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Walking into the center from the parking area.Walking into the center from the parking area.

Piazza della CisternaPiazza della Cisterna

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San G or Monteroginni or Montepulcino?

by St.Anne

OK sorry for the spelling for some of the hilltowns.

Here's our plan. We're leaving Siena for Lucca by car. Along the way we thought of stopping the abovementioned towns. I'm wondering amongst the 3 which should we spend more time at? San G sounds like a tourist place which surprises me since it seemed so small and tucked away. How about the other two? they are sorta on the way as well.


Re: San G or Monteroginni or Montepulcino?

by dnwitte

Monteriggione (I'm assumimg that's the one you mean) is nothing more than the walls of a small medieval castle with some houses and a small square inside. It was a Sienese border fortification during the long wars between Siena and Florence. The only reason to visit Monteriggione is to eat at the fabulous restaurant Il Pozzo which is tucked inside the walls. They do wonderful Tuscan cooking using fresh local game and produce, and wild boar is a house specialty. My mouth still waters when I think of the walnut tart I ate there in 1987. Expensive, and reservations couldn't hurt.

As for San Gimignano, as any unusually beautiful Tuscan town it's a tourist spot---Tuscany must be the most tourist trampled part of Italy and the distances aren't so great that anything is really very much out of the way.
BTW, Arezzo is a very nice little town and less touristed than many.

Re: San G or Monteroginni or Montepulcino?

by mccalpin

I notice that you will be going by Poggibonsi - a town so untouristed that there is not a single VT page on it!!!

I haven't been there either, but the profs at UD always talked about it (of course, I don't remember why - oh, I think one of them wrote a murder mystery sited there...hmmmn).

You could look at http://www.comune.poggibonsi.si.it/indexhold.htm - look in the upper right hand corner for "I Monumenti" for photos of stuff in town, and there's also a fortress there (see Cassero Fortezza Medicea next to the link for I Monumenti). Sorry, the whole site is in Italian...

I also noticed that you will be going by Montecatini Terme. This is a really different place, in that it is a series of hotels and other stuff from the 1800s and 1900s for the hot springs. We had to stay there once when the hotels in Florence were overflowing (Florence is a short train ride away). On Saturday evening, the entire town was down in the main square at the bottom of the hill (all the hotels go up a long slope towards the springs), walking arm in arm, seeing and being seen. You just don't see this Mediterranean ritual much anymore...


Re: Re: San G or Monteroginni or Montepulcino?

by EllenH

Bill you talked me into Poggibonsi, I love it when I write a page that no one has written on vt before. I thought San Gimignano was very touristy but I still enjoyed it, it was not crowded in November anyway. Montulpuciano is a good wine stop if thats what you are interested in, (I know I would be) and haven't been to Sienna, chose Arezzo instead and I loved it.

Re: Re: San G or Monteroginni or Montepulcino?

by mccalpin

Ellen, I had the same feeling when I built my Castel Gandolfo page - and, look, now there are three!!!

Gee, another 3 more and 5 of us can get the top 5 rating! Yippee!!!!

Hmmmn, maybe I'll build a Frattocchie page - (haha, that's a wide spot in the road on the Via Appia hahaha)...


Travel Tips for San Gimignano

A pronunciation guide...

by Jmill42

San Gimignano is really hard to pronounce until you hear someone actually say it. So, I will try my best to help all those who need it.

San "Jim'n'ya'no"

"Hook on Phonics worked for me!"

Drive to nearby Volterra

by pigletsmom

Volterra is not very far from San Gimignana and it is easy to see both in one day. About 45 minutes by car on lovely winding country roads. These two cities are very different in character, so the contrast is interesting. Volterra is a mountain fortress town that has a stern dominating beauty. There is a somber feeling to this town, but not unhappy or negative, just serious. Unlike San Gimignana which is bustling with energy, Volterra is silent and lonely, but beautiful just the same. The architecture is imposing the way it was intended to be.

Porta San Giovanni

by Cristian_Uluru

Porta San Giovanni is the gateway to the town from the south (Siena). It was built in 1262 with a senese arch and a upper lodge. It is the most beautiful gateway of San Giminiano.
On its sides, in 1601, was erected the nave of the church of Madonna dei Lumi which was partly demolished in 1922

The Cathedral (Duomo)

by micas_pt

As with so many others in Italy, the Duomo is a beautiful building to visit and delight visitors. Nowadays it reflects varied architectural styles – such as Romanesque, Gothic and Neoclassical – due to several refurbishments and improvements it went through along the years since the 12th century.

Something curious about the Cathedral: it used to have two separate entrance doors, one for women and another for men; this later was called San Gimignano, to whom the church was dedicated till the 16th century (San Gimignano was the bishop of Modena; later, along with a refurbishment the church was dedicated to St. Mary).

Piazza del Duomo

by MM212

The political and religious heart of San Gimignano, Piazza del Duomo contains the town's most important buildings. This includes il Duomo, the old and new government buildings (Palazzo Comunale and Palazzo Vecchio del Podestà), and the Loggia del Comune. The piazza is also surrounded by seven of San Gimignano's towers.


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