Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa

Montego Bay, Located near the village of Lucea, Lucea, Caribbean
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Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 6, 2012

My fiancee and I stayed at the Grand Palladium Resort & Spa from June 25, 2012 through June 30, 2012.

During my visit in Jamaica, I contracted Cutaneous Larva Migrans. If you know nothing of this disease, here is a link

Also, attached to this review are photos of the damage it has caused on my back and breasts. This was supposed to be a happy, romantic trip for me and Andrew. He proposed to me during our stay at the Grand Palladium. However, isntead of happy memories when I think of Jamaica, all I can think of now is the pain and suffering it has caused me.

We visited the Sunset Beach everyday during our visit and we noticed a host of stray cats living on the beach. If you read the link about Cutaneous Larva Migrans, you will know that it is caused from animal fecal matter. I even commented to my fiancee that the beach is one giant litterbox to these cats.

I took precautions, I used a towel and the beach chairs but I still got this disease. I have done research on the internet and I have read many other reports from guests about contracting Cutaneous Larva Migrans and the stray cat problem on these beaches. I would hate to think of children who sit on the beach and the risk of contracting this disease.

Because of this negligence, I was forced to miss one week of work, pay hundreds of dollars in co-pays and medications, and pain and suffering that I endured.

Here is a list of the monetary cost:

1 week of work $30 per hour X 40 hours = $1200

Visit to Urgent Care = $30 Copay

Visit to General Practitioner = $30 Copay

Referring Visit to Dermatologist = $40 Copay

Here is a list of ALL of the prescriptions I had to pay for from 3 different doctor's visits:
Hydrocodon for pain = $15

Prednisone oral steroid = $15

Hydroxyzine = $15

Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream = $15

Lidocain Oinment = 15

Albenza = $15

Mupirocin Ointment =$15

Plus $62 in Over the Counter medications that I purchased before I went to Urgent Care that did not work

So in total, this has cost me $1469 plus pain and suffering and ruined memories

Wedding Worries

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on November 7, 2011

From November 17-22 myself and my now husband selected The Grand Palladium as the venue for our wedding. Our wedding date was Saturday November 20, 2010 we were expecting this occasion to be one of the happiest in our lives, unfortunately it was not.
The overall appearance of the resort was breathtaking, but other standards were not up to speed. I previously made reservations for my guest to gather at one of the restaurants for a rehearsal/ meeting of family’s dinner. We were unable to meet at the one I chose because it was not open at the time and would not accommodate my group. I didn’t receive knowledge of this until the day of. The wedding coordinator had no recollection of the reservation.
Although we traveled with our own DJ, we had to rent the speaker system from the resort. During the reception, the music was muffled and very low. The guests were also unable to hear the toasts and speeches. The wedding coordinator was unavailable for assistance during the reception because she was in a meeting for a wedding the next day. We also had to share our space with another group; we were separated by a sheet. There music was overpowering our group, making it impossible to enjoy our reception. I was also told by the wedding coordinator that I would have the entire section to myself.
The wedding coordinator also needs assistance, or extra staff. At 6 pm, the reception area was being set up. Cameras were just being placed on tables. It started late and then the guests still had to wait another hour to be served. There is not enough info on hotel activities and restaurant operating hours. The staff needs help with organization and it starts with management. The guests’ rooms smelled like mold, which required several guests to change their rooms. There was a huge lack of communication for our large group, making it impossible for us to all meet up. Guests were divided between the two sides. The wedding coordinator made no attempts to retrieve guests list from reservations manager, who had names to properly room guests at least 2 weeks prior. We reserved almost 20 rooms, and had over 60 guests attending the wedding. Everyone had the same complain, No organization. There was little to no accommodations for the bridal party. We almost couldn’t eat because there is no room service and no take out, so my maid of honor had to plead with staff to take out food. Our pick up was late for the wedding.
As far as the wedding photographer, we were also unhappy with his work. When we were looking over the pictures and discussing the flaws, Mark gave every excuse for the poor pictures. Due to the fact that it was an evening wedding, the sun started setting and he continued shooting. The pictures were dark, unfocused, blurry and slanted. He continued to say that he did not have the right equipment as far as lenses and lighting for better quality pictures. I felt as though he was unprepared for the job at hand. We were unable to pick any of the night shots because of this matter.
One of the most serious issues was my aunt being trapped in the elevator for 45 minutes. There was no alarm, little air and no assistance for the entire ordeal. She had to pry herself out of the elevator injuring her thumb. She is a senior citizen.
Before leaving the resort my husband and I met with Maria Hoffman, Guest relations manager, to try and come to some sort of resolution. We were unable to do so and she agreed to contact us as soon as possible. My wedding experience was a huge disappointment. I feel as though after our money was spent, there were no intentions of fully accommodating us. No one checked on us after the wedding and no one was available for questions or concerns.

Unique Quality: The pool and scenery was amazing. Some of the staff went above and beyond to accommodate our guests.

Wedding nightmare

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 12, 2011

We would like to take some time and describe our wedding / honeymoon in Jamaica. We stayed at The Grand Palladium for six days and five nights.August 31, 2011 to Sept 5, 2011. Day 1, we arrived to Jamaica around 1:00 pm. From a distance the resort looks beautiful, up close there are numerous things that are not very appealing about the resort. The walkways were in horrible conditions that need repairing. When we arrived to our room, the room had a horrible musty smell to it. The air conditioning did not work, the refrigerator did not keep anything cold or even cool, the bathroom was dirty, the bathtub was dirty and one of our glasses from the mini bar had not been replaced with a new one. After calling the front desk to have to someone come clean we went to grab some lunch. Our first stop was Mo Bay buffet. Everything was cold. We had a positive outlook on this and said well the great thing about this is that its all inclusive so we can go try somewhere else. We walked down to the Jerk Hut that was highly recommended. They did have great chicken, but we did not like the rice that was served. So we ventured to Sunset Cove. First, my husband asked if they served any Vodka and we were told yes. He asked for Grey Goose and the server said he would be right back. The server came back and said they not only had no Grey Goose, but no vodka period. So my husband ordered something else. Next, we ordered our food. My husband ordered a Jerk chicken sandwich with fries and I ordered the jerk pork chop with fries. A few minutes later the server came back and said they did not have anymore pork chops. Ok, no big deal I said. What do you have, I asked. The server assured us that they had everything else. So I decided on the jerk chicken. My husband order did not change. About 20 minutes later, maybe longer. The server comes back with two plates of food. Neither plate has any fries, the server tells us he is sorry but they are out of fries. He proceeds to put our dishes in front us and they both are the exact same thing! Jerk chicken, rice and beans and some type of pasta. My husband had no bread for a sandwich and the server said to us.....sorry mon....maybe you come back earlier tomorrow. So we were not even given a option at that point what we were going eat. I have a nut allergy and we could not get a answer on how to proceed with it. The front desk told us that the wedding coordinator should give us something, the wedding coordinator said the front desk should give us something. We had no idea who to listen too. We had to meet with the wedding coordinator so we called for a cart to come get us from our room. We waited about a half hour and no one came, we called again. About another half hour went by and still no one to pick us up. Finally, our wedding coordinator called and requested a cart pick us up. A hour later, she called our room and she asked why we were still in our room, we explained no one came to pick us up yet. She called again. Finally, my husband and I walked all the way to her office even though my husband has MS and bad knees. We met with the wedding coordinator, after we were there about ten minutes, the bell man called the wedding office to say he was at our room to pick us up. She explained to him we were already there and how long we waited. We were so frustrated at this point we went to guest services to complain. We were upgraded to the honeymoon suite which was on the second floor. We had already expressed numerous times we needed first floor because of my husbands medical condition. But we decided to not complain. Upon arrival to our new room the floor was dirty and we had guests. Several ants everywhere! Again, we decided to not complain at that moment. The refrigerator was not cold and the room was cooler then the other room however not cool enough. Outside of our door we had a fire extinguisher box with no fire extinguisher in it! We went to bed hoping the next day would be better. The next morning my husband was up about 6:30 am on the porch enjoying the view when he realized there were ants everywhere on the porch. He came to wake me up and saw a ant on the bed where I was sleeping. Also, there were ants on every table, both sinks, inside the mini bar and other places. Our refrigerator still was not cold, so my husband called the front desk to complain. They sent someone to spray. And the maintenence guy came to fix the refrigerator. We left a note for the staff to restock the mini bar with diet coke, water and orange pop with a tip next to the letter. We left to start our day. We met with guest services and they gave me a allergy card to show at the different restaurants. Our family arrived and everyone went to their rooms to change before lunch. We get back to our room, our mini bar was not stocked right, but the tip and letter were gone. They did spray for ants, but they left the dead ants everywhere. We called to ask the desk to send someone to clean up the dead ants, no one was ever sent. We went to meet our family for lunch. At Mo Bay I asked the chef if there were any nuts in any of the desserts and showed him my allergy card. He told me there were no nuts. I go to my table with my dessert plate and my husband stops me and says that I cannot eat the dessert. I explained to him that I asked the chef and he said I could. My husband said no you cannot there is nuts in it. A couple minutes later, the chef comes up to the table and tells me I cannot eat the dessert he just told I could because there are in fact nuts in it. We made reservations for dinner, and told them there was 16 of us and we would like to sit together. When we arrived to dinner they told us we could not sit together, even though there was a whole section open. After a 10 minute debate and speaking with management we were able to sit together. While at dinner and talking to our family we found out that several of their rooms were not cleaned, their refrigerators and air conditioning did not work either. We also learned that they all got fruit baskets and a bottle of rum upon their arrival. My husband and I had not gotten either. Day 3 still hoping for a better day in Jamaica. We did get our fruit plate, but no rum. Called and explained this to the front desk who assured us we would get our rum the following day. Ants are back everywhere in our room. This is the day before our wedding and the power has gone gone out a few times leaving our phones not NOT working. The phones not working continues until Saturday ( day 4 ) sometime ( after our wedding ). Saturday the power went out a few times also. We were charging our video camera when the electric went out and it surged our video camera, that we had recorded our wedding on. After the wedding we had lunch at Mo Bay. Everything went ok until they never brought our wedding cake out to us. When we asked where our wedding cake was, the staff had no idea about our wedding cake or if it was even in the back. So, we agreed to have it at dinner . We had reservations for the steakhouse. We arrive at the steakhouse to find two tables for our reservation. We had specifically asked to be seated together for dinner, since we had just got married earlier that day! Of course this became a big ordeal as usual, but finally after a debate, the tables were moved together. Next problem, we had three flower arrangements from the wedding. They were setup at Mo Bay for lunch and then they were suppose to be at the steakhouse for dinner. There were two big floral arrangements and a smaller one. The steakhouse only had the two big floral arrangements. When I asked where my small one was, they had no idea or explanation. Next, when I made the reservation I reminded the woman that I had a nut allergy. The reservation consisted of 16 orders. 15 orders were steak orders and 1 chicken. I had to tell the woman how I wanted the steaks cooked before hand. And I was told the dinner would include the salad bar. Also, I had to pick a dessert. I picked strawberry cheesecake because it is my husbands favorite. While at dinner we learned that we did not get the salad bar with our dinner. At this point, not even worth the argument! When dinner arrives to the table eleven out fifteen steaks were undercooked! Now, I ask what is the point of having me tell you how to cook the steaks if they are still going to be wrong? So now we have a couple guests eating while the rest are returning food. Not a ideal dinner for our wedding night. While all of this is going on, my husband is trying to speak with management. He continually asked for the person in charge over and over again. The staff continues to bring him every supervisor in the building. He continues to explain that he wants the highest manager possible. This went on for at least a hour during our dinner. Finally, he spoke with the guest service manager who really could offer no help! Now the wedding cake has been brought out and it looks horrible. The letters were uneven and spaced terrible. At this point in time we were not even in the mood for cake so we asked them to box it up so we could take it back to the room. The strawberry cheesecake was brought out and it had nuts in it! Unsure why anyone would let me pick a dessert with nuts in it when I had a allergy card and told the woman I made the reservation with. The cake was delivered to our room and was not covered / wrapped completely.

Unique Quality: Well since we had ants in our room we could not keep it there in fear the ants would begin to eat our wedding cake. Someone came and picked up the cake and held it in the refrigerator in the lobby or somewhere. The next morning, our last day in Jamaica. We started our day with a meeting with guest services. We made reservations for dinner. This time we agreed to having two tables for our reservation. We were told this would unsure the best possible service to us and our guests if we sat seperately. We just wanted to have a good last night with our family. Dinner started out fairly well. We had two tables and two waiters. Our waiter at our table was wonderful. However the table was not too happy with their service. The waiter was not keeping up with their drinks and we had begun eating at least 20 minutes before the other table even started to get their food. My mom and daughter ordered the pork chop. It was pink throughout and red towards the bone! Not safe at all. We experienced one nightmare after another on our trip! We asks for the general mgr to call us on Monday or Tuesday. One week later we have heard nothing from anyone. This was suppose to be perfect! We did get married after all

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Customer Service Begans Before You Arrive

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on May 31, 2011

I chose the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort and Spa for my June 2011 family reunion. I have previously stayed at this hotel in 2009 and I really enjoyed the regal atmosphere provided by the 1st class service of the staff and the 5 star accommodations at the resort. I was a little worried when planning for my stay this year, June 2011, because my family can be a little selective and they are familiar with 5 star resorts. However I simply E-mailed the Director Adjunto, David Martin, and he replied the next day like a professional. Mr. Martin replied: Thank you very much for choosing Grand Palladium Jamaica & Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa for such a special occasion. I copy the Rooms Division team who will do all the arrangements on your arrival. I hope all the above mentioned will help you; please do not hesitate to contact me if there’s anything else I can do from this end. Now I can relax for the next 14 days till I arrive and till my family arrives. I will Post my results during this vacation

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Out from Lucea

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 10, 2010

Did not stay here but have read all the reviews---this is just outside Lucea going towards Mobay---a really huge place for maybe thousands of visitors===reviews say that jaccuzzi in the room and cable TV make up for nothing to do outside the resort....The pools seem huge and inviting, and the sea is always cool but there is nothing near except Lucea---the bell in the tower is the only fun thing I know about Lucea (It was supposed to go to the Island St Lucia but ended up here and they decided to keep it) Also the tree in the main square is decorated up for Christmas and they have a food market---a cool place to ride through, but maybe not for a huge resort next door.........

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Great Promise

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on September 6, 2008

We went to Palladium by... hazard!

We were staying in Runaway Bay, and our hotel invited us to a free trip to Negril, with one or two nights in... Palladium. We accepted, and it was a wise decision.

Palladium hotel is a new and huge complex, that promises great vacations in the future. It was starting to operate (I think that we inaugurated our room, still smelling ink), with a low occupancy, and the staff somewhat insecure. Sympathy and enthusiasm replaced experience, and our short stay was perfect.

Being an extra in an all-inclusive package we had no idea of its prices.

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Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa

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Address: Montego Bay, Located near the village of Lucea, Lucea, Caribbean

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