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ice skiing in turin or near by turin

by sahil212

hi anybody can help me to give some idea/suggestion about the places where we can enjoy/do ice skiing .I want to know place in turin or nearby turin...........

thanks in advance

Re: ice skiing in turin or near by turin

by qaminari

There are loads of ice-skating rinks in Turin:
- Palaghiacchio di Pinerolo, Torino Olympic Park, via Giordano Bruno 191, 10134 Torino (there is a railway station nearby): see
- Palaghiaccio/Stadio del Ghiaccio Tazzoli (= Palatazzoli), via San Remo 67, 10100 Torino (
You can take tram 10/buses 2, 62, 63 to the Tazzoli bus stop in Corso Unione Sovietica, then turn right and walk a short way)
- Palaghiaccio Massari (=Palamassari), via Massari 114,
- Palazzo del Ghiaccio (Palagiaccio L.A. Torino - Torino Esposizioni, Lingoto), via Francesco Petrarca 39 /corner with corso Massimo d'Azeglio, Torino 10126, tel. +39 011 6502534/ +39 011 6502500.

Re: ice skiing in turin or near by turin

by Kakapo2

Do you mean ice skating or glacier skiing?

Re: ice skiing in turin or near by turin

by sahil212

thanks for ur reply
i mean glacier skiing

Re: ice skiing in turin or near by turin

by Kakapo2

The main ski resort near Torino is Sestriere/Via Lattea. For example, the alpine ski competitions of the Olympic Winter Games 2006 took place in Sestriere, and also many World Cup races take place there. Ski areas are at altitudes from 1360 to more than 2800 metres.

Here is a map of the ski area:

Here is info in English:

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About the city itself - Torino...

by call_me_rhia

About the city itself - Torino - I have vague memories. I remember visiting it as a teenager, and admiring the vast squares and the richly adorned palaces: the idea I had was of a huge open city-scape which i quite liked. The second memory f that of the Egyptian museum: at that time the collection was a real mess, yet it's still one of the most (maybe the most?) important collection of ancient egyptian artefacts in Europe.

When I was living in Turin I...

by damnu

When I was living in Turin I was always told that 'the fish stinks after three days'. In other words, if you are being hosted in a home do not stay longer than three days. The people from Turin generally like their privacy. Also, if you will be hosted in a home or invited over for dinner do not go empty-handed. Bring the host a token of your appreciation such as chocolates or flowers for a woman and/or a bottle of wine or liquor for a man. You could also bring an original gift from your native country. Also, I would like to remind some of you that the public offices generally close at 1 p.m, the banks close around 4:30 p.m. with a lunch break in between and, the shops close at 7:30 p.m. with the exception of the larger grocery stores and shopping malls which close a bit later around 9 p.m. Some shops stay open all day and others close for lunch. You cannot go shopping for milk and cookies at three in the morning. Organize your day accordingly.

Your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off..

by sourbugger

Torino is of course the setting for one of the most famous comedy films of all time.. the classic 'italian Job' starring Michael Caine from 1969.

For those who have never seen film, the basic plot is that a group of London Gangsters take a pile of FIAT gold by causing a massive traffic Jam in Turin. The only way out of the city is my the nimble mini-coopers decked out appropriately enough, in red white and blue.

The chase sequence at the end of the film is possibly one of the longest and most fondly remembered in cimema history.

There is a company that will escort you around the sights, or for an extra charge actually in a mini. They website is wonderful and shows that they are true afficianardos of the film.

You could of course do the same thing yourself armed with a portable DVD player, a good city map and a bit research off the net !

Update : May 2004.

The company was featured in the 'Driving' section of the Sunday times on the 9th May. I also learnt there that the head of Fiat talked the Torinese authorities into staging a real traffic jam for the cameras - many of the reaction shots on the film with people slamming their hand on horns and the like are in fact real - it could only happen in Italy. Bravo !

Update : Aug 04. The company mentioned above have just e-mailed me. They point out that to find the locations yourself would take ages - they have put a great deal of time and effort into finding virtually every location - look 'em up if your in town.

Train travel in Italy

by sue_stone

I have now been to Italy several times and each time have travelled around this fabulous country by train.

Once you get the hang of it, train travel in Italy is easy. It is also a great way to see the beautiful countryside on the way to your next destination.

I have travelled a couple of times using a rail pass, but the last couple of visits have just purchased tickets for each individual trip as we went.

That said, we often have purchased tickets a day or two in advance - particularly if the particular train requires a seat reservation, or if it is a busy time of year.

Purchasing a little in advance also means that you don't miss the train you want to catch due to a huuuuuge queue for tickets...

Last trip we used the automatic ticket machines at the stations and found them excellent.

Also, I have travelled both first and second class, and didn't really find much difference - travel second class and you can use the extra money to buy more wine/food etc

Just remember with all tickets that you need to validate them in the small yellow ticket machines before you board your train.

Local fare

by chala about Trattoria La Marchesa

We had the Lunch menu for (!!!)10 Euro.
we had wonderful fresh bread, which was served in a crisp brown paper bag,
we sat in a room with a vaulted brick ceiling.
Every day they offer different stuff.
We had one antipasto for two and each a plate of pasta, I think with rabbit, oh and a kind of homemade pudding for dessert. It was delicious, we also had each a quarter of wine and a bottle of water, coffee as well and all for 10 bucks!!

Very small place The pasta was great!


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