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AEY91's Profile Photo

Ruined Our Wedding & Vacation

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 1, 2013

My husband and I recently hosted our wedding at Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort. Our stay was from Sunday, May 19th, through Sunday, May 26th, 2013. We had two rooms reserved (one for us and one for our wedding party). We had a horrible experience at the resort. Ultimately, the issues we encountered ruined our wedding and vacation, and branded the company as the poorest choice for a hotel, which offers the lowest level of customer service possible. What should have been the most enjoyable week of our lives was an absolute wreck.

I will start explaining the problems we encountered during our vacation with what was wrong with the hotel service in general- things that would be taken care of without hesitation, or would never be a problem at any Marriott, Four Seasons, Hilton, etc. Our rooms were incredibly dirty. There was sand on the floor after the maid had supposedly been there, the blinds didn't work properly, the glassware was dirty, and the sheets were stained, there were no robes in our closets, and even after requests for them, we never received any. The beds were old, hard, lumpy, and uncomfortable. The staff was incredibly unfriendly and unaccommodating with even the most simple, polite requests. It felt like no one wanted to be there to help you, and there often was no one available to help you. The intercommunication between the staff was absolutely embarrassing: we made appointments and paid ahead of time, and our names weren't on the reservations or vouchers, the appointments we made in advance were not scheduled properly or recognized by the staff, the hotel and spa would change our appointment times and not tell us, and we were made to wait at appointments for 15 or more minutes almost every time. On a new note, 2 out of the 6 people in our group (including my husband) got food poisoning so terribly they were vomiting and suffering from diarrhea for at least 24 hours, causing us to miss out on planned group expeditions. The food was awful. We never left a meal feeling satisfied, or that it was even good. I have stayed at several all-inclusives previously, but never have I had such greasy, poorly cooked food at a hotel. The liquor was cheap, and quite poor. I don't pay the extra money to stay at an all-inclusive so I can be served bottom-shelf liquor all week, and have to tip a bartender just so I can get mid-grade vodka in my drink. All of the service was slow, and no one was very attentive or caring- especially at the restaurants, we were made to wait for food for 45 minutes to an hour at a time.

The next level of problems were ones that happened in relation to our wedding and its' surrounding events. I will try to go chronologically, so you can understand how things gradually became much worse with each issue. To start, my pre-paid and pre-scheduled hair and make-up trial was cancelled, and no one told me until I asked when it was. When I asked about it, I was told I never scheduled it: false. Once they did re-schedule my hair and make-up trial, they made it for the wrong day and time, and told me something different. So, when I showed up at the spa, they told me I was wrong, and when I asked them to change it to that present day (because I already had other appointments scheduled the other day), I had to wait, and they treated me as though I was creating tons of problems for them by requesting the change. My bridesmaids' flower colors were wrong. In advance, I had booked 3 separate, private candlelight dinners in for each couple in our wedding party (including my husband and I) for two days before the wedding. When the evening for the dinners came, we were all seated at one table together, and I was told that I had requested that seating- I NEVER requested that. We dropped off all of our wedding attire at the Wedding Office at 8:45 a.m. on Wednesday, May 22nd, to be pressed and delivered to our room by 7 p.m. the same day. They lost our clothes, didn't get them pressed, and they weren't done or delivered until 2 hours before our wedding the next day. The spa moved around our appointments 3 times, and no one really knew when they were actually set for. The salon staff seemed very annoyed with us the day of the wedding during our hair and makeup appointments, and we really were not demanding or difficult. They played the wrong music during our ceremony, after we had specifically picked out what we wanted to be played. I had set-up and paid an extra $300 for the star lanterns in the gazebo for our reception, and when we got there, 3 of the lanterns were burnt out. Our cake was set out much too early, and therefore melted within an hour of us being there. I had picked a menu in advance for a 3 hour reception dinner. After waiting in our gazebo for 2 hours with no dinner service, I inquired about the time they would begin serving our dinner, and was told I cancelled it. I NEVER cancelled my own wedding reception!!! I had to beg for them to bring us regular food in replacement of our expensive, 4 course menu I had picked out. After much arguing, I was told that the kitchens were closing but they'd try to find us something. They ended up bring us the cold, slimy, tasteless leftovers from one of the recently closed kitchens. It was horrid. I had requested, in advance, a sound system with an iPod hookup for our reception. When we arrived at the gazebo, there was none- and but for our friend running back to her room to get her little travel speaker, we wouldn't have had a first dance. (I was also told that I never asked for that: FALSE). Our honeymoon breakfast was brought an hour earlier than requested, startling us, and waking us up unnecessarily early. We were then made to wait at our wedding photography appointment for 20 minutes before starting, and were mistakenly double-booked with another couple. Also, because no one could really help us, we were stuck in our appointment for over 2 hours, causing us to miss eating lunch. After they made our CD's of our wedding photos, we went to pick them up, and they misplaced them for a day.

This brings me to our final set of problems: the poor excuse for what they consider "customer service." We talked to a lower level manager about everything we encountered throughout our week on Sunday, May 26th, prior to our departure. I was told I'd get a phone call by end of day Monday, for certain. I didn't get called back until Tuesday afternoon. In that phone call, I was told all of the wedding errors were my fault, that I made the decisions, and I must not remember, and they couldn't do anything to make up for the problems because they only did what I told them. This was shockingly rude. I am an incredibly organized person, and I have records of all of the decisions I made. Even though they made decisions for me I never authorized, I was still blamed for everything. We were comped for only one spa appointment (because they admitted to messing up the scheduling for that one), but none of the others that they rescheduled or moved and didn't tell us. She told us the wedding attire mishap was only a problem because we didn't deliver it in time to the Wedding Office- when I argued that we did drop it off in plenty of time, she blamed it on someone else and finally comped us for it. She said that we were sat at only one table for the candlelight dinners because I asked for that in lieu of a reception dinner. First of all, I NEVER ASKED FOR THAT, and secondly, why on earth would I make a reception dinner 2 days before my wedding?! The amount of excuses for all of the problems were just unreal, and they were all centered around the problems being our fault: it was us who misunderstood, it was me who didn't specify that, it was us who changed that, etc. It seems that no one at the company has ever heard of the philosophy that "the customer is always right," or if they have, they do not exercise that point. EVER. It was horrible to be treated like an unvalued number, as opposed to a valued person. I spent a significant amount of money to have a 6-person wedding week at the resort, and not once did we ever feel special or important. No one apologized for anything, or went out of their way to make up for the mistakes they made. The pre-travel planning was a complete joke. Why should we have spent the time making decisions, paying for things, and telling the representative exactly what we wanted if they didn't listen, made assumptions, put things down incorrectly, and never made any final confirmations. It was a complete waste of time and energy, and only made for further disappointments when arriving at the resort and nothing was correct. No one on the staff was organized, and there was no communication between any of the staff. No one knew what was going on, and when we'd ask questions about things that should have already been done, were pre-planned, or were just simple questions, no one had the answer- they would have to check on it and get back to us, and usually wouldn't get back to us. If any of the staff had any questions for us about our plans or events, no one called or asked, they just went ahead and made incorrect assumptions and changes, and then said it was our fault, or our decision.

All of these problems caused us to have a stressful, disappointing, horrible week. It was not fun- it was not really a vacation. Instead of going home and being able to tell everyone was a beautiful, perfect wedding I had, this is what I got.

I was finally called by a higher-level customer service manager from Sandals, Inc., and apologized to, and offered some free nights. When they sent us the agreement, it said that we would be comped only 2 free nights, and only if we agreed to take down any negative comments written online about the company. Obviously, we did not accept the terms of that agreement, and we will not ever be returning to one of their resorts, nor will we encourage anyone to stay at them. I also discourage anyone from having their wedding at one of their resorts.

Directions: Grace Bay Beach

cjg1's Profile Photo

Caribbean Village

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on June 23, 2011

Beaches is an all-inclusive resort right on Grace Bay. My wife and I love this resort and have stayed here three times in total; our first time being for our Honeymoon in 2009. I feel that each section of the resort needs its own review since each is unique in room type, quality and location.

Our most recent trip to Beaches we chose to stay in the Caribbean Village section of the resort. The resort has three sections in total: Italian Village, French Village and Caribbean Village. The Caribbean Village is the oldest section of the resort and most centrally located to all the activities, pools, restaurants and beach. We chose a Honeymoon room on the third floor of the main building. The room was very nice and spacious with a four poster bed, sofa, desk, dresser, bathroom and terrace. The terrace faced the beach with a view of the beach, garden and pool. The room is decorated Caribbean style with dark woods, light colored linens and tropical motifs.

I must say this central location was certainly convenient for dining; with a main buffet, restaurant and bar just an elevator ride away. The pool was steps away from the main building and the beach just a short walk. The Italian Village was a short walk away as was the French. I did like the French Village better since it was quieter and had less children but I was pleased with this room.

The only draw back to this location is that you are in the center of all the night time activity and depending on you room location you could be in for a noisy stay. Thankfully our room was up high so we were not disturbed by noise.

Unique Quality: The best part of this resort is that there is so much to do with the choice of four different pools, numerous jacuzzi's, free watersports, plenty of bars and restaurants and it's all included in your price.

cjg1's Profile Photo

An All Inclusive Beachside Resort

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 10, 2009

We decided to Honeymoon in Turks & Caicos and chose Beaches as our resort. Beaches is a family friendly resort but we didn't mind that fact. We are familiar with the Sandals/Beaches Brand from several of Liz's family and friends. Beaches is an all inclusive resort which means all food and alcohol is included. No tipping is allowed on premises except in the Spa.

The resort is very nice and sits on a beautiful stretch of property in the Grace Bay section of Provo. The resort is broken up into three sections. The Italian Village, The French Village and the Caribbean Village. Each section has its own pools, jacuzzis, shops, restaurants, bars and accommodations. There is also the beach area and the waterpark.

The Italian Village is the newest section with larger buildings and more rooms. The decor is Italian in style with Roman type statues in the garden areas surrounding the pool. This section is the busiest due to the Trevi pool being the largest and only heated pool on the resort. The pool is large with a jacuzzi and separate kiddie pool. The pool bar here is also large with a tower lounge.

The French Village has several chateau type structures that are two or three levels. The rooms here are very nice and we stayed in one of the garden walk out suites in the Nice section. The room was very nice with a King size bed, trundle bed, chair, table, dresser, mini bar, large closet and bathroom. The sliding glass doors opened up to a nice patio with two chairs and a table. The French Garden were very nice with neo-classical statues and beautiful flowers and trees. The Riviera Pool is quite large with a Jacuzzi and pool bar.

The Caribbean Village is the oldest section of the resort. There are two pools here and two jacuzzis. These pools are considerably smaller than those of the other villages and not as crowded as the Trevi pool.

The Water Park is a fun escape for both adults and kids. A nice afternoon on the water slides or lazy river is a fun way to spend some time.

The shopping here is very nice and the prices are not as bad as we expected (except on the toiletries). The stores carry something for everyone: clothing, jewelry, shoes, souvenirs, magazines, etc.

The food here on the whole was good. We did have a few bad meals at some restaurants but were quick to report the issue to staff. The drinks here were excellent and considering they were included in the price; I was surprised. They didn't skimp on the liquor and it was brand name bottles.

The staff here was ultra friendly and accommodating (except for guest relations on the phone). Housekeeping was erratic but I chalk it up to Island Time. The waiters/waitresses, bartenders and shop attendants were wonderful. The ladies in the photo shop were great especially Jessica, Alicia and Freddy.

nomadig's Profile Photo

Almost luxury

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 5, 2008

Beaches Turks & Caicos resort advertises itself as "unrivalled luxury in Caribbean" -- if that is the case, frankly, I don't want to visit the other resorts at all. The concept of the resort would allow really luxurious holiday, but unfortunately the all too common American cost and benefits calculation gets in the way. Beaches resorts are designated for families, and they do pretty good job entertaining smaller folks. Our boys were a tad too small (and didn't understand English) to make most of it, but I can see how it works with kids already in school.

The resort is huge: there are several pools, about dozen restaurants, cafés and bars, various places to hang around and a good looking beach. There is also always something going on for different age groups, and every night the main stage has a show or too. Everything is free of charge, including all food, drinks, entertainment and Internet access (only in main lobby). This concept works only when majority of people are from the US, as Europeans (Brits, Germans, Scandinavians, Finns) would booze themselves senseless and stay that way.

But now back to the luxury; for some it might be enough to bask in sun, sip a free drink, and be served pretty good food without ever showing the wallet. For me, luxury means also luxurious settings and service. And here the resort shows too much of cost versus benefits thinking. The rooms are large, but the furniture is dated and poorly manufactured in the first place. There is no duvet, for crying out loud. The room smells funny, probably because of pest control. The whole area looks either cheap (the old part of the resort) or kitschy (the "French" village). Only canned soft drinks are Coke, all fountain drinks are generic stuff -- and not that good. You can buy Pepsi from the market. Service is not friendly, except from that one bald guy in Denny's. Everywhere you go, you get feeling of non-bespokeness -- and the feeling of luxury just vanishes, in a snap.

Don't get me wrong, the place is really nice and probably worth the expensive room prices. But don't expect luxurious settings. More of a relaxing, do nothing or even less kind of Caribbean holiday with too much food and drinks. Good food, that is -- to my honest surprise. The resort is also building an Italian Village, that looked a bit better than French, at least in the pictures. There were bigger family suites and views to the ocean.

uvionpatrol's Profile Photo

Truly beautiful and exotic

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 26, 2007

First of all, just landing on Turks and Caicos takes your breath away. So when you arrive at the hotel and see the panoramic views, multitude of amenities and exceptional service, it really makes you see why it is called the "last of the true exotics." Beaches Turks and Caicos has so much to do and see that it will take you days before you circle the resort. Each section has something exceptional to see and experience. The world class spa is a dream come true and the beaches are the same aqua color you see on the ads. The Turks and Caicos Islands have the best and most beautiful beaches and the diving is out of this world. This was an experience my family will never forget.

Unique Quality: The beaches and diving are world class.

steelstud's Profile Photo

Turks & Caicos all inclusive resort

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 1, 2004

There were plenty of pools and places to eat (like 6 or 7 of each) all with swim up bars.We stayed in the French Village in a simple room that was clean but had a bad musty smell. The French Village portion of this resort is also the farthest from the beach and our room was in the farthest reaches of the French Village. It was a brisk 5 minute walk to the beach.

this place has it all!

by written on February 25, 2003

The Best resort for families! the grounds are breathtaking,very well kept,The beach has the clearest water you have ever seen!In fact its a snokelers paradise! just grab your gear,take a short walk and you can snorkel right from the ebge of the water.Theres even a dolphin that makes its home there.britely colored ish from small to large are everywhere.the staff are very friendly,the drinks flow day and night....Go and have the time of your life!

Unique Quality: Lots of pool choices,10 restaruants,many bars,including swim up! special area for the kids,with there own swim up soda bar and restaruant,with pizza,popcorn,hot dogs,burgers,ice cream!

gernblanston9999 Mar 8, 2013 at 8:38 AM

If you like being under constant attack by a photography helicopter and being pushed around by the staff who are trying to get you out of the way of their advertising film crew, you’ll love Beaches Turks & Caicos.

We were unfortunate enough to book a reservation at this place in December 2012. Incredibly, what was to be our vacation happened to coincide with their advertising campaign. Every day of our stay was nothing but aggravation.

THE BEACH WAS COMPLETELY CLOSED on 3 occasions. They placed guards at all access points to the beach so the paying customers wouldn’t access the beach and interfere with filming their advertising.

For several days, they removed all beach equipment; beach chairs, kayaks, water trikes, snorkeling equipment, excursion boats, etc. This was to allow complete access for the models and photo crew and to have an empty beach to photograph and film. Never mind that thousands of paying customers who each paid a small fortune to attend this ‘resort’ are being pushed around because we were considered a nuisance.

Pools were intermittently closed, bars, restaurants, water park, etc., were closed off so they could be filmed for advertising purposes.

A helicopter that had the Sandals logo and a photographer hanging out the side door, was constantly circling and hovering overhead, making high speed passes over the beach and the buildings at treetop levels. This went on for hours and hours over the course of several days. The noise and disruption was incredible. This would never be allowed in the U.S. because of the danger to those below. However, at Beaches Turks and Caicos, they are not at all concerned about YOU. When it suited the resorts interests, we (the paying guests) were treated as background objects for filming. Later when it suited the resorts interest for us to be gone, we were chased away.

The staff will pretend it’s not happening.

You cannot predict when they will use the facility for advertising purposes, but when it does you will have no recourse. We registered a complaint regarding their photo shoot, and received an undated form letter that they apparently keep on hand to give to people who are upset about their aggressive photographers. I even demanded the name of a supervisor I could contact directly. This person, (Christine Taylor) was mysteriously never available.

The manager I spoke to at the resort was clear that we should continue our stay and then proceed with a customer service complaint after we returned home. This we now realize, was to get rid of us, get us as far away as possible, giving us no recourse when customer service refuses to respond.

We had a long conversation one evening with a young woman who has worked at the resort for several years. She told us that these photo shoots happen TWICE A YEAR! Of course they are planned in advance, but the guests are never informed. It is impossible for you, the paying guest, to know when it is going to happen. There will be no mention of it when you book your trip. When you arrive and find

that it is happening, that’s just too bad for you. They don’t even thank you for funding their advertising materials for the next six months.

Anybody planning a destination wedding at this place should reconsider. Spending thousands and thousands of dollars to have a beach wedding in which you have to shout your vows over the never ending drone of the helicopter would be a catastrophic event.

We had communications with customer services who have now stopped responding. This organization is a bunch of thieves. No sane organization would push their paying customers around and expect them to put up with this kind of treatment.

I found it hilarious to look at trip advisor after we had returned. There were many postings that accurately reflected the photography attack that occurred at that time. There were however, many more raving reviews posted which made no mention of the photography over that time period. This confirms to me that the resort is flooding trip advisor with fake reviews. There is no way a guest who was on the property at that time could have possibly avoided the horrible plague that was the photographers and helicopters.

I am going to pre-empt the false and misleading response that Beaches/Sandals will place regarding this posting. I can assure you that even though they say ‘contact customer service to resolve this issue’, that is also fake. Their customer service has only deflected our concerns. They are only there to delay and eventually stall any resolution. Meanwhile, they have successfully stolen our money.

In summary, DO NOT spend thousands of dollars to stay at a resort that obviously doesn’t care about repeat customer visits. For those who are on-site and have already fully paid for their stay, they have your money and will treat you however they please.

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Beaches Turks & Caicos

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