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    RCI and Xanadu Hotel in Grand Bahamas August 2011

    We are RCI members and just took our one week vacation for the first time. We went to Freeport on Grand Bahamas Island. RCI is sending people to a miserable place and will not take Xanadu Hotel and Resort off their list.

    The Xanadu hotel in Grand Bahamas is not a resort today. It is not a hotel today. It may pass for a youth hostel but only for those with enough money to rent a car, as there is no transportation in walking distance - so it is not a good youth hostel either. The Xanadu is a closed "resort" having been hit by a hurricane and is thought to be abandoned by most people on the island other than RCI. There is no food or beverages in walking distance, none. There is no ice available, no shuttle to get food, no phone, no air conditioning, and no staff that can help with these conditions or provide essential needs. This 12 story building is being sold so most lights are off in the hallways and the bathroom bulbs have been removed. There is a strong musty smell on every floor in every hallway and in every room, and everywhere it is hot, stuffy, and mold is here, if your asthmatic you’re in danger. The guests here now have arrived from the RCI network and they are very upset and have been shouting in the lobby every day since we arrived. The only conversation you can engage in is how much RCI members hate RCI for doing this to them and all that is broken in the building. One guest verbally attacked my wife because she commiserated with a woman who out of the hysteria that has been echoing in the foyer here, decided to leave her friend and exit the hotel without him. He in his hysteria blamed my wife for his breakup. All she did was calmly state what is written here, hardly showed a single emotion. That is why I am appealing to the power of networking and gathering names of those who had this happen to them. The few staff members that are here have listened to complaints for a long time and are not happy with their job of placating people, it is beneath them to work there, I know, I’ve talked to them. The phone number here and room phones have been disconnected with no way to call in or out. Our two bedroom unit with a kitchen never became available, so we lost all the groceries that we purchased when we arrived. There is nothing to do here. There are no amenities, no food on site, no entertainment or even a radio on the night stand. Taxi fare to get to an activity cost $30 each way.

    The elevator is unsafe and closed on my mother’s arm, crushing her elbow and has NO safety mechanism to open back up, and its safety certificate expired months ago. My 8 year old son and I were trapped for several minutes in the elevator not knowing if it would work again or if there would be anyone to hear our calls. He was obviously very scared. The electronic lock on my mother's room quit working, as did several others, so in the darkness and the heat of the hallway the was opened with a crow bar and now she has a room, but no lockable door and this stayed that way throughout our stay. The water in the building quit three days into this disaster. As far as the air conditioning is concerned, everyone was told that it would be back on in “two hours” then “tomorrow morning” then “by tonight before you sleep” and these assurances were unrealistic and pulled out of thin air and everyone knew it, but nobody knew why. After several days, I found out that the real reason for no repair work being done was because only one repair person was called and he was on vacation! Had I not told them that my mother’s asthma medication was inside her room they were not going to call a locksmith until the next morning. They wanted all five of us to sleep in two twin beds. We were again assured a the locksmith would be there in two hours, then after four hours “ he isn’t answering his phone”, then we were told we had to “wait until the morning for him to show up” and I lost it! There is only locksmith on the entire island and only one AC repair person on the island! I have now become a lesser person, I finally cracked.

    The owner of this place is rich beyond measure, owns over 80% of the real estate on the island, but the people he employs have to use their own cell phones to call for services and of course they don’t want to do this, because it costs them money, so they don’t call around to find solutions to problems. The manager seems scared to come out of his office to handle any problems.

    We finally got through to RCI using the assistance of a manager from another RCI accredited resort (a real resort) after three calls they admitted they were unable to help and did not offer a rebate. They also didn’t keep records of ever having spoken with us or our helpful resort manager, even after being asked to keep a record of our conversations from the beginning, so we had to start all over again, four calls in total. This failure to follow customer complaints happened to several other people, because obviously keeping records would hold RCI responsible and cause them to cease sending people to this resort. RCI instead robotically told us that “Xanadu meets minimum RCI requirements” so they are still sending people here. New pissed off RCI members arrived in spite of all the emails and all the phone calls to customer service reps and “supervisors”. Xanadu should not be on their list. If I had been informed of the conditions here, I would have gladly saved over $2000 dollars and priceless amounts of grief. Now my party of five, which includes an 8 year old child and a 75 year old disabled woman with asthma, are all stranded here! This is a disaster! RCI has been well informed of the conditions here, not just for the fact that the hotel is barely functioning, but that it is in no way a “resort” and does not hold up to the quality they promise. They are unwilling to delist Xanadu on Grand Bahamas Island, so I am writing to tell anyone who will listen if you should be an RCI member and land at Xanadu, be well informed RCI knows the facts of the conditions here. Those who live on the island are also familiar with this place and that the current owner of the hotel is wealthy beyond measure, but doesn’t care. RCI is too busy counting the money they are saving by sending un-expecting members to this place and dealing with the fallout afterward. A realistic fallout could actually be a law suit, so if you had a similar experience with RCI and Xanadu, please email me.

    There could be a tort case here.

    Unique Quality: No really unique qualities, the beach is pretty much the same as everywhere else and the pool is just like all the others. Sorry, I wish I could say something unique, but cannot.

More about Xanadu Beach Resort & Marina

A True Misadventure

by A TripAdvisor Member

During our vacation of September 2002, we had the misfortune of participating in a sales promotion for the Xanadu Beach Hotel and Marina ('Xanadu'). The old adage of 'buyer beware' has never been clearer than it is now. Having been out and out lied to in the sales presentation, we were duped into purchasing a week in their Vacation Club. After returning home, we had to pay the full balance prior to receiving the information package from RCI, with whom Xanadu is a Gold Crown Member. At this time, all of the lies which we were told became evident.Numerous emails, phone calls and certified letters to Xanadu went unanswered. Xanadu is not a place that I would recommend anyone to vacation at, or purchase a vacation club package from them. The reason being that the staff tend to be some of the rudest people in the Islands unless they are trying to con you out of your hard earned money.

Some good, Most bad - The Straight Scoop...

by A TripAdvisor Member

I have read all the reviews for Xanadu Resort in Freeport, Grand Bahama. I just finished an 8-day trip to the island and I will give you the straight scoop. Let me be clear that the glowing reviews and how Xanadu is "close to everything" or "just a short trip away" from so and so attraction are all (100%) written by Xanadu workers. Xanadu is OK and also bad for the following reasons. First, it is not near anything and I mean anything! It is in the middle of nowhere, no restaurants, no gambling, no hot tubs, no night life, no shopping, nothing. It's also a ghost hotel - Literally 15 other people staying there - weird stuff. Rooms are fine. Pay maid $10 and tell her you need extra towels every day. No workout room, no where to power walk or work out (every morning, we mooched off fitness room at Royal Oasis - 5 minute drive). The premise of the place is that you have won a trip and have gone to timeshare sale's meetings before (btw - that is how I won the trip). Two things to know when you check in: They will re-charge/scam you $12 per person, per night "room tax". The problem is you've already paid Spirit Travel or whomever- They hope you have forgot or did not bring receipt. Best to just give them your credit card and bring an itemized receipt to show them on way out. Don't argue in the beginning as poor, rude service will only get worse. As soon as you check in, you will be assulted by Brenda, a huge Jamacian-accented lady with long, weird toenails ( I still have nightmares). She tells you she wants to "Orientate" you to Xanadu but she only wants you to come to her timeshare sales meeting. Do it if you want (free breakfast) but ask quality questions loudly when they ask for your money. So you don't disturb their pitch, they will get you out with your free goodies in hand- Zoom! Rent a car from Dollar on net before you go ($50 a day). Otherwise you will spend $40-$50 a day in taxis. Beach is nice but crowded. Pool is very dirty, cold/unheated, and falling aped (Winn-Dixie is 5 minute drive). Their one restaurant is attrocious in every single way - food, service, hours. Forget it. Beach sellers are obnoxious but harmless. Have some fun at their expense ("No I speak English.." - that kind of stuff). If you can, stay at Our Lucaya East of Freeport instead of Xanadu. Much, much, much more to do, friendly people-fun restaurants, shopping, people, and no Brenda. Beach is fine at Xanadu but unbelievably perfect at Our Lucaya. You can also stay at Royal Oasis but they will bus you to Xanadu beach, or you can hang at their fake beach. We spent a lot of time eating at Royal Oasis restaurants and gambling in at the island's one casio (new casino opening in Our Lucaya- June 2002). Most important Tips: Spring for a rent a car, eat at Lexus Chicken, eat at Pier 1 and feed the sharks, eat at Pieses Pizza in Our Lucaya, gamble, snorkle.

This place wasn't as bad

by A TripAdvisor Member

Quick summary -- Xanadu is nice considering that it's undergoing construction (5/13-5/19), people were VERY nice, hotel is a 2.5 star, but the resort itself wasn't as bad as everyone's review is.I learned about these reviews a week before we leave for Bahamas. I wanted to change our location but it was already too late. We bought this "cruise & stay" package with Dreams Vacation for $349/person plus room tax. (the cruise part of the package is a (dirty) ferry with casino -- never buy anything from Dreams Vacation -- they were rude!).The 12% per person per night tax that they charge is normal throughout the island since tourism is the main industry in the Bahamas. Believe me .. I've asked a couple of hotels and one of them is Royal Oasis. We stayed in Xanadu for 6 nights and the stay was pleasant .... we even bought a timeshare (mind you ... we already have 3 in hand). Jennifer, Ashley, Ed and Jeff (bellboy) pampered us throughout our stay. Jennifer even prepared a conch salad ('coz we loved it so much) for us at one of our native tours. They took their time giving us directions and telling us the best place to eat. She even advise us into renting a car (for $50/2-day plus mandatory insurance) and going to places on our own instead of paying for tour packages w/c helped us a lot since there are four of us -- mom, brother & husband. The hotel was okay ... I'd rate it 2.5 on a 5 scale rating, but the resort was beautiful. They had us stay at a 2-bdrm suite on the top floor overlooking the beach and the pool -- it was gorgeous!! As far as the resort is concerned ... we can't really ask much from the resort because it's undergoing renovations (should be done by 12/03), but it has the potential of a very beautiful resort .. that's why we bought the timeshare. The pool is okay .. yes, it's not heated, but the water is always warm because of the weather. We actually would go for a swim around 10 PM. It was really nice. As far as the restaurant, we didn't really eat much at the restaurantte so I can't give any advise on that plus member services gave us free breakfast/lunch every day. Catherine (our server) was really nice.Top places to go -- Pier 1 (shark feeding at 7,8 & 9 PM), Paradise Cove (snorkeling), Parasailing & Jet Skiing (it's cheaper than FL), Port Lucaya (Fri night show), native tour (a definite!), and Port Lucaya Nat'l Park (beach across the cave -- make sure you bring your swim suits).Need more input ... e-mail me.

Great For Those Who Enjoy "Bahamian Time"

by A TripAdvisor Member

The resort is absolutely gorgeous! It's truly a vacation place for those who like "Bahamian Time," that is, whenever you feel like doing it, you can. I found the staff to be extremely helpful minus some problems getting ice and coffee. The Xanadu is definitely for people who don't have to be high maintenance all of the time. Personally, I thought it was fun to kick back and drop all my beauty queen ways for awhile! People had told me that the staff at the resort was rude, but after getting to know them they are some of the sweetest people I know.
If you walk into a place with an attitude that you're better then everyone else, their response to you isn't going to be very good, but when you walk into there with an open mind, a smile on your face, and a few kind words they're VERY receptive. I think some of us need to learn what it means to treat people kind. Just because we're on vacation doesn't give us the right to be rude. So if it's your kind of thing, to chill with the locals and enjoy something slow-paced, I would really recommend the Xanadu. As for those of us who like to get a little rowdy, they have that too! Play crazy beach games to win a few shots of rum, win bahamian dance contests, and be adventeous. Karaoke? They have that too!

Go for the ocean

by A TripAdvisor Member

If you love the ocean go to Xanadu. It is a full service dive resort.
Right out your back door you can jump on a boat and go dive with sharks or dive on a wreck or just lay around on sugar white sand and swim in warm crystal clear water. Just before we left we read the bad reviews about rude people, construction, expensive taxis and food. Don't believe it. The Xanadu staff is very nice and friendly. We were on a first name basis with most by our second or third day there. The food in the resort was excellent and very well priced, (no more than you would pay here.) You are a few minutes from Freeport and Lucaya but you can usually get a free shuttle. If you want wait staff falling all over you or you want to spend all your time gambling or shopping in fine boutique's, then Xanadu is not for you, you will be dissapointed. If you want to go diving someplace different every day, then have a great lunch at good prices right on the beach, then sip cold drinks while looking over the aqua blue ocean or pool, then Xanadu is for you.

hotel OR timeshare selling racket?

by A TripAdvisor Member

We booked a 7 night stay through Priceline.com and specified a three star hotel. What we got was seven nights at a place that seems to be leaning toward selling off most of the units as timeshares. Tower refurbished rooms are for vacation club members OR people staying there through dream vacations. Shuttles and all services available were for members or potentials. Many of the people we met were there free... not as paying guests... *who get housed in the Hibiscus... overlooking the pool... where late night parties often would've kept us up... if we weren't getting our money's worth from the energy fee we were charged... the air conditioner kicked! We froze. Water in rooms was hot, stains in toilet... oh well, could've been worse.*

After getting our hotel 'assignement' from priceline, we started reading the reviews... scary. I had thoughts that we really were in for a horrible stay. All I can say is that we braced for the worst, but stuck it out.

REMOTE is the word. We went to dive - and honestly - had a great time doing that. Very reasonable rates from the dive shop just across the marina from the hotel and exciting diving. I'll give that the A+ and the main reason we stuck it out.

We started right off by tipping the maid... never had any problems with enough towels. We had to rent the darn lock cylinder for the safe in our room from the front desk... $3/day - irritating. Bought an hour of internet time for $20... nice to be in touch with the real world - fast connection.

Found out after we'd plugged in our rate we wanted to pay for the room/night about the $12. energy/tax... it added almost $200 to the overall rate.

Food at the hotel restaurant was expensive, best deal was the burger on the beach... but got tired of greasy fries. The restaurant at Xanadu is pathetic. Service is slow at best... food - just passable. Prices high.
Watched people walk out after waiting 20 minutes just for menus!

Front desk was pretty darn apathetic, but - you know - there is a difference between apathy and rudeness... if prodded they responded.
Bell boy was charming and took the lead to find us a reasonably priced rental car *A MUST*... we chose Brads - after hearing good reviews in an online forum. $45/day. Brad's father gives you the low down on the island... and we followed his lead.

Beach is beautiful, but trash caught in the rocks is sad. Policing up trash on the beach would be so easy... wonder why they don't.

My advice is that if you come to Xanadu as a paying hotel guest... and are hounded by the timeshare people (RCI - Beatrice) - let them hound you and don't go to their 'free breakfast' until you are about to leave... because if you do it any earlier - and you decide not to buy into it - then, you aren't treated like an untouchable.

If you decide to try the membership for the week, watch out - if you change your mind and decide to back out afterwards - there's like a $500 fee and you have to pay back all the services that you used...
shuttle etc.

We rented the car (Brads will come there to get you and take you to your car) - went to Winn Dixie - bought things to make some simple breakfasts and lunches... filled the ice chest from the ice machine...
and took it all for what it was.

A dining must - is the seafood buffet at the Westin in Port Lucaya - $47 per person - but - you will be amazed. Lobster, crab, shrimp buffet - tuna, grouper steak etc grilled to order - salad, dessert buffets - mexican - and more. We stayed 2.5 hours and could've stayed longer!!
slice of heaven.

Scorpios in the market was excellent - order the lobster, shrimp and conch pizza... med. $24 with beer... hard for two hungry adults to finish it - excellent.

Zorbas also very good.

We ate at the Stoned Crab - atmosphere was delightful with open to the surf seating... a bit pricey but a relaxing evening.

Save cab fare - rent a car. Dive... snorkel... dig your toes in the sand. The beach and dive shop are the golden touches at Xanadu. Albeit maybe the only ones.

Would return to Port Lucaya - would dive Xanadu ... but wouldn't stay at the hotel again.


by A TripAdvisor Member

bThis was the worst vacation experience of my life! My mother-in-law had recently bought a timeshare at the resort and she allowed us to use one of her weeks. The staff stated to her it would be no problem for us to come the beginning of August and stay in a tower suite overlooking the water. First of all, the resort is not on the water, you have to walk to get there. When she called, no one claimed to know her name and she never got a return phone call. Finally, she was told by one of the sales reps there were no rooms left, only in the hotel, so she took that. The original reps were mysteriously tied up in a meeting. We arrived to find various people in the lobby, waiting to get into their rooms. The front desk person stated they needed to locate housekeeping, and said she would give a shout when they could check in. My husband and I got our key, to find a hot smelly elevator, in addition to a musty hallway. The room had no extra pillows and remote; the TV had a bad sound quality; there was no alarm clock, nor could we make a call without giving them our credit card, which we refused to do. The bathroom was so small we had to keep the door open when occupying it; there was no fan in the shower room as well. There was also no vending machine in the hotel. Our main problem was with the staff in Sales and Customer Service; they refused to listen to our needs. We were not treated as a member of their Vacation Club (timeshare), as we should have been. We were not given free breakfast and dinners all week as had been promised by the rep who signed up my MIL. When we went to find this woman she was nowhere to be found. They told us we needed a VIP card and when I went to get it, no one had made it up. We finally went to eat, but when we returned for lunch, the Manager stated we had no benefits, very different than what we had been told by Customer Service. The CS Manager became sarcastic and stated I could keep the towel I had unecessarily bought on the beach for $15 I as a souvenir. They did not tell us we did not need to pay for towels or chairs; they charge $2 a day just to use a beach chair. On the beach, there are women daily selling their jewelry, bothering the guests; they get right in your face. When the timeshare manager had us meet with CS, he said we would have a meeting and then he never showed up; he also lied about arranging a meeting with his boss. When we made another time, his boss blew us off and he blatantly lied to us. Finally, when we went to use their free shuttle, it did not show up, so one of the reps gave us a ride to town and he was drinking alcohol and speeding. Also, everything at the resort is extra, food, water activities, drinks, etc. On the beach, they charge $1.75 for a can of soda. Cab rides are outrageous and can range from $14 to $40 roundtrip. In summary you are better off staying home than coming to the Xanadu or the Bahamas.

Xanadu...a hidden jewel

by A TripAdvisor Member

I just returned from Xanadu last week. I spent my Thanksgiving in Freeport. I could not have asked for a better time than I had at Xanadu. The hotel was beautiful, the staff was friendly, and the beach was perfect. In fact other hotels in Freeport bus their guests in to the private beach at Xanadu. Don't worry though it was never even close to crowded. I did see hints of construction/renovations, but it was never an annoyance. I did sit through a vacation package/time share presentation. Tourism is their buisness what'd you expect. After about 90 minutes I did turn the offer down and I was still treated great the rest of my stay. The cab rides did mount up in a hurry. Find another couple or a group to help share cab fares and you'll save alot. The remoteness of Xanadu is one of the finer points. You can stay and relax or head to the International Bazar or Port Lacaya and enjoy the faster pace. I had a great time and plan a return trip to Xanadu in 2004.

Grand Bahama Island aka Freeport

by Martique


Freeport is a great place to see sharks while diving.

"Beaches in Freeport"

The beaches in Freeport are beautiful.


I stayed at the Xanadu Beach Hotel which is near the beach. Make sure your hotel is near the beach.

WILDEFLOWER's new Bahamas Page


"Bahama's Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Stroll the beaches, ride horses, snorkel, or party your heart out on Bahama Mama's. It's fun for everyone. I had a blast here. The snorkeling is my favorite. There are different tours to take. The Garden tour wasn't long enough to enjoy the garden we visited. If you can rent a car. Do the tours on your own. It gives you more time to play.

"Freeport, Bahamas"

73 miles long, 4-8 miles wide.I wouldn't try to ride a bicycle around it, but that's me LOL ! Only 50 miles off the Florida USA coast. That's only 30 minutes if your flying ! Oh and 3 hours from New York !
Freeport is the best gambling spot in the country. And has the world famous diving school "UNEXSO" . I bought great souvenirs(T-shirts) etc.. at the International Bazar. It is located right next to The Bahamas Princess Resort and Casino. Banks, Government offices and small business are on East Mall Dr. Not much to see there. Free port is mostly the"Inland"
I'm sure many things have changed since I have been there. But I still loved it. It is very family oriented at the Princess with the minimountain in the middle of the pool and a little waterfall inside. It even had a slide. The Bahama Mamas are served all the time I think ?

Horseback Riding
N. Beachway Dr., Freeport809-373-3600
If it's still there? Pinetree Stables was $35 per person for 1 1/2 hr. Tues-Sun The trail rides go to the beach. Check prices.

Paradise Watersports, Sunken Treasure Dr., Xanadu Beach 809-352-2887
$18 per person. Check prices I'm sure they have gone up.


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