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JEFFREY'S HOUSE: Walking distance from Tobago airport

We spent only one night at this place, but we could stay late waiting for our night flight.

Very good location, near food stores and cheap restaurants.

Much more quiet than the nearby guesthouse.

Helpfull personnal, a full equiped appartment for less than $25 US per person.

Ideal location to walk to pigeon point.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Budget Travel, Water Sports, Windsurfing
  • Written April 2, 2014
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Turtle Beach Resort: Lovely beachside location

I stayed here for two weeks. Check in was efficient and staff were welcoming. My room was on the second floor and looked out onto the beach. The room was spacious and clean although the furnishings were very dated apart from the TV.

The hotel had a really nice pool but for the majority of my stay it was monopolised by large groups of children who were left relatively unsupervised. Hence the pool area was quite noisy for the majority of the day. There were no restaurants nearby at all and unless you had hired a car you were pretty much dependent upon the hotel for all meals. The restaurant served buffet type meals at all times and the emphasis was very much on quantity rather than quality. As a vegetarian, I was not well catered for and this was particularly the case in the evenings. Food was also quite repetitive as well as unimaginative.

This is one of very few hotels on the island that is located on a beach and one that is popular with families and returning guests. Overall, my stay was pleasant enough but nothing particularly special.

Lovely beachside location.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Family Travel, Beaches
  • Written December 29, 2013
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Turtle Beach Resort

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Le Grand Courlan: Great Location

I stayed here for three nights. Upon arrival, the hotel was busy but the staff were incredibly welcoming and check-in was a very smooth process. My room was spacious, very well furnished and spotlessly clean. The balcony had stunning views across the bay and was a very pleasant place to spend the early evening.

The hotel had a really nice pool that, for the duration of my stay was not well used and so made a good place to swim for fitness. There was also waiter service at the poolside to bring drinks to you. There were not many restaurants nearby but the hotel had a number of restaurants and as a vegetarian, I was well catered for. The hotel also boasts a gymnasium that is free for guests to use as well as a spa where there were a variety of treatments that could be booked. There is no direct access to the beach which is a short walk away.

Overall, a lovely location and a hotel that I would use again.

Beautiful views across the bay.
Nice pool and gym.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Spa and Resort, Romantic Travel and Honeymoons, Women's Travel
  • Written December 29, 2013
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Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort

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Bamboowalk Hotel: Dont even THINK about this place..

The hotel is a series of bungalow like structures built around a small pool with a separate thatched roof structure that serves as a dining area. The hotel is located on the fringes of a residential area in Lowlands and is about a fifteen minute walk to a beautiful beach on the Atlantic side of the island but is likely not overly safe for swimming given the seemingly strong winds and likely strong tides.

The wireless internet is sporadic at best when trying to use the service in your room, or at least that was the case in my room. For a dependable connection I had to use the bar area in the dining “hut”. Not that I depend on it but the television was tiny in relation to the room and the number of channels that came with poor reception was outnumbered greatly by the channels that had no reception.

I booked for six nights, and left after three, after giving a days notice the morning after the Karaoke party that they host weekly on Friday nights. I was aware of the Karaoke thing but I was told it would wrap up by midnight at the latest and unfortunately this was not the case and nor was it the only time that I was deceived here, the party didn’t end until about 2:00 am. You can see for yourself what its like to endure this party if you’re not participating; I think that the video speaks for itself.

This hotel requires full payment upon check in and a NO REFUND policy that I was fully aware of when I booked although I was somewhat apprehensive about this. As I decided to leave I was willing to swallow the loss of payment for three nights but I did not think it was appropriate to pay for the second night that was disturbed so much by the party.

In any event I had an uneasy feeling about this place from the moment that I checked in and was brought to my “Superior” room that had a hole in the bathroom wall, cobwebs around the picture frame, and stains on the floor, a broken wall plate over an electrical plug, and grunge above the headboard of the bed. For some reason flies were buzzing around something ground into the concrete walkway that leads to the unit that I was staying in.

The staff was mostly polite and mostly efficient from what I could see in the dining area of the hotel although it’s obvious that there is lack of attention to the general cleanliness of the room that I was staying in. However…on the second day of my stay, in preparation for the Karaoke party when I returned from my day out I was surprised to find that the patio chairs and table had disappeared and were being used for extra seating for the party.

One would think that they would ASK if they needed furniture that they provide for they’re guests comfort. My neighbors whom had a small child with them had the same thing happen to them also.

What is MOST disturbing was when I gave notice that I intended to check out and that I wanted to speak to the “General Manager”, whom was not on premise for the entire time of my stay; I was told TWICE that he would attend to speak with me.
On both occasions he didn’t bother to honor his commitment and on BOTH occasions he was a NO SHOW. I left the property without ever having the opportunity to talk with the person to discuss my displeasure.

I’ll include a response from him to a letter that I wrote to him upon my return home in which I attached a draft of this review illustrating my experience at this hotel and as well a second email that I received from him.

The following are the letters from the manager, I think they’re more than alarming and likely they speak for themselves in the service attitude and consideration that you might receive at BambooWalk if you stayed here.. Based on my experience at Bamboo Walk Im sure that you would be better served choosing to stay at ANY other hotel in Tobago other than this one.

The first…that he forwarded to some colleagues of his…sadly he doesn’t even address the issues that I raised nor does he ask for more details of the events during my stay at his hotel.

“To all, what perfect timing,

I will publish this report live without having read it and ask everybody to come to my place and see for yourself if this man is right or wrong! Thank you Mr XXXX, you are a god sent!
I myself will publish your report on facebook and every review site I know! Mr XXXX, don't worry to threaten us we will publish it before you can.”

And the second note…

“Good morning Mr XXX,

I promised you that I would publish your nice post myself and I did. The effect is amazing, people love me for doing this, as a matter of fact you will generate even more business for us.
i will give you the opportunity to apologize here and now and set the record straight. Give me and my staff some time to analyze your claims and get back to you and the internet community.

Best regards

General Manager “

I’ve just recently learned that this hotel was the first recipient of a certification award for quality control and standards from the “Tourism Development Company Limited” for the tourism industry established here in Tobago. To be fair, perhaps the room that I stayed in was cleaned up and repaired subsequent to my visit otherwise after reading the criteria for this certification Im not sure how this hotel would fit the criteria for acknowledgement.

You can decide for yourselves if this hotel deserves a look as a possible accommodation for you while you enjoy your stay in Tobago.
I don’t think contact or address information is likely necessary, based on what my experiences were like here.

This small and somewhat grungy hotel provided me with the worst hotel experience that I’ve ever encountered in my life.

See the video attached to this page...taken from my patio at about 1:00 AM...Nice isnt it ??

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Related to: Beaches, Arts and Culture, Family Travel
  • Written June 18, 2011
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Bamboowalk Hotel,Lowlands,Tobago.

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3 out of 5 starsUser Rating

4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Turtle Beach Hotel…: Good Beach Hotel...

This is and likely always will be my preferred choice of accommodation while I visit Tobago. It’s a simple and medium sized hotel that is located directly along one of the main nesting beaches on Tobago of the giant Leatherback Turtle. I’ve stayed at this property three times in total.

There is nightly entertainment in the lounge but I didn’t bother to investigate it. There is a water sports center if that’s your thing and tours of the gardens and lectures provided by local naturalists and the staff gardener if you’re interested in that. Most evenings that I stayed here I made my way up to a small hamlet a few kilometers from here (Pleasant Prospect) to indulge myself mostly at Ramona’s Roti Shack. My normal routine in this type of climate is a hearty breakfast and another light meal throughout the day sometime.

The food that was available on the breakfast buffet was more than adequate and offered the usual assortments of breads, cereals, fruits, proteins and drinks. I booked into this property with a breakfast included option but you can book a complete “all inclusive” option if you wish to or you can simply book a room and pay for each meal you might take here.

The rooms themselves that I always request are as I mentioned earlier located in the older section of the property and I always choose to stay on the upper level. As a returning guest my refrigerator was well stocked upon arrival and it was not added to my bill. The bed and linens were comfortable and at my request were not changed daily as they wanted to do…no need as I was only in them for a short while each night. The rooms had wide screen televisions and wireless internet that was for the most part consistently functional with decent speed. For the most part the cleaning staff did a good enough job and they came around every day to straighten up.
Hot water was consistent but sometimes the pressure could have been higher I guess.

The name of the hotel comes from the beach itself…”Turtle Beach” because in fact along this beach the Leatherback Turtle comes ashore still as it has for eons of time annually to lay eggs. You can register with the front desk if you might be interested in viewing an event during your time here. Mostly the turtles come ashore after the sun goes down and the security staff reports it to the desk and they’ll ring you at your room to join the group.

It’s definitely NOT a Five Star hotel and there are minor shortcomings that in my opinion simply add to the overall character of the place. Other than an enlarged pool and lounge area and a weird kind of fence that blocks easy access to a part of the property from the beach, and some upgrades to the rooms themselves really not much has changed here since my first visit here in the early 1990’s. The beach is still the same and the surf that rolls onto shore here is for me what this property is all about.

You’ll find located on the beach a number of vendors that hawk they’re goods and the odd person trying to sell excursions of one type or other. Some are more annoying than anything else and a stern response seemed to settle any questionable intentions on my part, usually “IM NOT SHOPPING” was enough on the second or third attempt to get the message across that I wasn’t interested in leaving my money with that person. I’ve learned a long time ago that the word NO is quite acceptable in my vocabulary and I have no qualms using it :o) It wasn’t an ongoing issue by any means except with one or two people and I found this to be a little bit entertaining in fact.

It’s been my experience that the staff is mostly very polite and helpful with the exception of one of the main security guards; his name escapes me at the moment. I thought he was a little gruff on a couple of occasions towards me and really needs to be reminded that the hotel guests pay his salary

I’ve read some other recent reviews that weren’t too complimentary about this property but its been my experience that all of my expectations have always been met here. As a returning customer I was treated well and I heard of no incidents personally where people were not.

This hotel is mostly used by a couple of European Tour Companies and as such the patrons are mostly there on an “all inclusive” basis. This latest visit found a client base of mostly British and German people. It’s also used by vacationers from Trinidad as well.

One DISTURBING fact that this property is guilty of however is a TWO TIER PRICING system that in my country would NEVER be allowed legally to exist and is essentially nothing short of a blatant DISCRIMINATORY policy.

When I was scrambling to organize this time in Tobago I made a phone call directly to the Front Desk to make a reservation for the time I would spend here. As we got to the nitty gritty and when the clerk discovered that I was calling from Canada she informed me that she could NOT accept my reservation at this location and that it was necessary for me to phone another number that was apparently located in Miami. She had quoted me a reasonable rate of about $ 85.00 a night including a buffet breakfast, tax in.
When I phoned the telephone number in Miami the woman would not honor this quote and in fact was going to charge me essentially double the price at $ 150.00 a night including breakfast. I told her basically to stuff it and went about locating other hotels for my stay in Tobago.
In spite of this horrendous discriminatory practice I wanted to stay here…after all its pretty much a tradition that when I visit Tobago Ill stay here and hang out on this beach.

As I suspected when I arrived at the front desk to book in person I was given the room and breakfast rate that I was originally quoted when I tried to book directly with the front desk by telephone.

All in all despite some of the misgivings of the property I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this hotel particularly because of the tremendous beach location but I would do so with the noted warnings…

This property is ALL ABOUT the BEACH and the wonderful surf of the ocean that is steps away from your room. All rooms have ocean views, there is an older section that I always stay in that’s the furthest away from the reception area and that section is a mere three stories high. The newer section is two levels high and might be a consideration for booking if you might have a mobility issue or want to be closer to the dining area and pool and bars. The ground floor rooms open onto somewhat manicured lawn just steps away from the beach. All of the rooms on the upper floors have balconies that have a small table and chairs for you to enjoy if you choose to.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Related to: Family Travel, Arts and Culture, Beaches
  • Written June 18, 2011
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Turtle Beach Hotel,Tobago.

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4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Jemma’s Guest House…: Great Little Hideout..

I had the good fortune to stay here when there was no other guests staying in the house and I had the whole place to myself, including a nice large covered porch with lots of comfy seating and a dining table and chairs. The porch was by far the favorite thing that I enjoyed most at Jemmas and I spent lots of time here reading and taking morning coffee and breakfast.
The kitchen is fully complimented with a micro wave, a full sized refrigerator, a stove and oven and dining tables and chairs. There’s a small library and collection of board games if you need this.
The washroom was complete with a giant soaker tub and a separate shower and a vanity that included two was basins. The guest house did supply towels for the washroom and kitchen but does not provide beach towels.
The bedroom was large and bright and the bed and linens clean and comfortable.

There is no AC here if that’s important to you., but, in every room I guess except the washroom there are ceiling fans that are more than adequate to cool the place down.

The evening that I arrived I got settled in and Garrett took me up the street to a small grocery store about a ten minute walk away to stock up on some basics that I would use over the next six days that I was staying there.

This was by far the least costly accommodation that I used during my recent visit in April of 2011. I paid about 35 Euros which is a low season cost for a solo visitor. The pricing structure varies and for more details you can check they’re web site.

Jemma’s is operated by a young man named Garrett and his sister and the owner actually lives in Germany. Garrett is a chef by trade and will if you like prepare meals if you would like that.
We decided on the menu and I gave him the money to shop for the required items and I paid him separately for his time to prepare dinner. We decided on a meal of Dolphin…NOT Flipper…but a local fish that’s common name is mahi-mahi, cooked in a tomato sauce and a side dish of Calloloo and potato pie and a giant bowl of fresh salad.
We invited a couple that was staying in one of the apartments and together we enjoyed a great meal that served up a total of six people.

I have to say that this young man was quite accommodating and helpful and he or one of his sisters Stacey spent some time with me at some point every day that I was staying here, hanging out on the porch and having a beverage and chatting.

The only downside to this place is that Garrett has a DOG…that was quite protective of the property and barked incessantly at some people that were walking by on the street; I guess a normal thing for a dog. Be warned though…this little guest house is in the heart of the town and most people have dogs..and roosters, dogs would stop barking around 10:00 or 11:00 PM and the roosters would start anytime after that.. The dog was friendly seemingly towards me and the other guests but there were certain people that walked by the house that he really didn’t like and he wast shy about letting them know that.

If you’re looking for total peace and quiet you likely wont find it here..but it really is a good experience if you’re not bothered by things like this. It’s simply life in the “neighborhood” and with the exception of the dog I quite enjoyed my stay here The dogs in the neighborhood were kind of a nuisance but maybe Im used to roosters and I would easily be able to get back to sleep.

Id stay here again I think if I knew that the dog wasn’t living here any longer…otherwise I would consider other options.

This is a great little hideout located in a forested neighborhood of Black Rock; just a few minutes walk from either Grafton Beach and Stone Haven Bay or Turtle Beach and the Great Courland Bay.

It’s a two bedroom guest house that has a separate structure to the rear of the property that houses three apartments and each apartment is self contained with a refrigerator and stove and amenities for dining.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Related to: Family Travel, Beaches, Arts and Culture
  • Written June 18, 2011
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Jemma���s Guest House,Black Rock,Tobago.

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4 out of 5 starsUser Rating

The Hummingbird: Excellent Guesthouse

We arranged to stay at the Hummingbird whilst we were on the ferry coming over from Trinidad, we were on the phone to Paul whilst in the taxi, and he guided us around the roadworks until we arrived at our destination.

The guesthouse itself is very well situated, about 10 minutes walk from Pigeon point, 5 minutes from an internet café and local shops and about 4 minutes walk from a rent-a-wreck place (we ended up renting for something like 15 US a day). Its less than 30mins drive from Scarborough as well.

The rooms are clean, have cable TV, aircon, there is a pool and they serve an excellent range of Breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening, the bar next to the pool is an excellent place to meet other guests from all around the world and chat about your experiences of Trinidad and Tobago

It has a real family run (cuz it is) atmosphere, to talk to Paul and Linda about their lives in Wales beforehand and have some really good conversations over a beer or 2 is a genuinely good way to pass the time. They are very friendly people and knowledgable about the local area, so can point you in the right direction should you need it.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Jungle and Rain Forest, Birdwatching
  • Written January 26, 2007

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4 out of 5 starsUser Rating

2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Sandy Point Village Hotel: Nice and quiet

Nice apartaments, spacious and comfortable. One of the most popular hotels among Trinidadians (buying Tobago holidays from a travel agency in Trinidad is kind of adventure - they do not have brochures or hotels descriptions, so if you don't check in the Internet before, you don't really know what you can expect). Sandy Point village has 46 apartments in all, ranging in size from studios for 4 to 2 and 3 bedroom units for 8.
It is situated right by the beach, so you can have a dip in the ocean any time you want without going out from the hotel.
The only no no is the service, including reception people (no smile or welcoming talk at all).
Just two minutes by car from the airport (do not take a taxi, it's a rip off), or 7 minutes walk. Sometimes noice can be annoying, especially when boeing 747 is taking off - but you can hear it in the whole Crown Point though.

there are 2 swimming pools you can choose from.

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Written November 12, 2006
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1 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Ocean Point Hotel: Worst hotel ever

I've stayed in many hotels and apartments in Tobago since we live in the sister isle of Trinidad. This was without a doubt the worst experience we ever had.

Firstly the price we paid was just less than what we booked a villa for in Easter the year before.

Secondly, we taken aback at the size of the room. It was essentially the same motel sized room with a crammed kitchenette as the rest. Difference being a narrow staircase up to a second level with two beds seperated by a wooden wall, no door. i.e. no privacy.

Thirdly. The condition of the facilities were bad. No knobs worked on the air conditioning unit. Kitchen pans needed replacing, the one knife available was too worn to slice bread or meats. The TV turned itself off when it hit certain channels. Concrete poolside benches were shaky and even fell once.

Fourth. There were non-friendly signs everywhere telling you what not to do. Very unwelcoming. Do you really need to be told how to use a hammock?

Fifth. The restaurant was uninhabited except for the ocassional guest who didn't know better.

Sixth. The hotel is next to a cell phone tower for those who are concerned about the effects of such on their health.

Cheapness everywhere.

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Written September 3, 2006
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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

The Manta lodge: Gorgeous location, GREAT food

Situated on the waterfront in Speyside, the Manta lodge is one of 2 hotels in the town that sport their own diving school (the other hotel was called Blue waters I think).
The hotel is quite literally across the road from the beach, has its own (granted reasonably small) swimming pool, but its rooms are spacious, and if you're going to Tobago to dive, then chances are you're going to end up in Speyside anyway, so its definitely worth checking it out.
The hotel takes its name from the Manta Rays that frequent the bay, or just outside. The Dive staff are very friendly and helpful, if you're not into laid back diving though, the school might not be for you (then again, the Caribbean probably wouldn't be for you!!) But seriously, my girlfriend did her first open water dive here and she was well looked after, the diving was great and the whole little town was really relaxing.
One thing I have to stay is the friendliness of the staff (though the same is true for every Tobagonian I met), simply unbelievable, at one point I ran out of cash, and not expecting any pubs to take card, I tried to organise a taxi to nearby Charlotteville to get some from the ATM - No Need, the receptionist dipped into her own wallet to loan me the cash till I could get to the cash machine later.

The food at the restaurant was simply outstanding, and not too expensive either, the Chef de Cuisine their at the time was a young German guy who came out to enquire if everything was alright and had a good conversation about the steak being from the cows that roam the island for 2.5years before being popped off for their meat, in all honesty, it was the best steak I've ever had from a restaurant in my life, and I've had a LOT of steak.

The location was perfect, we had a room overlooking the bay, and the pool and the sound of the waves crashing as you nod off to sleep is pretty damn fine if you ask me, the hotel was in walking distance from other restaruants in the town and the dive shop/school is co-located.

Incidentally the guy who runs the dive school is called Sean Robinson and he has over 7000 dives to his name, so if you do dive, you're in safe hands.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Jungle and Rain Forest, Diving and Snorkeling, Beaches
  • Written April 4, 2006
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The bay

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3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Erasmus cove cottages: Divine Isolation

For all those who have stayed here and kept it a secret, sorry, I know where you're coming from, but people should know.........

If you're going to Tobago to get away from it all, I mean really away, then this is 150% the place for you, 2km from the nearest village (via a dirt track) and overlooking Dead bay and Bloody bay you will find Erasmus cove cottages, and I think wow just sums it up.

Erasmus cove accommodation consists of 2 swiss chalets approximately 100m apart and out of view from eachother, both (for the moment, there are more planned) overlook the 2 bays and the caribbean sea, with access to the sites own beach (Dead bay beach), which no one can get access to without coming through the Erasmus cove site. The chalets are both entirely self sufficient, even including a barbeque on the balcony so you do the 'man' thing if you so wish.

The staff consist of Andrew (the owner) who is probably only second to Jack Bauer in the amount of time he is tied to his phone, super busy guy but superbly friendly and will bend over backwards, sideways and any way you can think of to accommodate you, nothing is too much and he has been on the island a long time so he can tell you all sorts of things that you won't find in your guide books. The chef, Mary, cooks genuinely outstanding local food and is always happy and smiling, always a pleasure to see in the morning, her husband Morgan and Mr Jackson both tend to the grounds and are both equally friendly, even the normally painful bits of the holiday are taken care of in a smiley and informal way by Dana the administrationy type person, all in all you feel you are staying with friends (which usually by the end of the holiday you are) and not on a paying holiday.

Erasmus Cove cottages are unique in themselves. The views are fantastic, it has its own beach, a waterfall 200m up the river running into the bay, 3 mad dogs, 2 wild donkeys, a million plants, a million birds, very very friendly and knowledgeable staff, really, if you're looking for a proper proper holiday of just getting away from it and spending a truly relaxing time. Look no further, you can't imagine what awaits you here.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Beaches, Diving and Snorkeling, Jungle and Rain Forest
  • Written March 12, 2006
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One of the cottages from the outside

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  • Reviews: 320

2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

More to the list: Not one hotel

I stayed in my friends guest house, so unable to explore on the hotels & guesthouses. But got these websites for you….to decide…
viola’s place –
Jimmy’s holiday resort –

I havent covered all the hotels...these listings I took it from the Tourist magazine.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Written November 9, 2005

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