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Izelettiste Murici: Fawlty towers on Lake Skadar Part 3


Well then when the 4 hikers decided to pay their bill,
the owner was demanding €25 each
The 4 hikers had only taken out €80 for the accom
and told that the advertised price was €20 in the brochure?
Hassan the owner, who had his 11 year old grand daughter
doing the translation (She lived in New York with her
mother and was on holiday visiting)
explained that Hassan wasn't responsible for what they
wrote, yet I later saw he had advertised the same thing
on his website? One of the girl hikers was in tears and the
situation was very unpleasant. They all 4 pooled what cash
they had, €98, €2 short and
the owner took the money with a sigh. During this time,
the German couple with the red camper
asked for the key to use the toilet, Hassan refused and
said it was only for people staying
in the bungalows, yet he had let us use the toilet before
when I asked. The German couple pointed out they had been
paying guests of his restaurant for several days.
At this point there was a mass exodus planned
and everyone just wanted to get the hell
out of there. The 4 hikers were offered a lift by the
Germans and I began to worry about how we would leave.
I saw a cyclist couple depart and another couple on motor bikes
also leave. Then I remembered the Hungarians.
We then went to the 4 wooden cabins
on stilts which were situated down the beach where
I had seen the Hungarians go with their
2 young kids. So our visit to the museum was kind of
half hearted but with a purpose.
Although my daughter being Hungarian and myself living in
Hungary didn't seem to cause any common ground or
any sort of bond, I didn't ask for a lift, nor did they
offer, so a bit worried we walked back towards the
restaurant and the resort.

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  • Written September 23, 2010
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Farewell to Murici

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Izelettiste Murici: Fawlty towers on Lake Skadar Part 2


The advertised price was €15 to €20 per person
in the new wooden bungalows that had 4 beds in
each. But as we later found out, the owner had
decided to charge the 4 travellers who arrived
after nightfall another higher price.
They just handed over their passports in the evening
for registration in the evening and there was no talk of money.
There was a German couple parked in a private stretch
of grass in an olive grove belonging to a local villager
and he was charging them €5 I think to
park there. Camping is free and allowed in Montenegro as
long as not on private land unlike Croatia where it is
forbidden unless on a camp site.
It was getting dark and we pitched our tent behind the
bungalows as offered by Hassan the owner. When we were
returning to the tent and it started to get
windy and we were settling down for the night,
the waiter who was living in one of the bungalows screamed
in Montenegrin at the top of his voice to be quite,
although we were just talking not speaking loudly.
This upset my daughter.

In the middle of the night, there was a big storm with rain,
thunder and lightning and my daughter got very frightened
and wanted us to take a bungalow,
I said that we could shelter under the outside restaurant
if it got worse. Very kindly, the group of hikers who had
arrived late, offered that my daughter and I come and
lay on the floor for awhile until the storm passed.
The electricity had been knocked out and even the
water was driven by an electric power pump.
Well the bungalows were so hot, no draught, I went
back to the tent and my daughter was finally fast asleep.
A few hours later when daybreak came and the storm
had passed, all the guests were sitting
in the open air restaurant ordering breakfast.
A very simple cup of tea, few slices
of bread and some butter and jam (included in the price)
for paying guests.)
The same waiter, who had been screaming the night
before, was serving the guests. He had seen my daughter
emerge out the bungalow and was muttering some
obscenities under his breath about having to pay.

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  • Written September 23, 2010
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Time to leave this place..

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  • Reviews: 1014

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Izelettiste Murici: Fawlty towers on Lake Skadar


I would like to write a lot about this place,
as firstly it is the only place offering accommodation
in Donji Murici, although it might and I stress
might be able to get a bed in the Albanian village
situated on the switchback roud down to the
resort on the beach. The location is about
20 kms along a high mountain single lane road
from the town of Virpazar and with only Taxis
and hitch hiking the only means of transport,
then one should know what is on offer before
arriving. My review is based on not only my opinion,
but on most of the other guests we met for the one
night we stayed there. We arrived just before
sundown, we were very lucky to get a lift with a
young Montenegrin couple who so very kind
as to drive the extra 40 kms out of their way to
bring us to Donji Murici. They were headed on
the old road to Bar from Virpazar and coming from
Podgarica.We arrived around 6 pm and were given a
spot to pitch our tents behind the wooden bungalows.
There was a stretch of gravel I saw enclosed by a
simple fence serving as a parking spot for about
4 cars and had a tent sign up. There was a Hungarian
family of 4 that had their car and small tent erected there.
We met 3 German hikers who had camped off site down the
Well I had tried for 2 days to call the given mobile phone
number for the resort that I got the day before in the
brochure provided by the Visitor Centre in Virpazar,
but nobody picked up?

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  • Related to: Eco-Tourism, National/State Park, Road Trip
  • Written September 23, 2010
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Our German camper couple friends

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