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Bear Hostels: $ 20 / night next to the Kremlin

Found an incredibly cheap hostel within 10 minutes’ walk from the Kremlin.
Literally, see map!
Wi-Fi, satellite TV, laundry service, safe box provided. They say they provide visa support, too – see their site.
Good luck!

The cheapest option is 16-bed dorm, 450 roubles p.p., that’s $ 12 with the current rate!
The upscale variant is sort of a double room – indeed, it is a double room with two beds one on top of the other – then you pay 1250 roubles = $ 35 p.p. and $ 70 for the room. Frankly, the conveniences do not really seem worth it; although the location certainly does.

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Related to: Budget Travel, Backpacking, School Holidays
  • Written April 11, 2014
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Hotel Bulgakov: Very central

I live in Moscow, so I don't need to stay at any hotel.
Just seen this sign passing by (see photo). The photo gallery looks pretty nice, though.
Have no idea why they call it after Mikhail Bulgakov, the writer, either - you may go and find out, if you are afraid of ghosts and the like (he was keen on such things).
If you read Russian - enjoy

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
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  • Written January 10, 2014
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Airbnb: Rent-a-flat in Moscow

It’s nearly 10 years since a booked a hotel room; I always rent a flat now when travelling – it gives you a real feeling of the place.
I’ve made some research at random, when a Moscow VT Forum visitor racked her brains about finding a hotel to stay, not too expensive, close to the sights and child-friendly. Surely that’s rather an apartment!
Here are two flats in Arbat - getting more central will be chasing the rulers of the country out of the Kremlin 5000 rub / night 6000 rub / night
Don't know about the terms, if you contact them (google-translate the site), they may be able to write English
The ones I mentioned are just the first I saw in Russian Yandex, took me about one minute's search.
Here is what Google says - more in use abroad, and in English. In fact, cheaper, too - they seem to believe everyone in Russia has his own oil well.
I would opt for this
The fellow understands English and has good references
But in case you choose to rent a flat, think in advance how you will go about the visa, I am not sure the host will be so happy to go into all that red-tape

I put in 'Budget travel', too, because you can rent a cheap flat and make your own meals, or even a room with shared bathroom and kitchen.
But they won't be decorated as the ones on the photos ;)

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Business Travel, Budget Travel, Family Travel
  • Written August 20, 2013
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City loft rooms: Clean, modern, cheap and very central

We stayed in this great hotel. Very clean. The owners are nice and helpfull, they help you buy train tickets on the internet or with any question you have. We payed 44 euro without breakfast, the room is small but they have a nice big kitchen to make your own food, a washing machine, nice places to sit.

close to Arbat metro, a few houses away from the house of Gogol

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Related to: Backpacking, Museum Visits, Budget Travel
  • Written August 6, 2013
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Ideal Hostel Moscow: In the center of capital

At the begging of our stay in Moscow our organizer have a problem with reservation and (to short a very long story) we need to found another place to stay. Only 7 person from our group is stay here. We have a one room with 6 bed places (one big for two person). There is also small LCD TV and a computer desk.
Here is several room with different number of bed places. On everybody disposable is a huge connected living room and kitchen.This is a nice place to spend time and meet other travelers.
There is also two toilets/WC. Notice to leave clean after using. Without paying every visitor can use a iron, a computer and kitchen utilities. Some fees is for using washing machine and dryer machine.

Clean and well equipped with the necessary facilities. Near the building is market and cafe bar.
And the Best is that this hostel is just a short walk away from the Bolshoi Theater, Red Square and the GUM.

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Related to: School Holidays, Backpacking, Budget Travel
  • Written December 22, 2012
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Hostel is on 6th floor

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Mini-hotel 'Na Pyatnitskoj': Charming budget mini-hotel downtown

Ran into a cosy mini-hotel last Sunday while looking for a violet show-room.

Great location, opposite Novokuznetskaya metro station - would live there myself if I were not based in Moscow already. Great rates, too; they sell single rooms for 50 euro / night. No private shower or WC, however, you’ll have to walk a few steps on the same floor.

Oh, typically they only have a Russian-language site, but you can easily google-translate it.

Bonuses are: a dozen fast-food chains around, plus that lovely flower shop around the corner.

Novokuznetskaya is one stop from the Red Square. Or you can walk.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Budget Travel, Backpacking, Singles
  • Written August 14, 2012
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And a bunch of violets next door

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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Uncle Pasha's Apartment: Best of Moscow's apartments

I most highly recommend the apartment I rented from Paul Voytinsky aka Uncle Pasha. Perfect location, much more than one can expect for the price ($700/week), remarkably well equipped: good internet, a computer, and even a printer! Although square footage is small space is so well used that a family of four would feel comfortable here.

It is not just the apartment but his comprehensive support service that makes Pasha so valuable to travellers to Russia. I fell into his tenets when looking for some basic information. No one else I contacted would respond so quickly and informatively as Pasha. So I ended up having him organize my entire trip, from sending me the invitation to posting me a few items I forgot in the apartment I rented from him.

I would also remark on the effort Pasha makes to encourage the traveller not to be a "tourist". He immediately matched me up with one of his friends to do English converstion practice. In exchange they took me to the Golden Ring and then to an authentic Russian Dacha and Banya.

If you have any questions about my Russian trip in May and June of 2011 or about Pasha's role please write to


A large desk, computer, good internet, printer, office supplies. Apparently many of his permanent clients are the writing/academic type. It does not feel like a hotel or a rented apartment but more like a friend's home office. A bike right outside the apartment, available to guests, contributes to this home feeling.

The location too is remarkable. It is central yet totally non-touristy.

I'm sure summertime travellers would appreciate air conditioning. Normally you don't expect it in an apartment of this price range in Moscow.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Written July 20, 2011

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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Hotel Lomonosov: Cheaper alternative

Rates were about 75$ a day including a continental breakfast. It is on the second floor of a business building surrounded by new apartments. There is a supermarket nearby. The hotel is near Moscow University. You can take a short bus ride to Kievskaya metro. You get a feel of the Moscow beyond the city center.

Quiet, new rooms. Friendly staff. Some English speaking. They pick you up on your first day at Kievskaya and take you there on your last day at no charge.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Hiking and Walking, Study Abroad, Photography
  • Written January 17, 2011

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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Trip&Sleep Hostel: Excellent hostel in Moscow

I have recently been to Moscow, Russia and would like to recommend you the hostel Trip&Sleep, if you’re ever going to Moscow and need a cheap hotel. I stayed in this hostel with my friends and we all liked it very much. We were surprised with its location in the center of the city and its low at the same time prices (in comparison with other hotels). Moreover there is a nice atmosphere and friendly and helpful personnel :)

Right in the center of Moscow, not far from the main sightseeings!

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
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  • Written August 4, 2010

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Stay In A Private Flat

I stayed in a private flat from a service I Googled. it is a better choice than an overpriced hotel, but only for those who speak some Russian. If you are completely new to Russia, I would suggest a hotel.

Apartment overlooked Arbat Street and was light and comfortable.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Written June 22, 2010

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Name coming soon!: Homestay

The Lonely Planet has a few places, one of which we stayed in for about $90 USD per night- it's about 3km from the Kremlin... From the Kremlin, take Bol. Nikitskaya ulitsa to the zoo, where it changes to ulitsa Krasnaya Presnya. Take a right on Mal. Gruzinskaya ulitsa.

We walked to the hotel every time, so that's how the directions will be. It's about a block, maybe less, past a church on your left, coming from town, sort of near the Zoo, on Mal. Gruzinskaya ulitsa between ulitsa Klimashkina and Bol. Tishinskiy pereulok. Go around back and as you face the building, there are two wings on either side, and the majority of the building ahead of you. Use the door on the right. Go to the door, press 48 and she'll answer (you can get a key from her for a deposit). Call ahead to reserve, or maybe you can reserve online at or something like that.

This place is nice, with a kitchen you can use as long as you clean up. She does laundry (you can do your own) though you can't rely on the woman for visa registration. Make sure to ask her as soon as you get there.

There are some stores around the area in which you can buy supplies for cooking, though I recommend going back to ulitsa Krasnaya Presnya, where there are grocery stores as well as places to change money, with commi$$ion...

I checked "satisfied" because, while it was a nice stay, and a nice apartment with a good shower, she didn't register our visas and wouldn't when we asked her to, which meant we were in Russia illegally and could be fined or deported. Then she made up excuses and lies when we argued it with her.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Written February 4, 2009

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Living in a shared flat in Moscow: A flat - somewhere awful:

If you end up in Moscow living as an English Teacher you will normally be given a flat somewhere cheap - cheap means somewhere near the MKAD ring road. During 18 months of living in central Moscow i lived in Novigreevo ( end of the yellow ) and Vykhino ( end of the purple ). This allows you to have a more authentic experience as most of your neighbours will be alcoholic pensioners or screaming children with abusive parents rather than irritating German tourists , however the landing/lift will smell considerably more of urine and the veneer of customer service you find in the centre will be replaced by the quintissential Russian scowl.

Unique Qualities: You get to do some things that convential tourists would never dream of , talk to skinheads outside the kiosks , get yelled at by drunken schizophrenics , take erratic gypsy cab rides back from the centre , be chased by stray dogs , be seen as an angel from heaven by old ladies collecting bottles after parties , eat the full range of metro pastries and bribe a policeman who is trying to arrest you for fighting your friends in the street. You also have the pleasure of living with a fellow professional ( normally a total freak ).

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Related to: Work Abroad
  • Written January 29, 2009
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Kitchens are invariably tiny

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Dreadful self catering: Samovar B&B - Avoid at all costs

Don't stay in this place! It was dreadful. I will come back and explain more but I just want to warn people as soon as possible! And I will be adding photos.

Incidentally we had booked Flamingo B&B, which is owned by the same people, but when we arrived it transpired they had never had any intention of putting us in Flamingo, and put us in Samovar. So be warned, if you've booked Flamingo you may find you don't end up staying there!

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Written August 19, 2008

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3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Hotel Ermitage: A Decent, Quiet Option

Accomodations in Moscow are insanely expensive - yes, insane is the correct modifier. Although this hotel cost $200 a night, it was, sadly, in the lower half of Moscow hotels. Luckily, I was here on a business trip and did not have to cover the cost of the hotel by myself. The staff here speaks almost no English, so some basic Russian definitely helps you in your stay. Nevertheless, everyone was very friendly (in a Moscovite sort of way) and the service was prompt. They completed registration and had our passports back to us in a matter of an hour or so. The rooms are a bit drab, but still clean and functional, with the requisite amenities. There are little fridges with nothing in them, so you can always keep drinks and snacks cool during your stay.

The hotel was under renovation when I visited, which means that facilities are likely to have improved since then. The renovations, however, were minor, and probably only resulted in some new carpets and fixtures.

This hotel has two very great qualities - location and quiet. All of the rooms in the hotel face onto either a quiet backstreet or a park, which means that your sleep and rest will never be disturbed by Moscow's unruly traffic.

In terms of location, the hotel is in Kitay Gorod, an upper-scale mercantile area that is packed with restaurants and shops. It is about a 15 minute walk to Red Square, but the walk is quite pleasant, especially if you go along Pokrovka. The nearest subway stop is probably Chistye Prudy (another extremely pleasant walk through the Chistye Prudy park). There is another subway stop that is technically a shorter distance, but the route was so tortuous I got lost and ended up taking three times as long finding the subway as I should have. Best of all, this hotel is near a number of embassy (a key point for you nerds) - and right beside the unofficial "representation" of the unrecognized Republic of South Ossetia.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Business Travel
  • Written July 12, 2008
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Room shot #1 (Room 312)

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any: Moscow's hotels

From a previous Moscow's girl: I would say that the weather there is unpredictable, it is the same as in London. So, it is better to be prepare for everything - from +30 C to -5 C and snow. Take a rain coat + jumper + umbrella + something for a hot day.
It is difficult to advise about accomodation too. Usually, budget tourist stay in very bad hotels and hostels, far from the centre of a town, so it will require a lot of evening taxis :)) There are hardly any average/ cheap budget hotels left in the city itself, only very expensive ones. From better located hotels I would recommend Cosmos, Moskva, Metropol, National, Aeroport. But i have no idea of prices now.
To find a private accomodation is difficult also, and it is not cheap.
I have tried it before with no success, it is better to stay with people who you know there if you know anyone. Sorry, if it was not very helpful.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Related to: Budget Travel
  • Written July 4, 2008

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