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Travel Tips for Magnitogorsk

suburb behind the train station

by MacDaddie

From the train station you need to cross the train tracks and there is a dirt walking path that takes you to a suburb of the city. Its an extremely poor area and I wouldn't want to live in most of these houses in the wintertime.

The last picture shows the four shops that are in this community. They aren't open every day and the day I walked through only the first one was open, but there wasn't much really available. If you wanted to shop you had a 15-20 minute walk to the train station and the market across the street from it.

Magnitogorsk Russia

by MacDaddie

"Typical view of Magnitogorsk"

Taken from the intersection that leads to the large Orthodox church. The apartment buildings are typical of the city and where probably 90% of the population lives. Its a very rectangular city with a good tram system to get you around.

"Russian Orthodox Church in Magnitogorsk"

Built a few years ago, its one of the most impressive structures in the city.

A new sports arena is being built to the left of where the picture was taken.

"Train station"

The Magnitogorsk train station. Interesting pink color makes it stand out and its the main transportation center of the city.


by MacDaddie

"In front of the main administrative building"

This clock sits at the end of an open square behind the city's main administrative building. You see the typical apartment buildings in the background.

"Administration building & steel mills"

This is the last picture I got in Magnitogorsk before my camera broke!!! Its the main adminstrative building from the rear with the steel mills visible in the background. There are several steel and metal plants on the other side of the river. You can take the number 8 tram and it will take you across the river and through the mills...its interesting to see the huge complexes.

A clock that doesn't work with Lions around it....its next to a school and no one seems to know exactly why it was originally built but the lions are neat.

Two of the lions close up!!!

Some good advice at the train station!!!

The train is boarding!!!

Statue across from the train station....I imagine for the workers who built the city.

Believe it or not, each of these sheds is an actual you an idea of things as you begin to leave the city area.


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Azia Hotel

Magnitogorsk 455000, 455000, Russia

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