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Various Places: Staying In Oppdal-Some general notes

Some general notes and ideas about staying in Oppdal, Norway.

Oppdal is a very lovely mountain town. It's small, but one can find lots in the way of shopping and nature. I've been fortunate enough to have lived in the town (I'm an American) so you may notice that my tone is different in comparison to those who were just passing through.

-Guests can expect clean and simple rooms:
Oppdal offers a variety of hotels, however travelers from the States may be a bit disillusioned, as we are used to much more luxury when it comes to hotels. Bear in mind that while one can spend the time and cash to find a really fancy place to stay virtually anywhere, European standards for rooms are simpler than US or Canadian standards. That is not to say that the hotels here are grubby and nasty (although unsavory hotels do exist all over the world) just don't anticipate hotels here to be just like the ones back home. Bathrooms and showers here tend to be small. Even the bathrooms and showers in the homes in Norway are small as compared to what many are used to (especially if you are from the USA, we like our big bathrooms here.) Most of the hotels offer suites that are quite nice if you feel like you want more room. You can expect to pay more for these, of course.

-If you want a pool or sauna, call and ask, but don't hold your breath:
Norway has very nice summers but swimming pools aren't very popular here. Most, if not all of the hotels in Oppdal probably won't have a pool. (Hotel Nor has a sauna, though.) There is a community pool right in town as well as a local outdoor swimming pond. Ask the people at the hotel about these places if you're dying for a swim. The locals, do swim, but do so not only at the community pool/pond but also up in the mountains at various lakes. It's not uncommon to see people swimming at Orkelsjoen or Gjevilvatnet, for example.

-If you can't tolerate noise:
Before you opt on a hotel, find out if they have a bar or restaurant on site. Some of the hotels here have bars that are open to the public and the general townspeople. This means that sometimes the bars can get noisy during the evening hours when the younger folk are out cruising about. Of course, this doesn't mean that things will always be noisy, but do ask for a room as far away from the bar and main entrance as possible if you feel that the possibility of some nightlife noise may bother you. In addition, the walls tend to seem as if they are paper thin. Don't hesitate to ask to be moved to a new room if you are unfortunate enough to get some noisy neighbors. You may also want to scope out the street your hotel is on, if there are any bars nearby, or its located on a rather busy road, you may wish to ask for a room that is not on the street. My experience with living here is that the place is generally quiet and there really isn't a problem with drunkenness, but the kids do stay out at night and cruise. Don't be surprised if you see some driving farm tractors to town. 18 is the driving age here, but you can drive a farm tractor at 16, so many teens between 16 and 18 will hop on Dad's tractor and use that as a vehicle. They tend to congregate in parking lots. When I lived there, they hung out it the parking lot of the shopping center quite a bit. Really, the people here are quite lovely. Don't expect the kids to be nasty or terrible, they're just being teens. But, when it comes to traveling and trying to get a good nights rest, it is something you may wish to consider.

-The locals are friendly, chatty, and...
Most people you run into, especially those who are working at places like hotels will be glad to talk with you, tell you about the place, and even recommend a place to eat or things to do. They'll be interested in hearing where you are from, where you are going, and how you are liking your stay. But, and I speak from experience from living in this town, they WILL go home and talk about you. This can be either good or bad. They'll either go home and mention how nice and interesting you were and that will be the end of it, or they'll gossip about your bad behavior for years to come. I'm serious. Now, they're not going to mention your name or anything like that, but if you've been one of those customers from hell everyone will hear about you. Oppdal is a small town, and like small towns the world over, everyone practically knows everyone else. Those of you from small towns know how it is. Now, many people may not care but really, don't give yourself or your fellow countrymen a bad name. Just something to think about. If you treat the people here, as with anywhere, with friendliness, you can expect the same in return.

-Most things are within walking distance, but you can rent a car:
Don't worry about taking a taxi or renting a car when you want to explore the town itself. The hotels are all pretty close to everything else here and you can easily reach Domus and the other shopping buildings on foot. You'll only have to worry about transportation if you want to branch out into the mountains. There are places to rent cars in town although they may not openly advertise it. Ask at the hotel and they can point you in the right direction, or may even make some phone calls for you.

-Book in advance if you're going around Easter.
Granted, most people will want to visit Norway in the summer time, but if you happen to plan on being in Oppdal around Easter CALL AHEAD! There is still snow on the mountains that time of year, and Oppdal is a big vacation spot for local skiers and hotels can be booked up quickly. Traffic in town picks up significantly around Easter here.

Check out Oppdal's home page for a good idea of what to do and where to stay in town. The following URL will take you to the accommodation page.


-In addition to hotels, there are also many camp sites that offer more rustic cabins and 'self serve' type accommodations. The above link will give you some ideas. These places don't offer meals as the hotels may.

Plan on staying in town for a while? Stop at the local tourist center and ask if they know of anyone who has a furnished apartment that they are willing to rent to you. Prices here can vary wildly depending upon how long you'll be staying and the particular owner. This is a good way to get a good feel for Norwegian living! You'll have to eat out or shop and prepare your own food, and you'll be expected to pick up after yourself and leave the place clean. These types of places aren't really advertised, and it will likely take you having to talk to a local and have them make some phone calls for you. There is no guarantee that there is an apartment available, but don't be afraid to ask at the tourist center, or even at a hotel if you opt for a hotel stay when you first get there. So ask around, the locals tend to know each other quite well and chances are they know someone who knows someone who has an apartment to rent! This is how my grandparents accommodated themselves when they were in the country for several weeks, so it is very possible!

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  • Written April 20, 2008

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Magalaupe camping: Nice campsite

The camp site is situated along the western bank of the Driva River, 10 km south of Oppdal. A nice campsite with different types of cabins and places for put a tent or park a caravan. Its one of the cheapest campings near Oppdal. The closer you get to the city the more expencive it gets, so this is a very good value place.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
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  • Written September 6, 2007
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Magalaupe camping

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Vangslia Fjelltun: Excellent appartements wih marvelous view!

Very nice all wooden appartments with own sauna.

Price per appartement suite for 4-6 persons:
About € 365,00 a week.

Unfortunately I did not take a picture of this accomodation so this one is taken of their website, see below.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Written September 15, 2002
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Vangslia Fjelltun

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