Ambiente Palace

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(formerly Golden View Hotel), Pelekas, Greece
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More about Ambiente Palace

6th out of 6 hotels in Corfu - give it a wide berth

by TripAdvisor Member choosewisely_7

Arrived at the Yaliscari Palace after suffering a double booking in Paleocastritsa. Its All Inclusive Hell! The hotel was probably very nice once and still appears in some up-market brochures but I guess they haven't been out to review it this year. It's location is very pretty but without a car you can't get anywhere. The approach to the hotel is so steep that anyone with a disability should rule it out. The rooms are OK but due to the people that the hotel attracts its very noisy at nights. Its also a bit of a rabbit warren and I'd be worried about getting out in an emergency. The pools are wholly inadequate for the size of the hotel and obviously everyone stays around all day because its all inclusive. There's a nice beach close by but the descent (and I mean that literally) and return have to be done in the hotel minibus. The second taverna along the beach is good. The dining room is beyond description - think Barbie pink melamine chairs scraping up and down on hard tile floors, think children in droves milling around, think uninspiring food and drink....... The best I can say is that tables are cleared quickly. The receptionists are nice, particularly Helen. To be fair, I could see that lots of people who were there were enjoying themselves but equally there were people who had obviously stayed at the hotel in previous years when it was clearly more 'reserved' who were absolutely out of place.

Scenic and relaxing

by TripAdvisor Member Cookies07

We took a 7 day break here in mid June, all inclusive. Yes, we read the reviews, at the time the majority were positive. We found the hotel clean and spacious, the staff friendly and the food very nice.

The unfortunate thing for us was listening to the amount of people complaining towards the end of our week, who had obviously stayed there before when it was Thomson Gold. There was always a good selection of food with many greek dishes, although we did find some nationalities were not prepared to queue at the food counters and others wanted chips with every meal. There did appear to be a complete changeover on staff, who worked long hours but were never rude or unhelpful.

The walk to the beach is steep and downhill, so flip flops are no good, but the exercise was welcomed after breakfast. The Taverna on the beach has some wonderful local foods and friendly staff, but this is not part of hotel. A bus runs troughout the day to take you to and from this quiet beach where the fish are always welcoming to food.

The views from our balcony and the pool area are breathtaking, the entertainment finishes at a reasonable hour so no problems with late night noise. There are two other Tavernas at the top of the drive above the hotel, the first one you come to also has a small gift shop and people there are helpful.

You can walk from Yaliscari Beach to Pelekas Beach, for those needing to burn off the all inclusive indulgancies, which makes for a nice change and has a lovely choice of beachside bars/cafes. There is nowhere here to find a cash machine, but a trip to Corfu Town which costs about 25euro in an air conditioned taxi will soon sort that, this town is definitely worth the visit, something for everyone.

Would we visit here again, yes I guess so, but do be open minded when reading these reviews. If it's local food, peace and quiet then go for it but I do think you should read 2007 reviews before booking 2008 as I think this hotel will have dropped in it's rating, mainly due to change of ownership!!!!!

Stayed in yaliscari palace in August 2007

by TripAdvisor Member travellerTOcorfu

We stayed in Yaliscari Palace in August 2007. We were told that the hotel is a 5* hotel. By arrival we understood that this is indeed true, however just for the lobby of the hotel and the reception area. Rooms + restaurant seems rather a 3*. It looked that all the money has been spent just for the lobby are to make the hotel looks posh, but not the rooms.
The main pool was not really clean. Food was OK however not a big variaty was offered and it did not taste great. For sure not a 5* food.
The most disturbing thing was the sewage that is located around 50-100 meter down the road. This sewage was stinking during day awfully, that we lost our apetite and made us feel sick. We realised later that the sewage landed in the local beach, so making it not safe to use the local beach. Indeed to avoid infection we never put our feet in the water, the local beach was anyway untidy.
Hotel staff were OK, but most of the restaurant staff do not speak any english.
Hotel program for the night was pathetic. Hotel staff became animators in the night with sometimes tasteless programms.
Shower and bath were OK. Again never a 5*, maybe a 2*. Upon our arrival we realised the WC was blocked and we were told we should not discard toilet paper in the toilet but to discard it in the bin. This made the toilet to a health hazard area and a smelly place.
Beds were uncomfortable and untidy. We found a blood spot on the bed sheet.
All together, maybe 20-30 years ago this hotel was a 5*, but now a days, you can call it just a 3*.

Service Station in the sun

by TripAdvisor Member stumpy68

We have just returned from our all inclusive holiday at the above hotel. I see myself has regular traveller and have stayed in many hotels at different star grading. This hotel was graded as a 5 star hotel
On arriving at the hotel the general presentation of the outside of the building was very poor. We checked our itinerary in the hope that we had been transferred to the wrong hotel. There were over flowing bins at the side of the entrance which gave off a really inviting smell. The foyer was a little better and the booking in was straight forward. This is when the fun really started!!. We were shown to our room. This entailed taking our bags down a really steep hill and being shown what looked like a service entrance. At this point were advised that we had to be careful of the steps as many people have fallen down them. I appreciated the health and safety advice but doing something about, I felt would have been the solution. Outside this entrance also had its fair share of open bins and discarded furniture which added to the ambience. The general repair and state of building was poor. We were led down this dark damp corridor and shown the door of our home for 7 days. Alarm bells stared ringing at this point when the chap who was showing us our 5 star room placed the key in the lock and said "got to go " and promptly legged it!. The room was of very poor quality. I could go into extensive details but all I can say if I had been kidnapped this is the room I would expect to held in. A added bonus which we did not expect was the automated shower. Dirty water from above apartment was pouring into our bath.
I approached reception and explained our predicament. We were informed that all other rooms were awaiting other guests to check in so there none available. After a small heated debate we were given the keys to another room. This room was real class!. The only small fault is it smelt so bad I thought this storage area for the bins. I was informed it wasn’t the case.
Room number 3. This one was based at the front of the hotel over looking the bins and kitchen entrance. We accepted this room based on the assumption that if we continued to try and find another room at the 5 star quality we would have wasted days. Safety deposit boxes were charged as an extra. There is no coffee making facilities. There is a TV but only one English speaking channel which is CCN.
Now to the food. To sum up I have eaten in better service stations. If fact the restaurant area with it’s pink presentation did adopt the name of “ The service station” by us and other guests. Generally the service was of poor quality. Tables were not cleaned or re-laid after use. Children were allowed by their parents to get their bread and deserts used it as play area. Food was being dropped on the floor and replaced after they had their fun.
The food was bland, tasteless and repetitive. I hear that Greek food is fabulous but is unfortunate the chef had not heard it either. I opted to abstain from this feeding pit and obtain my subsistence from the beach Taverna.
Everything about this hotel reflected bad service. Queuing at the bar to get a drink in a plastic cup added to our highlights.
The location is very isolated. There are 2 small travernas up the hill as described but they are also of poor quality. If you want to venture out and about hire a car. After taking to one of the taxi drivers I am now pleased his children can now have a private education due to masses of money made out of tourists. That was really nice to know.
The sunsets were magnificent. We sat there with our plastic cups of cheap alcoholic drink absorbing the romantic ambience only it to be spoilt by the choking fumes from sewage plant which placed only 100 metres from the hotel.

To sum up. This is not close to a 5 star hotel. Do not waste your money going to this place.

Not as bad as they say

by TripAdvisor Member nadinewilson1

OK so it's not a 5 star hotel, but all of the literature does state that this is the hotels own rating. After I paid for the holiday we saw all of the reviews and were going to cancel. But decided that it was only for a week and how bad could it really be.

So we arrived at 6.30 in the morning and were greeted in the hotel by a nice old gentleman, who checked us in (and spoke perfect English). Our room was 803, and the corridor did smell damp. We asked to change rooms and the staff were more than accomodating. We were give a new room as a replacement. and the problem was solved! no issues and everyone was happy.

The main issue I have was the food, I have never stayed in an all Inclusive were there was no greek food!! chips every meal time. But there is worse to come on the food front....if there were leftovers at lunch they appear in the form of a slalad at dinner! :-( it was odd to see a fish finger salad. But when in Rome...

All of the staff were great, the animation team kept us all entertained, espc. Dobby. He was worth putting up with the food, such a great guy.

Although I would not go again I can honestly say it was not the worse placed I ave stayed in.

very dissapointed

by TripAdvisor Member jlules

we had previously stayed in the yaliscari palace in 2001 when it was a thomson gold and had a wonderful holiday. we booked this hotel with my sister in law and brother in law who were visiting their daughter who lives in the nearby village of sinarades with her family and also worked in the hotel. we got a good deal and although we didnt expect it to be 5 star has it as only ever been 4 star we didnt think it would have changed that much ,WRONG!!! as we pulled up outside we noticed only half the sign was lit up saying just palace (in yourdreams) the reception desk had been moved for no good reason that we could see and the lovely chandeliers and ornate tables and chairs had gone to be replaced by cheap functional furniture .our room was ok apart from the balcony door didnt lock it was reported several times but never fixed and the bath wasnt sealed propaly so every time you had a shower the bathroom was flooded .we had read on the reviews about the barbie chairs in the dining room and they where right its not a dining room but a self service cafateria it was busy whatever time you went in there were hardly any staff who all looked tired and fed up they worked very hard but it was impossible to find a table that was set very often we cleared other peoples dishes away and laid our own table,the food was bland and luke warm and the same each day we wre glad we took our travel kettle because the queue for the tea and coffee machine was always long and the water in it was luke warm so we would make our own tea and take it into braekfast .the drinks were all inclusive until 11pm but only a choice of 5 cocktails which were quite weak and if you were lucky you might get a glass but mostly a plastic cup.theadore the bar manager couldnt stop apologising to us it must be awful for the few original staff to see the hotel so changed.expect a budget self service hotel and you wont be dissapointed but a 5star no way.on the plus side the views from the hotel are stunning and corfu and its people are lovely .
julie and phil woksop notts.

Holiday from hell

by TripAdvisor Member Surreywilliams

when we booked our holiday, Argo informed us that it was a 5 star hotel. I was really excited at having got such a bargain. Arrived at the hotel, the reception area and the floor beneath are quite nice. At lunchtime, instead of going to a dining room similar to that out of the Dorchester (as we had seen on the internet), we were met with something out of Butlins. The food was dire. All inclusive - doesn't mean all inclusive. There are no snacks/cakes as such unless of course you can count one cake per floor (and there are only two floors with bars in the hotel). If you dare go to the beach there are two cafes. One of which is attached to the hotel, yet you have to pay for everything there. The shop in the hotel is a complete rip off. What more can I say - oh and we were in Room 803 - what a hell hole. The balcony door was broken, we had no hot water for 3 days. For the first 2.5 days we went down to the beach and after this we got taxis into the other village which was about 20 minutes drive away. What was supposed to have been a relaxing, cheap hotel turned out to be not so relaxing and very expensive. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR - DON'T BOOK THIS HOTEL. It is miles from anywhere, the food is crap, the staff are all so unhappy that 7 of them walked out on the first day we arrived.

Yes it is as bad as they say

by TripAdvisor Member bbfw

I booked this as a 5 star all inclusive hotel and unlike most of the people staying there, I paid the price for one.
I would give it 2 stars and if I'd known that, I wouldn't have booked it, at any price.
My 1st impression was the overwhelming smell of sewage, around the pool and even in the bathroom.
There was one restaurant (canteen) fine for breakfast and lunch but dinner in a 5 star hotel? I don't think so. There was one coffee/tea machine, only available at breakfast, which meant a 10 minute queue, shouldn't someone be filling my cup in a 5 star hotel?
The entertainment team were rubbish, the staff were overworked and miserable. The write up said this hotel was not suitable for small children but it had a kids club? I thought I'd dreamt that it was 5 mins walk from Corfu Town until another guest told me they'd read that too. It was 12km from Corfu town 28 euros each way. The nearest village (4km) cost 15 euros each way by taxi, about 3 times the uk cost. No wonder the taxis were E class Mercs! There was no bus service. The hotel charged 12 euros for an 8 seat people carrier into Corfu town. If you caught the 10.30am, you had to come back at 1pm. The 2.30pm returned at 6pm ( I wanted to have dinner there) and when I tried to book it they said I couldn't because i wasn't a party of 8. I asked them to put the 4 of us down anyway in case another 4 enquired and they told me no, that wouldn't happen!!
When it rained, the windows leaked in the lounge and there were towels laid. The dining room floor was filthy and there were cobwebs in the corners.
I shouldn't mention the hundreds of wasps around the pool because that's not the fault of the hotel, loads of people were stung.
I will mention that the bar on the beach, although owned and staffed by the hotel, was not included in all inclusive.
We managed to escape from the asylum for dinner every night and had some great meals but worked out to be expensive with the taxi fares on top.
So, my advice; if you want to stay in a dirty hotel, in the middle of nowhere, eat in a canteen, with surly staff, smell s**t all day and get stung by wasps come to Yaliscari Palace ( aka Alcatraz)
If not CANCEL!! It stinks, literally !!

loved it, didnt want to come home

by TripAdvisor Member tartytaylor

i have just returned from the yaliscari palace in corfu (3rd sept-11th sept), 6 people were in my party ages ranging from 18 to 67 and we all had a wonderful holiday apart from the wasps which were overwhelming at times but we just escaped to the beach. we arrived at 5am, unfortunately my daughter slipped after getting off the coach, luckily she was fine but be warned it is very steep just take care and wear sensible shoes and you will be fine. we were given two lovely rooms with sea views but 1 problem not enough beds but this was soon sorted by the welcoming man on reception, he lent us a room so we could get some sleep and the maids put extra beds in our rooms in the morning. the dining room is rather like a canteen but the choice and standard of food was excellent. i do agree an extra coffee machine would have been appreciated but we just went down to the pool bar and had a coffee there. we went on 1 trip booked through tracy who wasnt our rep but said she would do anything she could to help us if we needed her to. corfu town is a must, go and see vicky in the shop up the road, she will sell you a bus ticket for 1 euro 10 and explain how to walk to the bus stop, which is in pelekas, a lovely 20mins walk through the woods (insect repellent needed) you can have a look around the few shops while waiting for the bus. we found the staff to be very friendly and helpful, give them a smile, they are on their feet all day in the heat and they dont need english people shouting at them, they are not deaf just dont speak the same language. overall we had a great time and would go back again.

Fabulous 2 week holiday!

by TripAdvisor Member princessneighneigh

This is not a 5 Star hotel but we had the best 2 week holiday for a long time!! Went for total relaxtion and fun and achieved this even with 2 teenage daughters. Food was fresh and tasty, room met our needs and was cleaned daily, helpful reception, barman Spiros and restaurant staff George & Billy deserve special mention. Animation team brill - Dobi we love you! He made our holiday and we were sad when he went home to Bulgaria. Stunning views with blue sky every day. Magical beach cove - bit stinky on way up but worth it - minibus goes up and down daily from hotel. Met fab people and still have holiday blues. Prob best to have a car as if you have itchy feet or get bored you will need to get out. Corfu is a beautiful island and deserves a look around. Picky people don't go this is a basic all inclusive hotel but somehow is the right size to make you feel at home.


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