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Grecotel Pallas Athena: Grecotel Pallas Athena

Located in the historical centre of Athens at the Kotzia square, Pallas Athena hotel is in a walking distance from Monastiraki and Acropolis by metro. -

  • Opinion of Price: about average
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  • Written May 31, 2015
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Golden Coast Hotel & Bungalows: A Steady Value, Excellent Location, Professionals!

The Hotel is also known as “Club Marmara Golden Coast”.

We spent 2 nights here recently and we enjoyed our stay to the maximum. The hotel operates from April till October.

The place is huge and you get the feeling that you are staying in a small village.

CHECK-IN: The service was efficient and it really did not take us long to get the key and be escorted to our room where the bell boy showed us a bit around how everything is functioning.

LOCATION: The spot where the hotel lies is close to the historic town of Marathon. The beach by the coast is of extreme beauty, the sand thick and gold and the waters are shallow ideal for children as well.

STAFF/SERVICE: The guys by the reception usually have much work and they keep busy with the new arrivals and departures. There is always somebody or several by the desk asking for something, but the staff is polite and professional and it does not take long when requests are met. We requested something and by the time we were back the request was accomplished. In general the staff around the premises is discreet and polite.

THE PREMISES: Besides the 4-storey main building which is the oldest part of the complex, there is an array of newly built 2-storey bungalows in Greek architecture style nicely furnished, arranged around the pools, courts and restaurants. The complex is incredibly beautiful providing all amenities and services for all inclusive stays so there is no reason to get outside at all unless it is something urgent. Everything needed is professionally considered to offer moments of relaxation and true fun to residents. The chapel and the beautiful gardens are the perfect setting for wedding, christening or any other personal venue.

ROOM: We had room #418 with a nice balcony overlooking the pool bar and beach restaurant and the coast. The interior was welcoming and reminded me much of the Mare Nostrum Thalasso which is under the same group. The room here must have been a bit smaller though but it was impeccably clean and seemed that it had recently been refurbished. The bed was comfortable and linens were bright.
The mini fridge proved handy and we kept water cool. A safe is also provided.

BATHROOM: Although the bathroom was clean, it was extremely old-fashioned with a bathtub and a plastic curtain. It was in great discordance with the bedroom and very disappointing. I want to believe that all similar bathrooms will be replaced for the new season. Shower gel tubes and shampoo were provided, but there was no plastic cap or any other extra. Towels though were changed daily, were bright white and had a pleasant fragrance.

BREAKFAST: Homemade bread, croissant, cakes, biscuits, omelets, waffles, and in general the buffet had everything to meet demanding guests. The very last morning we had to check-out much earlier as we had a long trip ahead, and still at 7.30am before even the Cooks show up, the buffet was set, it was varied and rich.

THE TAVERNA: We were on All Inclusive, and we had the opportunity to have lunch the first day at the “Taverna”. It was closer to our room so we thought to give it a try. The outside seating is amazing and truly reminds you of a Greek tavern. The food was nice, varied and ample. The same stands for fruit and dessert. Draft barrel beer and local wine from the round area which prides for its wineries are complimentary in all restaurants.

OLYMPIA RESTAURANT: The rest of the days we liked to combine lunch & dinners with a pleasant stroll, so we used this restaurant instead. Located opposite the main swimming pool, it is huge and can accommodate up to 700 guests. It offers a wide range of international and Greek buffet-style dishes, depending on the themed cuisine nights. One out of the three nights we enjoyed Mexican cuisine which was interesting. The very last night we dined in the restaurant with the huge round chandelier. The ambience here is cozy and more pleasant than dining in the other two rooms which are crowded and quite noisy.

The Chef, cooks and staff in the restaurant are inevitably professionals and I found food delicious and the presentation great. I truly cannot think of something that it was not fresh or not good. I love the idea of the open kitchens and you come directly in contact with the cooks who recommend and help you choose. I chatted a lot with them and found the conversation we had interesting. The buffet was indeed that of a 4* hotel. A great job guys…keep the good work up.

ENTERTAINMENT: The main bar caters for full drink and snack menu, as well as pool tables, electronic games and music nights. I would never think of going outside the premises myself with everything provided here. There are shows, and theme evenings and once a week there is the Greek night with folkloric dancing that excites not only tourists but locals too.

During the high season, kids have much to do to keep busy at the Mini and Junior Clubs. But it is not only kids that have fun. The animation staff will urge you participate in their daily activities with competitions, games by the pool and sports. I enjoyed a game of darts one morning. Luckily I gained some points. Those who don’t have to jump in the pool with clothes on. It was fun.

POOLS: Besides the 3 open-air swimming pools there are a couple of them exclusively for the little ones. They are found by the Mini Club which is way too popular with kids. Pools are nicely scattered throughout the premises to keep guests refreshed so as everybody enjoys a pleasant stay wherever they are. You can provide your beach and pool towels through the beach bar under a fee of €5.00 as a guarantee. You get your money back when towels are returned.

The pool close to the beach restaurant though, is mostly occupied from Gym schools from the round area and youngsters are trained in synchronized swimming which is really nice to watch. Several of those kids are candidates for the Olympics. All this demands advanced water skills and requires strength, endurance, flexibility, artistry and precise timing as well as breath control when they are upside down underwater. The lucky ones whose rooms over-face the pool can watch the kids training. I found it extremely pleasant because they give a positive energy around.

BEACH: The beautiful sandy beach is fully equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas and for sport lovers the hotel provides facilities for water ski, parachute, motorized watersports and several more. A full PADI scuba-diving centre is also available. Lessons & the hiring of equipment are under an extra charge of course like everywhere else.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: If I were to reply to somebody asking me how the stay was I would reply that it was enjoyable and relaxing. Any Drawback? The very old bathroom did disappoint me.
Beach? Dreamy. Food? Interesting & Tasty. Staff? Professionals, Stay? Good value. Totally worth it? Definitely!

  • Opinion of Price: about average
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  • Written September 13, 2014
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Beautiful gardens

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Mare Nostrum Hotel Thalasso: Unbeatable Thalasso SPA, Serene Location!

This is my first stay here and honestly wished I could extend it for a few more days if I could. The hotel is huge and it stands out from a distance. Upon entering the remarkable stone construction main entrance, the feeling was that we are going to have an enjoyable stay and we did indeed.

TIPS: One or two things guests should know before booking at Mare Nostrum is that the hotel is affiliated with a French vacation company. It is written on all reviews so I cannot understand how come some guests have no idea about it while others consider this a negative! This is how the situation is here, so it is either accepting it or checking elsewhere. If somebody finds it that frustrating to be around with French…what can I say!

The best option, is to book either H/B or All inclusive thus taking advantage of ALL services the hotel has to offer….and believe me it is worth it.

CHECK IN: It was quick and efficient contrary to comments I read before coming here. It is logical to have to wait a bit if you arrive or are checking-out the time when a big group is around. This can happen anywhere. Out of my travel experience …making hotels my home lately, I believe that several guests take things for granted and when they come to a hotel they suddenly become extremely demanding, arrogant and selfish. I refer to the ones who no matter what they are offered they will always have something negative to say.

The 3 ladies behind the reception desk are doing their best to meet the needs of their guests and they have always a nice word to say. They will greet you with a smile and are discreet. There are times they feel lost only when a big group shows up and people like the ones I described above start the belly ache. The hotel is huge, very popular and family friendly.

LOCATION: A secluded location but I found it great. This is what I expected anyway. Now, there is of course a range of local restaurants and some stores in the nearby settlement which is not too far from the hotel if somebody wishes to take a stroll or dine outside. As for the local bus to Athens it is only steps away just a few metres from the main entrance. It is also a short cab ride to nightclubs to the nearby beach resorts of Loutsa and Artemida. Ask for a taxi through the reception.

STAFF/SERVICE: Impeccable service. I found the staff we came across positive, and very attentive.

ANIMATION TEAM: There is a plethora of activities organized for children & adults daily. The team is a bunch of cheerful youngsters. BUT it should not be forgotten that the hotel hosts other nationalities too. Show some respect guys and ladies of the team and repeat what you say in English at least! If not, the management could consider excluding the rest of nationalities and accept French only, which personally I find very unfair.

We did find entertainment at its top though! We participated in dancing one of the nights as well, but there were moments when we, like the rest who longed to hear at least a word in English felt totally ignored. I had the opportunity to get acquainted with 3 couples who shared the same feelings about this. It was as if the only important persons were the French and the programe was exclusively for them and nobody else. This is something significant, the management has to see in depth.

BUDGET ROOMS: Like every other hotel, this one is not an exception. There are rooms for every budget. Assure the kind of room you wish to book. Don’t forget that what we pay is what we get….so why grumbling about it later on? If you are asked to pay little, don’t think that it is THE great bargain…this might mean something! (This goes for all hotel bookings worldwide). The hotel is huge and not a new one, but the owners seem to refurbish and upgrade rooms continuously, like the beach area and gardens, several rooms, bungalows and the pool. It is simply impossible to have the whole structure refurbished at once. Let’s show some sympathy and understanding guys and be fair.

ROOM: We had the double sea view room #323, two singles, the sleep was non-interrupted and relaxing. There was some dragging of chairs and tables in the mornings coming from the upper floor but I carry along earplugs so that was not a problem.

Contemporary interior, impeccably clean and it was obvious one of those recently refurbished ones. The balcony overlooked the beautiful gardens and cove which was awesome. The huge mirror covering the wardrobe gave a feeling that the room was much bigger, but in general, it was not one of the small ones.

The locking of the safe was with no code and locked by the card key of the room. This makes people worry that the safe can be opened by any of the staff coming in. I know for sure that the master key cards the staff carries are for all rooms but with no access to safes. So there is nothing to worry about. However it is advisable to carry your key cards without the cover that shows the # of the room.

BATHROOM: Impeccably clean, simple and modern. A walk-in shower cabin instead of a bathtub with rain shower head above. Towels were new and bright. A Hair drier is provided. Toiletries include shampoo and bath gel only, with no body cream though. The plastic cap, robes and slippers which are usually in the room were missing, but of course since it is a Thalasso hotel, all these are provided when you get to the Spa.

THALASSO: The Highlight of the hotel. It exceeded by far my expectations. Its interior enjoys French standards and I urge everyone to visit it even for once, or better arrange that this is included with the stay upon booking if possible. There is no way to let you down.

The word “Thalassotherapy” or more familiar “Thalasso” derives from Greek ‘sea’ and ‘treatment’. It is about the healing and beneficial properties of the sea and the marine environment for health and wellbeing. It is as if one visits a Spa except the emphasis is not on relaxation and beauty but on healing as well. Even a one-off-treatment with jets will leave you feeling invigorated, revived and refreshed. This spot will become your favorite.

I felt that there was no need to have any extra treatment or massage and relied on the multi-jet bath (hydro-massage). The good thing is that jets are strong. The pools are great. This kind of baths in the beautiful pools of the hotel incorporates a gradual massage through the several jets which are programmed to target different areas of the body. There were 3 different pools to choose from and all this treatment relax muscles and joints and at the same time aid and improves circulation.

BEACH: No sandy beach as you would expect, but very organized steps leading straight into the sea… kind of peculiar feeling. The moment you get to the Spa though, you will never want to return to the sea, I bet.

RESTAURANT: Impressed with the taste and quality of the rich authentic Greek buffet which was different every night, it was ample and dishes were continuously replenished. The presentation was also eye catching depending on the theme each night. The chef, cooks, and waiters were extremely polite and efficient. Beer and wine come complimentary too. The open kitchens make the difference. I don’t remember tasting anything out here of minor quality, so the overall impression is excellent. I can assure that the food in the restaurant of the hotel is way better than in any tavern or restaurant in the round area.

GARDENS AND POOL: Impressive with one word. I scarcely get to pools in general but the whole seating is nice here around the pool and bar, and guests do have fun throughout the day till late afternoon. The pool bar offers cocktails and snacks and it is the place to go to for Beach towels as well. With a €5.00 deposit you get your towel and when you leave you take it back and get your money back…it is so simple and correct.

SIGHT-SEEING: Don’t miss visiting the nearby museum of Vrachati. Fee €3.00 and €2.00 if you are over 60. Personally I found it of great interest.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: I honestly loved every moment spent here as there is so much to keep one busy. We never thought of a second to leave the premises which were so inviting. It is a hotel that has it all. If you are after peace and quiet, this is not the place for you for sure. Book here if you are really in the true mood & spirit of holidays. Highly recommended!

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Food and Dining, Spa and Resort, Beaches
  • Written September 13, 2014
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New Acropolis View Central Loft: Great view, large apartment, reasonable cost

I can’t say enough about this lovely apartment we booked through It completely lived up to its billing. We had a fairly large living room, kitchen, nice bedroom and bath with the bonus of a covered terrace looking out over the city toward the Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill. There were a couple of nice small places to eat just down the street and it was a nice quiet neighborhood.
The owner, Ignatios, met us there and was one of the most gracious people I have ever met. He asked if I liked Greek coffee, so, not really knowing how different it was from Turkish, etc., I simply said I liked all coffee. So he immediately produced a small bag for me to take home. He also said he could save us both money if I would take his extra cell phone to use while we were there and for me to call him at any time, which I did only a couple of times. He arranged for a taxi to pick us up for departure and the driver called me on Igantios’ cell phone 5 minutes before arrival. While it did not include a complete breakfast, Ignatios left milk and juice in the fridge as well as coffee, bread and jam his mother made, and cookies for our consumption. All of this for about $60 per night.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Arts and Culture, Historical Travel
  • Written March 29, 2014
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View from inside

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Acropolis Hill: Acropolis Hill

Very happy, simple but nice hotel. Don't expect too much. Provides nice and clean room with free wireless. And basic breakfast.

It's in walking distance to all historical area like Acropolis, Museum and Plaka. And much cheaper comparing in Ermou Street. If you don't want to climb to hill on your return at night, take a taxi for 3-4€.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Historical Travel, Museum Visits, Archeology
  • Written December 24, 2012

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Aquamarina Hotel, Nea Makri: A Nice Gate Away, I highly recommend it

We just returned from the Aquamarina Hotel where we spent 3 amazing relaxing nights. The reason I booked here was that I had to visit Nea Makri and Mati, to see what the area has to offer, take photos and write about everything in my Guides. I take seriously the comments written on TripAdvisor and for this reason I am careful where I book. I also know well how to set apart those comments made from people whose only aim is to harm a hotel from the ones who write the truth. In this case I did not regret booking here at all and our stay was wonderful.
The hotel belongs to the Xenotel Grouphotels S.A. and the Aquamarina is the newest hotel of the company with a long –over 30 years presence in the tourism field. With all these years of experience a pleasant stay at any of the hotels is a guarantee.

Upon arrival the front desk staff without delay handed us our keys and indicated how we get to our room- #304 which was on the main building. I noticed that personnel are multilingual and besides Greek guests there were other nationalities too, with the majority of French. The staff proved very helpful guiding us with the correct information about distances to different places we wanted to visit, and places of interest in the round area which I had no idea that they were so close to the hotel.

On this first visit we were mostly enjoying outdoor activities taking photos and visiting places of interest in short proximity to the hotel, however I want to come to the hotel again in winter as I believe the strong point of the Aquamarina is its amazing SPA. I just could not resist the beauty of the round area at this time of year, with the beautiful beaches, -in some places sandy and in others deeper waters with rocky coasts.

I asked to see the Spa to know what to expect on a coming visit. The indoor Wellness Centre is the perfect place to relax and revitalise your body. In winter the indoor swimming pool has heated sea water and is equipped with hydro-jets. Besides the hammam and Jacuzzi rooms there is a fitness room with a fully equipped gym and a couple of massage and treatment rooms. The amazing of all, is that residents have these facilities for free without any extra cost -something which I come across in other hotels that I visit. Treatments are upon request and on appointment with an extra charge of course! The Spa is open between 12:00 until 20:00 for adults and 12:00 to 14:00 for children.

The hotel consists of two fully remodelled buildings and it stands out in the area. It is open all year round and it has a traditional Greek yet modern style.

Our sea-view room was quite comfortable and there was a lovely flowery smell coming from the air conditioner that filled the room with positive energy. The room was cool and fresh and the best part is that it is kept cool even if you remove the key from the power –the air conditioning is still on making you look forward to return especially after a walk outside. The room was equipped with all necessary amenities for a relaxing stay. I appreciated the mini fridge where we kept some cool water in. Between us, I prefer these than mini bars where there are all sorts of different things but you are never sure how old they might be and they are usually valued twice the real price. There was a safe but we never use it as I never carry valuables along. I also never carry many clothes and because I am a traveller and not a tourist I have along a few clothes which don’t need ironing and sometimes I wash and wear while on the trip. I try to make my stay and appearance as simple as possible. There is a nice big terrace outside the room with chairs to sit and watch the blue Mediterranean waters, -an ideal spot to enjoy reading a book, watch a beautiful sunrise as the sun comes out of the sea, or simply leave the morning sea breeze fill the room with oxygen.

The bathroom towels were bright white and were changed daily, however the bathroom was really small and narrow, allowing one person at a time but this was not a big problem really. The huge disappointment comes when you see the two single beds attached when you expect to find a double one and immediately the romantic side goes away. You see, couples who pick this hotel for a short get away expect at least to have a double bed! Even though our two single beds were comfortable, the sheets clean and bright, yet I consider this a drawback. Besides the Shampoo and Shower gel don’t expect to find a plastic cup or slippers. They are provided if you visit the Spa I was told, however you can ask the housekeeping lady to provide you or call the reception and let them know that you need them.

Breakfast –American-style included a rich variety of things to choose from and it was adequate.
We had our buffet dinners at the “Amvrosia” restaurant all three nights and I found the cuisine interesting. The menu is mainly Greek and international. I loved the salmon dish one of the nights –really tasty, and the roasted meat the other night. I rarely eat meat but I really enjoyed this one. The third night I had simply salads and fruit. There was always fresh melon and watermelon (seasonal fruit) or fruit in syrup on all nights and ice cream as well. What more could one want!

The outdoor pool (not very big) is mostly crowded and the “Pool Bar” must be the highlight of the premises during summertime. Snacks and drinks are served here and it is a fun place for most guests to be. There are plenty of pool beds and umbrellas both around the pool and on the upper level of the blue-grass garden. Guests seem to enjoy this hot spot out here a lot and you find them enjoying their drinks or reading a book or a newspaper. The kids are those who are mostly in the pool splashing in the water and having fun.

There are two medium sized conference rooms and the facilities and services are tailored to cater for any business or social event.

During the summertime you will see many elderly people coming here, or families with children, -people who keep coming back for years and it is a proof that they come back again and again because the hotel meets their expectations. It is nice seeing staff hugging warmly the guests and calling them by their small names. During our stay I met Spyros the Barman who was telling me that he considers the owners as part of his family. It is important to be working with the same people for probably more than 30 years, -being in a partner hotel and now working here at the Aquamarina. He has become professional after all these years, he is open-hearted and always with a smile and a good word.

A few things about the location. Well, Mati is a very small place but there are places of interest in the round area. For this reason I suggest that it is preferable to have a car along. Have in mind that the nearest bus stop is about 300 metres from the hotel and the drive to Athens can exceed the hour by bus plus the waiting time at the bus stop. So if you want to do some sight-seeing in the city centre of Athens I recommend booking at the Novus City Hotel which is centrally located and with an easy access to the Metro and belongs to the same group of hotels.
It is true that taxis are quite expensive and a drive to the airport can cost up to 50 euros depending on the number of luggage one has, and the cost is more if the traffic is heavy. Moving to different places by taxi is not advisable and it will cost a fortune.

There is a small grocery shop 100 metres from the hotel but this guy takes advantage of the customers and sells everything higher than the usual price.

There is the Nautical Club of Nea Makri 200 metres from the hotel and you can go there for a snack or ask for a pikilia and some ouzo by the beautiful marina.

Now, don’t expect to find a white sandy beach here. There are several man-made coves and you can pick the one you like, and the coast has rocks and pebbles. If you are after a white sandy beach you have to drive all the way to Marathonas -15 kms away.

Ask the reception to show you how to get to Cavo. It is a seaside Bar and Restaurant worth visiting and it is about half kms from the hotel. Take along your swimming suites as there is a pebbled beach just below Cavo and I am sure you would love to swim here. There is also a fish tavern next to it. The view from up the restaurant which is among pine trees is stunning.

Smoking is unfortunately allowed in the rooms, but there is a non-smoking floor available for non-smokers.
Free wireless internet (WiFi) activated with a code given by reception.
Two Free outdoor parking areas.
Baby cot upon request. Checking in at 2 pm and check-out at noon.
One drawback is that there is no air conditioning in the lift.

In all it is a nice hotel which I highly recommend, and I want to visit again in winter to check with the Spa facilities. I believe it is a good value for money and I advice that people who come here book on a H/B basis instead of B/B.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Spa and Resort, Beaches, Photography
  • Written August 12, 2012
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The garden outdoor pool

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3 out of 5 starsUser Rating

The Student & Travellers Inn: The Student & Travellers Inn

The Student & Travellers Inn - located in Plaka - a lovely part of the city, at the foot of the acropolis. the area is full cafes etc.

my commens from my stay here in 2002-the hostel is ok, 50euros for a double. the room was fairly grimy, the bedsheets were itchy.

comments from 2012-i didnt recognise it all from 10 years ago, i read it had gone under a major refurbishment so maybe they changed it alot or maybe my memory is just bad. but i liked it, its got a nice garden/yard area for tv, bar, breakfast. breakfast was decent enough at 5 euros for a choice of many things (eggs are recommedned). location great. double room for 59 euro en suite was fine, small but clean and fine. staff ok but not great.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Written March 26, 2012

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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

POSEIDON Hotel: We felt like home, Professionalism, Amazing views!

We spent three nights here even though comments on the hotel were not the best but it was a challenge for me. I know well by now that some people are exaggerating in their reviews while others don’t really know what they want. Many will book a 3* hotel and expect or demand services and facilities of a 5*. Before I go further I want to write that Poseidon can be considered a 4* hotel. Of course there were neither pens, a memo pad, a shower cap or a shoe polish sponge –all these can be found in 4 stars but in reality how much do these count…I just wonder!!!

The fact that we parked the car in the small hotel’s car park was the first positive. The moment we stepped in we were made welcome and in all I was impressed with the quality of service. The ladies at the reception were all warm and kind and they impressed me on how well they were dealing with the guests and giving info. It is a hotel that makes you feel like at home.

We had room #604 on the 6th floor (a suite) just below the restaurant. The highlight of this room was its bathroom. Instead of a wall there was a huge glass window and door with access to the balcony. The room was spotlessly clean with nice finishing touches, beds comfortable, and towels bright white.
There was a very small old fashioned TV set but with such beautiful views who would want to watch the telly -other than the news!!!
We had a surprise indulgence with fruit and a bottle of water upon arriving. The mini bar helped to keep water cool, the desk in the corner next to the balcony had become my favourite spot as I was there working on my laptop when I was not out.
Internet is not free but I found the internet fee extremely reasonable compared to other hotels in Athens. The hotel provides a Wi Plus card (prepaid) for 5 euro that lasts 90 minutes. 10 euro for 200 minutes and a day card for 15 euro which is not bad at all.

Breakfast was more than adequate. I was happily surprised to find home-made spinach pie in the morning, three kinds of cheese, ham, boiled eggs and omelette, sausages, croissant, apple pies, honey and jam, cereals, yoghurt, orange and grapefruit juice, coffee and tea, and all these in a 3* hotel!! What more can one expect!! Or were we in a 4* hotel instead!!

Buffet lunch and dinners at the roof garden were plentiful as well and always included soup besides the main dish which to my surprise had both fish and chicken the first day, veggies and roast lamb the second, along with salad, fruit and dessert. Seeing many locals enjoying a culinary dinner the first night we decided to do the same as I wanted to test the culinary skills of the chef and we were not disappointed at all. Whatever we were brought was delicious providing a wide selection of Mediterranean and International fare.

The enchanting views of the Saronic Gulf and the Attic sky from the restaurant are breathtaking. With every moment that went by there was a change in colour of the sky. In other words this hotel is ideal for people who love capturing the morning sunrise and sunsets. We spent two nights here and what my camera captured was totally different from the previous. Besides the good chef, the roof garden restaurant attracts many locals who drop by for an afternoon coffee, dinner or a business meeting. The hotel’s conference halls are fully equipped ideal for business forums.

During the summer months the beach bar & café opposite the hotel offers refreshing beverages and the traditional tavern serves seafood and Greek delicacies. The roof top bar and swimming pool were also closed at this time of year but out of curiosity I climbed up to the top for some amazing views of Athens and the sea as far as the eye can see. This is another spot I have to experience on my second visit, and of course I cannot comment on the sea or the beach at this point.

I am finishing my review on the hotel commenting on the location. It is the ideal spot for public transportation. The street below is really busy all the time and it might be a bit noisy I can admit, but the tram stops right across the street with multiple bus lines for Athens, Piraeus and the Airport. The bus stop opposite is called Edem. Take bus B2 from Akadimia or the tram from Syntagma and bus A1 from the main port of Piraeus. The Airport bus X96 will drop you just outside the hotel. If this is not wonderful then what!

The beachfront, ideal for a stroll, becomes crowded on weekends. Families with children, people jogging, bicycle riders, is a daily scene. Not ideal area for shopping. There are some café restaurants in the area but I don’t see the reason to leave the hotel if what is offered here is really good and the service exceptional. I want to thank the people at the restaurant who were doing a good job even though very busy since the hotel was almost full.
I highly recommend it. I shall surely be back and comment on the top beach bar swimming area, the restaurant opposite the hotel and the beach -things that I missed this time!

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Photography, Budget Travel, Food and Dining
  • Written January 30, 2012
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Sunset - Poseidon Hotel

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4 out of 5 starsUser Rating

3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Lilia Hotel - Piraeus (Passalimani area): Family run hotel, Courteous Staff, Great Location!

I wanted to visit Pasalimani and Mikrolimano for some pictures for my guides and I decided to stay at a family-run hotel so I booked at Lilia after reading some reviews on the net and luckily we were not disappointed.
The hotel is located on a quiet neighborhood very close to the picturesque marina in Passalimani. The road is quite narrow, with lines of cars parked on the right side, -a bit difficult to find parking space if you have a car, however the location is great.

The University of Piraeus is very close, and there are times when students stay here until they find permanent accommodation. Tourists who want to catch boats to the islands find the hotel ideal, and people who want to spend a couple of days in this beautiful location close to the marina and yachts with the nice café-bars and restaurants are thrilled with this location.

From the airport take the Express bus No X96 El. Venizelos –Piraeus (leaves every 20 minutes). The cost is 5 euro and duration approximately 90 minutes. Come off at Dimotiko Theatro and pick a taxi to Passalimani which I believe is the best alternative to come to the hotel from this point on. The hotel is not very far just let the taxi driver drop you off at Gregoriou Lambraki Avenue to the point that meets Zeas street. It is about 130-150 meters upwards, easily go on foot.

Lilia was recently renovated -the owners who are two brothers and a son were really very helpful and nice people. The reception area is not huge but comfortable creating a cozy ambience nicely decorated. There was a small bar with different drinks but we did not have time for a drink as most of the time we were out. The surround area is so beautiful that you only need the hotel to sleep. The rest of the hours you will surely want to be out.

We had a descent and adequate breakfast in the morning including cereals, yoghurt, ham, eggs, honey and marmalade, cake coffee or tea. The breakfast area is really small with just a few tables, but this does not matter at all. It makes it friendly and warm.

We had room #132 on the 4th floor. We were informed that our room was a little bigger than other rooms (included a small hall). The spacious verandah overlooking the street is an asset to this room. The view of course is mostly roof tops but you can catch a glance of the marina if you stand by the edge. It was very cold to sit outside and enjoy it since it is January but it can surely be appreciated during the summer months. The room was comfortable and clean, with nice bed quilts making a contrast to the color of the wall behind the beds. The small wardrobe included extra blankets. The mini bar was empty but we bought a bottle of water from the huge Carrefour Market which is very close. The room had both central heating and air conditioning and a very small old-fashioned TV set sitting on a stool on the wall opposite the beds.

The bathroom was not big but it was ok with a shower and a hairdryer. Don’t expect a plastic shower cap or other extras besides a shampoo & shower gel –two in one. These are found in 3 or 4 star hotels. The Hotel is a 2* hotel and not 3, but I have seen 3 star hotels with less amenities, very poor breakfast and dirty. It can easily be called a 3* hotel, if it included a swimming pool of course!

In the evening I recommend taking a taxi (4 euro) and get to Mikrolimano. If you come early take a stroll first and then dine at Zorbas Seafood restaurant which I highly recommend. Everything was so fresh, service excellent, location magic!! Find my comments on this restaurant on the Restaurant Tips.

Places of interest are accessible on foot and the hotel is not very far from the main harbor, the shipping companies and all tourist attractions. It is also close to the exhibition centre of the Piraeus (OLP) and also to the Karaiskaki and the Peace & Friendship stadiums.

I highly recommend it for a short stay, as I found the people friendly, the place clean, breakfast adequate, internet is free here and the location the best.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Singles, Photography, Budget Travel
  • Written January 28, 2012
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Room # 132 on the fourth floor

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  • greekcypriot profile photo greekcypriot
  • Reviews: 1715

5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

The Margi Hotel: The Gem of the Southern outskirts of Athens!

We spent 2 wonderful nights at the Margi, and I want to state that the hotel is beyond better than what it shows on the net. The hotel is nestled between the sea and pine forest. Within a 5 minute walk there is a wonderful public beach and yet another private one a bit further. I am referring to Astir Beach although I don’t consider the 15 euro per day cheap but its worth going there just for a try. Of course you have the waiter service, sun bed and quality facilities. I went there once when a friend came from the U.K.

Margi is the ideal place to unwind away from the busy centre of Athens, yet very easy to come here by E22 bus directly from Syntagma in less than 50 minutes. I find the hotel’s location practical for people travelling around the business areas of the city. Ideal for people who want to avoid the city centre completely and be close to the Airport which is only 30 minutes drive away. I did not dine at the hotel so I cannot tell of its cuisine but there are several good restaurants in less than 7 minute walk serving mostly sea food.

I found the hotel cosy, very stylish and chic in a minimalist Moroccan style, perfectly balancing discreet luxury with a cosy Mediterranean ambience. I noticed that great attention is given to detail. I don’t think that there would be anybody finding something negative to comment on. Those who do so, just lack good taste and no matter where they are they will surely find anything to complain and they do it out of habit. Margi has a character and you are pleasantly surprised discovering new nooks and crannies where a subtle light, an artefact or mirror has been used to enhance the overall effect.
Candles are lit as it gets dark, and the overall effect is stunning. Every single corner is different from the other, and depending on the light you get a different perspective. It is just magic!

We had the Executive room #408, which I cannot say was huge. On the contrary I found it moderately sized elegantly simple and comfortable with the balcony overlooking the pine forest and the window opposite the bed overlooking the beautiful coast. It was as if we were in front of a painting when we were looking through this window! It was cold and windy outside and the sun was shining brightly in the room making it warm and cosy. The room was clean with all the amenities that a 5* hotel should have.
I found the bathroom spacious with a modern walk-in shower and I was happily surprised to find the popular Korres toiletries here.

The American breakfast was more than adequate and had everything to meet the most demanding expectation. Breakfast starts from 07:00 till 11:00 am.

I am not fond of pools and I find them mostly decorative but the bar and pool area is truly amazing surrounded by an elegant terrace decorated with purple sofas and beds to lie down.

Staff seems professional and the service is excellent. It is very positive seeing young people working in the premises. Even the owner of the hotel is a young man full of enthusiasm and eager for the very best of the hotel. We had the chance to meet Janette at the reception, always smiling and ready to help with the clients’ demands.

Free Parking was surely appreciated, although wireless internet is not free here. It costs 5 euro for 2 hours and 10 for one day. I was told however that very soon this will be settled.

As a Guide Writer, I need to state that Vouliagmeni is a beach resort and there are no shops other than some restaurants in the round area which are not cheap though, and I don’t recommend this location for people who want to visit Athens for site-seeing. It is much too far out to have a base. The city centre is between 45 minutes and an hour’s drive from the hotel the soonest!
On the other hand one can visit the fabulous Lake of Vouliagmeni which is a natural lake fed by underground caves with a year-round temperature of 25 degrees Celsius well known for its therapeutic properties, just a 5 minute drive from the hotel.
There are local sporting activities available such as tennis, basketball and volleyball in the area next to the coast.

Most of the beaches entail an entrance fee, the price is quite reasonable if you spend the entire day there where you can have lots of water sports to amuse yourselves with. Windsurfing, water skiing, Jet skiing, canoeing, diving, boating, snorkelling and sailing are some of the most popular sports in the area.

In all, it was a great stay, and I would love to return, and probably next time try the cuisine that I did not have the chance to try on this stay.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Business Travel, Luxury Travel, Romantic Travel and Honeymoons
  • Written November 14, 2011
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The impressive pool area

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  • DAO profile photo DAO
  • Reviews: 4412

1 out of 5 starsUser Rating

2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


HOSTELS.COM – YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! YOU SAID “. It is very close to Athens international airport”. IT COST 3 OF US 89 EUROS TO GO TO AND FROM THE AIRPORT !!!!!

Other than that – this place completely sucks! Hostels.Com confirmed our 2 rooms to the hotel only 1 hour before our arrival, despite booking more than a week ahead. We could easily have paid 39 Euros to find no rooms. One of the rooms had a broken air-conditioner and TV. The staff said it would be fixed after we left the next day. So one person was woken to the sound of the near-by rooster because they had to have their windows open.

Rooms were basic and the whole hotel was as well.

No restaurant meant we had to jump a barrier to cross a highway to walk 800 meteres to the restaurant.

And the worst thing? Both Hostels.Com and the hotel show photos of the beach. Multiple photos. Not even within 15 miles of the coast!

Give this a complete miss. We could have paid to stay at a luxury hotel at the airport by the time we had paid for the taxi fares. And the taxis actually wanted more than we paid them!


  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Business Travel, Family Travel, Work Abroad
  • Written September 20, 2010

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  • lynnehamman profile photo lynnehamman
  • Reviews: 412

4 out of 5 starsUser Rating

4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Central Hotel: Exellent choice with amazing views

We stayed here after returning from the islands........the hotel was recommended by the travel agent that booked our island trip. It was perfect, down to the last detail.
We were promised a pick up from the port at Piraeus ( after midnight) and amazingly- there was the driver, waiting for us.
The hotel is not large-but it incorporates beautiful designer furniture, an inviting atrium and marble stairway. Very bright and airy.
I would have preferred a larger room- however- the other good qualities about this hotel made up for slight lack of space in bedroom. It was no big deal- we managed fine, and the room was sparkling clean, brigh and cheerful, with a good size bathroom.
The staff were very friendly, and helpful in every way.
Central Hotel is situated in Plaka area, is close to Constitution Square, and within walking distance of Acropolis, Metro, shops and tavernas.
The breakfasts were superb........a large assortment of hot (eggs, bacon, tomotoes & sausages) as well as cold fare- cold meats, olives, feta cheese, tomoatoes- all traditional Greek breakfast staples. A good selection of breads and jams, and percolated coffee -

We simply loved the terrace area, on the rooftop.
The views of the Acropolis and its surrounds is magnificent. There is a bar & jacuzzi that operates in season.
We were given a late checkout at no extra cost- which gave us time to freshen up before leaving for the airport for our long flight back to Australia. They actually let us have the room till 4pm........we appreciated this greatly.
The desk staff were very helpful with directions etc, and gave us maps- (some hand-drawn).
And all this with genuine smiles.
Facilities include:
Air-con/heating (gas)
Non-smoking and family rooms.
Conference facilities.
I would absolutely recommend this hotel- and would stay here again.

The bright, airy atmosphere and the beautiful design of hotel and its furnishings (the architect, I was told - was one Stelios Demos).
PLENTY of good lighting in the room and bathroom.

Full length mirrors in room ( being a fussy dresser, for me most welcome)
The beautiful terrace area with wonderful sunset and sunrise views.
The Atrium, with its inviting atmosphere
The warmth of the staff.
The central location- within easy reach of interesting things & places.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Architecture, Arts and Culture, Historical Travel
  • Written July 18, 2010
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Entrance- Central Hotel

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  • Maryimelda profile photo Maryimelda
  • Reviews: 1026

4 out of 5 starsUser Rating

3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Best Western Museum Hotel: A great substitute.....

We were originally booked into the Best Western Pythagorian. On our arrival, we were advised that two floors of accomodation had to be closed that day due to a burst water pipe. Subsequently we were relocated to the Best Western Museum for the same price. (55 euro a single room including breakfast). We were transported by taxi at the expense of Best Western and were welcomed at the door of the Best Western Museum with many more apolgies for the inconvenience we had been put through. Whilst we were checking in, a staff member brought us a glass of fruit juice. The desk clerk was happy to direct us anywhere we wanted to go with full details on buses, taxis, prices etc and his opinion of what things were better value than others. He also recommended a wonderful restaurant nearby called Rosario. I can't recall any further detail than that only that it was very good, very cheap and not far from the hotel.

The rooms were extremely nice for the price and our only complaint was that the location was a little further away from the Plaka than we wanted to be. No matter, we were very comfortable and were treated so nicely that we forgave all. I would certainly recommend the the BW Musem Hotel and the reception and welcome we received at the BW Pythagorian was so good that I would be quite positive in recommending it also.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Archeology, Museum Visits, Historical Travel
  • Written February 23, 2010
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My room

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  • Ol_le profile photo Ol_le
  • Reviews: 7

5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Andrea hotel: Lovely place on Agistri Island

We've stayed in this hotel twice in June, 2005. The service was quite good. Landlord was friendly and nice as all greeks are. There is no any matter in which room you are. Different sides of the building are great. It's unable to compare. Every room has its own balcony with chairs and table. The room is like appartment with small kitchen (fridge, sink). Clean toilet. The hotel has small swimming pool.
If you are three and staying in one room then you'll be provided with folding bed.
If you need to escape from Athens life, go to Agistri. It is small and quiet island where you can rest.

Always ask a discount. At first time we've been with group of around 10 people. I've got the discount. Afterwards we visited this island second time. Were very pleased, we've got better even offer. Actually it was not the high season what's why we had such alle, I guess :)

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Romantic Travel and Honeymoons, Seniors, Women's Travel
  • Written July 21, 2008

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  • cachaseiro profile photo cachaseiro
  • Reviews: 1940

2 out of 5 starsUser Rating

3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Hotel Aktion: Cheap, central and slightly dodgy.

Hotel Aktion is right by Omonia square and close to the train station.
The rooms are quite ok for a budget hotel.
They have private bathroom and a small balcony.
I had a feeling though that the place was being used by prostitutes too and the one armed receptionist with huge sun glasses made me think that even more.
I found that the place was ok though and i would not mind to come back in the future.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Budget Travel, Backpacking
  • Written June 21, 2008
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My room at the Hotel Aktion.

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