Island Palm Resort Hotel

The Mall and Explorers Way, Box F-44881, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Caribbean

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The perfect resort...very nice!

by A TripAdvisor Member

Island Palm Resort was very nice. We just returned several weeks ago and really enjoyed ourselves. The rooms were very clean and big. The pool was nice and very relaxing. The staff was nice to us. Great club and restaurant at the resort. Superb location. We could walk to most things. I would return to Island Palm

Island Palm, you feel like one of the family

by A TripAdvisor Member

My wife won a trip to the Bahamas and we have just returned from the Island of Freeport. We stayed at the Island Palm Resort Hotel while on the Island. We knew ahead of time that this was not a Resort or located on the beach, so when we arrived we were not surprised. The hotel is a mid range establishment with a pool (which is open 24 hrs), Bar & Grill on the property (enjoy an Orange Slice for us), the rooms are very clean and spacious. But most of all the ENTIRE Staff are VERY friendly & accomodating. They take you in and make you feel like one of their Family Members. You can ask anyone anything and you will get an answer!! They made our first visit very enjoyable!! For those who are not concerned with staying at a Beach Front all inclusive resort we highly recommend the Island Palm. We also recommend doing the Bonfire and definately do the Dolphin Experience!!

Never Again

by A TripAdvisor Member

My family and I visited the Island Palm Resort in June of 2003. Like many of the others, we took the cruise package, which by the way was excellent. When we first arrived at the Resort, I prefer hotel, I was very much surprised. I expected it to be a better place than it was.
The rooms were big, but wasn't cleaned properly daily. We hated the onsite restaurant, food was expensive and they weren't nice at all. One day we had walked to the KFC and forgot to get forks/spoons and asked for 3 when we returned and the guy wanted to charged us for some plastic dinnerware. Not to mention they were rude, especially while we were spending our money at there place of business. We enjoyed some of the tours, but I would suggest doing your own thing, its not worth the money. You spend most of your time on the bus. We had a great tour guide, David. Exploring the caves, there was only one cave and you go in and walk down a flight of stairs and that was the end of the tour.
Other than the poor room service, the front desk staff was nice. Our kids enjoyed the swimming pool. We also enjoyed Port Lucaya, snorkeling, and the International Bazaar. I would never return to this hotel, I would prefer a more upscale hotel.

Good for those on a budget

by A TripAdvisor Member

I had a great time in the Bahamas. I travel April 27, to April 30, 2004. The Island Palm Hotel was nice and comfortable. It is not located near the beach, but has a shuttle to the Island Seas Resort, which is located on the beach. The Island Palm is located near the International Bazarr, and is just a 5 minute walk to the public bus stop, which costs $1. The staff were very helpful and friendly. The rooms are large and very clean. The only complaint I have would be that there were no dryers, irons, ironing boards, or a remote in the room for the tv. Overall I would stay there again. When you are in the Bahamas, you do not spend a lot of time in your room, so you really do not need all of those extras. The bar/grill by the pool was open 24 hours and the atmospher was good. If you would like a nice place to stay and want to save money for activites, stay at the Island Palm.

Not What I Expected...

by A TripAdvisor Member

The resort is not a "resort", but rather just a place to sleep. No attractions or beach is located near the resort. There is no restaurant nearby and there is no where on the property to eat breakfast. A taxi or the city bus must be used to go to any desirable location. The worst thing was the floor was filthy - our barefeet turned black on the bottom. I asked for the room to be mopped, but it wasn't. It wasn't even swept, as I purposely left trash to see.

False Advertising

by A TripAdvisor Member

We went to the Island Palm in April 2002. I felt that the hotel used false advertising saying that they were close to shopping (even though it is only a mile from the bazaar, you absolutely cannot walk there without people begging and intimidating you for a handout) and that there was a shuttle to the beach (only a few certain times of the day, and at their sister hotel you have to pay for each little amenity, like a beach chair). Hotel was ok cleanliness wise, but the nightclub there is dead as a doornail and the restaurant food is terrible. We would have much rather stayed in Lucaya on the beach for the same price!!

Extremely Unprofessional Staff

by A TripAdvisor Member

So where should I start. My group and I arrive at Island Palm around
8pm and go to check in. We wait quite a bit longer than usual for a
hotel with no information of what the commotion behind the counter is
about. It's at this point we learn that the hotel is overbooked, and we
don't have a room for the night. This is utterly ridiculous since we
had already payed for everything through a travel agency and had the
room reserved for at least six weeks prior to arrival at the resort.
The hotel staff checked for any unoccupied rooms, and, of course,
didn't have any, then checked the surrounding hotels for vacancies.
They were all full, as expected during the spring break season. After
traveling all day and waiting until midnight for the hotel staff to
figure something out, we decided to just stay in a friends room for the
night. So with our first night ruined, we shack on the floor. We did
get a room the next morning when some people checked out, but that
doesnt refute the fact that one night of our magnificent bahama
vacation was already in shambles. We went to the front desk the day
before we left to talk about compensation for the room, seeing as how
we had already payed for 4 nights, but really only had a room 3 of the
nights. Any normal, rational resort with semi-intelligent people
running the establishment would immediately agree to give us our money
back for one nightand possibly some other compensation for their
mistake, but not island palm. They tried to argue that since we did
actually stay in one of their rooms, regardless of whether or not we
had 7 people in a room and people on the floor, they did "accomodate"
us. This took much arguing on our part to work out what the hotel
deemed a "miscommunication." Above all this, the hotel supervisor (I
wont mention his name because I am too compelled to personally insult
him) was THE most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with. He
talked down to us profusely and even tried to subtly call us liars when
we explained our situation. I am not sure if this is because we are
college students that he viewed as stupid, but we are educated, and he
works at a stingy hotel, so you can figure that out for yourself. We
asked him how he "accomodated" the groups of other people that didn't
have a room for the night, since 3 other groups besides mine faced this
same dilemma. He refused to tell us. He would disappear for long
periods of time and come back and say he talked to the manager (who I
never did see, and am not sure if she even exists). When we finally got
him to agree to refund us for the first night, we decided to stop
arguing since we were wasting our whole afternoon along with the first
night we already wasted. He assured us he would be there to further
discuss this matter when we got back. When we returned, he was not
there. The lady at the desk at that point told us he would for sure be
in the next morning before 8. I showed up at 745, and he was not there.
The lady called his house, and this supervisor said he was on his way.
He did not show up, and when the lady at the front called his house
again, there was a busy signal, as if he just left the phone off the
In addition to this terrible hotel staff member as a reason to not stay at the hotel, the walls are paper thin making it imposible to get any rest if you happen to have an inconsiderate neighbor, and it was a 15 minute taxi or bus ride to Lucaya, which is where the most populated beach is and where all the bars and shops are. We went to lucaya twice a day between beach-going and night life, which ran us, at minimum, ten dollars a day. There were 3 of us in our room, thats at least thirty dollars per day we spent on transportation. So my suggestion is this: get a hotel at Lucaya for 30-50 dollars more per night than island palm and your expenses will come out the same, you'll be right by the beach, can deal with rational hotel staff, and have a good vacation.

If anyone reads this and has more questions about the hotel staff I just ripped on, I left my email address, feel free.

Nice Hotel and Nice Staff

by A TripAdvisor Member

April 2004....Nice hotel. Large rooms and friendly staff & clean.
Coffee pot, TV & Phone in each room. Large lighting over bathroom sink.
Air is left on so the room is nice and cool when you arrive. Ice machines located near rooms. The bar was open, but the restrauant was not open for dinner. When you arrive they will call 1 time and ask if you want to attend a time share presenation. They will refund yourk taxes if you attend the briefing. Taxes are $15 per day per person. The prices are much lower on items in the Straw Markets than if you shop at the Tourist Areas. A back scratcher with Bahamas on it was $12 in Lacaya Market & $5 at a straw market. Exchange rate is 1 to 1 for dollars. They drive on the wrong side of the road!!!

Island Palms okay

by TripAdvisor Member vcki01

Island Palms was okay--for the price I guess. My husband and I actually bought a vaction trip and recived a vacation package with accomodations at the Island Palms. So..not my choice. The trip over on the boat was great but the hotel was busy as we all got there at one time and it takes a little while to all check in. The premise is nice but the location is not the best ( not near a beach) thank god that the hotel has a free shuttle to the Island Seas Resort on the beach--well worth a day at that beach. The food is very expensive at the hotel bar as is most food in the Bahamas. There is a Winn Dixie supermarket near the hotel but I understand is kind of expensive also. The Island Palms has no way to keep food or no microwave in the hotel room so anything bought at the grocery store would have to be something easy.
The only real problem I had with the hotel is that they only use 40 watt bulbs in the hotel and at night its very difficult to see if you want to read or anything like that.
I also agree the package tours are not worth the money you pay but if you do pay buy them on the Discovery before you get off the boat (it is cheaper) and if buy chance you dont get to go to one of the things you bought the boat will refund your money on your trip back. But only if the tours were cancelled because of weather or something. We bought a snorkeling package and it was cancelled because if was too windy. So on our return we were refunded our money.
All in all just have plenty of money because everything is imported to the Bahamas and the food is expensive. Breakfast at the hotel cost us 20 dollars and on a tour we took we got 2 burgers with fries and a salad cost 40 dollars

Lengthy review of a great stay!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

We just returned from Freeport and we loved it all!! We received this trip from a friend who had won it but wasn't able to go - it was a delayed honeymoon for us!! We took a cruise on the Discovery and then stayed 3 nights at Island Palm. We were told by our travel agent that it was not a resort and that it was not near the beach. We were also told about having to pay the taxes per person, per night. When we arrived there were 3 other couples ahead of us to check-in. There were comfortable chairs in the lobby along with a nice cool air conditioner!! Check in was quick, easy and the staff were very polite and accomidating throughout our entire stay. We weren't bothered by anyone concerning timeshare. As we left the lobby to go to our room a woman handed us some brochures for different activities and said if we were interested to advise her. We took her up on it the following day but we weren't in any way pressured. It is a 3 story - I'll call it an Inn, not a hotel - they don't have an elevator so you must carry your luggage up the stairway, which in our case was the 3rd story. It wasn't that big of a deal to us though. Our room was nice, clean, big and the air was cold! A coffee maker, alarm clock, tv-of course, shampoo/conditioner and soaps were all provided in our room. From what I understand you could get an iron from the front desk but we had brought our own. The maid service kept up with our room throughout our stay - the first day they even straightened up some of our things (shoes lined up by the closet area and such.) The second day we went to the bar/grill by the pool to get something to eat and while we were there the maid cleaned the room - folks, my wallet was sitting right there on the nightstand as she walked in the room and it wasn't even touched!! These are honest, hard-working people!! Anway, there is a bar/grill that is open from breakfast all the way into the late night, with a DJ on certain nights. The sign for the 8 ft deep pool (5 ft in the other area) said it closed at 6 PM but it definately wasn't enforced - there were late night swimmers. I assume that as long as you weren't being loud and no one complained then they didn't care. We enjoyed it all and they were very nice to us the entire time - even when we locked our room key in our room once!! Just FYI: we took a kayaking trip which included kayaking, picnic, nature walk, cave exploration and swimming at a secluded beach IT WAS GREAT!!! I really enjoyed it, more than I thought I would. Our guide, Chad, was awesome!! (Can't remember the name of the tour for the kayaking.) We did snorkeling with Reef Tours - it was fun also. Now, some tips: bring and wear lots of sunblock (we used 45 spf and still got red) and remember your scalp will get some sun!! If you stay at Island Palm bring lots of money for transportation and do take the public bus for $1 per person - they will take you anywhere you want to go. Also eat at the native places around Island Palm - the food's great, prices aren't bad and you get a lot of food. Check your bill before you tip b/c it is probably already on there. We ate at Ruby Swiss, Simply Native, Giovanni's (Port Lacayan) and at the hotel bar/grill - it was all good!! My favorite was Simply Native where my husband had fried conch and I had fried lobster tail - yes, fried - it was great and totalled $23. They give you big portions and you will be full!! Wish I had more time to write...but you will enjoy it!! I may try to update this when I have more time - also be prepared b/c they are slow paced there and not in a rush which we really enjoyed!!!! Have fun!!!

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Freeport Grand Bahama Island

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I am planning a trip to Freeport, and have checked out the Island Palm Hotel , has anyone stayed there and is is safe and clean?


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