The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort And Spa Rose Hall

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Ritz Carlton

by Angelamtp1 about Ritz Carlton, Montego Bay

This place is wonderful, the staff is very professional, and helpful in every way. I had iced towels, fruit , food and drinks served to me on the beach, needleess to say, I stayed out there till sunset.
This hotel is not big on loud music and party, it's more for couples One very unique thing is that the Ritz doesn't allow the peddlers to sell stuff on the beach, it is private, and it makes a difference if you have ever been constantly bothered by locals on the beach in Jamaica.

Ritz Carlton

by Angelamtp1 about Ritz Carlton, Montego Bay

This place is wonderful, the staff is very professional, and helpful in every way. I had iced towels, fruit , food and drinks served to me on the beach, needleess to say, I stayed out there till sunset.
This hotel is not big on loud music and party, it's more for couples One very unique thing is that the Ritz doesn't allow the peddlers to sell stuff on the beach, it is private, and it makes a difference if you have ever been constantly bothered by locals on the beach in Jamaica.

Ritz Carlton - Everything you'd expect, but remember the bugspray!

by A TripAdvisor Member

The Ritz Carlton Rose Hall is a fabulous hotel and resort. Anything and everything that you would expect of a Ritz is a reality here. From the poolside service including cool towels and fresh fruit, to the in room dining on real china with real silver. The staff is superb and during our 10 day stay we were amazed at how familiar they became with us and our quirks (my daily snack of poolside chicken quesadillas after asking just once, always came with the salsa on the side!). The one thing that we found that we hadnt seen a single mention of on the reviews we read here was that you MUST bring bug repellent. My wife must have been very tasty to the Jamaican mosquitos because she was covered in mosquito bites in a matter of days. They are out of control, so bring the OFF! The hotel, I must say, was excellent with this issue as well, they sent an exterminator to spray our suite while we were at the pool, at the reccommendation of the housekeeper. Thats a true distinction of the Ritz, the fact that the staff actaully seem to care about the guests and the facility. Now, the things to consider when chosing a resort for you... If you are looking for a relaxing, pampered time this IS the resort for you. If you are like me however and need a little more activity than laying by the pool, the Ritz leaves something to be desired. We stayed for 11 days, in my opinion, too long. My wife on the other hand, could lounge forever by the pool and be in her glory. I found myself signing up for tours and trips around the island just to have something to do. On that note, while its not about the hotel, the tour to Dunns River Falls, where you can climb up a waterfall, is well worth the 90 minute trip. Something that you cannot do in the States for sure (insurance and lawsuits would close this down in minutes!). The shopping trips and whatnot are a waste of time, typical Jamaican in your face can I sell you something / rip you off / braid your hair / taxi you someplace... We also went tubing which was a decent time as wethese reviews I have read here say, wonderful in every way. The staff is second to none and the service is amazing. The food and drink selections are top notch and the resort itself is clean and exceptionally well maintained. If you are looking for the perfect place to be pampered and relax poolside while working on nothing more than your tan, this is the place for you... Just remember the bugspray!

Simply wonderful, relaxing, Did not want to leave

by A TripAdvisor Member

Where do I start, so many great things here, My wife and I had a chance to get away without any children for week so my travel agent recommended the Ritz, Rose Hall, off we went. From the time we landed at the airport we were at the Ritz's welcome center at the airport, and within minutes we were escorted to an air-conditioned shuttle bus, offered iced towels and cold bottled water where we relaxed, waited for a few more couples to get to the bus and away we went ,on the way the driver told us jokes and some history of the Island. no more than a 15 -20 min. ride we were in the lobby and all I can say is "NICE" we were checked in in a short amount of time and we went to our room and let me tell you it was very nice, large enough for the both of us. The food was excellent my wife loved the food presentation she had lobster almost every night, she was in heaven. We had the all inclusive package "RECOMMENDED" it can get very expensive. Lets talk about the beach I have read complaint after complaint, I live on long island and we have wonderful beaches here. I had no problem with the beach,some rocks "SO WHAT" it made it more interesting, never crowded staff was so friendly and helpful. The rum punch is awesome and what a selection. Go to the White Witch for dinner I have pictures of a sunset that I now have on my computer as a background everyone tells me it looks beautiful. I found no hidden charges on my account everything was what it should have been. I did tip for drinks and such let me tell you as the other reviews did it goes a long way, my drink was never empty. sitting around the pool was wonderful being served fresh fruit, chilled towels, and I had no problem finding plenty of room in the pool. I am very picky and I could not find fault with anything. When it came time to leave I did not want to leave, check out was painless even the return to the airport was very nice on time no hassles. I will be back, the weather awesome, use sunscreen I am a beach person and I got burned a little bit. You will be happy with the Ritz carlton, Rose Hall Jamaica.

Absolutely Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

The Ritz-Carlton Rose Hall, Jamaica is the ONLY was to go to Jamaica! I
booked my 'Keys to Paradise' package through Air Jamaica Vacations, and
I must add that besides a few minor mishaps, I truly felt I had the
'Keys to Paradise'!
The day I flew out just happened to be the day Tropical Storm Claudette decided to stop by Jamaica. There were no delays, however, my 'non-stop' flight ended up making a stop in Kingston before heading to Montego Bay. This small stop cost me about an hour and a half extra traveling time. Since I purchased insurance, I plan to be compensated for my 'lost' vacation time!

Arriving at the airport, I was greeted by an Air Jamaica employee and whisked to a desk for my transer information. I waited about fifteen minutes for the driver to take my bags and pull up the van. I was soon pulling up to the beautiful Ritz lobby. The first thing I noticed about this Ritz is that it is not as lavishly decorated as other Ritz-Carlton's I have stayed at. The ambience is more laid back and tropical, which I found refreshing from the usual pomp and circumstance at the Ritz.

Check-in was quick, and I was soon greeted by family members who were staying at the Ritz as well for my brother's destination wedding. I was then taken to my room. which happily was located not to far from the main lobby. The Ritz is a large resort, and I can see why past reviews have recommended not staying in the far reaches of the resort. It would take far to long to reach the hub of activity.

My room, which I was sharing with another family member, was ample and
charming. Two double beds with the finest linens, gorgeous marble
bathroom with separate tub and shower, and fairly large balcony that
had an incredible view. I had a garden view room facing the courtyard,
but I still had a lovely view of the ocean. If you book a room here and
want to save money without sacrificing a view, be sure to book a garden
view with a balcony overlooking the courtyard!
We had twice daily maid service with turn down that included Valrohna chocolates on the pillows every night. There are also complimentary robes and slippers that I most enjoyed during my stay! There is nothing like room service being served while you are in your robe and slippers!

I was fairly concerned about the service after reading past reviews, and I will admit, it was spotty at times, but the little inconveinences I experienced were made up by other staff members that went above and beyond to make my stay wonderful!

The best service was the front desk staff, concierge, beach staff/life guards, and the White Witch staff. The worst, for service, was Jasmine's and Mango's during busy lunch and dinner hours.

While we are on the subject of restaurants, you simply must not miss the White Witch Clubhouse restaurant. Don't let a lazy day at the beach keep you from catching the quick shuttle up the mountain for breathtaking views, expertly prepared food, and a very romantic experience! This restaurant was mine, and my family's, favorite! The Filet and Ahi Tuna are not to be missed! There was also entertainment provided by a local couple with guitar in tow. They love it when guests sing along!

I also enjoyed Jasmine's food which was very artistic in presentation. The food is served tapas style in small portions and is delicious. I did not enjoy the service here as it was slow and unattentive. My glass went dry many times. We ate outside by candlelight, but let me warn you, the mosquitos were relentless! Although the restaurant had citronella candles burning, I was still attacked! The next night I was armed with a bottle of OFF! Let me also add that if you are on the all-inclusive package (and you wouldn't want it any other way), Jasmine's will only allow three courses to be ordered. Extra courses are a ten dollar charge PER course! There is very small type printed at the bottom of the menu that states this, but a table next to us didn't realize this until AFTER dinner. I think this is tacky considering all-inclusive should mean just that, but three courses is satisfying. Also, some premium wines and liquors are not included. I was charged for Merlot a few times as the 'all-inclusive' Merlot was not offered at all restaurants, but a quick chat at the front desk removed the offending prices from my bill.

A note of caution, I did have to check my bill daily for 'accidental' charges. This was not fun considering I do not like worrying about a bill on vacation (that's why I like cruises), but the Ritz was quick to take care of my bill with ease. And don't check your bill on the TV. According to the Front Desk, they are always incorrect. That would be why I headed to the Front Desk to inquire about my bill in the first place.

Now, on to the beach. I am sure many of you have read about the 'horrible' beach at the Ritz. Since I consider myself a beach connisseur (I do live in Florida), I must say that I was most worried about the beach prior to my trip. I was pleasently surprised! Yes, it is a little rocky and yes, I have been to better beaches, but when you are being served left and right with fresh tropical drinks, cold towels, and fresh fruit, YOU REALLY CAN OVERLOOK A FEW ROCKS! The first day the water was a little seaweedy (probably due to TS Claudette), but still a beautiful aquamarine color. Floats are provided, as well as towels. The staff is quick to arange your chair as you like it with towels and shade. And don't miss the sailing! It's included in you Keys to Paradise package! We had Jerome, the singing sailor, to take us out and it was fantastic! There is also kayaking to partake of, but as my Dad found out, if you flip, it is difficult to get back on in deep water! As the water cleared up, the more clear and beautiful it became. Don't worry when you first see it. It looks small, but accomodates the guests with room to spare. There is a lovely walkway that extends beyond the beach area with some 'hidden' lounge chairs for privacy. And who can forget the 'magic blue flag'! Just flip it up and a staff member 'magically' appears! Fabulous! (note: the 'magic blue flag' is at the Ritz in Cancun as well, but they don't have the 'all-inclusive', which is what makes the blue flag more magical!')

I will now discuss what I consider a very important topic. Tipping!!! Don't head to Jamaica on the all-inclusive and forget to tip. A small service charge is included with the 'Keys to Prardise' package, but it is only 10 percent. When you consider how blessed we are as Americans, you will understand the importance of tipping. A dollar goes a long way to some people, and if you have it, give it! The Jamaicans will be grateful, and the service you will get in return is worth every penny! Get change for dollar bills BEFORE you arrive. And don't forget the staff at the beach! Tuck a few bills in your beach bag for the very helpful beach staff! They'll remember your name the rest of your trip and I promise you'll get better service because of it!

One day our group decided to head to Dunn's River Falls for an excursion. There was a group of about 11 of us, as we were in Jamaica for my brother's wedding. This was the last day to spend with the bride and groom before the big day. If you are in Jamaica for a full week, by all means go. But if you are there for four nights, as I was, don't waste your time. The drive is VERY LONG from Mo Bay to Ocho Rios, and if you are scared, like me, to climb latters, DON't GO! It's funny, I'll ride the tallest, fastest roller coaster available, but I will not climb a latter. The falls ARE gorgeous, and the rest of the family, besides my cousin and I, loved it as well. My Mom was climbing with great relish, but I was frozen in fear! And combined with knowing what I was missing out on at the Ritz, I was depressed!!!! This trip is a good way to see the countryside of Jamaica, as well as local towns, but it is an ALL DAY event. If scary driving habits leave you needing some Paxil, DON'T take this trip. Let's just say I got a lot closer to God on this trip!

Entertainment is not the main idea at the Ritz. The main idea IS service, rest, relaxation, and peace. There are NO motorized sports (unless you take the shuttle to the Rose Hall Beach Club). I enjoyed the 'lack' of things to do.

Every night there was a jazz trio in the Cohoba lounge that is more my style, and a few live bands out on the courtyard that were very good. I won a nice bottle of Appleton rum in a karaoke contest that was a lot of fun (don't be afraid to let loose!).

If you are looking for a 'party' atmosphere, book at Sandals or somewhere near downtown Mo Bay near Margaritaville. If you want, and need, relaxation, luxurious linens, and turn-down service, go to the Ritz!!! I promise it to be the best vacation you will ever have!!! Even if you have to pay a few hundred more than the Holiday Inn, DO IT!!! You'll thank yourself while you are being doused with a chilled towel at the beach and being told it is your server's pleasure!!!! Indeed, the pleasure is ALL yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything was Irie

by A TripAdvisor Member

We had the best if not the coolest vacation. The hotel was superb in assisting us. If you go purchase the meal plan since we did not and went out to eat outside the grounds of the Ritz. The meals out from the hotel are in small portions. We had a great time at the beach bars and kicked it in the Cohobas Lounge. The drink to get when you are in Jamaica is the "Mojito". If you are like us young then stay away from the crappy Margarittaville since they suck big and have Jerry Springer customers that stay there and get loaded. Have fun and experience everything. Remember the Jerk Chicken. We spent the most of our time at the Rose Hall Beach which they were super in bringing buckets of beer and lots of food. Remember do things right and negotiate prices cause prices change at each vendor. Stay away from Gloucester street since crime is a popular sport. Check out the Police Officers carrying M-16s and yes they have Marshall Law. Its a little cheesy once you leave the grounds of the Ritz. Go to the White Hall tour and its very intersting. Take lots of pictures and work out cause you will put on the pounds if you dont watch out. Alcohol and Food make you sluggish. The Spa is wonderful and if you are with someone that is adventurous then you need to have the White Hall Ritual Massage. Its worth it and you will like it. Remember you are on vacation and do things right, stay on the property cause its cheesy and Jerry Springerish out in the popular tourists spots. Lots of Drunk Tourists.

One of the Best Vacations

by A TripAdvisor Member

We vacationed at the Ritz this past May. We went with our two children and another couple. It was truly a wonderful place and offered something for everyone. First let me start by saying that the service was amazing. Everyone was friendly, beautiful and accomodating. We were so pleased with the room and how clean the place was. We took the all inclusive plan which was included food and drinks and both were great!! The babysitting services were wonderful and our children loved the events that were planned for them at the Ritz Kids program.I loved sitting by the pool, going to the beach and eating and was truly relaxing...Yes, the beach is rocky, but there was plenty of room and always a place to sit...The Jerk Center is amazing and fun, the pool bar and bartenders were fantastic and always took great care of us! Breakfast at Horizons was delicious and the waitstaff was great with the kids.. Dinner at Horizons was really very good as well and room service was fantastic...I loved this place and would highly recommend it..if you are looking for a relaxing, peaceful place to hang your hat for a few days!!! even with the kids..Excellent!

Gotta Love the Ritz

by A TripAdvisor Member

Stayed for a week 6/21-28/2003 and feel I have to write a review since the reviews helped us to begin with.

First, I want to write this from a husband's perspective - as many of us are sort of charged with finding the best vacation, but really are not 100% sure what the wife's gonna like. If you fall in this category and you know your wife likes romance - buy the Keys to Paradise package and go the the Ritz at Rose Hall. It delivers all it promises and you're going to love it. I know that we both want to go back even as I write. The only drawback is lack of wild nightlife (if that's a problem) ... if you like a romantic dinner, starlight walk along a deserted beach, smooching down by the water with nobody around to the sounds of Caribbean music in the background - then this is the one (it's perfect). If you want dancing and meeting couples and heavy partying, you'll want to go somewhere else.

The lowdown on the Pool/Beach:

- Pool is not really undersized for floating around, sipping frozen drinks, etc. In fact - it's fine. There are more kids than you expect, but they seem to be under control. Plenty of lounges, umbrellas, etc. - Beach is good for lounging and watching the waves roll in. Also for bobbing in the water or floating inside the breakwater area. It is pretty rough and there are some rocks. - Beach Club is great! Nice fine sand and waveless swimming. Jet Skis, sailboats, kayaks, etc. It is so nice you can pull your lounge right into the water and sip a corona with 'no worries'.

The Restaurants:

-Horizons was maybe the best, but is wasn't open much (hard to tell what the schedule is). Definitely recommend their lobster and also Filet. Appetizers were great and don't be afraid to ask for a dessert option beyond the menu. -White Witch was the best ... sunset view and service with great food - great location, live music and romantic. All the food is good. -Mangos by the pool was good for lunch but buffet dinners with sort of weak. On the Keys package, best to take advantage of the service and food at Horizons or the White Witch. -Jasmines has great atmosphere and service, but the food was really weak. Some people had good experiences there, but we found that we needed to head back to the room and order serious room service after the miniscule portions from Jasmines (luckily, on the Keys package you can do that).
-breakfasts are weak all the way around, save your appetite for lunch, dinner, room service and dessert.

The Keys Package:

It was great ... we probably average close to $150/day in drinks and $300/day in food that was all included in the package. You may want to tip a little (few bucks) here and there, but you'll want to and you'll feel Ok about it. There are some premium liquors and wines that are not included, but enough choices that it's not a big deal. All imported beers are included and all blended drinks, between those - we were set.
We did have to squabble a little on the way out with some mistakes on premium drinks and tips, but we got it straightened out quickly with 'no problem'. At the prices we got on the Keys to Paradise package, it was a great value! One way to improve though, add the inclusive drinks and food to the Beach Club - although the stuff there is not expensive, it would make it even better to have it included and you get the feeling that the Ritz could get this done pretty easily to make this perfect. Anyway, the deal is good and highly recommended.

BTW - I was the skeptic on Jamaica, we've gone to Oahu, Maui and Kauai and had great vacations, so I thought we might be blowing it going to Jamaica ... instead, it was great and I might have to rethink what they call 'service' in Hawaii. For Jamaica and the Ritz I say "Go - 'No Problem' here.'

A Perfect Wedding at the Ritz

by A TripAdvisor Member

I was recently married at the Ritz and have to say that if you're thinking about a destination wedding in Jamaica - go to the Ritz! The service was unbelieveable and the staff was amazing. We brought a group of about 40 people with us and we were treated like royalty. We were married on the beach and had an outdoor reception on the terrace overlooking the East Lawn and Beach. The Ritz arranged everything from our florist, photographer to booking our steel drum band. Even though this was a larger resort - the Ritz made us feel like family. No detail was overlooked and I wish I could do it all over again.

As far as the resort, the food was fantastic - our favorites were White Witch and Jasmine's. Drinks were good and strong and I never wanted to leave the spa. The hotel was beautiful, very clean and our ocen view suite was fabulous.

Go as soon as you can - you won't regret it.

Ritz Carlton-Montego Bay

by Angelamtp1

" Ritz Carlton-Rose Hall"

The Ritz in Jamaica is close to the airport, great service, small secluded beach, GREAT Pina Coladas!


Montego Bay - JamaicaMontego Bay - Jamaica

Sipping on a coconutSipping on a coconut

View off the third floor balcony where the bar isView off the third floor balcony where the bar is

Jamaican MountainsJamaican Mountains

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Ritz Carlton Rose Hall

by AJPost820

I will be staying at the Ritz this summer and I wanted to know if anyone had info on the propery. Pictures would really help as well as some good links. Thanks.

first time in Jamaica - staying at the Ritz Montego Bay

by mikieguns

hi - I am going on my first Jamaican trip with my wife - it is a work related awards trip so although it is for pleasure, we will be accompanied by about 100 other work colleagues and their guests. was hoping to get some tips and some questions answered about nightlife from fellow jamaican travelers! here we go:

I keep hearing the same theme about Jamaica - stay at the resorts at night! Is this true? I was hoping to get away from the hotel and go out to restaurants / bars / clubs, etc. Is there no chance of this? I assumed there would be touristy type strips of places like this to go but I could be wrong! I totally don't know Jamaica and don't know how the area around the Ritz is but if anyone has any reccomendations it would be appreciated! like I said, looking for any fun places that we shouldn't miss. We are in our upper 20's and don't mind doing some partying! And if everyone tells me to just stick around the Ritz, we will! thanks

RE: first time in Jamaica - staying at the Ritz Montego Bay

by bobbisides

interesting. i've heard the same thing from MN.

RE: first time in Jamaica - staying at the Ritz Montego Bay

by curlyq

The Ritz is a fairly new hotel, not located close to the city but about a twenty minute drive. There is a downtown strip in Montego Bay. There are restaurents, bars, pool halls and Margaritaville which is a touristy club/bar complex with water sports during the day. The strip at night is very pretty, there is a park near the water and you can see the city and homes on the mountain lit up. It is fairly safe, lots of tourist police around, but be cautious just as you would in any city. Don't carry alot of money with you and don't wear expensive jewellery and hide your camera. The less temptation the better. You don't need to be worried, just know your surroundings. I definatley reccomend getting out of the resort and seeing what this beautiful island has to offer during the day as well. If you have the time a trip to Dunns River Falls is a must see. It's in Ocho Rios and is a full day but worth it. Have fun.


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