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Inside Domo restaurant.Inside Domo restaurant.

Árbæjarkirkja - the turf-church at Árbæjarsafn.Árbæjarkirkja - the turf-church at Árbæjarsafn.

Inside Straumur museum of Norse mythology.Inside Straumur museum of Norse mythology.

The cliff and the small beach.The cliff and the small beach.

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Beer Prices

by worksopian56

How much does a pint of lager cost in Reykjavik these days?

Re: Beer Prices

by Fluffy_bunny

Of course, depending on the bar and beer, you can expect to pay 600-800 ISK at non-happy hour prices. (US$1=ISK116)

Re: Beer Prices

by Oregonguy

A few places sell Icelandic beers for 500ISK (Viking usually). Although, more often the range is 700-900ISK.

God bless America for $1 happy hour beers.

Re: Beer Prices

by Odinnthor

Beer prices vary from club to pub, as Bunny stated. Here is a fairly average price list. It ain't cheap!

Here is what other VT members have to say. Bear in mind that this is mostly from 2008, and as you may have heard the bottom fell out of the economy shortly after, thos tips were constructed. So expect it to be a bit less.

However considering that the ladies are mostly nines and tens, it is a small price to pay......! I'm just saying.....d:o)

Travel Tips for Reykjavík

Expensive place

by acemj

You've heard the talk about how expensive Reykjavik is, and unfortunately, it's true. Accommodations are pretty similar to most major European or North American cities, but eating, drinking and shopping are pretty outrageous here, so prepare yourself for the prices.

In yet another show of its independent spirit, Iceland has its own currency the Kronur. When I was there in April of 2007, 1 USD bought about 63 Kr and 1 Euro bought about 86 Kr. I found it easier to know the conversion for 1000 Kr however (i.e. 1000 Kr = 15 USD roughly).

Bills come in denominations of 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 Kronur and coins come in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 Kr.

How to get to know Icelanders.

by Regina1965

Seeing that we Icelanders live so far up north on a remote island we don't mix that easilly. There is an equal sign between the nordic nations not being so outward and the southern nations being outwardly warm and welcome.

The cold weather has made us introvert and sarcastic I guess. But once you get to know us then you will see that we are totally different from what you might have thought at first glance, and Icelanders are renowned for their hospitality.

So take it easy on us and know that all the apparently sulky faces are not for real. We are a warm-hearted nation when you get to know us. I remember when one VT-friend from Dallas came over for a visit. We went to a café and then to a restaurant. He was so friendly and greeting the people sitting at the table next to us. I could see that they were startled :D We just don't do that and while dining in a restaurant we act as we are oblivious to the people around us - and for that matter we act like that most of the time. But we are slowly coming out of our shell and I think we are much more approachable now than we were maybe a decade ago.

Now, meeting us drunk down-town in the middle of the night at a bar/disco is a totally different experience. Then we are very friendly ;)

Of course I am generalising here, there are many Icelanders who are very outgoing, but I am talking about the nation as a whole.

The crisis and smiling traffic lights.

by Regina1965

Since the big crisis hit us in October 2008 and Iceland almost went bankrupt, the nation has been blue. Our króna collapsed 100%, people who had taken foreign currency loans from the banks saw their loans skyrocket and couldn't pay the mortgage. Their cars were confiscated, their homes were auctioned, we lost our jobs, price of imported goods skyrocketed as well. Every day more and more Icelanders are flocking abroad to look for work, many of them are in Norway now.

The nation has to pay the English and the Dutch a humongous loan called Icesave, which belonged to one of our privately owned banks - which was nationalised together with all the privately owned banks. England put Landsbankinn (The National bank) on a terrorist list in 2008, scaring the Icelandic nation to pieces. We were told that there would be no import, leading to people flocking to the grocery stores and hoarding food (hair-colour was sold out) and people who depend on medication to live faced that there would be shortage of medication. And of course there were foreign-currency restrictions, and there still are 2 years later.

Living standards here were amongst the best in the world, but now we have had to downsize big time.

So a small gesture by the city was to put a smiley face on the green traffic lights down-town Reykjavík, a small gesture but it means a lot, at least to me :D

Icelandic women's fight for equality - Women's day

by Regina1965

This day is called Women's Day Off - in Icelandic "Kvennafrídagurinn".

Every year since 1975 women in Iceland have flocked down-town Reykjavík on the 24th of October to remonstrate against women getting lower pay for the same kind of work here in Iceland. 30.000 women showed up in 1975, to everyone's suprise, kudos to these women!

But nothing really happened, pay equality is still common here in Iceland. On Women's Day Off in 2005, 50.000 women showed up and it turned out to be the largest Icelandic outdoor rally in history.

In 1975 women walked out of their workplace at 14 o' clock, in 2005 they walked out at 14:08 - this means the time when women have earned the proportion of the pay a man would for the whole day a women works. In 2010 both 24th and 25th of October were dedicated to the rally and women walked out at 14:25 (66% of what men earn).

It takes courage to stand up from work and walk out on this day and now everybody can do that. Immigrant women, who have not lived in Iceland for a long time, have a harder time doing this than Icelandic women, who are accustomed to this day now. They might fear that they will lose their job if they leave the workplace early.

It is surprising to me that women still get lower pay, we have had a female Icelandic president, a female mayor, men and women share the household chores and Icelandic women are very liberal - so what is this thing about lower pay for women than men???

So if you are ever in Reykjavík on the 24th of October you may expect the city center to be filled with women.

Women around the country also walk out and rally in their own hometown.

I add the link to the website of Women's Day Off. They have photos there from the first rally, which I remember vividly, being 10 at the time :)

More customs tips on my Iceland pages.

by Regina1965

I have added some additional tips on my Iceland pages under Icelandic customs but most of my customs tips are here. The tips on my Iceland pages are: Iceland's strongest man, Rye bread baked in hot-springs, The Icelandic flag, and the Icelandic coat of arms.

It is a bit difficult choosing between where to add my tips, so bear with me that I go back and forth between these two pages :)


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