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Grand Lido Braco all inclusive...

by lv2sunVA

Grand Lido Braco all inclusive superclub on runaway bay
depends on room 1000 pp 7 days to 4000 pp 7 days Fabulous facilities, wonderful food 24 hr room service, top shelf drinks. Huge pools, busy activities offered, but can always find a private spot. Many water sports including scuba and glass bottom boats. Finest all natural side in the Caribbean

grand lido braco the worst!!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

Much traveled couple 45 and 50 years old,4 trips this year ,the worst experience of all our trips. MOLDY ROOM, bad food, no towels, fire alarms in the nite,bad managers,no ice at bars till 3pm..the word spa is a joke unless you call putting your feet in someomes lap while 5 other guests wait around you a service....but it was 86 and clear the whole time..mother nature saved it from being a complete bust, however we feel swindled..super club is a joke super mess is closer

Grand Lido Braco (great trip)

by TripAdvisor Member Beemerstash

Started out in Toronto Canada via Air Canada vacations (two couples) on time with a slight medical problem on board 1 hour into the flight. It was handled by a Doctor and crew flawlessly. Arrival was good, bags and transportation quick and at the resort in just over an hour. Quick check in, although we were given a ground floor room without a patio. We asked for another room and we given our choice of two others and were happy with the second within minutes. Great Street party where we met other couples from the last few years at GLN and GLSS (Rosey s Mom and Dad) from Toronto and The Black Donnelly s from Winnipeg. Great food and lots of it (Lobster).Diving: Our last time here was contract divers and the service and amount of dive was poor to say the best. This time with their own crew, I had the best diving in ten years in Jamaica! Ann Marire Goffe had forwarded our e-mail request to dive the next day and everything was set up! Great crew, Marcia, Eric, Bobby, JR and the visiting Cameron from FDR. Great service, fresh water rinse after dive, fresh fruit etc. One and only one complaint, Ron and Erole get the engines serviced as the crew must fight with them!! Spend some cash and get Yamaha in to do the service! Two dives a day good equipment and the best marine life I ve seen in Jamaica in 10 years. This included 4 turtles, 3 big eagle rays, 2 grouper, barracuda, eels, sea horses etc. Needless to say great diving and they have improved 500%.Overall food was good to great in the French, Japanese, Italian, Jerk pit, Market and room service, also both beach bars were great. Ron has stated the Italian would be re-opened at noon instead of 3:00 PM, has anyone heard?We used both the textile areas and the au naturel beach and pool areas and had great experiences in both areas with no hassle on the au naturel area as we a re novices. The textile area pool area was well used and lively, clean and central to bars and food. Special thanks to Karla who never stopped and after having her face painted blue and like a clown, still put on a good happy face despite this inhumanity.The beach party was windy and not lit up enough for my liking, so in the future I will for go this event and dine else ware (my choice) but lots of other people seemed to enjoy the party.Overall we had a great time, and will return next year maybe for 10 to 14 days! Kudo s to the dive crew foe fantastic service!!!P.S. Ron, $ 500.00 for pepper mills? I m sure you can obtain some cheaper than that!

I love this place

by TripAdvisor Member partypeople

2-13-04 My husband and I are due to arrive at the Grand Lido Braco on 3-25-04 for our 6th visit in a row. We were married there 4 years ago. After every visit we say, "Ok, we really need to go somewhere else it's crazy to go to the same place every year". Then we start missing our "friends" at Braco, to try and name everyone here would take up too much space.Everyone at the resort goes above and beyond to take care of your "every need." For example, last year is was really hot one day but no need to worry, my husband and I were both sprayed down by Tamica with scented rose water. Tell me this isn't the ultimate in attention. Cocktails and food are a very important part of our vacation. There is a style/type of food to meet anyones needs. Cocktails are there just for the asking. Any of the bars will mix you their "special drink" of the day. Take a bottle of wine down to the ocean and watch the water, drink mimosas au natural in a hammock. Relax a little.Yes there are things that are different about the rooms. So the water pressure is low, relax its water and you have all day. Close your eyes and think of the flowers and ocean you saw today, don't get all upset over a little water pressure. Relax and appreciate life, your vacation will be all the more for it.Each day take a moment to learn more about the Jamacian culture. Talk with your servers and staff, learn to appreciate the differences in cultures, not the faults. These people have a long and interesting history and they are willing to share it with you if you take the time. Become their friends and they will be yours.Let your vacation at Braco reward you with inner peace as it has my husband and I. Make each other be the important part of the vacation. Braco can re-connect a couple like you can't imagine if you give it the chance.Regards, Braco Devotees

Can't Wait to Return!

by A TripAdvisor Member

The purpose of my trip to Braco was to get married but it turned out to be much more than that! The resort was beautiful, the staff were friendly and eager to please and the food was phenomenal! The reason I'm giving this resort only 4 stars is because the rooms could have used a bit of work but it did not at all ruin my trip. We went with a bunch of other couples and everyone had the same opinion, this place ROCKS! We did not venture over to the au naturel side and were perfectly content with all the amenities on the textile side. What could be better than 24 hour food and drink, beautiful beaches and hot sun? I would also like to comment on Beverly the wedding coordinator who went above and beyond to make sure everything to do with my wedding went off without a hitch. And it did! (Except it rained ALL that day:( All I had to do was spend 15 mins. picking out flowers, location, etc.
and it was done! We were told just to show up on our wedding day and everything would go smoothly. I wouldn't have changed a thing or picked another resort and we can't wait to return to Braco!

Had a fantastic time!

by TripAdvisor Member SunshineCruiser

We really enjoyed our time spent at Bracho February 15-20th. The staff are wonderful, the grounds are immaculate, food was fantastic, we met a ton of great people, and the 24 hour room service very easy to become accustomed to. We would definately revisit.

Truly Magnificent

by TripAdvisor Member princessdimd

My boyfriend and I vacationed at GLB the first week of March, 2004.
We're both in our mid-30's, very attractive and open minded. We were booked into a suite on the Textile side and our room was great! Two full baths, an oversized bedroom with a sitting area, and a very large living room. This allowed us freedom from each other, and we were happy to each have our own baths and television. This would be my third trip to Jamaica, my boyfriends first, so I tried to prepare him for customs, and the ride from the airport. Our flight arrived at the peak period, late morning, so the lines for customs were longer than I recall on previous visits, but they moved rather quickly. I was drilled a bit for having just visited 6-months prior, about whether I was bringing gifts for people I met on a previous visit. Answer no and you get waived through.

Arrived at the transportation desk, had a short wait of about 10-minutes and were off. There were only two more people in the van with us, they were headed to Breezes Runaway Bay, so we all agreed we didn't want to stop for refreshments, so the first stop was BRACO. It took about 50-minutes. The road between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios is under construction, something I didn't know, so it made an already interesting ride, hilarious and something Disney and Universal Studios would kill for, but you get that only in Jamaica.

Greeted with cold towels and escorted to the check-in area. There were about 6 other couples already seated. We had our first of many rum punches, gave an imprint of our credit card, and were off.
Unfortunately our room wasn't ready, so off to Nanny's Jerk Pit, for lunch. It was delicious! Service was efficient and fast. I ended up visiting Nanny's each day of my stay. The jerk chicken and pork was awesome.

The grounds at the resort are in excellent condition, the activities staff...try very hard, and I think they do a very good job, with disinterested people. If you're looking for an active resort BRACO is not the answer. But if you're looking for relaxation it's absolutely the best.

The only restaurant I didn't care for was Victoria Market. Breakfast was tasteless, so we left and went to Nanny's. We had dinner there one night, and after finishing went to LaPasta. The street party was a blast. Whatever you do, make sure when you book you're their over a Friday night. I meet some people that arrived on Saturday and were departing the next Friday. Too bad. The food was great, and the entertainment that evening was the most involved I saw vacationers my entire stay. The French restuarant was great! Didn't try the Japanese restaurant, however I heard it was great.

We both loved and took advantage of the complimentary manicure and pedicures, and the fitness center.

We met lots of really nice people. Unlike the attractive couple from Miami, we did our homework and we knew the average guest would be between 40-50. There were still quite a few young couples and singles there for weddings during our stay, and even if they weren't there we would have still had a great time. The staff at Braco tries really hard to make your vacation a great experience, and yes it's there job, but they deserve to be treated with respect.

If there was one negative thing to say about Braco, it would be the beach. The pool area is very nice, and makes up for the beach, but the beach is rocky, and the water was rough our entire stay. Of course that didn't stop us, but I've been to much nicer beaches in Jamaica. With that said, I still give BRACO an "A".

aboutus's new Montego Bay Page

by aboutus

I've just spent a week at the Grand Lido Braco resort, and it's a 10-star!! The premises are impeccably clean, the food is great (didn't eat the same thing twice!), and the beach is first-class.

We were extremely well-served by the good-natured, fun-loving Jamaicans. This, more than anything else, will bring us back to Jamaica in the near future.

Forum Posts

Grand Lido Braco

by Shernell

I will be staying at the grand lido Braco AI resort in early october. I would love input from anyone that has stayed there. I will be travelling with my boyfriend. FOOD? ACTIVITIES, STAFF?

Re: Grand Lido Braco

by patty013

Very fun! Are you staying on the au natural side? My hubby & I love Braco. Even if you have never done this before, be sure to venture over if you are a textiler. Not what you would expect. Lay out nude on the beach for your 1st try, no one hardly there. Or hot tub at night. Food great. Book Japanese & French rest. as soon as you get there, 1st thing. Both wonderful. 1 night there is a ton of food on the main st., delicious lobster, etc. Drinks a plenty. Meet the bartenders.
Activities on prude side always receive remarks that people don't join in. Nude side a blast, drinking games, body painting, etc. Watersports & they can give you lessons on windsurfing, etc. Snorkeling trips they will take you on a large boat. Worth it, it's free. We did the nude snorkel day. We wore suits out & back, but stripped to snorkel in the middle of the ocean nude. 1 night the disco does a pajama party, so take something sexy. Also, just doing nothing at Braco is fun! Staff is great. 1 thing, though, I've learned. Check & recheck. If you see on schedule that X day is snorkel trip, go & ask. Then reask that morning. They are so laid back that sometimes things slip. But don't let me sound like they don't care. Oh, everything is wonderful. They just don't hurry, so you sometimes need to check back. Food at the buffet is ok, but not as good as the restaurants. Always plentiful. Room service 24 hrs. Order it & enjoy. The lamb chops are great. Oh, the nude side has a place beyond the bar where you can go & order food, too.
I think the ground floor rooms are best. View is better up, but you gotta walk stairs in your bare feet, & half drunk stairs are not fun. Grnd flr you can just walk right out. Prude side has more bldgs & some are a walk from the beach. Nude side has only 2 bldgs & both are close to the beach. Even if you didn't pay for nude side & you want it, ask when you check in if they have any openings. Don't go for paying more, just push a little, you might get it. Fridge in room w/liquor, beers, sodas, they restock everyday.

Re: Grand Lido Braco

by ShoesOnlyTravel

The weather can be a bit unpredictable. We recommend getting travel insurance. Here's why...


by Paige24

I was looking into getting married in Negril. I saw that some of the all inclusive resorts throw in a free wedding with your stay there. I'm just wondering can you only have a certain amount of guests? How did you go about booking the room and planning your wedding? How did your wedding turn out? I was looking at Grand Lido Negril and Couples Swept away. Any suggesstions or comments??

RE: Wedding

by songbird49

My husband and I went to Grand Lido Negril for 20th wedding aniversary. It was very nice. We renewed our vows. I thought the the facility was a little over priced, but other than that it was really nice. The service was excellent. The food great. I just felt confined to the resort and would not do Grand Lido again not because of the facility, but primarily because when I go to places like that I really like to get out and experience the culture and people. But for a wedding, yes I would recommend it. The staff is excellent. They work hard, and around the clock to make sure things were done well. We went there at the time they were celerating their anniverary so it was even more elegant. God blessings be with you on your wedding.

Holiday to Couples Hotel in Jamaica

by Heavens-Mirror

Hi vt'ers
how are you? I have just won a weeks stay at any Couples hotel in Jamaica.
I do not know which one to pick as they all look beautiful.
Can anyone help me out?

Im tempted to pick Couples Negril as i do like the sound of that one but if anyone can recommend any please get in touch.

Stacey xxx

Re: Holiday to Couples Hotel in Jamaica

by asahelys1

I would suggest Couples Negril, the beach runs for miles, its white powdery and beautiful, When I go to Jamaica I like Negril because you dont get many locals harrasing you in tha area.

Re: Holiday to Couples Hotel in Jamaica

by Heavens-Mirror

thanks for your help.
I must admit the couples negril seems to be my favourite anyway so think i will go for that one.
Stacey x

Re: Holiday to Couples Hotel in Jamaica

by toemayn

Couples Negril isn't on the famous 7 mile beach it's at Bloody Bay which is a short taxi ride from the 7 mile beach. Bloody Bay has 4 all inclusive resorts on it Riu Negril, Riu Tropical Bay, Couples and Grand Lido from north to south in that order. I stayed at the Tropical Bay in May. I passed by Couples as I walked the beach. It looked very nice and quiet (no children). If I had to pick one it would be that one. Lucky you, toemayn

Re: Holiday to Couples Hotel in Jamaica

by Khimquess

Negril baby! Negril 4 sure!!!!

Re: Holiday to Couples Hotel in Jamaica

by luckiday

Hi, go and check out It is a review site from real people who have been to the place your thinking of going too. Just type the name of the place and you will get reviews on it, this should help fine tune your decision. Read reviews on club ambiance Jamaica, looks like a winner to me.

Have fun!!


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