Your best bet for snorkling would be on Rotan or Utila. Guajnai or however you spell is a fairly deserted island without a lot ammenities & hotels. Honduras itself is the main land and the best reefs are quite a distance out. As far as hotels on Rotan or Utila, there are a wide range of hotels depending on what your price range might be. You could go from bed & breakfast, a basic room & bed all the way to a luxurious resort type 5 star hotel. Just depends on what you want. There are several travel sites around where could do a search for hotels, try this one and go to the rotan area or utila area. You might try utila lodge, fantasy island or anthony key restort. There all good hotels/resorts. Have fun!

RE: RE: Where is the best snorkeling?

by metteks

I guess that the best snorkeling will be done from Roatan or Utila. I only did scuba diving here, but it was great even though the water wasn't that clear because of the weather.

RE: Where is the best snorkeling?

by sunnydaze

Roatan has wonderful snorkeling!

We stayed at Coral Beach Inn on Roatan recently (see our trip report with photos)

There you just walk in and the reef sits right there on shore and runs forever in both directions.

We had a wonderful time.

Wilma Damage?

by samjen

I'm planning a trip to Honduras for next March, but the day I was goingto book my flight hurricane Wilma swung by and destroyed cozumel - I'm trying to find out the extent of the reef damage in/about the bay islands - if anyone has gone diving recently (like since Wilma) it would be a great help to get some first hand info about the conditions.

Otherwise, any general reviews of the diving there - I did Belize this year and was not imporessed with any of the local diving, blue hole was very cool (about 20 bulls) but it seems that is a rare occurence.

Cozumel is def out for at least another year or two, since they sustained a direct hit.

Also if anyone knows of any diving agencies that evaluate reef conditions for the carribean - that would be great - since I'm curious as to how turks/caicos and caymans are doing in general (as well as the keys).

may all your bubbles rise to the surface!

RE: Wilma Damage?

by ScubaCat

I'm going to the Caymens in 4 short weeks. They report no damage from Wilma although they had 50 foot wave surges. I have my dives booked & I'm looking forward to it. I have so far not heard of any damage in the Houndras area nor the Turks & Caicos. I'm surprised you were disappointed with the Belize area. Bummer, that's one of the places I was planning on going.

RE: Wilma Damage?

by sunnydaze

Just got back from Roatan--check my photos on this site where I reviewed Coral Beach Inn--the reef there was in great shape and we had a wonderful time. We will be back soon!

The only damage we saw was some salt burned plants and some minor dock damage under repair in West End.

But we only did the south shore dive spots and a few dives around the west end, so I have no idea how the North side of the island fared. The owners said they took no serious waves, but that the north side of the island typically got a bit higher surge. We saw no reef damage at Coral Beach Inn's Castle Canyons reef nor Fantasy Island's nor CoCo View's. Dove Mary's Place (a great dive) and even all the sea fans still stood.

Vis was 80-100 ft or so while we were there--water temp 84degrees F.


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