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Hotel Keflavík: My third stay in this 4-star hotel

In winter time Hotel Keflavík sometimes offers discount to Icelanders and I have taken advantage of these discounts and stayed in this hotel 3 times. There was a special offer on deluxe rooms in October-December 2013 and I opted for that room. But a window popped up offering me to upgrade to a junior suite for additional ISK 3.000. So I ended up booking a suite.

When we arrived at the hotel on a snowy day the room was freezing. The radiators had been turned off and we turned them on full blast and it took quite a while to heat up the rooms. In the junior suite there are 2 separate rooms, one bedroom, and a sofa-bed in the other room, which was quite big. So this room sleeps 4 people. But it was kind of wasted on the 2 of us.

All in all I am satisfied with this hotel and would stay there again.

Complementary in this offer was a bottle of sparkling wine.

There is free wifi in the rooms, but one has to ask for them to turn it on at the reception. The key is then one´s room number and the password again one´s room number.

The gym is open to guests at the hotel, but I have never tried it out.

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Written November 17, 2013
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The second room.

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Hotel Keilir: clean but depressing

The receptionist was nice, friendly and helpful and, despite our early edparture, was prepared to put on a breakfast for us as it was included in the cost of the booking.
The room was clean.

The hotel looks completely run down, grey and shabby on the outside. We were accommodated in the attached grey, run down, even shabbier building which resembled a run down block of flats. It was depressing and basic but clean.

It cost € 99 for a family room, incl. breakfast.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Written April 28, 2011

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Hotel Keflavík: A 4-star hotel in Keflavík.

I have stayed at Hótel Keflavík three times. In 2004 I got a free stay in a deluxe room if I bought my Christmas presents in Keflavík for a certain amount and now in October 2009 I got a 66% discount on a deluxe room when paying with a certain type of credit-card (only valid in October). As I was going abroad in October I took this deal as this hotel is only a 5-10 minutes' drive from our international airport. And in November 2013 we got a huge discount for the months of October, November and December. I add an additional tip on the junior suite we got.

I remember that I was so happy with my first stay and the deluxe room was excellent, so I was looking forward to staying there again. But we got a room which was tiny and smelly (there is a certain smell in some hotels in Iceland) and the view was bad and the room was so small that the TV was beside the bed (how is one going to watch that?). Fortunately the safe was out of order so they gave us another room across the hall. What a difference, the room was bigger, similar to the one we got in 2004, had a lovely sofa, a rack for your luggage, everything was clean and up to par as you can see from my photos.

I add more photos and photos from the first room in a travelogue here below as VT only allows for 5 photos. If you ever stay at Hótel Keflavík ask for a room with a view of the town, just in case, as you don´t want to stay in the first room we got. I don´t know where this smell on the second floor stems from, maybe from hot water or something. We didn´t notice anything in our second room but in the corridors you could smell it.

But all in all a very nice hotel and I would definitely stay there again.

The service was excellent and everything you might expect from a 4-star hotel. The view from the second room was of Keflavík town and the ocean, which was lovely. We didn´t try the complementary breakfast as we headed early for the airport. The Blue lagoon is very close and Keflavík has got a lot to offer (see some of my tips on things to do in Keflavík). It was just so cold when we stayed there that we stayed in our room. And they have got some very nice sitting rooms as well and a balcony with a view of Keflavík.

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Written December 4, 2009
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The bedroom.

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Icelandair Flughótel: A wonderful 4 star hotel in Keflavík.

This hotel was renovated in 2007 and we stayed in one of the hotel's delux rooms in February 2008. Everything was up to par, spotlessly clean, very nicely and modernly decorated with a great feel to it. I would recommend it to anybody. We only stayed there for one night but I would definitely stay there again.

The reason for our stay there was that the runways at the airport were too icy and we had to get out of the plane and were driven to Keflavík and offered to stay either at Hótel Keflavík (see my tip) or Icelandair Flughotel. As I had stayed at Hótel Keflavík before I chose Icelandair Flughotel.

The closeness to the Icelandic International airport "Flugstöð Leifs Eiríkssonar" makes this a great hotel. They offer to keep your car for free in a heated parking and drive you to the airport, which is only 5-10 minutes away from the hotel. The Blue lagoon in Grindavík is only 15 minutes away from the hotel, and the towns of Keflavík and Njarðvík are nice little towns by the ocean. On my Grindavík-page there is a tip on The Blue lagoon and a lot of pictures.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Written March 18, 2008
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The bed-room.

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Alex Guesthouse: Convenient guesthouse near the airport

My friend and I stayed at Alex Guesthouse for 1 night during a visit to Iceland in December 2007.

We paid 46 GBP per night for a twin room with shared bathroom facilities, airport pick-up and breakfast.


Alex Guesthouse is located just a few minutes drive from Keflavik international airport, and a 45 minute bus ride away from Reykjavik. It is conveniently located for travellers who arrive by plane late at night, or who depart early in the morning, and who want to spend their first or last night in Iceland close to the airport.

The guesthouse advertises free transfers from the airport on arrival. However, as I had had no contact with the guesthouse prior to our trip, I wasn’t sure how this would work. When making the booking, I indicated that we’d be arriving “between 11pm and midnight”, but gave no details of our arriving flight. As expected, we emerged through customs and found nobody holding a placard with our names on. Thankfully, I spotted a desk with an “Alex Travel Centre” sign above it. We made our way over and the gentleman on the desk phoned the guesthouse to come and collect us. 10 minutes later, a young couple arrived in a minibus and drove us the short distance to the guesthouse.

The small town of Keflavik is a 15-20 minutes walk away from Alex Guesthouse.


Our twin room had two comfortable beds, a washbasin, a bedside cabinet and lamp, a couple of chairs, a small desk and a clothes hanger (but no wardrobe). There was no TV or fridge, or any other luxury items. The room was fairly small, very basic, but clean and comfortable. The room felt warm at night, but I woke in the early hours of the morning feeling cold.

The shared bathroom facilities consisted of a small shower room with shower, toilet and washbasin. We received towels and a few toiletries upon arrival. We had the entire guesthouse to ourselves in the off-season, so there was no issue with the facilities being occupied.



Upon checking in, we were told that we could find our packed breakfasts in the fridge the following morning. We made our way to the communal kitchen (a decent sized kitchen with a couple of dining tables, cooking and cleaning facilities, a hot water dispenser and a large fridge) the next morning to see what treats lay in store for us.

The breakfast was rather simple – a breadroll, a cuppa-soup, cheese, coffee, tea and cartons of fruit juice. I could have done with something a bit more substantial on a cold, dark winter’s morning!


In December, the guesthouse was deserted. We never saw any other guests and we only saw the two young staff members when they checked us in – they were nowhere to be found the following morning. However, I’m sure it’s an altogether different place in the summer months when there are more tourists in the country. As well as the guesthouse, Alex also offers hostel accommodation, a campsite and some rather cosy looking wooden huts, all on the same site.

Being so close to the airport, we heard a bit of aircraft noise early in the morning (approx. 6am).

The reception area, while unstaffed during our visit, contained guidebooks and promotional brochures. There is a small lounge next to the reception desk with armchairs and a TV.

The guesthouse has a large car park out front, where guests can park their hire cars free of charge.

A conveniently located guesthouse if you want to spend a night near Keflavik airport.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Written February 2, 2008
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Alex Guesthouse, Keflavik

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Fit Hostel: I don't recommend Fit Hostel by Keflavik airport

At the end of August 2007 we spent our last night in Iceland at Fit Hostel in Njardvik. We had to be at the airport early next morning, so tried to find a place to stay close to the airport.

This hostel has a few positives about it:
1. It's the cheapest place in the area.
2. It's a 5 minute drive from the airport.
3. It has double and family rooms, not just dormitory rooms.
4. The room was clean.
5. The kitchen has a lot of food people left for others to use.

But the negatives outweighed the positives for us:
1. I made the reservation in advance by email. It was one of the few places on our trip that actually needed a credit card number to hold the reservation. And according to their email: "We will test your card for 10 Icelandic krona (eur 0.09 ) immediately", which I assume they did. In a country where everyone seems to trust everyone this seems weird.
2. After driving around the Ring road for 10 days and spending the day driving around Reykjavik and having no problems finding anything because every road, guesthouse, and farm was so well signed we were totally surprised to get to Njardvik and not be able to find the hostel even though we had directions from their email and a map of Njardvik with the hostel marked on it. We drove up and down the correct street and finally guessed which building was the hostel. We saw no signs on the main road or at the driveway. It was 10pm and getting darker, but there were no signs visible.
3. According to their email "the reception open time is between 8:00 am in the morning and 4:00 am in the morning", but reception was closed at 10pm. There was a note to use the phone if they are closed. We tried several times and noone answered. Finally 10 minutes later someone answered but we could hardly hear them. After a few minutes we heard that someone was going to come by in 15 minutes. She did come then and asked us for the same credit card again to charge for the room.
4. All prices are person, so the Double room supplement of 700 ISK is per person, not per room.

5. *** And the biggest negative *** - it was so loud we couldn't sleep. It is so close to the airport it feels like being on the runway. Planes went up every 15 minutes or so until midnight. A large group of people came in around 12:30 and kept walking around the hall and talking and laughing. We turned off the heater, but it kept making weird loud noises throughout the night. Another noise kept coming from outside from very early morning hours, like someone was banging on metal, which we guessed came from the building next to the hostel which looked like a factory. Also, every time someone opened the front door strong wind came through the whole building, moving all the doors, banging the open ones and screeching the closed ones. When someone left the front door open early in the morning it just kept blowing until we went to close it. Even while the front door was closed our room door kept moving a little and screeching. We locked the door so it wouldn't just fly open in the middle of the night and stuffed something into the gap under the door to lessen the noise and wind coming in. It was our worst night of sleep in Iceland.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Written September 5, 2007

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2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Radisson Saga Hotel: Radisson Group of Hotels


US$200 per night. Way too expensive for the kind of standard.

  • Opinion of Price: most expensive
  • Written September 12, 2002
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Hotel Keflavik

For those only making a short stop in Iceland Hotel Keflavik is the perfect place to stay. It is close to the airport, services, the Blue Lagoon, the beautiful, undeveloped coastline, and surrounded by black lava plains.

Hotel Keflavik is a first rate, 4-Star hotel in the centre of Keflavýk and only five minutes away by car from Keflavik International Airport. The hotel offers free transport to or from the airport.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Written August 24, 2002

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