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by lcat61

How can I get to DRIE LANDEN PUNT - 3 LAND POINT from Aachen? Is there a bus from Aachen that will take me to the observation tower?



Here's the route plan for bus Veolia line 50 from Aachen main station (Hauptbahnhof) to Vaals:

Then from Vaals to Tentstraat 81 (that's your stop). From there a 3 minute walk to Drielandenpunt (Gemmenicherweg 35), it's a 6 minute ride with bus Veolia 61.

Mind you, best check with (email them!), I've never done that route with bus.

From Vaals, you could use (that's for all public transportation in The Netherlands).
For translation to use this VT tip:

Don't take the Veolia 54 and then Veolia 61 at 58 minutes past each hour, because that trip takes 45 minutes instead of 6 !



Rereading this I see I am not clear.
Then from Vaals, take Veolia bus 61 to Tentstraat 81 (that's your stop after a 6 minute ride). From there a 3 minute walk to Drielandenpunt (Gemmenicherweg 35)

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VVV Tourist Information

by johngayton

Both in the centre of Vaals and at the summit of Vaalserberg there are VVV Tourist Information offices. The one in the town centre is on the main street, Maasterichterlaan, and is part of the newsagent/gift shop Totaal Gemak whilst the one at the top of the hill is a wooden cabin which also sells souvenirs and postcards. Vaalserberg VVV


by Iksi

Vaals is small city on the border to Germany.Easy to access from Aachen by car or bus.Big shopping mall at the entrance to the city.The city is also home to the art weeks Tri-Arts in July and to the smallest museum of the Netherlands, De Kleng Wach.

The German Border

by johngayton

Whilst Vaals is a Dutch town the German border is actually on the main street and the town is more like a suburb of nearby Aachen with about 30% of its population being German. On the German side the post boxes and telephones are all German and the houses were sporting the German flags (with it being the football 2010 World Cup).

A Quick Change Of Identity!

by johngayton

With the 2010 World Cup football finals taking place during my Netherlands visit there were a riot of orange flags and pennants in every town, in many cases decorating whole streets.

Here in Vaals, despite its proximity to the German and Belgian borders, it was no different. Pictured here is the Cafe Suisse on the main street which had temporarily been rebranded "Holland House"!!

Four Borders?

by pieter_jan_v

In the past The top of the Vaalser Berg was the point where 4 countries came together. For a time the neutral Moresnet was country number 4. It was a piece of land disputed by Germany and Belgium for economical (coal) reasons.

The streetname still reflects the old situation.


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