Sandals St Lucia Golf Resort And Spa All-Inclusive

La Toc Road, PO Box 399, Castries, St. Lucia, Caribbean
(5 star hotel)
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Romantic Travel and Honeymoons Spa and Resort Beaches
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SANDALS Doesn't Care - MAID's Steal - MUST READ?

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on March 21, 2015

Before I get to how Sandals doesn't care that they had a Maid steal from us , I just wanted to talk about the actual experience of my honeymoon at Sandals La Toc in St. Lucia

The airport , when you get off and you go thru customs , there's a sandals door right there and once you go thru the door and walk a couple feet you are at the waiting room ... then you wait for a van ... they go to all 3 sandals resorts there so you have to wait for the van that's going to your resort only ... I did not like how the waiting room is not in a line or have a number etc. its just a van comes and people rush to the door and of coarse a van only seats so many, so I just found it to be a little unorganized and annoying that I have to make sure I get a head of all the people I was ahead of.
The ride there was sickening to say the least ... if you have no motion sickness then maybe it will be alright for you but its such a long drive and the roads are so up and down and all over the places.

Once we got to the hotel I found it still to be unorganized ... like some woman just told us all to go sit somewhere , then there giving us papers to fill out , they weren't explaining things well at all , everyone kept asking one another " like what are we suppose to be doing" ??? ... finally we just go to the front desk and they want your credit card to put on file ... SAY NO ... you will pay as you go ((( just so you know they charge you $2. per night that you stay there , and most people are unaware of this , so with your credit card on file ... boom your charged! ... its Voluntary you DONT have to pay ... you just tell them I don't want to pay this )))
Then some guy shows us our room and that's pretty much it for the welcome ... I felt like cattle being herded away ... this is the first all-inclusive where I didn't feel welcomed at all ... every other one I always felt like they really appreciated you picking there resort and explained where stuff is and even made reservations at restaurants because they know we just got off the plane and are probably hungry ... Sandals did NOTHING and this LA TOC resort is a very big confusing place ... it takes a while to figure out where stuff is and some stuff is FAR away.

We go to the 10am orientation for new guests ... a great waste of time. Why? all they talked about was getting you to spend more $$$ ... we wanted to know where restaurants were , when there open , if you have to reserve etc. All we were listening to was about Buying pictures ( people randomly photo you and you can buy those pictures for who knows what $$$ ) , then Book your next sandals vacation , then taking you to a store to buy diamonds and expensive watches etc. I finally just told my wife can we just leave already , this is a huge waste of time so we didn't get thru the whole thing so who knows what happened next.

Good luck getting a lounge chair ... you see paying $5K to go there means nothing because the people that paid thousands more have a butler and they come and save all the good chairs , so if you don't get up at 6:45AM , have fun finding one ... seems rude to me , I don't care what you pay or what room you have , it should be first come first serve.

The Beach at la toc , nice crashing waves but you really cant go in the water , so if you like to go in the ocean a lot I would try a different resort.

Honeymoon package : flowers on the bed , champagne and breakfast in bed ...... ya we didn't get that ... I went to the front desk not once , twice , three times , four times BUT FIVE times on four different days . every time it was like " oh it should be done tomorrow " ... NEVER got the flowers on the bed but did finally on pretty much the day before we were leaving get the free bottle of champagne ( rolling eyes ) .

I did like St. Lucia , the people seemed nice , Great time sun tanning most days , the bartenders were good , food ( except for one meal where the chicken seemed freezer burnt ) was really good , but OVERALL when you factor in the price paid ... It came up WAY SHORT of expectation ... I wish I went on the honeymoon that I was going to do which was MUCH cheaper but of coarse because its our honeymoon lets go pay the extra $$$ and go to a sandals Expecting it to be just blow your mind amazing ... but let me tell you I've been to MANY all-inclusive resorts ... nothing less then 3+ stars and all were less then HALF the price that I paid for this resort and I got news for you ... the reason why Sandals are so expensive is not that there any better then the other resorts out there ... its that they Advertise all the time ... the MILLION$ sandals pays for commercial and bill boards. The other resorts I've been to I've never seen them advertised anywhere ever ... so that's why Sandals cost so much and its totally NOT worth it .

MAID STEALS - I don't want to go into much detail about this but I'm very careful with money and what I spend and what I have. On the fifth day we were there ( Saturday ) we had gone to the other 2 sandals resorts and I got my phone and camera a bit wet so when we got back to La Toc , we noticed 50% off at the Duty free so we went there and I bought stuff. Coming back to the room I counted all the money I had left and put the little folder back in my wife's purse and had it sitting on the bed , I opened my camera and phone with taking the battery and memory cards out and had them on the bed to dry off ... we went out for Dinner ... upon coming back , we notice a maid was in the room ( there so called turn down service that NEVER happened on the previous 3 nights ).

so we were both kind of shocked someone was in the room ... however I wasn't so concerned with making sure money was taken as I was with my phone and camera memory cards which are super small and could have easily been mistaken for garbage or just swept up in it etc. and I couldn't find the one memory card for a bit so I was concerned with that because these have a lot of pictures of my honeymoon / wedding and of our kids that I haven't saved to my computer yet ... but I did find the memory card. The flat purse thing my wife had was then tucked very deep and zipped in our suitcase and never touched again for the rest of the trip ... it wasn't till getting to the airport and my wife wanting to buy some rum at the duty free that I first noticed money was gone ... as soon as my wife took the folder out of the purse and hand it to me it felt skinnier then the last time I held it and RED flags were popping up ... I opened it up and was looking thru and easily noticed FOUR $50. bills missing ... there were only SIX $50 bills left ... The $50 bills I brought were for Emergency use Only ... I brought TEN and none were to be used unless for the craziest deal ever or an emergency ... so my wife thought maybe we spent it and don't remember blah blah ... NO , would never have done that and not known ... so we sat and added everything that we bought and did on the trip ... and surprise, surprise were missing $200.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this was a strategic robbery ... if it was a full on robbery the whole package of money would be gone ... but ohh no , that's WAY to obvious ... its better to just take a small amount so the person doesn't notice or thinks maybe they spent it ... well $200. for a one time shot shows me this wasn't their first time doing this ... I'm sure its been happening for a long time and they have escalated there amount taken each time ... so I was more then furious about this since this wasn't just any old vacation , this was my honeymoon! ... however Sandals Response to the whole thing was worse then the robbery itself.

SANDALS DOESN'T CARE - when I contacted Sandals about this , I was not expecting to be reimbursed in anyway. Most decent companies would do something to make up for something like this but that wasn't my goal. I contacted them with a brief explanation of the story and that I wanted to talk in more detail on the phone , so asked for a specific Name and Number and Extension of someone cause I would think they would want to know exactly what happened and get to the bottom of it so it doesn't happen to someone else ... Well once they replied to me I was more furious then when I saw four bills missing ... there Summarized response was " Were sorry , Were not responsible , We're NOT going to do a thorough investigation on the matter and we hope you visit a Sandals or Beaches in the future" . I was Stunned and thinking ... ARE ... YOU ... KIDDING ... ME!! ?? They answered not ONE of my questions , didn't care to hear anything in more detail and to top it off specifically said they are NOT going to investigate ... I mean what do you even say to that ... I will NEVER go to a Resort run by people who don't care like this ... absolute disgrace ... Never again Sandals ....... I've since messaged Sandals More times about the situation and the last response said they sort of did an investigation ... you want to know what??? They asked the Maids on duty that week if they stole the money ... they said NO , case closed! ( Applauding , amazing detective work Sandals ) . I also said id like to be compensated in some way in my last message to them just to see what they would say and they said " We respectfully decline your request for compensation ".

I'm blown away with how bad Sandals PR is ... after my first message was sent, I was hoping to come on and make a review saying things weren't perfect on my vacation but when I contacted Sandals they helped out so much and seemed to care etc. etc. , but that couldn't be farther then the truth , I've given them countless chances to rectify this situation and they have not come even close to doing so , so I'm done with them , there's nothing they can ever do to make this up.


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My favorite Sandals

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on June 27, 2010

Used to be called Sandals Regency - I've stayed here twice. Grounds are well-kept, rooms are clean and spacious, staff is friendly, many choices for great food on the resort. Night owls can have a really fun time at the piano bar. Stop in and say hello to 'Dim' while you're there. No need to leave the location - this is a romantic place with lots to keep you busy. Views overlooking the bluff are great and the rooms on the bluff have butler and each with private pool. If you'd prefer to stay in the rooms along the road you should get one with a balcony - great views and our balcony was giant - about 10'X15'. Just a short walk down the hill and your at the pool, beach or piano bar. The rooms in the main building are nice but not as much resort feel - more like a large hotel although the rooms themselves are well-appointed. The beach is poor for swimming, though. Rough surf with large waves seems a bit dangerous. If you want to swim then take the shuttle over to one of the sister resorts, I'd recommend the Sandals Grande, to enjoy the sea.

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Favorite St. Lucia Hideaway

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on March 13, 2007

It's not fair to call Sandal's a 'hotel' - it's far more than that. This all-inclusive facility takes care of your needs 24/7 and lives up to it's reputation. Your welcome is over a private champagne introduction followed by a personal drive to your room.

Unique Quality: Nightlife, piano bar, multiple high quality onsite restaurants. Beautiful swimming pools, excellent room service. St. Lucia is quite the romantic getaway.

Directions: This private all-inclusive resort is located in it's own quiet an private area. Sandal's private SUV's bring you to and from the resort from Castrie's Vigie Field airport.

Nearby Sandals St Lucia Golf Resort And Spa All-Inclusive

Sandals St Lucia Golf Resort And Spa All-Inclusive

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  • Sandals St Lucia
  • Sandals Regency St Lucia Hotel
  • Sandals La Toc Golf Hotel Castries

Address: La Toc Road, PO Box 399, Castries, St. Lucia, Caribbean

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