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  • oxygen-istanbul profile photo oxygen-istanbul
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4 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Hotel Minsk...: One of best hotels in Belarus..

There are no so much hotels like Hotel Minsk.. It is located in the centre. Founded in 1959.. Rooms and furniture are comfortable..Clean.. But expensive rather than similar otels in similar countries....

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Written May 9, 2010

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  • sahara_stroller profile photo sahara_stroller
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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Allaxanders Hostel (house!): Minsk's best budget accommodation

It is the best place for a traveller that wants to learn something from the city. If you are just passing through you are pobably better off staying at the Train station hotel "Express", so that you can avoid the long trip to the suborbs to reach Alexander's. However if you are staying for more than a night, you should make the trip (last stop on the metro line) and see the life in soviet structures from the inside. Don't ecpect luxuries but a clean bed and good info about the city. You can book through Hostel bookers or hostel world

see the standard soviet home, mix with the rest of 99 flats neighbors

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Related to: Backpacking, Budget Travel
  • Written November 28, 2008

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  • emmet7 profile photo emmet7
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3 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Yubeleynaya: only friendly affordable hotel I found in Minsk

the lady at reception was friendly and helpful, offered me the weekend rate. She would not let me pay her until after 12 noon because most hotels make you pay half the rate to check-in early, I was there at 8AM.

I visited several other hotels; they were either totally unfriendly or above USD200 per night.

The room itself was decent, there is wi-fi only in the lobby.

The location is just off-centre and not bad but I rented a huge apartment directly in the city centre for similar price per night. In former Soviet countries, you will not get any service outside of at 5 star hotels, so an apartment can be best.

I stayed one night at hotel for visa registration ;-)

few, decent service

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Business Travel, Historical Travel, Architecture
  • Written July 17, 2008

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  • Lisala profile photo Lisala
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4 out of 5 starsUser Rating

2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Hotel Belarus Minsk: Only good if you are up to paying more

Here in the forum there's already an elaborate review of this hotel - I do agree in many points but not in each detail:

The soviet brown rooms: That's right - but: Only for the standard rooms. If you like to have a really good room, take the "improved business class rooms". Rather expensive, think I paid 220 Dollars for a single room, but that one was really great. Recently renovated, nice colours, good furniture, good bathroom. I would award it with 4 stars - but, remember, only in the mentioned category.

The stern looking staff on the own floor: Well, that changed immediately after the first tip. They became really friendly, asking all the time if I'd need anything.

In the room there was an empty minibar, but the staff refused to stock it up. And that was better, because the drinks in the hotel (you can order room service) are very expensive. Do it like the belarusian people and provide yourself in the nearby supermarket.

The view is awesome (if you like the Minsk skyline). I preferred the view to the side of the night club, because from there you can overlook the lake, the ice stadiums and the houses with the propaganda. But don't choose this side if you have a light sleep - the night club can be very noisy.

Room prices range from 70 Dollars to about 500 Dollars.

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Written March 26, 2008
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  • Tanushka-super profile photo Tanushka-super
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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Nemiga 6: apartments for rent in MInsk

Hello all foreing tourists, i would like to reccommend you the apartment renting agency Belarus-tours, where i get a very nice apartment during my stay in Minsk, The staff was very nice and helpful to me! If you are travelling to minsk, you can contact these people and they will help you!

friendly staff:)

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Written July 18, 2007
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  • DAO profile photo DAO
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2 out of 5 starsUser Rating

2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


Located just at the edge of the city centre, the hotel looms on top of a hill with gardens and is very close to the lake. Your first thought is SOVIET TOWER. The dark and cavernous lobby reaffirms this feeling. Although there are some nice souvenir kiosks and a small grocery in the lobby, you struggle to see in the dark gloom and amber coloured decorations. The loud clanging elevators take you to your floor where a stern looking woman at a desk greets you. She controls your destiny and your room key for the rest of your stay. She will give you that disapproving look every time you see her so that there is no question who is in charge here.

Once you get past the threadbare brown carpets you find your way to your room filled with brown threadbare furniture and a lumpy brown bed. Your Spartan bathroom is decorated with brown tiles. The colour is Soviet brown. Don't worry - the whole country matches.

In order to lighten your mood you can discover the 3 excellent qualities that Hotel Belarus does have. 1) The view out your window of the lake and several cathedrals. 2) The well-equipped gym – fee payable thank you, and 3) The Panorama Restaurant with the complimentry breakfast hot breakfast buffet and stupendous views of the city of Minsk.

The hotel sits among nice gardens where there seems to be a least 3 weddings taking place at a time. There are also some bizarre gardening “art” as well as a small stream full of inquisitive ducks.

The staff do not speak any language except Russian and are mostly rude. If you persevere, they will go in the back and find someone remotely friendly.

Even hotel booking websites have a problem telling you about the attractive qualities of this Soviet Monolithic Tower Block. One booking site for this throw back describes it as “A reasonable if unimaginative centrally located hotel” and “A high-rise tower, Soviet era modern grey building”.

The hotel does have some good features:

In lobby grocery/general store: cheap cold beers, snacks, even fruit
In lobby souvenir kiosk: good Soviet oddities at an average price – when open
6 lifts: 3 work and scare the hell out of you
Car parking: expensive
Business facilities (fax/internet) VERY expensive
Gym: expensive
Pool: VERY VERY expensive ($10 an hour!)
Couple of bars: locals only, dirty looks and do not want to serve you
Fantastic hot breakfast with best views in Minsk: FREE – they don’t ask for your room!

ATM with either local currency or US Dollars

Healthy Walk:
Restaurant (bad)
Grocery store (very good)

Long walk:
Afghanistan Memorial
Internet cafes
Restaurants (good, western, expensive)
CASH DESK IN LOBBY: where you pay all the fees so you can use the facilities

Overall: An OK place for business people and a clean and safe hotel. Definitely not for backpackers or Romantic breaks – but neither is Belarus.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Romantic Travel and Honeymoons, Business Travel, Work Abroad
  • Written October 5, 2006
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  • A-Friend-Of-Belarus profile photo A-Friend-Of-Belarus
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3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

HOTEL TOURIST: Welcome to the Hotel Tourist...such a lovely place

Frankly, I don't know how many stars his hotel has. I didn't see any signs of categorization in this facility. In my opinion, it can't have more than 2 stars but, according to Belarusian standards, it could be a 3 star hotel, maybe.

It's located in Partizanskaya Prospekt, some 5 km from the city center (Partizanskaya Metro station, just 4 stations from Oktobarskaya Square - the main square in Minsk).

Next to the hotel you can see a big trade center called "Belarus". In metro, right in front of the hotel, there is another shopping place called "Podzemni Gorod" (Underground City).

The hotel's got a casino and a restaurant.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Budget Travel
  • Written April 5, 2006
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  • Tobias_Plieninger profile photo Tobias_Plieninger
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2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

General information about accomodation in BY: Places to stay in Belarus

In Belarus there are not much options for budget travellers.

In general there are few options to stay at all.

The soviet style hotels have high prices for tourists.

Some tourists need to book ahead to get a tourist visa.

This rule increases the prices.

In my opinion it is the best to take an overnight train so that you don't have to pay so much for your hotel.

Soviet style hotels have a low standard compared.

There is absolutely no good connection between price and standard.

The rooms seem that they haven't changed since the end of the UDSSR.

In each "Etage" there is a old women who keeps the keys.

Sometimes they are friendly sometimes they are rough.

That depends on their mood.

If you are lucky they give you a tea.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Related to: Road Trip, Budget Travel
  • Written December 31, 2005

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  • rboittier profile photo rboittier
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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

2 Bed Flat in Orsha: Rent a flat, it's cheaper than a hotel

If you have a friend in Belarus who can organise a flat for you then try it! There is a distinct lack of any tourist accomodation outside of the big cities, so this may be your only option!

Most Belarussians welcome the chance to give up their home for a week or so in exchange for some good old US Dollars. We paid around $100/week for ours which is about the same price as a large room for 1 night in a Minsk Hotel!

The best part about staying in a flat is you will live amongst the local population. Sure, they will all look at you as if you have arrived from Mars, but soon they will start to try to talk to you or smile at you. If you can learn to say good morning in Russian, that will help you!

Shopping for food is another experience especially when you only have about 6 words of Russian! This is not for the unadventurous, but then if you have no sense of adventure what are you doing in Belarus!

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Related to: Road Trip
  • Written August 18, 2005
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Rear of Our Flat

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  • Reviews: 46

4 out of 5 starsUser Rating

2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness



  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Historical Travel, Religious Travel, Singles
  • Written October 15, 2004
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  • Waoife profile photo Waoife
  • Reviews: 118

2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Hotel Planeta: Hotel Planeta

Clinton & other foreign leaders stay here and if it's good enough for them .........

Needless to say the room I stayed in wasn't quite as luxurious as the one he had but by Russian standards it was pretty good. Don't know the price as it was included in the cost of my tour but doubt it was that expensive - just make sure you get one of the basic rooms to avoid being fleeced!

Spend your spare roubles in the Casino (if you can!) & the food in the hotel is pretty good too.

  • Opinion of Price:
  • Written September 13, 2002
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  • blue-viggen profile photo blue-viggen
  • Reviews: 102

1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Accomodation in Minsk is...

Accomodation in Minsk is varied. As part of the Humanitarian Aid team, we slept in a combination of Hotel and Coach. I am aware that for foreign visitors the only safe form of stay is in the Larger Hotels and as a foreigner you will be expected to pay quite a high price per room. Remember Belarus is relatively uncharted by foreign tourists at present.

  • Opinion of Price:
  • Written August 26, 2002

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  • minchanka profile photo minchanka
  • Reviews: 129

1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

I've never lived in our...

I've never lived in our Belarusian hotels, that's why my recomendations are based on the experience of my fellows from foreign contries.

How to find a hotel in Belarus? In the internet: I've tried, and the result was not very good - only some hotels (name, address, and telephone number) in the regional centers, sometimes with short description in Russian, and nothing more. In printed city (or country) travel guide: one my acqaintance came to a hotel, which was advertised in such a book, and saw closed door - the hotel was under reconstruction. The conclusion - better to make a call to chosen hotel just to check out whether it is waiting for visitors before going there. If you are going to spend in the same town a week and more, I would suggest you to rent an appartment. A week there will cost you the price of one night in a hotel. But there is one detail: in this case you should better ask for assiatance your local acqaintance.

The quality of service in Belarusian hotels defers dramatically. How to choose the appropriate level? You will see it by price. The cheepest hotel rooms cost about 10$-15$ per night, and even less in remote towns. The best hotels are located in the capital (Minsk), one night in a hotel like this will make your wallet thiner for up to 75$.

  • Opinion of Price:
  • Written August 25, 2002
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  • hunterV profile photo hunterV
  • Reviews: 2836

3 out of 5 starsUser Rating

1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Vitsebsk: Eastern Belarus

I stayed in that hotel three times when I came to that city to see my German friends who had come to Vitsebsk with a humanitarian convoy and invited me to see them there...
I remember the nice views of the Dvina, the bridge and the theater.

Great view over the Dvina, proximity to all main sights of the city.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Family Travel, Business Travel, Budget Travel
  • Written August 25, 2002
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  • lorigirl profile photo lorigirl
  • Reviews: 179

1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

The NAROCH Tourist Center...

The NAROCH Tourist Center includes two hotel buildings located on the bank of Naroch Lake, the greatest in Belarus.

NAROCH TC enables hiking, skiing, water, bicycle and other tours for active recreation amateurs. It operates all-year-round and provides services: cafeteria, snack-bar, entertainment center, game room, equipment rent, sports center, cafe-bar, swimming-pool, library, cinema, concert hall, hairdresser's

  • Opinion of Price:
  • Written August 24, 2002
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