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Ushuaia Towers hotel: Great party at Ushuaia

Just an amazing stay !!
A very friendly staff always eager to please and help !!
Amazing parties late afternoon til midnight with top class DJ's all free if you stay at the hotel.
Excellent food at both the pool and the restaurants.
Just so great that I will stay probably one more week in September.

So clean, so many possibilities to relax and enjoy your stay.
Friendly people all in the "party spirit".
The rooms are so well insulated that you dont hear the party down the hall !!

  • Opinion of Price: most expensive
  • Related to: Luxury Travel, Singles
  • Written August 2, 2013

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2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Hotel Apartamentos Lux Mar: Hotel Apartamentos Lux Mar

We choosed the hotel because of its great location at Figueretes, on a quiet area but near the sea and also in walking distance from the Old Town, 10’ walk through a small scenic path and we were on the busy area where most bars and cafes are. If you walk the other side you’ll be in 5’ to Figueretas and in 15’ to Playa den Bossa.

We booked a room for 4 nights in may, the price was excellent: 28 euros per night for a double room. For this money we got a spacious room that had A/C, TV, kitchenette, a microwave and a fridge (pics 2-3). An iron with an ironing board was also a plus.

The room was clean and there was daily cleaning service, changing of towels, bedding etc Simple decoration but there was enough light, a table with chairs where we could have a meal etc The bathroom was also good with a big mirror, hair dryer etc

The small balcony was looking at the parking near the sea at the back side of the hotel (pic 4). Not great view but hopefully not noisy too. By the way the parking is very useful if you rent a car because it is free.

The hotel has a big pool in the inner yard (pic 1) between the three different blocks of the hotel (Lux Mar, Tropicana, Panoramic) where many people were relaxing for hours at the numerous sun loungers, there was also a lifeguard on duty. There’s another smaller pool near the hotel’s dining room where you can take your breakfast too (we didn’t try this, I think it costs 6e per person but we always prefer to have breakfast in our room or choose one of the numerous café near the hotel.

The reception (pic 5) was open 24 hours, with someone always there to help but there wasn’t any control who’s coming in and out though. We also heard at least 2 different couples complaining about some loss in their room, ok we’re talking about a huge hotel but still it made us feel a bit uncomfortable. There’s no safebox in the room, you have to use the one at the reception.

There are some comfortable couches at the lobby where you can rest for a while and use the free wi-fi signal. There were also 2 internet machines available there. Wi-Fi signal is weaker in the other areas and you had to pay for it (1e for 10’, 2e for 30’ , 5e for 5 hours, 40e for a week)

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Written July 22, 2012
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1 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Icon Ibiza - Agents for alleged VIP accommodation: Icon Ibiza - Buyer Beware with this company!

Hi everyone, I am a long time member of VT and have no agenda here except to spare my fellow traveller and club lovers from the experiences we had to endure at the hands of this company. Their URL is www.iconibiza.com but they also market their properties on normal holiday rental sites. I will not name the company directors on a public forum but will to anyone who messages me so that you know what names to look for on the rental sites etc. My advice would be to give this company a wide birth - spend the money on your beer, club entrances and peace of mind on your precious holiday to the white isle. If anyone is concerned that I am grinding axes, I have email, text message and anecdotal witness evidence to nore than support my tale. I have posted this in Warnings section to maximise audience.

This company market themselves as a VIP concierge experience who claim they will sort everything you could need...VIP transfers, welcome packs, restaurant bookings, beach club bookings, Club bookings etc. Their initial emails promise to help you with anything when you get there (however a text to them about a taxi number went unanswered, a text about the dress code at Pacha went unanswered, texts about our promised guest lists went unanswered or not dealt with resulting in us being seriously out of pocket and not having the club nights we wanted). Nothing about this company is VIP and they are VERY expensive.

Having been promised many things on booking they did not appear or they were less than expected. On arrival the VIP transfer was actually a SUV, not so much VIP as family day out at the beach, the welcome pack which should have been water, wine, juice and beer was a litre of milk and 2 bottles of cheap wine - not much to start my 40th birthday celebrations with and so off we went to the Spar!

The apartment (one in a complex in Playa D'en Bossa called Bossa Sol Apartments) was a 3 star pretending to be a 5 star (with a 5 star price tag!). It was battered and threadbare, the sofa was grubby and covered with a dubious sheet/throw, dent in the coffee table, holes in the floor tiles, ants in the bedrooms and kitchen, no dustbins in the bedrooms or bathrooms, dirty grout in shower and around the toilet, food from previous tenants in the freezer, broken locks on balcony door so the apartment was not secure and we had to take valuables out with us every evening, no bedside tables or any surface in the bedroom for toiletries, limited cooking utensils, no welcome book with useful numbers or information, sticky front door locks, mismatched towels with no hand towels and one towel smelled of cat wee (badly!), two bedrooms - one twin and one double with the beds bolted together so that me and my sister had to share! Not enough hot water for the four of us so we had cold showers for 3 days ad the response - this is an island, have shorter showers! The apartment was overwhelmingly disappointing. Sky TV but not many channels. we were advised that we should tell anyone who asked that we were friends and family to avoid there being any issue with the building committee. The view was smashing but that was luck of location and in no way due to the skill of this company.

The club bookings was the most stressful part of the week - on arrival we assumed the bookings we had asked for had been arranged, they had not. We were told one night was booked (it wasn't actually as he told us 4 days later when he was actually booking it), one booking was debated - we wanted Tiesto (we had been told we could have two nights "OF OUR CHOOSING" but he spent ages trying to convince us that we didn't really want to go there we should go where he suggested. There was an issue with Tiesto@Pacha, an issue with Space. If we had let them choose it may have gone smoother. we could't get David Guetta because they left it too late to tell us that there was no guest list. I could have booked the tickets for ANY club night from the UK cheaply and without having to debate, chase the company and listen to their tall tales.

On the day of Tiesto we were told the guest list as full so I complained but to save my family disappointment we bought tickets, then at 6pm the guest list suddenly wasn't full any more (however we were already 180 euros down), for the second club night we asked for erick morillo and the male company director said he would get us on the paying guest list for ed sheeran as well - what a joke! We spent the day before chasing, he told us to chase him tomorrow, so it continued we chased no answer, we got erick morillo but no answer about ed sheeran and so when I complained again the female company director had a tantrum. The saga continued till 10pm on the night of erick morillo when she decided that I wasn't nearly grateful enough to them for all of their hard work and superb customer service so they cancelled our erick morillo guest list. Luckily we had the tickets we had been forced to purchase on the Monday so we went and had a whale of a time.

My 40th birthday meal was nearly ruined by their inability to communicate with us about something as important as the opening time of the restaurant. I had asked for a booking at 7pm in the female directors "favourite" restaurant. You would think then that she would know it doesn't open till 8pm and advise us accordingly...nope! We arrived at 7pm to be advised that the restaurant wasn't actually open and we had to sit outside for an hour waiting while the staff had their tea and set up for service. When I asked the Manager I was told that the table had been booked for that day but NO TIME was given so I assume Icon Ibiza thought the restaurant were going to hold my table all night!!! The meal was delightful but more examples of ineptitude.

I was not surprised that this company were as ridiculous as they turned out to be - two weeks before departure I read a horrendous review and feared for the worst, lived up to by the poor communication and customer service skills of this couple who seem to do this job as a hobby and take no professional pride in a job well done and happy customers. What is truly alarming is that when you google this website they are full of positive PR but from VIP's - newspapers, magazines etc. I have resented reading people saying what a great VIP service they received when I am a teacher and my money is hard worked for, hard saved and then wasted on a couple who have a sense of deluded self value and importance that makes them think they are entitled to customer gratitude for mediocre work...very distressing!

On the morning of departure, despite me texting them our leaving time for the airport no one turned up to collect the keys - we waited from 7.20 am outside the apartment block (needed to leave at 7.30am), we texted them at 7.45 to see how long they were going to be - no answer, in the end at 8.05am we had to go back into the block and lock the keys in the apartment so we could go to the airport. We texted them again at 8.10 am to tell them what we had done - guess what no reply, 40 minutes late for departure to the airport we finally got into a taxi.

So unprofessional, and actually quite pathetic...so my holiday ended with the same level of stress that they had contributed to in the first place.

My only request VTers is that you think twice and then think again before you part with any money to this company - err on the side of caution and use another company unless you are actually a friend or family of the company directors (or if you are a DJ, music mogul, journalist or person who can give them something I couldn't!) and in this case maybe you will get what you expect and more. Be careful folks and feel free to message me if you want more specifics before you book. WE are not the only ones - we have been contacted by people who have suffered at the hands of this company.

happy clubbing anyone who is going there and I would highly recommend Tiesto Clublife @Pacha on a Monday evening.

Read more: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/221fbb/#ixzz1zOyLFlAp

If you decide to book at Bossa Sol Apartments - Don't use Icon Ibiza as your agent. The location of the apartments is perfect and there are many other landlords renting properties there much cheaper and with none of the additional stress.

  • Opinion of Price: most expensive
  • Written July 1, 2012

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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Villa in Jesus: Club Queen, Adriana Hands's Villa

This is less about service, facilities and amenities in the traditional sense (although all these are present) than it is about a "life-enjoyment service". The hostess is a long-standing Club Queen, based in London, but also doing major events in other places around the world. However, forget the pejorative connotations that such a title might carry, as this is a caring, crazy, exciting, off-beat, positive, sexy, socially-sensitive and wild person who all the boys like/love and all the girls want as their best friend. No-one is left out or ignored; everyone is treated thoughtfully and with respect for their personal situation; everyone has a great time.

Her combination of life-experience and genuine concern for all those she meets mean that - even if you do not agree with what she says - it will always make you feel better and it will always provide food for thought. Combined with the Ibiza clubs and the villa pool-parties / BBQs and her ability to make everyone in her group come together and bond, this is one of the most positive life-experiences in one of the wildest party locations on Earth.

Accommodation: villa in small village close to Ibiza Town, Marina Botafoc, Talamanca beach and 5 mins drive to Playa d'en Bossa (where all the best parties and nightclubs are).

Location: Jesus (the small village)

Host: a famous London-based party organiser, called Adriana Hands (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000695296494)

Villa characteristics:
- 5 double bedrooms
- 4 bathrooms
- 2 big balconies on the front and back
- Fully fitted kitchen with modern appliances
- Laundry room
- Huge living-dining area with open fire place
- Garden
- Beautiful, deep swimming pool with BBQ/seating area

Clubbing, BBQs, pool parties and visitors.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Singles, Music, Budget Travel
  • Written July 3, 2011
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Club Queen, Adriana Hands's Villa

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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Cala Pada

We decided to travel independently to Ibiza so I booked an apartment through a property rental website. We are exceptionally happy with the apartment we booked which was in an area called Cala Pada which is located 2km from both Santa Eularia and Es Cana so ideally placed for restaurants and bars without being right on top of it.

Cala Pada also has a 200m sandy beach and is very safe for young children. The beach also has a number of restaurants dotted along it.

The other attraction of Cala Pada is that it has a ferry (summer time only) which takes you to Santa Eularia with connections to Ibiza Town and Formentera.

Peaceful yet close to restaurants and bars. Good transportation - local ferries and good bus route.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Beaches
  • Written September 28, 2008
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Our accommodation

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  • eddie22 profile photo eddie22
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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Club Paraiso: My Favourite Hotel in Ibiza

It was brilliant, loud and amazing tunes pumping out day and night.
The best hotel ever! we stopped on the very top floor where there was 2 big balcony's infront and behind our room.looking dwn on the pool area and the other, our hotel neighbours! you have to pay for the aircon (bit expenive) but if you meet any electricians over there just get them to tweek it!...or av a little mess with the buttons yourself!the hotel security is very good but can be a pain in the backside when you forget your room card on a night on the razz which i learned my lesson about last time! theres a dj round the pool fom 10am which plays some wicked tunes! the only down point i can say about the place is that i didnt get my deposit back wich i put down when i got there but purely thru fault of my own, lol.

It consists of 365 apartments all equipped with kitchen, fridge, full bathroom and telephone with outside line.

The complex has three outside swimming pools, Jacuzzi, three bars with snacks, restaurant with international cuisine buffet style, supermarket and shops, gym tennis court, and an entertainment programme with varying stars. The Club Paraiso Mediterreaneo is located in the centre of San Antonio, near all the interesting places in town- its shops and the famous West end.

All the rooms have an exterior view.
Reception offers service 24 hours a day, money change, safe box, car and motorbike rental.

The Club Paraiso Mediterraneo Apartments are situated in the heart of San Antonio, close to the resort’s attractions and just 300 metres away from the beach. The hotel’s proximity to the nightlife, make it the ideal destination for young people. Apartments come equipped with an ensuite bathroom, a kitchenette, lounge and direct-dial phone. Irons and TVs can be requested. Other facilities within the Club Paraiso Mediterraneo Apartments include a restaurant, swimming pool, solarium.

Please take my word on this hotel you wont regret if your the partying type, if you dont enjoy it feel free to track mi down, lol.

Oh yeah its 3 star but nicer should be 4 in fact give it all stars from outta space coz its mint!

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Music, Singles
  • Written March 5, 2008
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The Pool

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  • 416Guy profile photo 416Guy
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3 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Ebusus: Quiet place away from the craziness

A nice place to stay while in Ibiza is the town of Santa Eularia. Just 10 minutes by car from Ibiza town, and 15 from San Antoni, you would never know you were on the same island as the wild, crazy, party going drunks in San Antoni. That is, unless you want to be, in which case you can be there in 15 minutes.

The Ebusus apartmen/hotel offers nice, clean rooms, with kicthenette, friendly service, conveniant location for an affordable price. From 41€ per night.

Talk to Luis, he speaks english and spanish, or go to the website for more information.


  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Related to: Study Abroad, Family Travel, Singles
  • Written February 24, 2008
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1 out of 5 starsUser Rating

1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Yet more building in Ibiza.: The slow destruction of the White Isle. 2006.

Sadly the moratorium on new hotels has ended and building work has restarted at an aggresive rate. The old club Bora Bora mentioned in glowing terms elswhere on my site was demolished to make way for a new hotel and many new buildings are springing up. It is a great shame that tourism only lasts half the year here, for the rest of the year the local get the place to themselves and some peace and quiet? If only that were true, hotels are starting to spring up again to accomodate the kind if package holiday folks that spoil the Islands ambiance, worse! a great gash has been torn across the Island from Ibiza to San Antonio as the Island gets it's first motorway (and this on an island less than 50 kilometers long) Again the bulldozers move in and again it is for the benefit of the tourists, people who neither live here or care about the Island. So much of Ibiza's beauty is being destroyed to accomodate foreigners, it's no wonder the locals ar so fiercly vocal in their opposition.

  • Opinion of Price: most expensive
  • Related to: Eco-Tourism, Adventure Travel, Road Trip
  • Written November 6, 2006
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an all too familiar site

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4 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Klippe formerly Sunshine apartments: San Antonio Bay's Furthest Aparthotel

The pillows were hard, the beds soft. It was a 45 minute walk to the bay, but it can be a scenic one if you go via the beach. The service was pretty good, the air conditioning was a god send! You need it in those rooms with a bay view. There were a lot o noisy neighbours so sometimes hard to sleep if you haven't had a skin full, but overall nott too bad a place. Ok to use just as a base wouldn't recommend for families.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Related to: Singles, Road Trip, Budget Travel
  • Written August 2, 2006

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  • jrs1985 profile photo jrs1985
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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Ses Fontanellas Plaza: Ses Fontanellas Plaza

This place was very nice. We rented it through RCI for a whole week. It was two rooms and comfortably held myself, and three other friends. The rooms are very nicely equipped and could have everything you need (besides free food, of course), but overall very impressive and clean.

The pool is nice, but kinda cold in May. There's a game room, which isn't too impressive. There's also two restaurants, but we didn't go to either. One of them is a pub and the other gives shows and stuff.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Family Travel, Study Abroad
  • Written March 15, 2006
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  • Tricky_Dicky69 profile photo Tricky_Dicky69
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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

S'argamassa Villas: Bring the family for a great time.

We got a good deal on on our villa and were not expecting too much for the price. We were very pleasently surprised by what we found when we arrived. The 4 bedrooms were large enough and very clean and tidy. The open plan kitchen and lounge was more than big enough for the 7 of us and was fully equiped with everything that you could need.

The area was fairly quiet but there was enough shops / restaurants just a short walk away. We had a car for a few days but the rest of the time we were on foot. Es Canar was just a short walk away if we needed a change of scenery.

Although our pool wasn't huge it was certainly big enough and was in almost constant use. The kids spent hours in the water and we could sit back in the sun with the stereo playing and a cool beer in hand so everone was happy. We made use of the bar B Q a couple of times after a shopping trip to Santa Eulalia for provisions.

There was a small bar / restaurant on site which was great to stop off at for a night-cap after a night out. It was usually pretty quiet with just a few locals in. The barman ( Pecos ) spoke good english and was really friendly. We spent many a happy hour chatting to him and the locals. He even let my Son, Scott, help him out behind the bar a few times.

We all loved the place and would like to go back some day.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Family Travel
  • Written February 19, 2006
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S'Argamassa Villas

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  • Oana_bic profile photo Oana_bic
  • Reviews: 753

4 out of 5 starsUser Rating

4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Ibiza Playa: Hotel Ibiza Playa, playa de Figueretas

Right on the beach, spacious room with excellent side sea view & Ibiza fortress frontal view, very clean - the only problem which was nt actually one in September is that they dont have any AC but fans..
Great breakfast - essential for the 24 hours professionals clubbers like us where nobody would be shocked if we came up directly from the club with our small black dresses barefoot but still dancing:)

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Written September 15, 2005
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  • joel_europa profile photo joel_europa
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4 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Casa Maria Apartments: Choosing a Place to Stay

I enjoyed my stay with the accommodation provided by “Casa Maria Apartments” in San Antonio. The rooms in “Casa Maria” were nice and comfortable. Plus, the hotel’s rooftop pool with a bar and view of San Antonio Bay was very nice. The only bad thing is, although I love to party, the youngsters in San Antonio get a bit too smashed-up in the pubs and make noise all night and all morning. Also, the types of clubs in San Antonio weren’t my style. I enjoy quality DJs and great atmospheres not “meat market” vibes. Although the hotel is nice, I wish it was located in Eivissa, where I think I’ll spend my nights sleeping next time.

The rooftop pool is very nice.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Family Travel, Study Abroad, School Holidays
  • Written September 12, 2005
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The Rooftop Pool

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  • Helen196 profile photo Helen196
  • Reviews: 82

3 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Costa Mar, San Antonio: Costa Mar, San Antonio

We booked the Costa Mar because we wanted somewhere in San An but away from the noise and dirt of the West End.

The rooms themselves were alright but nothing special - 2 single beds wardrobe, drawers and a little bathroom. The kitchen area had 2 electric rings, sink, crockery and cutlery, fridge, table & chairs for 4. There were plenty of plug points around the rooms which is great if you want stereo, mozzy plug and hair straightners plugged in at the same time!! The cleaners came round and change the towels 4 times in the week we were there but not the bed linen which was a shame.

The hotel clientelle were mostly aged 18-35 but because they didn't book with any of the '18-30' or 'Twentys' packages you didn't get the tacky behaviour thats associated with them or the irritating reps! The only time we heard any noise (or made any ourselves I have to say) is around 5 to 7am when peole started coming back to the hotel after clubs.

There were some families staying there who seemed to thoughroughly enjoy it also but I would stress that the week we were there it was predominantly couples or groups.

I don't think I would stay at the Costa Mar purely because of the lack of air conditioning. If, however I booked a last minute cheap holiday and I was put there I would be well chuffed, but for the money we paid for a week I'd have to say it wasn't worth it!

Our rooms faced poolside which is a good sized, well kept area with sunbeds and umbrellas, and gets the sun from about 10:30 to 6ish. The bar area was clean, the bar staff (and the hotel staff in general) were really friendly and spoke good english (which is good when the only thing I know how to say in Spanish is 'can I have the bill please?' and 'where are the toilets?'). The food was quite acceptable - breakfast, omlettes, fish fingers, pies, chips, pizzas and the prices were average also.

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Written August 16, 2005

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  • Cammel11 profile photo Cammel11
  • Reviews: 171

4 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Marco Polo II Hotel: Cheap

This hotel is located in the center of Sant. Antoni. 2 min walk from the beach, food, bars, Club Eden, Es Paradis... Very cheap accomidation. It says its a hotel, but its more like a hostel. No airconditioning and just the basics. But how much time will you really spend in your hotel room in Ibiza? I enjoyed the stay, staff was really nice and helpful.

make sure when booking, you know which Marco Polo hotel it is. They are both right next to eachother, one is named "Marco Polo" and the other "Marco Polo II." The Marco Polo is much nicer and more expensive

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Written August 1, 2005
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