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Station, Zaltbommel, Netherlands 2010Station, Zaltbommel, Netherlands 2010

Waag, Zaltbommel, Netherlands 2010Waag, Zaltbommel, Netherlands 2010

Watertoren, Zaltbommel, Netherlands 2010Watertoren, Zaltbommel, Netherlands 2010

Gouverneurshuis, Zaltbommel, Netherlands 2010Gouverneurshuis, Zaltbommel, Netherlands 2010

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City Weigh House


This is the City Weigh House (Stadswaag) built in 1797. It was used as such well into the 20th century. Goods from the region would be brought here to be weighed and then traded.

The statue is a lady holding scales.

The city layout (map)


Zaltbommel exists since the 9th century. Bome-loo indicates a place with trees (boom) higher than the surrounding area. 'Zalt' was added, probably because salt was being traded here. In the year 999, Zaltbommel acquired the right to mint its own coins and in 1231 it got city rights. This means that the city could build reinforcements, which you can see on the city map.

The city street plan has not changed since 1500 AD

Visit St. Maartenschurch


The main church of Zaltbommel is named after Saint Maarten. A church stood on this spot since the 11th century. This current church was built in the 15th century and was a lively religious center with monks living around the church.

A most famous writer


Everyone in The Netherlands grows up with the works of Annie M.G. Schmidt. Her rhymes and stories are unforgettable.
She had a great influence on Dutch literature and language. I have described one of her books and a translated rhyme book (into English) in my Dutch literature travelogue.

Annie M.G. (as she is often called for short) was born in Zaltbommel. From her room she could just see the river Waal. In the photo it is the house with the little tower.

The black Jip and Janneke figures are a creation of artist Fiep Westendorp who illustrated her works for many years.

In a TV interview with Sonja Barend, she was asked what the secret to her great age was (accompanied with a clear and flexible mind). She took a draft from her cigarette and said: Lots of lovers and lots of smoking!

Herb Gardens

by Imaniac

If you walk along the old fortifications you'll come across a couple of nice gardens. This is an herb garden where they grow several herbs for medicinal reasons. There are some 70 different herbs in this garden.
The garden itself is built on the site of the former Maria Magdalena Convent. The garden is opened every day from 9 in the morning to 8 in the evening.


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Golden Tulip Zaltbommel

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Golden Tulip

HOGEWEG 75 P.O. BOX 2011,5301 LK, Zaltbommel

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