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Theatre de Cybele

by aliante1981

Situated not far from the place de Miremont, it is a temple despite the name would suggest to you that it is a Roman theatre. Dedicated to the goddess Cybele (here finally the title got it right :)) ), who is famous for the fact that the rites in her honour and worship often included orgiastic happenings.


by aliante1981


Vienne - town, Isýre dýpartement, Rhýne-Alpes rýgion, southeastern France. It lies along the Rhýne River where the latter is joined by the Gýre River. In ancient times Vienne was the capital of the Celtic tribe known as the Allobroges. It was conquered by the Romansin 121 BC and was subsequently one of the most important towns of Gaul until Roman rule of the area ended in AD 275. Late in the 9th century the town became part of the Holy Roman Empire, and it was transferred to French sovereignty in 1450.

The old town lies in a depression that is surrounded by steep hills. Vienne is among the richest French repositories of Roman and medieval buildings. The town's Roman temple dates from the early 1st century AD. It became a Christian church in the 5th century, was used as a club for the Jacobins during the French Revolution, and was restored to its original aspect in 1860. The ruined Roman theatre on the slopes of nearby Mount Pipet could seat more than 13,000 spectators and is still used for theatrical performances. In the centre of the town, excavations in the 1960s and '70s uncovered the walls of a 1st-century theatre and temple consecrated to the Eastern divinity Cybele. On the right bank of the Rhýne, excavations have uncovered Roman residential and industrial quarters extending over 10 acres (4 hectares).

Vienne has three important medieval churches. Near the Rhýne Bridge is the 9th-century Church of Saint-Andrý-le-Bas, which was rebuilt in the 12thý13th century. The former Abbey Church of Saint-Pierre was begun in the 4th century and is one of theoldest Christian churches in France. It now houses a museum of Roman sculptures and other antiquities. The largest church in the town is Saint-Maurice Cathedral, which was built in the 12thý15th century.

Present-day Vienne is a marketing centre for the agricultural produce of the Rhýne River valley. Its industries include textiles, metallurgy, and footwear. Pop. (1982) 25,414. This description comes from Britannica 2003


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