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cost of taxi

by rogermoore

how much should a taxi from Domoveno airport cost to centre of moscow

Re: cost of taxi

by dromosapien

Domodedovo (?)Airport, about $100 USD. Airport transportation details can be found at the Air Berlin site:

We purchased a voucher inside the airport and had fortunately printed a map of the journey to the hotel from the airport so we could direct the amiable but lost driver.
Have a good trip.

Re: cost of taxi

by melek02

100 USD???? Are you kidding? This is not normal price but the price from the taxi desk at the airport...
Normal price if you order taxi by phone in advance is 1200-1500 RUR, which is 40-50 USD.
You will have to pay in RUR or ask the taxi company the car with card terminal

Re: cost of taxi

by manuna

It can be $100. 1200-1500 rbls is a normal price for locals, while you know that very often prices for foreign guests are higher in Moscow:(

Re: cost of taxi

by melek02

I have never heard that official taxi company charge different price for foreigners, I have a lot of foreign friends here in Moscow and at least half of my office are expats and they are always paying the same taxi rate from/to airport as I do.
Just never take taxi from the different strange men at the airport who offer you taxi service as it is not save and you never know the price. Call reliable taxi company in advance and everything will be fine, some taxi companies have English speaking operators.

Re: cost of taxi

by bugulma

there is so named official taxi in the airport (desk near of exit from arrival, at least inner flights) and they haven't 100USD for sure. I think 1500RUR they will ask as a maximum - they have a list of area and prices, so you may see it straight away. although the price is near of RUR 1000 (I paid RUR 1100 lasr time though it is not for the central area :-))

Re: cost of taxi

by melek02

Andrey you are wrong, taxi at the airport really cost that much, I came just 1 week ago and my plane was late for 3 hours, so was not able to order taxi in advance. Price at the airport was 2600 RUR. They supposed to have cheaper cars at the airport but of course they were not available.
So I preferred to wait 40 min till taxi will come from the city.

Re: cost of taxi

by bugulma

really? wow! I just remember 3 months ago my friend got official taxi to Moscow region from DME and it was RUR 2000...maybe since new year it became more expensive? in any way that means that it is better to order the car in advance from the city :-)

Re: cost of taxi

by baldurontour

hi, don#t know if it is too late to answer. if you need help with a trusworthy taxi, drop me an email. I work in moscow and fly to domodedovo every 2 weeks since 3 years. If you need reco from a taxi company, I can send you company name and number. the owner speaks good englisch and is very reliable. by the way, we get official invoices for tax reasons as well.

yes, it is around 2.000 RUR per trip, not included are waiting time and it also depends if you are going or coming from the airport.

Travel Tips for Moscow

Moscow is a fantastic place go and enjoy

by pendlewizard

Well moscow is many things to different people.
For the uncultured like me, i say to people like me, go and see the museums and the art galleries. hey am not joking.
The kremlin armoury museum is unbelievable, and the jewelry part is drop dead fantastic.
Also the tcherkovsky art gallery is worth a look at.
So do not just look at the gentlemans clubs where girls of negotiable affections work.
Spend time visiting red square, and the areas outside.
Also use the metro in preferance to taxis, and learn some russian .
Also go to the market in Izhmailovo,and do some shopping there for fantastic clothes.
Also dont forget to take your passport, and travel documents with you when you go out.
Me and my Russian g/f got stopped outside the kremlin,and the copper laughed when i lost one of my documents ( my G/F pannicked like hell)..He saw i was on a Uk EEC passport, and bought us a coffee.he spoke good English,and we chatted for about 20mins about football.The police have a job to do protecting us from terrorists, dont be offended if you get asked to see your documents i have just many fantastic memories of moscow.
From the friendly girls who charge $100 in the hotel bar, at the izhmailovo beta, and who were happy to chat to me and my girlfriend.
To the fantastic sites we have seen all over the city.its just a fantastic place.
The food is fantastic in the restraunts.
For me there is no culture difference to England,and i would say that it is more like England than any other country in Europe

I liked the atmosphere there,...

by suvaa003

I liked the atmosphere there, it is a cosmopolitan city, and in the summer there alkinds of fesitvals, mucis but theatre to, just go and see for yourself, and yes this me during a smoke break. Was getting russian lessons, by the way Russian is very difficult to learn, but going to Russia it is a must to read and speak Russian a little at least, other wise yoy will be lost.

Churches of Moscow

by Pablos_new

There are a lot of churches in Moscow.
In XIX c (when Moscow was no bigger than Garden Ring) there were more than 2000 churches in Moscow. During years of Stalin's terror many of them were blown up. Now there are about 200-300 churches in Moscow, but nevertheless you can see golden cupolas and crosses from everywhere in the town.

Not alcoholics but cheery people!

by Carolin

Many people abroad think that Russians are alcoholics...... Maybe some of them yes, but not much! We're very smiling people who enjoy their life as it is! And if there is a free moment we try to use it for getting more time for lovely life! Just take a look at this photos and you'll share the opinion!

Elokhovskaya Orthodox Church - 6 -

by MrBill

If I remember my history right, about 300 years ago there was quite a fight between Rome and Moscow. The Orthodox Church split from the Roman Church, but took many of its customs and traditions with it. Furthermore, the Russian Orthodox Church split from the Greek Orthodox Church. However, I believe most of these cleavages were more over control of the Church than fundamental differences in belief. However, during the service, the priest went on quite a bit about having to defend the Russian Orthodox Church against other religions, and Russia from outsiders, and other such unrelated themes. As I am a Protestant, officially the Church does not recognize me as the godfather to the child. Never the less, I did not have the heart to tell the priest that actually my Lord was born Jewish, and so was his. There you go, religious pride and prejudice, even on the day of baptism of a small baby, which is supposed to represent bringing the child into the House of the Lord. At least, I know I am morally obliged to do my duty, with or without the Orthodox Church's blessing.


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