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oskar schindler factory

by lisa18752003

does anyone know if they factory is open to the public yet, i have visited krakow in december for the past 3 years but each time i have been there has been a notice advising it will be open at the start of the year,but each time i have tried to visit, it has been closed.

Re: oskar schindler factory

by Jesperp

You can read a small article about Oskar Schindler's Factory at the website's_Factory

Regards Jesper

Re: oskar schindler factory

by DrexlUK

Might be worth getting in touch with the Krakow tourist office to find out, unless a recent visitor to the city can help here.

We managed to get in and have a look around in the last week of Nov '05. We were stood outside, looking at the building, when the caretaker popped his head out the door and invited us in for a wander around. He just left us on our own, so we had a look around, read the comments people had left in the guestbook and let ourselves out.

We went back Dec '06 and, as you say, it was closed.

Re: oskar schindler factory

by colinsevier

came back from krakow 28th november factory still not open reckon it will be some time next year

Re: oskar schindler factory

by lisa18752003

just to let everyone know that i have returned from krakow and the schindler factory is definately still closed. Also i managed to find plazow myself instead of taking a tour, it took me 3 hours of walking around to find it as we got off at the wrong stop on the tram, managed to see amon goeths house which was very eerie but was all worth while. thanks to everyone who helped me out with directions and hints etc.

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Myth of Dragon of Wawel.

by Max02

Simplified version of the myth of Dragon of Wawel tells that he was a monster living in the cave under Wawel,the hill where there was the castle of a prince Krak.
The dragon was scaring people to death and forcing them to deliver him a lot of lambs and cows everyday.
Some even say that he demanded some young girls to devour them too.
Finally the young shoemaker Dratewka hit on an idea how to get rid of the dragon. He stuffed a sheep with a sulfur an planted it to dragon. Greedy beast swallowed the counterfeit snack at once and the sulfur started burning his stomach. So he jumped into the river and drank the water. He couldn't stop it and finally.........BUM!!!!!!!!! He blew up!
Personally, I don't believe in this version.

Kosciol Mariacki 1

by johnsakura

St. Mary's Church
It was built in the second part of the 14th century as a parish church. There are two unequal towers: the taller one (81 meters) is topped with a late-gothic spire and the lower one (69 meters) is topped with a manierist cupola. The hights of the towers are explained by the local tradition which tells a story about two brothers who were employed at the construction. The builder of the lower tower, hurt in his ambitions, is said to have killed his brother with a knife and then commited the suicide.
The buggle-call is played every hour from the taller tower window's into the four quarters of globe.

Badylak's Well

by Skeptic-jr

21 of March in 1980 at this place of the Main Market Square Walenty Badylak, retired Krakow's baker, chained to the well and immolated to protest against destroing of handicraft, demoralization of the youth and the lie about the Katyn's crime, where during WW II the Soviets mordered about 20 thousands of Polish officers, accusing the nazi Germans of doing this felony. In communist era the official propaganda said that the murderers were the Germans.

They love old clocks

by matcrazy1

There are a lot of original, old wall clocks in many houses of Krakowians. I remember one from my house - hmm... I coudn't sleep at night because it made a noice every exact hour and quater :-))). So, my parents had to stop it.

You can see a few of old clocks inside Clock Room on 1st floor of famous Wierzynek Restaurant - look at my picture.

If you are more interested in old clocks go to small town of Jedrzejow (1 - 1.5 hour, 78 km north of Krakow - by a highway to Warsaw) to visit amazing The Przypkowski Family National Museum at pl. T Kosciuszki 7/8 (Kosciuszko Square). I visited it as a kid.

There is one of world's biggest collection of clocks and over 600 sundials and astronomical measuring instruments there. Add the Basilea edition of famous work of Nikolas Copernicus “De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium” dating from 1566.

New architecture

by Skeptic-jr

Krakow unlike most of the Polish cities, remained WW II almost without any war demages. So one should be not surprised there is not more new buildings in the center. One of more interesting and originally is for sure new Krakow's Radio building. It is located at The Three Bards Avenues.


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