Sheraton Beach Resort Nassau

West Bay Street, PO Box N 4914 (frmr Radisson Cable Beach), Nassau, New Providence Island, Caribbean
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Beware of Bedbugs

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 26, 2011

The initial greeting by registration was great and friendly. We then got to our room, turned down our bed to look for bedbugs and immediately saw small brown ants crawling all over the sheets once we pulled them back, and all under the pillows. I immediately called down to the front desk and they had housekeeping come in which suggested that we get moved to another room after seeing allot of ants coming in from the terrace. I called the front desk and informed them of housekeepings findings and they sent a bellman down to move our luggage from the third floor to the ninth floor. We got in a new room and everything appeared to be fine. We wandered around the hotel for three days and found the restarants to be pretty pricey. For me and my husband to eat for a breakfast buffet was $70 and it wasn't good at all. The beach area was absolutely beautiful and the view from our room was picturesque, but in the front of the hotel, there was major construction going on across the street. At the end of our vacation I woke up with several bedbug bites prior to leaving. We left the next day so I didn't even bother to change rooms again. For the price of this hotel I was a really disappointed.

Unique Quality: Pools, great views, staff was extremely warm, friendly and accomodating.

Destination wedding perspective

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 19, 2011

I'll put the brass tacks right up front: my husband and I were married at the Sheraton Nassau on October 1, 2011. We had a beautiful wedding, but it was not the wedding we were sold. (Also, if you do end up deciding to get married here between now and 2014, you may want to check to see where they are in construction phases. This was not an issue for us, but there is a GIGANTIC resort complex being built all around the Sheraton property, meant to eclipse the Atlantis and open in 2014. There's no way the construction wouldn't affect the atmosphere at some point between now and then.) Let me explain, and maybe you can get a little guidance from our process:

Initially we thought it would be great to get married on one of the family islands, as they have so many unspoiled beaches and not so much vacation culture. We ended up choosing to stay in Nassau instead (though I took a LOT of convincing) because of ease of transfer and travel time; we had quite a few older guests and some dealing with fears of flying that we knew it would keep some of them from attending to get on a puddle jumper (or to spend an extra several hours on a boat). Additionally, we had a wide variety of attention spans, so proximity to entertainment options was important if I was going to have peace of mind that everyone was having a good time (I worry about these things. A lot).

As I mentioned before, I was initially anti-resort for our wedding, but I came around to the logic eventually. Sheraton won me over for the following reasons:
1) When I asked about their event booking policy and set the stage with my concerns, my coordinator (Tekeyo) shared how he used to work at the Atlantis, and how he enjoyed the Sheraton because it was not a "factory" setting. Phew! (So I thought.)
2) Gorgeous, gorgeous, swimmable beach
3) Fresh, modern decor while still feeling island-y
4) Reasonable wedding packages
5) Doesn't feel like Las Vegas (though there is a little rinky-dink casino for people who like to gamble, which proved to be an asset for a lot of my night-owl guests)

The Sheraton seemed to be a great balance for what was going to satisfy my wants/needs, and appeal to a broad base of my guest list (I know, it is supposed to be *my* or *our* day, but part of it being *my* day is not having to worry that my guests aren't having anything less than an awesome time). The property is lovely, the food is good (yes, it is pricey. Everything is pricey in the Islands), there are lots of options for people right there in the resort if they don't feel like leaving, but it's easy to go explore if they do ($18 taxi rides to Paradise Island or downtown, generally $5 per head of you get a bunch of people in a taxi van, which we did often).

What we got: We got a lovely wedding. We really did. Everyone had a great time, the setting was beautiful, the waitstaff was super friendly and fun, the food was delicious, the flowers were lovely, the photographer was great. My guests were happy. I, unfortunately, was left feeling really uneasy and dissatisfied. Here's what happened:

Strike One and Two: My wedding was executed simultaneously with another. Recall from above: when I was first in the Bahamas researching properties and venues, the first question I asked was: how many weddings do you do at a time? My wedding coordinator (Tekeyo) told me that the Sheraton never has two weddings at once. Also recall that the big reason that I did not choose Atlantis was because I did not want to feel like a factory bride, and Tekeyo had told me he understood, that the Sheraton does not operate this way and that was one of the reasons he enjoyed the atmosphere at Sheraton as a wedding planner. Again, this really stuck out to me and was the number one reason I chose to have my wedding at the Sheraton.

When I arrived, I found out that there was to be another wedding on the day of mine. I was a little disappointed, but I also understand that a hotel is a business and it needs to make revenue. I figured the wedding would at least be at a different time of day. It was not. It was at 5:30PM, and mine was at 6:00PM. On the day of the rehearsal and walk-through, I asked my coordinator where the other wedding and ceremony were being held, and he did not give me a straight answer, only said that I would not see the other wedding, I wouldn’t even know it was happening. My mother also asked this question, as did my (now) husband and my sister, and every time the response was, “I don’t know for sure, but I know you will not see the other wedding.” (To say "I don't know" when this question was directly asked multiple times is, frankly, a lie; he did know, everyone on the wedding/catering staff had to; how could one promise no "bridal clash" if one didn't know where the other wedding was going to be held?)

On the day of my wedding, I learned that my cocktail space had been eliminated the day before because it had been double-booked by the other wedding. The reception was going on directly next to mine. The other ceremony also took place is a space directly next to mine and ended exactly one minute before mine began: I couldn’t even hear my violinist on my way out because the music from the other ceremony was drowning out mine, and I was delayed walking out to the altar while the coordinator went to ask them to turn it down. I was also taking pictures 500 feet away from the other couple, and couldn't get some of the shots I wanted. We couldn't get to our reception without walking through the entrance to their reception either, and had to wait for them to finish posing to make our own entrance.

I just want to be clear that my expectation was not that there would be no other weddings on Saturday, but that there would be no overlap. If, for instance, the other ceremony had been at 5:00PM instead of 5:30PM, I would have been able to hear my violinist instead of the music from the other ceremony, I wouldn't have been taking photos simultaneously with the other bride, and I wouldn't have had to wait for the other couple in order to enter my own reception. And if the other reception hadn't been directly adjacent to mine, I would have had my cocktails in the separate space that we originally contracted for instead of having it eliminated all together because the other wedding was booked over our space. So my concern, then, is not that there was another wedding on Saturday at all, but that I was told - several times - that there would be no overlap, that I wouldn't even know another wedding was happening, that it wouldn't affect my ceremony or reception at all, when, in fact, it did.

Strike Three: UPDATE: I originally wrote here about how I did not get credit for 20 room nights that should have given us some of the attractive concession points that are given to those holding events at Starwood properties. This actually did get remedied and the booking coordinator, Tina, corrected the problem. So, then, Strike Three recanted.

The positives: As I stated before, my guests had a great time and a great time with each other, which the atmosphere of the resort helped to foster. We didn't really plan much for everyone, we figured they could have their vacation as they wanted it and then they could come watch us get married and have some dinner and drinks with us. The very cool thing is that we had representation from lots of different little pockets of our lives, and many were melding fir the first time... and they WANTED to hang out with each other! They were getting together groups to go explore the island, eat off property (Fish Fry on Arawak Cay was an adventure, and the Poop Deck is delicious), go snorkeling (Stuart Coves is highly recommended... they do a great job), meet up in the hotel to watch the Tigers game, gamble together, go for late-night swims, etc. etc. It was really fun and heartwarming to watch. In the same vein, we did a lantern release to conclude our wedding reception, and it was enormously enjoyable to watch everyone working together and getting excited to watch the fruits of their labor. Another note: we flew our own pastor down to do the ceremony, so we did not use any of the registrar or legality services. This was important to me, and I'm glad we did it; he was awesome. The food at the reception was outstanding and the cake was very pretty (though not the one I asked for). The waitstaff at the reception was SUPER fun too! Very friendly, dancing around the tables, they were great! My flowers (in package; and here's a side note, MAKE SURE you are not getting charged enhancement fees if you don't want the upgrades!) were really unique and beautiful, and the photographer (Ronnie from Stop Motion, also in package) was really fantastic. I just saw the unprocessed images today and they are fantastic; I can't wait to see the final prints!

Wrapping it up: We did have a lovely wedding, and I married a wonderful man. I liken it to getting a really beautiful table, but when you get it home the legs aren't quite even. It still looks like the table you wanted, but you don't get the experience you expect when you use it. Really, everyone but me still had a great experience. Even I had a good one, it just wasn't the experience we were promised, and it makes me a little sad. And for the record, I did communicate my concerns to the general property manager (Glenn Sampert), who basically said, "sorry, we'll tell the staff."

Would I do it here again? I would probably look around, maybe at a few places near Freeport as it is also easily accessible. I loved the site, I really did, but nothing bothers me more than being lied to, and I was, repeatedly. The fact that they knew I was going to be unhappy, that they couldn't deliver on what they promised, and chose to let me be negatively surprised just makes me feel like I wasn't very important to them at all, and that kind of, well, sucks.

Unique Quality: The pools and views are lovely, and the beach is just beautiful for a resort area.

Directions: Cable Beach

misodiva's Profile Photo

Quiet, Expensive, Comfortable

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 1, 2011

Some of the pictures look really old. The pictures I've posted are current. I think this has been a few different resorts in the past.
The location of cable beach is not near downtown Nassau and a taxi will cost you $15 to get there. The hotel has limited food options, no mini-bar in room, and no high speed internet in room. These were my main complaints.

The room itself was clean, comfortable, and service was good. Staff was always very friendly. It would have been nicer to have stayed somewhere within walking distance of Nassau though.

Unique Quality: Beautiful outdoor pools next to casino.

ts_pl's Profile Photo

Nothing different than other SPG

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 7, 2010

As I'm SPG customer, I have no feeling of dissatisfaction as my expectations were, as to other Sheraton chain hotels. Is 3.5$ for water is expensive in 5star hotel? Leaving the answer for you....

Unique Quality: Great beach localization

ATXtraveler's Profile Photo

Read the fine print...

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 22, 2010

Sadly, this very well may be my last stay with a Starwood Preferred Guest property. I have been very satisfied with my 300+ stays with this chain, however from top to bottom, this experience at Sheraton Nassau on Cable Beach has been very unrewarding. As a member who has stayed in over 300+ nights at Sheraton/W/Westins before, I am pretty familiar with all facets of the booking procedures, and I commonly take a screenshot rather than rely on a confirmation email to ensure that I am charged/not charged the proper rates. I also had plenty of options on where to take a relaxing 4 day weekend, and after much deliberation and research on the options, chose the Nassau location because of the low cost of points (10,000) and the beach amenities. Clearly on the rate details, it did not outline any additional costs associated with this booking, so off we went. When I arrive at the hotel, the person checking me in is the assistant manager. No hello, no thank you for being a Platinum Preferred Guest, just a here... sign this. I always read everything before I sign it, and am glad I did. In small print at the bottom, it asks you to sign that you agree to pay an additional $18 per guest per night for housekeeping and beach attendants. Normally, this is covered in my starpoints payment, or it is specifically outlined in the reservation at time of booking. If it had been, I would have selected one of the 1000 other SPG properties, as there was nothing special about the Bahamas vs. any of the other locations, particularly compared to Bora Bora, where we stayed with no resort fee. I also asked if there was a starpoint option for the surcharge, as in some cases, it is merely an extra 2,000 starpoints, which would have been worth it. No can do. I present the option to show my screenshot, and the assistant manager immediately says there is nothing she can do about it and that I need to call SPG corporate... so I do... and I wait... in the lobby... and then I am put on hold... and wait... well you get the picture. After all is said and done, they advise me that they will log a complaint and that I should just sign it and pay now and they will seek resolution later. So then I check in. I am given the smallest room in the house, despite being a platinum guest, one of the benefits of which is being upgraded. Funny, because the person checking in right next to me is given a suite, and he was only SPG gold. If I believed in karma I would understand, but no big deal, we head up to our room. The bathroom is very small (no big deal, but the tub is not very resortish). No problem again, then we head down to the beach the next morning. Now bear in mind, there was a $18 per person fee for beach attendants and housekeeping. It is now 4pm here, no housekeeping yet... and it took close to 2 hours for the first beach attendant to stop by. FAIL.

Anyway, I will leave it at that... skip this location, unless you are a lawyer and can read cryptic Hotel speak.

stoto's Profile Photo

Beach is close, pool is closer

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 13, 2006

This hotel was so nice. The bahamians were so pleasing and accomodating. I would recommend staying there cause it's just beautiful. Also, if you rent a car or take a cab, it's about a 5-10 min drive to a few straw markets and the famous Atlantis Hotel.

Unique Quality: I think there were somewhere around 17 pools ranging in size. The biggest pool also has a swim-up bar. It's also about 100 ft. from the beach where the water is crystal clear.

TOMAN71's Profile Photo


Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 7, 2005

We stay 10 nights last November 2005.Room are very large and confortable, ask for 4th level or above to avoid street view.The bathroom is not really big compared with room area and no frigo bar.In room safety box is $ 3 daily. The beach is very nice, you have a quite area and "music" area, pools are very nice and good for baby too. Snorkeling is amazing just 50 ft out of the hotel shoreline,protected area for swimmer . Life guard on duty from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. / Food is not the top ( but I'm Italian , so .....)but you can survive. FORGE restaurant is closed. For downtown take Bus line #10 , fee is 1 $ and you can ask at the driver to stop anywhere; 10/15 min. of ride .Is a comfortable hotel but no to compare at Hilton or Sheraton quality.Anyway I can suggest it.

Gra8ful's Profile Photo

Radisson is Wonderful

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 4, 2005

My family has stayed at the Radisson for the last 2 years and love it there. All
rooms face the pool area and ocean. Not sure I would pick it for a Honeymoon but it's a great family spot

Unique Quality: They have 2 gazebos for weddings which are
in the same area as their 3 beautifully landscaped pools and beyond that is the
big beach. you can always check out
suggest you try the new Cafe Kalick - great food great service and big drinks,
only 2 blocks from the Radisson or Johnny Canoes on Friday nights have Junk-a-
noo shows at 8-9-10 pm. Go to the store to get sodas and bring back to the
hotel. You can catch a bus every 15 minutes right in front of the hotel to go
down town. To get to Paradise Island, take the bus downtown then take a ferry
taxi to Paradise Island. (Here is what their package includes.).. The radisson package includes round trip airport transfers, use of all non motorized
water-sport equipment, golf (you must rent a cart, however) all food and drinks
(includes glass of wine at dinner..bottle wine is extra). There are no
restrictions for restaurants or what you may order (other than the wine I
mention) and you may use room service for a $5 charge. Also includes all tips
and gratuities, maid service charges ,etc. Includes towel service on the beach
(you must return them by 6PM or you will be charged $50.

crazygal59's Profile Photo

Riu Paradise Island

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 25, 2005

This is a fairly good deal as an all inclusive. Newly refurbished (was once the Sheraton) they have done a complete re-make of the swimming pool area complete with swim up bar. The food was quite good and staff are friendly and helpful. We were here when they had just reopened and it was very chaotic. We just got back (September 6th 2005) this trip and it was amazing the change. They were very organized and everything went smoothly. Service was good and attentive, everything in our room worked as it should and we would definetly go back.

Unique Quality: This hotel is right on the beach and the pool,while not large in comparison with others in the area, is quite nice. The only problem we found,although minor, was the fact that to book into the specialty restaurants at night you had to line up every afternoon between to choose your restaurant and book. That was a bit of a pain. The food was very good in all the restaurants and the buffet was amazing in the evenings as well.

Directions: This hotel is located right next door to The Atlantis.

SmileyLeSa's Profile Photo

All Inclusive Resort - Cable Beach

Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 26, 2004

This all-inclusive resort had a nice location. The rooms were a bit musty. I believe that's the nature of being on a tropical island.

Cable Beach received its name because in the early 1900s, transatlantic telephone cables were installed here. This allowed those on the Bahamas to communicate with the rest of the world. I never knew this. Interesting, eh.

crazygal59's Profile Photo

Great All Inclusive

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 26, 2004

The grounds are beautiful, and always maintained. Service and food are good and there is lots to do for the whole family. I have not been to this hotel for a number of years. It has changed hands since I was last there and is now a Sheraton.

Unique Quality: Lots of pools and lagoons for swimming plus a really nice beach. Camp Junkanoo for the kids is free and they can go half days or all day.

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Nearby Sheraton Beach Resort Nassau

Sheraton Beach Resort Nassau

We've found that other people looking for this hotel also know it by these names:

  • Sheraton Cable Beach Resort
  • Nassau Sheraton
  • Radisson Cable Beach Resort
  • Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort And Casino
  • Sheraton Nassau Beach Hotel Nassau

Address: West Bay Street, PO Box N 4914 (frmr Radisson Cable Beach), Nassau, New Providence Island, Caribbean

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Amenities at Sheraton Beach Resort Nassau

  • Restaurant
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Room Service
  • Fitness Center
  • Free Parking
  • Business Services
  • Kids Activities
  • Casino
  • Free High Speed Internet
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