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Nea (New) Kameni and Palea (Old) KameniNea (New) Kameni and Palea (Old) Kameni

Turquoise watersTurquoise waters

donkey ride is...scary but still fun!donkey ride is...scary but still fun!

Kapitan - Fish Taverna on the beachKapitan - Fish Taverna on the beach

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Driving in Santorini

by yankwok

I heard that the road from Fira to Oia is quite dangerous. I have driving licenses but I seldom drive. Can anyone give some tips on this? I really do want to rent a car because that's much more convenient but is also worried if the road condition is not easy for driver with less experience.

Re: Driving in Santorini

by mindcrime

there are plenty of local buses too that can take you anywhere around the island from Fira, including Oia of course. And you wont have to worry about free parking places, the drunk people, the narrow roads or the greek drivers :)

Re: Driving in Santorini

by lynnehamman

We recently ( 5 weeks ago) hired a car in Santorini- and drove that route many days & nights. There was absolutely no problem. We drive on the left side of the road in Australia, and even with that we had no problems.
Its worthwhile hiring a car, because the island has so many scenic drives, and its gives flexibilty having a car.
They also hire out ' tri-bikes' a three wheeled motorcycle, which seemed very popular- they were everywhere.

Re: Driving in Santorini

by Jawnuta

The road between Oia and Fira has very smooth surface. IT is a regular two line road sufficiently wide for two coach busses to pass each other.
We drove on this road few times last summer and I don't feel like the road is dangerous at all.

Most of the roads on Santorini has smooth surface and sufficient railings if the road happens to be on the edge of a mountain/hill.

We drove there every day as we have our favorite spots all over the island.

There are two ways of driving between Fira and Oia. One is on the western higher edge of the island and the other on the eastern lower edge where you can stop for a wild beaches and great fish taverna.
Both roads are worth taking.
Also stop at Imerovigli for beautiful views of Oia in a distance.

We had absolutely no problem with parking on Santorini. Parking places are clearly marked and you can park along the roads as long as there is no "no parking" sign and common sense does not tell you otherwise.

Car on Santorini gives great freedom.

Re: Driving in Santorini

by 2greyhounds

Hi, we had rented a car for the week and had absolutely no issues (however, my husband enjoys driving in Athens!!!) so he was quite seasoned!. It is a lovely island, enjoy it!

Re: Driving in Santorini

by greekcypriot

I just don't know who told you that the roads in Santorini are not safe.
We were also there a year ago, and we rented a car.
Believe me, if you don't rent a car you won't see enough of the island. Cars are quite cheap -depending on the month you rent it, but it is worth renting one. Another tip is worth booking a nice hotel with view.
(See the hotel we booked in my tips) One was on a budget but really good, and the other at Fyra was just exceptional.
The roads might be in some parts a little narrow, but as always you have to be careful. Nothing can happen believe me.
Rent a car and don't worry at all.
Enjoy your trip there without any fear.

Re: Driving in Santorini

by yankwok

Thank you for all the advice and you all are absolutely right. We have rented a car in Santorini for 3 days and had great time there!

Travel Tips for Santorini Island

Few words in Greek

by ealgisi

Greek people will really appreciate if you try to speak a few words in Greek while talking to them, you will see their faces smiling, for this reason below you will find few of the main words you "have" to know when traveling in Greece:

Odos = Street
Anikto = Open
Kleisto = Closed
Eisodos = Entrance
Exodos = Exit
Signomi = Excuse me
Efharisto = Thank you
(if you are several people - being served in a restaurant or cafe:
We thank you (is better) = Efharistoomay
Good morning = Kalimera
Good afternoon, Good evening = Kalispera
Good night = Kalinihxta
See you / Hello / Hi = Yassas
How much is this? = Posso Kanay Afto?
How far is it? = Posso makria eenay?
Excuse me, where is....... = Signomi, poo eenay.......?
Do you have a toilet? = Eheeyete Too-aletta?
One room for (five) nights. = Enna domatio ya (penday) vradia
Can we see a menu? = Boroomay na doomay enna menoo
Can we pay the bill? = Boroomay na plirosoomay?
Do you speak..... = Milatay......?
English = Ag-glika ?
German = Yermanika ?
French = Gallika ?
Spanish = Hispanika ?
Japanese = Yaponayzika ?
Sorry, I don't speak Greek. = Signomi, then milow ellenica
This one = Afto
That one = Ekino
Bigger = Mega-littero
Smaller = Mikro-tero
Too expensive = Polee akrivo
...for me = Ya menna
That's fine = Andaxi
OK = Andaxi
How are you = Ti-kanis
Well / good = Kala
It's good (food, anything) = Oraya
No.....thank you = Ohxi.......efharisto
Yes = Nay
Please (not used a lot!) = Parakalo
Water = Nerroh
Fish = Psari
Chicken = Kotopooloh
Lamb = Arr-nee


by JohntheFinn

Kamari’s twin, hidden behind the mountain of Mesa Vouno jutting into the sea, Perissa has all the advantages of its sibling – a decent beach, plenty of restaurants, handy public transport to the rest of the island. Much has been said about the relative merits of these two towns in VT’s travel forum. I’d say there’s very little difference. One minor point is that the beach road is fairly effectively pedestrianised in Kamari, while in Perissa it’s busy with traffic. Otherwise, they’re both equally good.

Santorini's models

by Lilasel

Dogs and cats of Santorini got used to be models and always ready to "smile" for your picture. White house with blue doors and black cat next to it - classic Santorini view!

More pictures of Santorini models are in my travelogue.


by DAO

WHAT TIME IS IT? The time in Greece works like this:

Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours
Daylight saving time: +1 hour

The power supply in Greece is 220 V AC at 50 Hz. You will need at least an adapter for the round two-pin sockets in use across Greece. Power cuts are not uncommon and North Americans will need an adapter than can step up the voltage. You may NOT want to bring a laptop for 2 reasons. One is you are on Vacation! Stop that! Also with power fluctuations it may cook your laptop anyway.

Akrotiri town

by Saagar

Ancient Akrotiri is famous, new Akrotiri is not. But this is like Pyrgos, another pleasant small town to stroll through. Much earthquake damage and abandoned cave houses are still evident, and it seems as if Akrotiri never fully recovered after the '56 quake. However, the living parts of the town is very nice and pleasant and un-commercial. People actually live here...
The Fira-Akrotiri/beach bus stops above the Bolos Beach (caldera), just north of the tavernas in the main town crossroads, and a bit below the same.


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