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Vila Baleira Hotel

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Euro 65 per night Fantastic spacious rooms withh all the trimmings. Indoor and Outdoor pools. Good quality food at an affordable price.

Outdoor cafes

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In Vila Baleira you will find several cafes with tables both outdoor and inside.
As long as weather allows, you should seat outside and enjoy the sun and drink a
"Brisa " (breeze), a passion fruit drink made in Madeira Island.


by IneXisTenZ

It is not difficult. First, there´s the island´s exceptional climate, with its mild temperatures all year round (between 16ºC and 25ºC) and its exuberant natural features and tropical vegetation, in which flowers and fruit have been turned into a genuine cult. Then there´s its rich historical heritage and luxury hotels - attractions enough to satisfy even the most demanding of tourists.

First discovered by the Portuguese navigator João Gonçalves Zarco, this beautiful island, 700 km from Casablanca and 900 km from Lisbon, soon became a major port of call for the caravels ploughing the waves on their way to the distant lands of the Far East.

Come and sample this feast of breathtaking beauty: sheer cliffs overlooking the sea, natural swimming-pools carved out of the rocks, high mountains swathed in mist, narrow footpaths running alongside the «levadas» or irrigation channels, offering the visitor the possibility of countryside walks in the midst of the most extraordinary landscape.

As soon as you arrive in Funchal, the island´s capital, you will probably find yourself bumping into all kinds of famous people, for this is traditionally one of their favourite spots for a relaxing holiday. Overlooking a wide and sheltered bay, the city successfully blends together its special vocation as a tourist resort and its ability to provide all kinds of cultural events that testify to its history, amongst which one of the special highlights is its colourful festivals. You will also certainly enjoy the traditional embroidery and basketwork, revealing the great talent and skilled hands of the island´s inhabitants, who have produced some truly genuine works of art. Not forgetting the famous fortified «Madeira» wine, which for more than four hundred years has spread the name and flavour of the island all round the world.

It is well worth taking the time to extend your visit a little further to the north east so that you can discover the island of Porto Santo, roughly 40 km away. Although this is much flatter than its «mother-island», there is a wonderfully extensive beach waiting for you here, with sands that are famous for their great therapeutic properties. At Vila Baleira, the island´s picturesque capital, you must make sure to visit the house where Christopher Columbus once lived.


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Porto Santo is located 50 Kms. north-east of Funchal.

The island is amazingly different from the island of Madeira. There is almost no vegetation at all. The southern coast is bordered by a 9 Kms. long beach with golden, soft sand.

The temperature in the sea is 18-23 ºC (64,4-73,4 ºF) throughout the year.

Tourists seek to Porto Santo to enjoy a relaxing holiday of tranquility. The isolation permits the island to keep some of the old traditions of the first settlers.

Porto Santo is only 14 Kms long and 5 Kms wide. It's a lovely island, and while you're in the neighbourhood, a paradise not to be missed.
The harbour, Porto de Abrigo, is 4 kms. from the tiny capital Vila Baleira. The airport is 20 minutes by foot, or 5 minutes by car from Vila Baleira.

As the Madeira island, Porto Santo is of volcanic origin. Compared to Madeira, Porto Santo seems flat. The highest point is Pico de Facho at 507 meters.

The climate is drier than it is on Madeira. For periods in the summer very little water can be a problem. This affects the agriculture which includes corn, wheat, wine, figs and farm animals.

Speaking of wine, the Porto Santo wine is sweet and powerful. Only tablewine is produced.

Almost 80% of the island's 5000 souls live in Vila Baleira.

There's a recommendable campground near the beach, and excellent hotel accommodation.

The hotels offer a series of leisure activities such as tennis, mini-golf, windsurfing and island-tours.

A day trip to Porto Santo

by bianchis

"Port Santo a day at the beach"

Located 46 km north-east of Madeira, with a 9-km stretch of golden, sandy beach.
Vila Baleira, is a small village in comparison to Funchal. Apart from its major attraction, the beach, the island is vocanic and all you see is cactus and grey in grey.

The Portuguese navigators first landed on Porto Santo in 1418 and it was the first land they discovered before Madeira. it was a year later that they set sail for Madeira.

"Healing qualities of sand on beach from Porto Sant"

The island is very dry and to stop the erosion thousands of trees have been planted-The result can be seen around Pico do Facho and do Gandala or in Morenos.

You can travel by ferry from Madeira it takes about 2 1/2 hours. It is an interesting journey and you have a really nice view of the coastal outline of the island from the ship.

"Ferry waiting in harbour"

The best part was leaving Funchal early in the morning by ferry and experiencing the coastline of Madeira and arriving in Porto Santo.
Because of lack of vegetation it seemed like a desert island.

The sand on the beach is supposed to have healing qualities. Unlike normal beach sand which usually is made of silica the sand consists of the sediment from coral, mussels and sea urchins.


Porto Santo - Vila BaleiraPorto Santo - Vila Baleira


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