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Avda Santa eulalia, s/n, 07458 Majorca, Spain

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Fantastic family holiday

by TripAdvisor Member Panda027

We have just returned from Holiday Village Viva in C’an Picafort, Mallorca after a 14 night stay and have enjoyed a fantastic holiday.

This hotel is ranked 4th out of 1,302 hotels in Majorca and I can see why as I would give very good/excellent ratings to every important aspect of your holiday i.e. Reception, apartment, cleanliness, activities, food, bars and entertainment.

We arrived at 5.00 in the morning and passed through reception very quickly much to our relief as we were all shattered. I spoke to reception several times during our stay and at all times found them extremely friendly and helpful.

The food in the Buffet restaurant was excellent, the Italian restaurant which is adjoined to the Buffet Restaurant is also excellent and it is nice to be served your food for a change. We cannot comment on the Caribbean Grill as we did not use it because the food in the Buffet Restaurant was so good.

I must make a special comment about the “Into action” staff who are fantastic. My son and daughter took part in several of the activites such as the High Ropes and Chocolate Party and loved them, I could go on but there are too many activities to mention. There is daily Water Polo for adults which is terrific fun and there is also a more gentler Family Water Polo where the kids also play. I found Ben, Gene, Scratch and Kelly to be particularly friendly and I am extremely grateful to Ben and Kelly for encouraging me to go up the High Ropes which was a great thrill ! “Scratch” is a bit eccentric and does fantastic card tricks and is also a trained dolphin !

The best day of our 14 nights was when the Entertainment team arranged a “Majorcas Got Talent” competition. We spent an hour or two in the afternoon watching the auditions and then atched the final in the evening which included a Take That tribute act called "Fake That" made up of holidaymakers and a chap eating four cream crackers in one minute ! It was won however by a young Irish girl singing and she was terrific.

All in all an excellent family holiday, our best for several years.

Worst ever holiday with first Choice(sorry, Wrong Choice)

by TripAdvisor Member wrongchoice2009

We arrived in the evening and been given a so called 'premier room', which was remarcable and unforgetable in terms of terrible mold and drainage smell. This was also a ground floor room with the balcony modified in such a way that the baby fall a couple of times in the first half an hour there. The next day, after spending most of it negotiating with reception, (as the First Choice Reps were not able to do anyhting else than saying 'I'm so sorry' ) we got another room that smelled less, we spend the day at the supermarket buying air freshner and floor washing liquid, so to make it liveable. We have tried the food that day and find out that the greek kebab shop down the beach is way better quality and freshness. Eventually, we survived this concetration camp till the last evening, noticing our baby is getting more and more spots on his legs.Last evening, we wanted to put him in bed and, surprise, the ants were nesting in there! We then realised they were feasting from our sons fresh blood(the ants video is on you tube It was our first time with first choice, and it is also the last. I would only recommend this holiday to an enemy.

Excellent Family holiday - almost faultless

by TripAdvisor Member stueywozza

My wife and I have just returned from the Viva, and we had SUCH a great time. We took our 3 month old baby, and she was treated like the belle of the ball from the moment we arrived to the morning of departure (would have been until we got home - but the first choice coach left 15 minutes early and we missed it!)

So on arrival, the staff we very friendly, and we were met by the permanently on-site first choice rep - or holiday advisor, as they are called now - and she was very charming and friendly. Whilst we were talking to her, the head of the creche facility came across to see our baby and was immediately friendly and welcoming. She remembered her name throughout the whole holiday and often sought us out in a crowd to say hi.

The hotel was absolutely spotlessly clean - the paths were mopped at least twice a day. Plates in the restaurant were taken away really quickly - in fact once I was still chewing!

The food in the restuarant was perfectly acceptable. Let's get this straight - this is not a gourmet food place. If this is what you are expecting here, then don't. The 'Carribean' restaurant doubles up as the poolside bar, and there isn't much carribean about it. Still, it is a welcome break from the buffet style of dining and perfectly acceptable for a family.

The drinks were fine too - the all inclusive drinks were good, and as long as you say 'no ice' (it's all cold anyway) you get a decent measure when you are served.

My only criticism was the rooms need a bit of an update - the beds were not the comfiest. I am a big fella, and a thin mattress never helps!

Last, but by no way least, the entertainers. These guys work so hard!! All of them are brilliant with kids, and are just as happy to be socializing with the adults in the sports bar late at night. Scratch is great with the youngsters, a very hi-tempo guy. All of the rest of the entertainers (Paul, James, Gee, Nik and Adele, ably assisted by the Chocolate Box) lead the nightly renditions of the holiday express followed by the Chocolate (choco choco) before going off to get ready for the post bingo show.

Great for Kids

by TripAdvisor Member garryknight

If you don't have any kids then stay away. If you do have kids, then I would definitely recommend it.
Fantastic swimming pool.
10 minute easy walk to lovely beach.
20 min easy bus ride to Alcudia.
Let down by the quality of food at the hotel - recommend that you go self catering. You can still pay and eat at the hotel when you cannot be bothered to go elsewhere, but you can take advantage of all of the restaurants on the beachfront and port. It would be a shame to miss those.
Lots of entertainment - just go with it however Maplins it is.
My 2 year old absolutely loves the Chocco Latte and does the song and dance at home now!
On the net the prices fluctuate up and down - we paid £330 each for a week booked about 3 months ahead.

All inclusive - NEVER AGAIN

by TripAdvisor Member JonesMajorca

On arrival the complex/village was lovely and clean, we were also impressed with the size of the room we were allocated.

Beach was quite a walk and not recommended if you have a youngster out of a pram, you have to cross 2 busy main roads with inadaquate crossings (cars took no notice of pelican crossings) we also found the resort of Can Picafort dirty (dog muck everywhere)

All-inclusive, well what can I say. Beer served in half pint glasses day & night and then its only half full as the rest is froth, soft drinks have more ice than liquid. We were there 7 days and never felt tipsy once (what does that tell you). Food around the pool bar at lunch time was awful, chicken salad served in a plastic box like you get at Mcdonalds. fFood in the restaurant (more like a canteen), very nice and well presented. Tables abit close together and the floor very slippy, the waiters took your plate away abit to quickly too. Deserts were abit disapponting though mainly mousse, jelly, fresh fruit and small squares of cake (no bigger than a postage stamp). We also thought the butter served from a block and the Jam served from a bowl were abit tacky. Food in Caribean & Italian restaurant very nice but book early to guarantee a table before you leave.

Entertainment for kids excellent, but in 7 days we saw 2 shows (African footprints were brill) the other 5 nights were the entertainment staff trying to sing & dance (some good, some terrible)

Overall we spent £500.00 more for all-inclusive and didn't get value for money at all, We're sticking to Half-Board on future.

Very Impressive and Perfect for Families!

by TripAdvisor Member stephohara

Having previously been to the Holiday Village in Portugal and not been very impressed we were blown away with this Holiday Village in Majorca!
We've never seen so many staff out cleaning at all hours of the day, particularly first thing in the morning! Everything was so well kept.
We were all inclusive and never have particularly high expectations from the buffet restaurants but this was fantastic... different options every night, some items cooked fresh in front of you.. everything regularly replaced with freshly cooked items. Great variety! The dessert table on a wednesday night was to die for!!
The apartment was spacious and comfortable. Our daughter had the bedroom and we slept in the lounge area, the beds were comfortable and no need to make them up as the sheets were under the cover on the sofa. Balcony was large too. It was nice to have a bath with shower over as well as a large shower cubicle in the bathroom too.
The First Choice staff were all very friendly and approachable and the entertainment was good. Although our daughter didn't go to kids club and wasn't old enough for a few of the activities we could see there was always lots going on and the kids were well amused!
The large pool areas are great and again very clean!
The town and beach are only a 10 minute walk away, there is a main road to cross but there are zebra crossings and we never had a problem. There are plenty of shops, bars & restaurants if you fancied a change.
We were very happy with our holiday experience here and would highly reccomend to anyone with a young family

we love scratch the clown and doing the chocolatte song

by TripAdvisor Member FunnyBeardyMatthew

Spent 2 weeks at hotel holiday viva from mid June to start of July 09. Never done all inclusive before and never been on holiday for 2 weeks anywhere before with 11 yr old daughter, 7 yr old son and my wife, so had no expectations of what a package holiday was like. We all thought it was fantastic and the on site kids clubs and entertainment was superb. Only criticism is that the trips out are over priced. Bus to Palma Market 54 euros! Pirate Show 200 euros for 2 adults and 2 kids!
I have put the kids clubs and entertainment reviews first as everyone else has commented on hotel and food but not much on the kids clubs
The kids clubs and evening entertainment.
The clubs our split by ages, our son aged 7 went to superstars a couple of times. We saw parents of ginger triplets book their kids in clubs from 10.30-12.30, 2.30-4.00pm, 4.30-6.00pm and 9.00-11.00pm. Yes kids clubs til 11pm at night. It’s run by “skippy” 20somethings who say “hi guys” and know your kids names after 1 visit. They were fantastic, our kids are older so could do more. My daughter, [11] went to a chocolate party, did high ropes, built a raft, played water polo, played aero ball and met some really nice kids. The helpers are always on the go, and really encouraging with the kids, laughing and joking all the time. They are like cool older brothers and sisters. I could not fault their energy and interaction with even the little weeny tots.
They even put on stuff for parents if you can be bothered getting off the sunbed. You can do high ropes, water polo, golf, darts, poker, pub quiz, bingo with 300 euro prize money and “running across lilos on the water competition at lunchtime”. There is always someone asking you if you want to join in something.
Evening Entertainment. This was the best bit for me. Between 8.00-9.00 it’s the ministry of fun, then bingo at 9.00, which you must do as the prize money is cracking, then a game show til 9.45, then a more grown up show, sometimes done by the on site team and sometimes brought in. The ministry of fun is run by the entertainment team, a group of 6 people, Paul - brilliant host and very funny with the guests, Scratch the clown – does magic and characters, Adele, James and G who all rotate doing the shows they are funny too and Nik who arranges the dances. Our two loved these guys, they get the little tots up on stage telling jokes and playing games. Also they do dancing to songs, and have one called the “chocolate” song which is like the holiday theme song. [It’s by Soul Control if you want to download it]. All the kids join in and so do the adults – its hilarious. They also put on shows, they did a pop song show, a west end songs show, a pirate show, Mr. and Mrs. game show and fantastic clown dancing show which they got the kids to be in as well. It was a bit hit and miss on the singing, but they have loads of energy and our two kids absolutely loved them all. It’s a 3 hr live show every night, which covers the tiny tots up to the adults. You can’t ask for more than that. They are excellent with the kids getting them big rounds of applause when they do stuff. Paul and Scratch should have their own kids show on CBBC as they had me and the kids in stitches.
The flights there and back.
Flight only 1h40, but plane was horrendously delayed going out there so actually missed the first evening. However return journey was very smooth, with timed pick up from hotel matched to your flight, and lots of reps on hand to wave you in the direction of arrivals and departures at palma airport. First Choice/Thomson use new planes and the crew are very quick to serve up the meals, so if you have little kids, by the time your kids have spilt the food down their tops you are landing. Its only 60 mins from airport to hotel in Can Picafort and it’s actually a good way to see the island.
Hotel, the room, bar and food and beach
We had a decent sized room, in block 2 on 2nd floor overlooking a duck pond. The room had separate bath/shower and separate shower, dining table and big living area and big bedroom. Air con worked ok; there was no killer ants or dead fish smell in the room like other reviewers experienced. It was cleaned regularly. Beds were too hard, [possibly ex prison cell stock].
The pools are split into 3 depths. Baby toddle splash pool with loads of brilliant water fountains and slides, and covered roof. Although it was filling up from 08.30am with tired looking parents of toddlers so you need to be up at crack of dawn to bag the sunbeds. Then it had one big pool about 1m deep that was lovely and warm with bridge over middle. But can get crowded, so don’t expect to be able to read a book without getting squirted by some kids from the pool with the snack bar attached for getting burgers, pizza and ice cream. Then there was the 1.5m deep pool which we sat by as our kids are older. This was lovely, but the getting up early for vital sunbed bagging was funny to start with but then some Scottish bloke nicked “our” beds one morning as I was 1 minute too late getting up and I could have battered him with the lilo. Also you can hire towels for the pool to save you taking them in your cases.
The food was excellent I thought, with loads of fruit, croissants and fry up for breakfast, they even had brown sauce for the fat people to put on their sausages. The evening meal was themed, and had loads of choice, salads, them funny slices of sausage, squid, mussels, then carvery, big chips, stir fry, casseroles, even paella, which is a Spanish dish, that nearly every one overlooked in favour of beans and chips. And chicken nuggets for those kids that don’t eat vegetables and need to watch a portable DVD at the table because they can’t behave. It’s a bit of a bundle if you arrive at peak serving and it’s true that unless you hold onto your plate the waiters will take it off you. We tried the Italian sub restaurant and you are allowed to keep your plate for more than five mins. If you go to the Caribbean, it’s the snack bar with napkins and cutlery, but you can sit outside in the lovely Spanish sun. Oh if you want water you need to ask the waiters for a bottle as its all fizzy pop and cheap white wine.
The bars include pool bar, indoor bar, drinks in restaurant, and the mysterious late night “adult bar” that no one goes to, [because by 11pm you are dead], reading other reviewers, the trick to getting lashed is to not ask for ice cubes, but for god sakes you are on holiday with your kids so in my mind why would you want to get drunk anyway? It’s not 18-30?
The beach is about 15-20 mins walk if your have small kids in flip flops. It’s a walk across two main roads. I took the kids once, but its nearly ten quid for some thatched dustbin lid parasol and 2 sunbeds. Its lovely, to see the sea and all that, but there is no loos and the sand gets everywhere. So stay at the hotel as the pools are warm and clean.

AMAZING HOLIDAY FOR FAMILIES definately go visit ;-)

by TripAdvisor Member ttck4eva

We just got back today and I am compelled to write a review. This place is absolutely AMAZING. I was going to go into major detail but the reviewer before me has really described everything perfectly! We travelled myself partner 3yr old and 11month old. A couple of things I have to mention though...............the food in the buffet restaurant could not have been better! the selection was immense always hot always fresh, carvery, chinese, mexican, salad, pasta etc a different theme each night. Best of all was last night though when the theme was desserts they had about 100 different cakes and desserts and sweets choc fountain etc on a huge table in the middle of the restaurant IT WAS LUSH!!
The kids clubs and creche was FANTASTIC. We decided before we went that we were not going to 'palm our kids off' but it really isn't like that at all and my eldest wanted to go we only let her go to a 90 minute session each day but it was great for us to have a bit of time. Honestly the kids club crew go out of there way to make your child's holiday unforgettable! For instance my little girl mentioned that she hadn't seen Barney the dinosaur all holiday and that she really wanted to and these guys swapped shifts so one of the tall ones could dress up and meet her by the restaurant for a photo! they even made her a card from Barney she has not stopped talking about it! or Bob the builders birthday party or scratch the clown who does magic etc etc etc you get my drift? she is only 3 lol. Rooms were great and clean all the hotel staff were so helpful. We realised after the entertainment one night 11pm that out air conditioning had broke ;-( they had a maintenance man out within ten minutes he didn't have the part to fix it that night so they let us have another room. Seriously the guys that run the hotel and the first choice staff are brilliant. Now I know that the viva first choice manager reads these reviews so I just want to say a HUGE thank you to your staff for making our holiday so great - you will see us again xx

Already booked for next year!

by TripAdvisor Member Epops

Went to the Holiday Village with high expectations and evrything about it certainly met those expectations. My husband and I opted for this holiday as we were taking our 3 month old daughter as well as our 3 year old and wanted good facilities to keep them happy. This place is ideal if you have small children as the apartment is spaceous and the kitchenette area had everything required for making bottles etc. We used both the Creche and the Kids Clubs and I have to say the staff are fantastic, they all remembered both my childrens names after a couple of days which was a nice touch and quite unbelievable considering the amount of children they see in a day. The pool area was always kept clean and we had no problems at all getting a sunbed any day, even when we never made it down before 10am. The food was fantastic, the buffet had soomething for everyone and there was always a huge variety. We went to both the carribean grill and the italian and the food was also lovely, it was a pleasant change to have table service however I have to admit we only went once to each of them as we were scared what we were missing out on at the buffet as the night we went to the Carribean it was dessert night (Wednesday - DO NOT MISS IT!!), luckily we made it in week 2. I understand some people might not totally enjoy the evening entertainment but you do have to remember that the whole holiday is geared towards children and they love the it so if they are happy we are happy and the staff do put a lot of time and effort into it.

Overall there is nothing I could fault this hotel on and we are returning next year as we honestly don't think we will be going to anything other than a holiday village until our kids are old enough to be left at home!!

Fab family holiday

by TripAdvisor Member AilsaCraigs

Just back from 10 days at the holiday village and the kids were crying on the last night as they didn't want to leave. The only small downside of the whole holiday was that our apartment wasn't very clean but that seemed to be down to the lady who cleaned our apartment and not a general rule but it wouldn't put me off coming back.
The kids reps were fantastic and my son would have gone to every session if we had let him as he had so much fun. My daughter went to the wavelength club but she didn't go to as many sessions but she still raved about the reps especially 'welsh ben', ben, kelly and adam. My 5 yr old son still talks about Adam dressed up as Consuela and running around the pool!! Ben was rep of the week when we were there and it was thoroughly well deserved. A special mention must also go to the swimming instructors who were great (Cheryl - Ross from Hamilton says hi if you see this!) They were in the pool practically all day giving lessons and all the kids seemed to enjoy it. The kids also get a certificate at the end of the week and they were all beaming.

The entertainment reps were okay but one or two of them would be better suited to a place without children perhaps as they didn't seem to enjoy their work as much as others.

The buffet was great and we were never stuck for something to eat, the waiters are quick but it is a busy restaurant with a lot of people to get through and they do it all with no problems.

The only downside of the pools is that they aren't heated and we didn't get much sun in our second week so it was only the really brave that ventured in as they were absolutely freezing, even the kids thought they were too cold and they came out shivering.
All in all it was a fab family holiday and ideal if you have young children, if your kids are all over the age of 11 though I would maybe suggest going elsewhere.


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