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All Inclusive resorts

by ceady about Grand Lido Braco

This resort was awesome. We had a room with an ocean view, which cost a little more but defintiely was worth it. The service was fantastic and the food was too.

Some of the day trips were a little pricey. But they were worth it just to see the island itself.

I would defintiely recommend this resort.

For those who are textiles as well as au naturel

by bqdarling about Grand Lido Braco

This is a resort on the north coast of Jamaica on Runaway Bay. It's self-contained with golf, tennis, swimming pools, 5 restaurants and pretty decent beaches. It's all inclusive, so you don't need any cash once you're there. I recommend (if you are so inclined) to stay on the au naturel side of the resort. The guests are nicer, less hang ups and it has it's own private bar.

All inclusive paradise

by swinny about Grand Lido Braco

You have to be careful when some hotels say "all inclusive." Not with Grand Lido Braco. With Braco, everything means, well, everything. All you can eat food (5 different restaraunts), alcohol, tennis, golf, room service, sea kayak rentals, snorkel gear, etc. Tipping is strictly prohibited. Our daily routine consisted of:

8:00 am: get up and eat room service breakfast
9:00 am: hit the beach with a pina colada
Noon: Lunch
1-2pm: A nap back in the room
2-3: free lesson with the tennis pro
3: second lunch
3-6: back on the beach with more pina colada
6: dinner
7-1am: more drinking at the beachside bar
2 am: room service snack
go to bed, repeat

All this for $1700.00 a person for 6 days, airfare included. Grand Lido Braco is located about 1 hour outside Montego Bay, transfers are included. This is one of the nicer places in Jamaica, you really can't go wrong. The only thing I can say against it is that if you have a family, this probably isn't the place for you. There's not a lot of activities for children, they'd probably be climbing the walls. The pools are great, hottubs, workout area, food, nightclub, it's all great. It's hard to describe how nice it is to hit the beach at 9:00 am and within minutes have a waiter with tropical drinks and beer stop by your chair. It's also nice to just lock up the credit card and cash in the in-room safe and forget about it for the whole trip.

Relaxing but Old People Everywhere

by A TripAdvisor Member

My wife and I stayed at Grand Lido Braco in late Feb/early March 2004.
First off, let me say that Grand Lido Braco is a relaxing and comfortable environment to just chill, drink and lay out naked and most of the staff and guests were very nice people. My wife and I are in our thirties and have both modeled (my wife still does while I am a six foot eight former athlete and current executive) and keep ourselves in great shape and, living in South Florida, we are very open minded, fun loving and sexy people. My wife and I are best friends and have a blast with each other no matter where we go, so we had a great time at GLB, but I do not think we will be going back.

We were the only couple in the entire resort that was young, good looking and sexy as every other couple on the nude side was much older than we are (most were old enough to be our parents or grand parents) and the clothing side was full of boring, uptight squares (bingo and squaredancing would be an improvement). Everyone kept referring to us as "the beautiful couple" and commonly asked us why we were there.
After a short while at GLB, we began to wonder also.

We had looked at going to Hedo but my wife and I get very tired of all the 20 something single people bothering us (especially the dorky, annoying groups of gawking single guys that flock around us when my wife is at the pool) so we avoided that property. We have been to Sandals Royal Bahamian but it was too stuffy and uptight for us. If Hedo were for couples and single women only, it would be perfect for us. We had hoped that GLB would be a fun, sexy resort which would host sexy events like body shots, body painting, sexy couple contests, exotic dancing contests, etc. but we found that we were literally the only couple there interested in that kind of activity. Although we ended up making our own party and closing the disco a few nights by ourselves (and then moving our drinks to the chase lounges on the ocean ;-)), we would be remiss if we did not say we met many nice couples. In fact, one time we ordered a round of shots for a group at the bar and they said they were "too old for that stuff" but asked us to join them in the hot tub with all of the other old naked people (which we did).
This was pretty much indicative of the entire crowd. The disco was literally dead every night and often the entire resort was asleep by 11:30 or 12:00 and up early for their morning walks on the beach. We are very fortunate to live on the water in South Florida and therefore don't really care that much about elegant cuisine or fine wine on vacation as we live within minutes from South Beach and enjoy that atmosphere whenever we want. Therefore, GLB did not really do much for us.

My wife and I are looking for an upscale (but not stuffy) resort to go relax all day and party at night in an atmosphere with people similar to us - sexy, attractive, hedonistic, non-judgemental yet nice people that like to let their inhibitions go free on vacation where nobody knows you and anything goes. If anyone has been to resorts in the Caribbean or Mexico that they think we would belong, please send an e-mail to and tell us all about it.

Anyway, if you are looking for a clean, well kept reort to just relax with nice, easy going couples in their late forties to seventies, GLB is your place. Otherwise, look elsewhere as we are.

Talk to the Jamaicans! They...

by shwest

Talk to the Jamaicans! They are all really nice and friendly. Once they get to know your face they will always have time to stop & chat!! Bloody Bay beach in Negril - it was shared by only 3 big hotels, Riu; Couples & Grand Lido and there was always plenty of room. It has the most whitest sand, the most bluest's heaven

Nice, very nice. Not for me, though.

by A TripAdvisor Member

I'm really very easy to please...really. I've travelled every continent but Australia and Antartica. I've had some real nightmares and some wonderful experiences. I try to be forgiving of local custom and character. Having experienced the truly hellish, the merely inconvenient doesn't phase me.

Rating Braco is extremely tough for me. I certainly enjoyed my trip, but it was far from perfection and in some cases a little disturbing.
I'll get to that.

First, the grounds are absolutely gorgeous. (The folks complaining about cats are nuts. I saw three. Thirty may have concerned me.
Three...that's adequate rat control in the tropics.) Like most things at Braco the pristine grounds came with a downside. I swear the staff woke me up every day I was there with a leaf blower or a lawn mower, one. It was incessant between 9 am and late afternoon. I spend 50 weeks a year getting up at the crack of dawn. The week left for vacation, I want to sleep until I want to get up, you know. Like the best resorts, they need to rake and push- mow around the bungalos. That leaf blower sucked.

The room service was a great perk. The menu was adequate for the week.
I loved the plantain chips with guacamole and, hey, a dirty banana with the touch of a gotta love that. However of the 5 or 6 room service calls I made, they batted .000 on getting the order right. No salsa with my chips, wrong drinks, no drinks, no damn bacon on my burger and, unforgiveable, two hours late after TWO calls asking what the hell was going on. Again, the good...and the not so good.

The event staff (social directors they call them) was an absolute hoot.
Great personalities and energy on all of them. They try so desperately to keep entertainment going and everything moving around the resort.
Like most of these places, it all ends up so contrived as to completely disinterest me, though. I'd have been better served if the staff had turned off the speakers when no one showed for Jamaican trivia and let me drink my dirty banana in quiet conversation with the gorgeous ladies from Kansas City around the pool bar. They never took the hint that no one thought that was cool. Some folks might eat that stuff up, but not me. Lord they try hard, though. Most fun I had on this trip was spent cutting up with this bunch.

The food at the restaurants was good if not great and no doubt plentiful. Alcohol flows in rivers, even if you do have to run to the beach bar yourself to get it if you're on the beach. Interesting you can get them to bring it to a room but if you're right there in the hammock, forget it.

The disturbing part of this whole trip came when I left the resort and explored briefly in the interior. This place is poor. I mean REALLY poor. The construction standards are horrible outside the resorts, there were shanty towns all over the place, and obvious desperation in places. But you step into this resort and POOF...bottled Nirvana.

That's what I thought I wanted when I booked this trip. Unlike most of my travels, I wanted to be spoiled. The concept is excellent. One swipe of the credit card and you're taken care of for the week. If that's what you're after, you'll love this joint. They will make a passing fair attempt at making you feel like a king. The social directors will treat you great, the bar tenders and wait staff will be pleasant, and the rest of the staff, well, they look like they would love to be anywhere else but they smile dutifully when you pass. If you like the contrived parties, the nude activities (very freeing, I was surprised to find) and don't expect truly superlative service (that, I've found, you have to pay for) you'll love this place. The place does deliver what they promise. The chance at a lot of fun, decent service and a great setting. That's why I gave it four stars. They deliver what they're selling...I just didn't necessarily want it when I go it, you know.

Ultimately I was over the place four days in, though. I was itching to rent a car and head to the mountains in the interior. I wanted to escape shangri-la and find a back water hostel. I wanted to talk to a real rastafarian and escape the well bathed folks around this resort.
That's how most of my travel has gone in my life. I'll hang on to those experiences. This one I'll forget about.

If you're after the travel equivalent of a pretty good soap opera this is your place. There's nothing real here, though. All you have to do is take the bus from Braco to the Airport to understand that somebody is getting their resort done cheap for them in Jamaica. I don't know enough to pass judgement, but I doubt this place does much for the Jamaican economy beside provide decent wages for the staff and some tax revenue.

In conclusion...nice place. If you're 35, lean towards social conscience, a doer but not a joiner, and don't deal well with inactivity like myself, don't book for a whole week. Save yourself a few bucks.

A very relaxing place

by TripAdvisor Member log909

We stayed here from Feb. 3-10, 2004. The staff worked extra hard to make certain that you enjoyed yourself. I saw very few cats while there, so they did not seem to be a problem as some have indicated or else they have found a way to get rid of alot of them. Food was plentiful and enjoyed all of the restaurants. Merle and Wayne on the A/N side were fantastic. Merle does a fine job of dancing and carrying a tray of drinks on her head at the same time and Wayne makes the best dirty bananas anywhere. Merle always knew what you liked to drink and made certain to have it for you when she walked around the pool. Marsha & Sonya in the main bar at night were alot of fun and they helped to make our stay memorable. We stayed in Room 3049 which had an excellent view and was a very large room. Room service was prompt and arrived within 20 minutes with whatever you had ordered. They never made a mistake as to what we had ordered. Yes, there is alot of poverty in Jamaica, but at the same time the people who work here always have a smile on their face and keep their spirits up. They truly reflect the colors of their national flag and are people filled with hope and determination. We met many people who had been there 4, 5, 6 times or more. I would definitely go back again. They treated us well.

Great Place to Visit

by A TripAdvisor Member

We recently returned from our 8th trip to Braco. We really enjoy the resort, staff, and most of the other guests. As always the weather was perfect, the resort was immaculate, and the food was delicious. This really is a first rate resort and well worth every penny we pay.

However, on this last visit there was on occasion, an extremely foul odor in the air. We initially thought a animal had gotten under the gazebo and died. We were mistaken. We finally were able to identify it as the stink of smarm. It was coming from this over developed, micro equipped, self described "beautiful person" who kept posing by the A/N pool and modelling his perfect executive athletic physique.

It reached the point were his antics became quite laughable. Most of the guests initially found him and his showboating offensive. But after awhile we realized he didn't know any better and took pity on him.
However, many of the 'old farts' like us who were there during the week wished that more parents spanked their children and taught them some respect for others.

Forum Posts

grand lido braco slightly worried!!

by sandramercer

we are travelling to grand lido braco in november and we are a little apprehensive !!
All the reviews i have seen are all about the 'au naturel' side, what a great trip going back..see you next time etc etc
We are not really into this nudist thing and so wondered if anyone can tell us anything about the 'textile side'. On the website rooms look great and all the descriptions are good but some first had feedback would be appreciated.
All we want is a bit of relaxation in nice surroundings, good food and drink and nice weather..


by hmwaters


My fiance and I are eloping to Jamaica and have narrowed down our options to two choices.

We need to stay in an all-includive resort and also need a place that can perform weddings with little hassle. We're thiking of either staying at the Grand Lido in Negril and taking a day trip to Ochi to swim with the dolphins, and see Dunns Falls etc.


We're going to go with the Couples Resorts, which offer the "Double Take"...3 days in Ochi and 3 in Negril.

Does anyone have any experience with either resort, or have suggestions on which package to take? Any other suggestions on where to visit are also most welcome!


Re: Eloping!

by edwardh1

When do you visit

avoid the bus tours to dunns river

Need Advice

by amyandrory

I am taking my husband to Jamaica on a quick getaway. I want luxury and beautiful beaches. Was thinking about Negril b/c I've been there before. I stayed in a very cheap hotel last time but this time money is no object. Any suggestions? I heard The Caves were nice but they're not on the beach. Is there a beach nearby? Also is there a way to get to Negril without taking the 90 minute drive there. Any planes?

Re: Need Advice

by oldhippy

negril has an airport so you can fly in.

negril has 2 parts to it.

the cliffs are the cliffs, straight down to the water...and the beach side is where the beach better decide what you most want.

I'd say if you want beach...look beachfront!

I go budget so I'm no help here, except my yuppie bro. likes Rondell Village:

Re: Need Advice

by aswad13

hi, ive just returned from montego bay, stayed at "sandals inn". the hotel was 100 times better than i had hoped for and the staff were superp, was no private beach but that didnt bother me. but "sandals montego bay" has a private beach and is perfect for beach and sports. these two hotels are couples only so no screaming kids running around. the food was also excellent at both of these hotels

Re: Need Advice

by caslu

If money is no object then you want to stay at the Grand Lido ( The Caves are nice but they're currently closed during the off-season for renovations (not sure when you're going so they may have reopened by the time you're going).

There are flight options to Negril but I've always driven so I can't help you there. I can tell you that there's a relatively new "highway" between Negril and Montego Bay so the drive is now safer and faster.

Have fun!


Re: Need Advice

by chelseakay

I've been to Jamaica many times and wouldn't stay anywhere but here...

I think it has to be the BEST location on the beach! Don't let the reasonable prices of the rooms fool you. Stay in the honeymoon suite, it is a great room with a huge porch with two hammock chairs.

Re: Need Advice

by keithmcg

I would stay at Breezes Runaway Bay if I were you. The resort is on the beach and they have a lot to offer.

You can also take a short trip fron there to the mountainside.


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