Holiday Inn Paris-Porte De Clichy

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2 Rue de 8 Mai 1945, Clichy, Ile-de-France, 92110, France
Holiday Inn Paris-Porte De Clichy
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Metro Ligne 13

by Klod5

Ligne 13 - Line 13
Chatillon Montrouge
Malakoff - Rue Etienne Dolet
Malakoff - Plateau de Vanves
Porte de Vanves
Montparnasse Bienvenue
St Francois Xavier
Champs Elysees - Clemenceau
Saint Lazare
Place de Clichy
La Fourche
after or :
Porte de Clichy
Mairie de Clichy
Gabriel Peri - Asnieres - Gennevilliers
or :
Guy Moquet
Porte de St Ouen
Mairie de St Ouen
Carrefour Pleyel
Saint Denis - Porte de Paris
Saint Denis - Basilique

RER Ligne C

by Klod5

Bretigny sur Orge RER C4, C6
St Michel sur Orge
Ste Genevieve des Bois
Epinay sur Orge
Savigny sur Orge
Athis Mons
Villeneuve le Roi
Choisy le Roi RER C2
Les Ardoines
Vitry sur Seine
Ivry sur Seine
Bd Massena
Gare d'Austerlitz
St Michel-Notre Dame
Musee d'Orsay
Pont de l'Alma
Champ de Mars - Tour Eiffel
After or :
Bd Victor
Meudon - Val Fleury
Chaville - Vetizy
Viroflay - RG RER C5, C7
Or :
Kennedy-R. France
Av. H. Martin
Av. Foch
Pte Maillot
Porte de Clichy
St Ouen
Les Gresillons
Epinay sur Seine
St Gratien
Ermont-Eaubonne RER C1, C3

Franconville-Plessis Bouchard

Choisy le Roi
Les Saules
Orly Ville
Pont de Rungis-Aeroport d'Orly
Rungis-La Fraternelle
Chemin d'Antony
Massy-Verrieres RER B4
Massy-Palaiseau RER B4


Bretigny sur Orge
La Norville-St Germain les Arpajon
Breuillet-Bruyeres le Chatel
Breuillet Village
St Cheron

Viroflay - RG
Versailles - Rive Gauche
Chateau de Versailles

Bretigny sur Orge
Marolles en Hurepoix
St Martin d'Etampes

Viroflay - RG
Versailles - Chantiers
St Cyr
St Quentin en Yvelines

Day 10 - Part 2 Paris

by Gluhwein

We boarded our buses in the underground parking lot below the Louvre (seems like a security nightmare to me). We headed north to our dinner at "Hippo". It's an upscale chain of restaurants, the French "Olive Garden" I suppose. I've read on the internet that the French have a love/hate relationship with the Hippopotamus chain, but I found it to be rather nice. I know this will offend the gourmands that read this, but I appreciate quick service and portions that actually fill me up. We had a very nice dinner (I don't remember because my stupid dog chewed up all the notes I had been using up until now) and celebrated Tyler's 19th birthday. The restaurant brought him an eclair with a sparkler on top while we bothered the other restaurant patrons by singing "Happy Birthday".

After dinner we boarded our buses and headed for our hotel, the Comfort Median Paris Congress. What would normally take about 15 minutes took us almost 2 hours as once again we found ourselves in a weekend traffic jam. We barely inched our way up the boulevard because of the great Exodus out of town. Along the way the kids were entertained by a pair of transvestite strutting their stuff along the bus route.

When we finally pulled up in front of our hotel, there was nowhere for our two buses to park. It was a rather narrow street, but a main thoroughfare running parallel to a three lane highway. Our bus drivers had nowhere to get off the road so they simply stopped in the middle of the street and strted unloading. We must've backed-up traffic for miles. A couple people hopped out of their cars and trucks and started yelling out our Italian drivers. Neither side understood the other, but I'm pretty sure I heard something like "Fungu" which I assume is an Italian curse. I got the impression both our Italian drivers liked the French about us much as I do.

No sooner did we check into our seemingly lovely modern hotel before we were reassembling as a group to head for the nearest Metro stop (Porte de Clichy). All 72 of us stormed the Metro for a ride down to the Champ de Mar Metro stop near the Eifel Tower. We were scheduled to take an evening boat cruise along the Seine.

As we were getting off the Metro cars and heading down the stairs I stayed toward the back of the group. I noticed a couple Gypsy kids threading their way between members of our tour group. Suddenly just a few inches in front of me, I saw a little 10 year old Gypsy girl reaching into the purse of one of our adults. I quickly grabbed the little tyke's arm and shoved her against the wall. I must've seemed pretty threatening because the kid was trembling as she repeatedly said "Sorry, sorry, sorry". The little snot was actually smiling though as I cursed her out. I threatened to take her to the cops but when she didn't seem all that upset about that prospect I told her to get the hell out of the Metro stop. If I saw her there when I returned I would have her arrested. (Mr. Tough Guy threatening a ten year old!).

This entire conversation went on as we walked down the Metro steps. At one point, I felt a foot shoot out from a person heading up the steps in the opposite direction. Probably an accomplice or even a parent of this little crook trying to trip me. In any case, we never saw these Gypsies again.

Once we got out of the Metro it was a short walk to the quayside where we caught our Bateaux Mouche tourboat for our evening cruise. Even though it was 10:00 at night, it was still twilight as we climbed aboard the ship. The boat must've held close to 200 people and every seat was taken. It almost seemed like one of thos Disney World water rides on an underwater rail. The ride was a little too smooth and the commentary in 5 languages delivered over handheld speakers was too stilted for my liking. Frankly, I found it rather boring except for the fruity "Champs Elysees" song at the end of the ride. Chris and Tyler adopted it as their theme for the rest of the vacation. Almost everytime I ran into them, one or both would be singing it.

When our cruise ended the group returned to the Metro for our trip back to the hotel. Getting all 72 of us on the subway cars was tricky business and when we got off at the Porte de Clichy Metro stop, we discovered we were missing 4 people. The rest of us waited almost 45 minutes in the Metro station but they never showed up. Finally we walked the 5 blocks back to our hotel.

When I opened the door to my modern third floor hotel room it felt like I was walking into a blast furnace. It was comfortably cool outside but my room felt like the temperature was in the 90's. I played with the a/c controls but got nothing. When I pulled back the curtains to open the windows, I found the window cranks had been removed.

Immediately I stormed down to the front desk and asked for someone to turn on my a/c. The desk clerk told me he was the only person on duty at that time so I would have to wait. After about half an hour of sitting in the lobby waiting for the desk clerk, the missing four showed up. They missed the train the rest of us took and didn't know where to get off when they did get on the subway. They were in bed before the clerk finally came to assist me. He imperiously summoned me to accompany him up to my oven of a room. When he walked in he could barely disguise his surprise at the heat. He tried the same tricks I tried with the air conditioner but to no avail. Then he looked behind the curtains and seemed amazed that the window cranks were gone.

He muttered something in French and stormed out of the room. I just stood there wondering what he was doing. I expected him to come back with a repairman, window cranks or keys to a new room. I didn't hear from him the rest of the night. I was just too exhausted to head back down to the front desk. I took a steaming hot shower which fooled my body into thinking the room was cool. I made a call down to the front desk planning to demand a new room, but no one picked up. Unbelievable! Well, it is France.

I think I finally fell asleep at 3:00 am.


Dame à la Licorne: the heart?Dame à la Licorne: the heart?

The rhino - last seen Paris World's Expo of 1867!The rhino - last seen Paris World's Expo of 1867!

Ste Chapelle - frontSte Chapelle - front


Forum Posts


by alan18

Does anybody can share your comment on this hotel: Courtyard By Marriott (Neuilly, La Defense - Neuilly, 58 Boulevard Victor Hugo)? I would appreciate information on:

1) how far away is this hotel from CDG?
2) how far away is it from OECD (2, rue André-Pascal, 75775 Paris Cedex 16, France)? Can I take subway or taxi between these two points?

RE: Paris

by Beausoleil is the search site for the Metro and bus.

Your two points are not very far apart and if you are there on business, you probably should take a taxi. You can take the train from CDG to your hotel if you don't mind a little walk from the Porte de Clichy Metro station. Your hotel is on the far side of the Peripherique.

Hopefully someone more familiar with that area will answer you here.

RE: RE: Paris

by alan18


Cheap dinner at Porte Maillot - Connection to Mairie de Clichy

by CarlosIvan

I'm going to arrive to Paris in a Ryanair flight next week. I know the Ryanair bus takes me from Paris Beauvais airport to "Place de la Porte Maillot / Palace du Congress", arriving at about 22.00.
From there I have to go to Metro Station "Mairie de Clichy". I have two questions:

1) Is there any cheap place to have dinner close to Porte Maillot at that time (22.00)?
I mean something like McDonalds or similar place.

2) How long does it take with the metro to go from there (Metro Porte Maillot) to "Mairie de Clichy" metro station?

Thanks for your help!

Re: Cheap dinner at Porte Maillot - Connection to Mairie de Clichy

by Aghuk

I don't remenber that here are fast foods near Porte Maillot but there is a big building,a 'congress' center with many shops ...

To go to Mairie de Clichy, go to the metro station, look for the 'RER' one
You have to go towards 'Pontoise'
You can take any trains, they all stop where you wana go :
Porte de Clichy

then take the subway 13 to 'Gabriel-Peri-Asnieres Gennevilliers'
You will have to take the good one, because there are to metros '13', just look at the panels.

It is only a 20 minutes

If you stop at Porte de Clichy, it will be very easy to eat there for a few bucks.

Re: Re: Cheap dinner at Porte Maillot - Connection to Mairie de Clichy

by boggild

There is no McD in Porte Maillot. There are lots of restaurants, but they are not cheap (thereby not meaning that they are all expensive). Your best options around Porte Maillot at that time of day for something cheapish is probably the mussel place (can't remember the name - something like Bruges de Brussels???). Else as suggested above go to Clinchy where it is much easier to find a cheap restaurant.



by srivastava

We shall be travelling to Paris by Ryanair and shall be reaching Paris-Beauvais airport. We shall be staying in YH at Clichy. How do we reach the YH from the airport? In which zone the Mairie de Clichy metro station lie?

Re: Paris-Beauvais

by yas2


you have a bus that goes from beauvais airport to Paris. There is one waiting after each landing.This bus goes to porte Maillot en Paris.
Mairie de clichy is in zone 2 as far as I know.
there is two way to go, with the metro you take line 1 in porte maillot and change for the line 13 at champs élysés cl´menceau.
there is to ending of the metro line so take the direction gabriel péri.
you could also take the RER and change in porte de clichy for the metro 13.

enjoy your trip!

Re: Re: Paris-Beauvais

by srivastava

Thanx. Is A RATP ticket costing Euro 1.30
valid on RER also?

Re: Re: Paris-Beauvais

by yas2

yes it is valid as long as you do not out of zone 1. in that case you take the RER but you change at the metro that is still at zone 1 so it is OK.
And if you take the metro there is no difference with the zones.


Travel Tips for Paris

"Service compris"

by OrlandoBR

One good French idea is to include the tip on the price of your food. Personally, I don't like to have to add an extra 15% to whatever I must pay, so it's always comforting to read "PRIX NETS - SERVICE COMPRIS......15%" on the bills.

The Palais Royal and Buren's columns

by mariev

The Palais Royal was built in 1629 for the Cardinal de Richelieu and given to Louis XIII after his death. It consists in two intersting parts : the palace itself and the galleries surrounding it.

The main courtyard, with access via a vaulted passage, is now decorated with a set of 260 unequal sections of columns, striped black and white, courtesy to the sculptor Paul Buren.
Initially (in 1986), this exhibit created a lot of controversy but is now totaly part of parisan landscape as the columns have been found useful for more than one purpose : children's games, seats, ...

The Palais Royal houses the Council of the state, the Constitutional Council, the ministry of Culture,those can be visited only once a year (during the journées du Patrimoine - 2nd week end of September) and the Comedie Française (you can visit on appointment or each 3rd sunday of the month :

The old gardens, surrounded by the galleries, hosting luxury shops, are a haven of peace

Place du Palais-Royal, 75001 Paris
Metro line 1 or 7 - Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre


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 Holiday Inn Paris-Porte De Clichy

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Holiday Inn Clichy
Clichy Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn Paris-porte De Clichy Hotel Clichy

Address: 2 Rue de 8 Mai 1945, Clichy, Ile-de-France, 92110, France