Diofa Panzio

Jozsef Attila Utca 24, Kaposvar, 7400, Hungary

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Before you come

by szaboferenc

Whether it is you first time wether it is not to visit Kaposvar, it is always a good thing to be familiar with local sights, events or business possibilities.

We have created a website that offers you all this. Introduction of the town, local even calendar, catalogue of businesses including hotels, restaurants, car dealers, schools and a lot more...if not everything. The site is in Hungarian but if you drop us an e-mail in English, we'd be more than glad to support you.



by lucyt

"WARNING: CRAP PAGE. Work in progress"

I had a small top storey flat here for 3 months when I was studying at college.
There's a great patisserie on Fo Utca and further up the street on the opposite side there's a tiny tobacconist run by a very little old lady who beamed with pride when I finally managed to pronounce... oh poo: I've forgotten it :(. Ah well, whathever the word is that starts with 'v' and means goodbye.

The local infopreneur

by szaboferenc

"Guide to Kaposvar"

I live in Kaposvar and I'm the owner of a great site, the Kaposvar Online which introduces this great city on the Net.

The city does not offer wolrd-size monuments to see, but its down-town is a piece of architectural wonder. If you're at the Lake Balaton or traveling to Pecs, it's worth to stop in Kaposvar. There is always something going on. Cultural events, industrial fairs.

If you need more info just visit our site at www.kaposvaronline.hu - it's in Hungarian, but if you drop us a few lines in English, we can support you with info or even with guiding.


Way off the beaten path

by american_tourister

"Another day, another language hurdle."

I was assigned here to conduct some classes for our company. While I was very busy with my curriculum, I did manage to get in a little site seeing. What struck me were three things.

1. Hungarian a very difficult language for me that is not related to anything else. The closest languages it is related to are Finnish and Turkish. Speculate all you want about this but it just does not fit in the area. It is not Slavic or Germanic. It has no root words that I recognized and the sentence structure is akimbo.

2. It is very, very clean. That I really liked. Cleanliness says a lot about a culture.

3. They had an American NATO presence here for several years and the locals really like Americans. That was refreshing after all the rampant anti-americanism I had recently seen in Rome.

I went back a few times for work related reasons and was starting to get used to the place. It has a real small town atmosphere but is big enough to have all the creature comforts needed. The population is about 60,000 and it is a perfect European size.

I never had a bad experience with anyone there. Everyone I dealt with was pleasant, and friendly. Overall it was a good place to be. Several of the guys I worked with married girls from here and some of them bought houses and settled here too. They commute from Iraq and Kuwait back here for R&R.

"A long trip"

The ride from Bosnia took about 6 hours so by the time you saw this sign you were ready to un-a$$ the van and grab a beer!

"Proud Heritage"

It was overrun and occupied by Austrians, Germans, and Russians at one time or another. The people have a long history of being tough and resilient. They are very proud of their town and their heritage.

Statues - Who are these guys?

by american_tourister


I admit it. I had never heard of him and had to look it up. He was a Hungarian patriot who fought the Austrians when they occupied Hungary in the first half of the 19th century.

He traveled to America and was quite an orator who made a real impact on audiences all over America. He is revered in Hungary as the equivalent to their George Washington.


Another Hungarian patriot who fought the Austrians. He and Kossuth together were instrumental in making the Austrians acknowledge the Hungarians and they then began to call it the "Austro-Hungarian" Empire. They did not get the full independance they craved but they did get semi-autonomy.

"Patron Saint of Kaposvar"

I nned to do some research here.


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