Sol Jamaica

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Avenida Magalluf S/N, Calvia, Majorca, 07182, Spain
Sol Jamaica
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More about Sol Jamaica

visit the 'Aquacity' theme...

by cool_girl

visit the 'Aquacity' theme park, in Mallorca. it was absolutely brilliant, and has every sort of water ride you could imagine, and also, lots of other attractions. The beaches were also great, with white sand, and blue sea. the weather was a bit dodgy sometimes though!! The pool was cold in the Gran Sol appartments, where we stayed. I reccomend going to Spain because the atmosphere is friendly, and the people always smile, and say hi. Well, they say 'Hola' but it is the same thing!! And the good thing is, you do not have to learn a lot of the language, because they all speak very good english, in fact some of them speak better english than some english people!! How sad is that? :) Was going to Marineland, where they had all sorts of animals, like parrots, they had a parrot show, and dolphins, and sealions show. The sealions were all taught to dance to Mambo no.5, and they clapped to encourage the audience. The dolphins were also good to watch, and they allowed a small girl to sit in a boat and be towed by the dolphins. I thought this was really kind, and the tricks the dolphins did were amazing. They had a person on each of their backs, as if they were riding the dolphins, standing up, and they gave them a small fish after they did each trick!!

My favourite part was going to the pub there, where the drink and food was good, and they showed about 6 english films each day, and most of them had not even been released in the cinema in England yet! Plus the waiters aren't bad looking either!! (or the lifeguards!!!) This is one of the best things about the place!!! lol

The beaches were also very good, although you had to pay 400 pesetas for a sun bed. The water was very warm though, and dolphins and some other really small fish about an inch long, hundreds of them, would just swim around you, and they wouldn't mind that you were there!!
The sand is really hot though, we had to pour water over the sand where we wentm and me and my friend buried each other in the sand!!

European Humour

by budapest8

Right-handed people live, on average, nine years
longer than left-handed people.
(If you're ambidextrous, do you split the difference?)

Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump.
(okay, so that would be a good thing)

A cat's urine glows under a black light.
(I wonder who was paid to figure that out?)

An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
(I know some people like that.)

Starfish have no brains.
(I know some people like that too )

Polar bears are left-handed.
(If they switch, they'll live a lot longer)

Humans and dolphins are the only species that have sex for pleasure.
(What about that pig??)

Now that you've smiled at least once, it's your turn to spread
these crazy facts and send this to someone you want to bring
a smile to (maybe even a chuckle).

In other words, send it to everyone.

4) Souvenirs of the world !!!

by Umfufu

"Daniel's Cat"

Well, I received this cat the last year for my Birthday in Bali. It's Ryan ( on the right ), the son of my best friends who offered it to me. He know that I like the cats :-) I forgot to specify that this cat is in my house in Jimbaran-Bali (I recover it next year :-)

If you like to know more about Daniel (Dawy), go to his homepage

"Gerda's dooda"

On one of the trip they came in a hotel with this little bowls for peanuts. They loved it so much they asked if they could bring it with them to Holland......and without a real yes or no from the man who they have been asking, its now in Monster, Holland!!

Gerda and Peter have been to the Canary Islands several times, they had a great time, see for yourself.

"Jaja's sanddollar"

This is called Sand Dollar. You can find it only in the Gulf of Mexico.
I got it as a present from my Aikido sensei in Tampa, Florida. :-)

Dudytka (Jaja) has build a Tampa page with sharks ans roalercoaster!

"Roberto's Bogota symbol"

Roberto has explained a lot more on his own page if you like to have a look click on the link i have made. This is a little piece of his story : Finally, when everything seemed over, and we were already missing it and thanking any God that the Spanish did not find all those pieces of art to melt them, we found ourselves in the centre of a dark circular room with no further exits. Then slowly we started to hear sounds from the jungle, first far away then closer while the lights started to increase. They were localised on few spots of the wall, which were actually exposing more golden tools on what seemed the reproduction of hills and mountains. The more spots were lightened, the more sounds were coming, the more tools were shown... more and more... and it became overwhelming: among loud birds sounds they were thousands everywhere, they were shining, they were testifying of their owners' dignity and life, as if they were still alive and claiming our apologies and respect.

ARoman has been in Bogota so if you like to see more just click on the blue word.

"Leny's dolphin"

Leny (Sunny_Dolly was with me in Cuba in 2000. This is what she bought : We were walking on the beach in Guardelavaca. And there was an old man who was making the most beautifull fishes and meermaids from an old piece of a tree. There was also a son of him who made dolphins, and i ask if he could make me one. That was on a friday and the next monday this little dolphin was mine, its special because in Cuba i have swom with the dolphins and this statue remembers me about it.

Ofcourse you can see Leny swimming with the dolphins.

"Luc's pinn"

This is a tiepinn which is given to me by a few Japanese Ingenieurs student who come to our Honda distributioncentre in Gent. As a thank you they gave me this pinn after i had showed them around. This pinn is an exclusieve one from the University of Tokio.

You can find a link of Luc with an other souvenir.

"Lara's neckless"

here's my favorite sounvenir. It's the njami njami snake, i bought it in a market in cape town South Africa. The owner of the stall told me that a certain tribe near the niagra c
onsider this snake as lucky because it's possible to eat a little of him then return him to the water where he heals himself.
Then one day as i was sitting drinking coffee in a bar in zuich a man from zimbabwe asked me if i knew the story behind the snake i was wearing....
He told me that when the english came to this tribe they relocated them and all the animals too in what was called Operation Noah as they wanted to use this place to build a damm, sad huh, anyway it's said that today you can sometimes feel the earth moving at this damm
and the people say it is the spirit of the njami njami snake banging his head against the damm, and if you travel through this area you need to go with a guide from the local people as many people go missing again it is said that is because the of the spirit of the njami njami snake!
Anyway i love my njami njami snake reminds me of a beautiful country full of people with big warm smiles:)

Greentara(Lara) can make beautifull drawings wich you can see on her homepage.

"Salina's magnets"

I enjoy collecting small souvenirs as a remembrance of my trip and my friends and family members are aware of it too. So I get quite a nice collection of fridge magnets and its
growing! Here's a San Francisco fridge-magnet a lil gift from my bro-in-law, Venezia magnet during my visit to charming Venice and the Dutch flower girl from my boss. I think small gifts make nice souvenirs and not heavy to carry around on trips :)

Salinas (Salina) lives in Signapore and she build a page about it,which you can see by clicking the name.

"Linda's painting"

This is a copy of a painting by Peter S. Kroyer (1851-1909), a Danish painter, who spent his summers in the seaside town of Skagen at the northernmost tip of the Danish island, North Jutland. The painting is titled "Roses" (1893) and can be seen at the Skagen Museum. The woman, Marie, is the artist's wife. (One interesting aspect of his work that I noticed and liked very much, is that he
"zoomed" his paintings--without a camera. Actually, he would make a full painting and then he'd make a "close-up" painting of the focal subject. In this sample, you'll see a compromise. I scanned the full painting, but only part of it fit the scanner, and the part you see is more than the "zoomed" version he painted later.)It is a symbolic souvenir because it represents many things to me, especially, it represents the thoughtfulness of my pen-pal friend, Connie of Danmark,
who brought me to Skagen so I could see here favorite place in Danmark. Skagen then became a favorite place for me too. I bought this print to bring home and hang on the wall; it still reminds me of wonderful moments.

Of course Linda (lmkluque) made a page about Denmark

"Leny's 2 in 1"

Not me but my husband Peter and my son Jack went to Egypt. I wonn this trip but didnt like to go, but they really liked it. So they went together and had a great time. This is what i "won" when they came back.

Leny's link is with the other souvenir.

"Laura's sun"

Well, here as promised is the pic I took of my suns. I try to buy one
when I'm at a new place. The one on the right is from Puerto Vallarta,Mexico, the top left is from Cozumel, Mexico, and the one bottom right is from Costa Rica. It's actually a moon/sun combo. I have a few more but those ones fit into the camera frame :) They hang over my bed.

Hayward68 (Laura) bought one of her suns in Mexico and you can see where she went by clicking the blue Mexico.

"Rachel's Mask"

I bought this mask from a local market in Cape Town. I love it as it hangs in my hall and reminds every day of the glorious Cape and my husbands sister,who lives there.The mask was hand carved by a local man and he had loads of statues and masks for sale.I enjoy bringing all sorts of souveneirs home with me as they are a constant reminder of my hols without getting the photo album out.

"Salina's plate"

Here's a note on the ceramic handmade plate from Toledo, Spain.
I enjoy collecting small souvenirs from places I visited and sometimes I received them as token from friends and family members. One of them is collecting plate like this one.
This is a souvenir from Toledo, Spain from my sister - a handmade plate made in Spain which I like so much!

Salina's link is with the other souvenir.

"Luc's knies"

One of my best VT friends has left the building..i hope one day i meet him in a chat or he send me a card....till that time i will miss my friend with the nicest knies on earth.
Willy van Neste made this cartoon from Luc, the drawer was on a party from Honda where Luc works.

Luc's link is with the other souvenir.

"Rachel's Sun and Carpet"

I bought this sun and moon from Cancun in Mexico.It reminds me of the great sunny weather, happy people and great beaches.On a cold wet day in the UK,i take one look at this and think,
yes,i will return to paradise one day.

I saw this small rug on my last day of my Turkey hol.I used every last penny i had to buy it. The rugs in Turkey are wonderful and when i go back in Sept,i plan to buy a bigger one.
They are so carefully made.So much time and effort has been put into the making of them. The big rugs can take upto six years with 3 ladies hand weaving them.

There are a lot more collectables on Rachel_sun's collectable page. Have a look and see what else she bought on her holidays.

"Bora's Eye"

Hi Yvette, thats my country's most known souvenir, Nazar Boncuðu. Turks believe that it will protect you aganist evil's eye.
The most common article of 'decoration' (as percieved by a European) in any Turkish house, car, on a person, children or property is the mysterious staring 'eye', set in blue glass called the 'Nazar Boncugu' or 'Eye Bead'. Amulets, which are worn to repel the evil eye are known as a repellent talisman or apotropaic charm. In Greece and Turkey, the most common form of apotropaic charm is the blue glass eye charm, which "mirrors back" the blue of the evil eye and thus "confounds" it.
From Turkey to Cyprus through the Central Asian Turkic republics to the Uygur Turks of China - and all those beyond and between - the belief in the effects of the 'eye' are not only believed but genuinely feared. To show the universality of the belief in the eye, and of ceremonies and rituals used to avert it, we need only to look at just some of the names given to this phenomenon: Turkish: 'Nazar' or 'Kem Goz'.

Bora (Arkeolog) lives in Izmir and there are more pages about have a look!

"Bob's 3 in 1"

And, of course I want to participate by sending you a pic of a souvenir. In fact, here is a picture with souvenirs from three different locations. The cap is from Barbados (brings
back memories of rum punch and sailing); the T-shirt is from Belize (brings back memories of rum punch and diving with sharks); and the silver bracelet is from the store I'm standing by in St. Croix, USVI. So, hope this TRIPLE souvenir picture is just what you
need to complete your page ...
Oops. Left out a caption for the silver bracelet. Meant to add, "The silver bracelet reminds me of rum punch, Hurricane Hunters, and good times with my friends in Virgin Islands". If you are going to put captions on your pictures in your souvenir page stating "rum punch" with every souvenir may be funny OR MAYBE NOT! LOL But, I do remember that rum punch :)
Something special about the silver bracelet. Well, the bracelet is a symbol of the specific island - St Croix. It has what is called a Cruzan Hook used as a fastener. "Cruzan" is what the people from St Croix call themselves affectionately. BUT, there is a story behind the bracelet. Since I was travelling with the Hurricane Hunters, I get special discounts at LOTS of places on the islands. AND, there is only ONE silver shop that has "authentic" bracelets. We were warned to not purchase our bracelets anywhere but the original place.
Well, Barbara, me, Sam, and Ann are in town the first night we were there. There was a festival going on called "Jump Up" (a carnival type whole-town party where you see the people dressed in costume and walking on very tall tom-walkers). We drank a little too
much rum punch. We saw a sign advertising 30% off for silver bracelets at a shop that was not the authentic shop. Sam's wife Ann and I, thought that was too good of a deal to pass up. We each bought ourselves a bracelet. Barbara waited until the next day and went to
Sonja's (the authentic, original store). She got a much better deal and a bracelet that was much more heavy in silver than mine. Ann and I have been kidded about that transaction ever since. I don't think we will ever live it down LOL. And we owe it all to rum punch (too much). But Barbara has the bracelet, ring, and ear rings, all with the same Cruzan hook fastener.

Bob (bdbrewer)has been all over the world, so you better start at his homepage

"Luc's T-shirt"

I was in Gent on a Eroticfair and as a photographer on this nice event, i was just in the frontline when there was a female stripper from America, who stripped her shirt off and throwed it to me... I chatched it, and ever since then i am a lover of the shirt...(Its never washed !!!), so is that a nice souvenir or what???

Maybe you like Luc's (Luchonda) pages of the holidays more then his souvenir???

"Joann's postcard"

It is from my friend Julia who lives in Spain. She went to Ireland
this summer and I asked her to send me a postcard. I hope to travel
to Ireland next summer so this postcard is a motivator.

More Jbeltran (Joann) can be find just here so go and have a look!!

"Adinda's 4 leaf clover"

When I was younger I used to find 4 leaf clovers all over.
The last 2 years I was less fortunate (although I was very happy).
But last summer, when I was in Slovenia on holiday, I found eight of them!!!
The largest I have scanned and I want to make a card of it for a colleague,
who is expecting her 4th child. I usually give them away anyway,
because I think that will bring even more luck!

If you like to see how Adinda build her pages, have a look overhere.

"Marleens Deer"

When we came back from an excursion in our hotel "The Senegambia" there were all little tents on terras of our hotel. There were a lot of local people selling he most fantastic things from statues till necklesses. I loved this statue right away when i saw it, but my husband told me that it would cost far to many. But knowing myself i started to make a lower prize. My husband left and i had to do it all alone, cause he thought it was taking to much time. But as you can see i won the battle and came back to the hotelroom with the deer and her child. Its very heavy and when i packed it in my suitecase i had all the time the fear the suitecase would break.

More of Marleens (dedecker)trip to Gambia you can find here.

Forum Posts

2 weeks benalmadena costa

by dila

we stay for 2 weeks at benalmadena costa.
from 28 september till 12 october.
we rent a car for the last 8 days.
where can we see dolphins and/or whales.
places where we want to go are
granada, malaga, ronda and if it is not to far cadiz.
what are nice places to see, are there any fiestas.

bye and thanks
diana and jose

Re: 2 weeks benalmadena costa

by piano_007

Please don't forget to visit Sevilla !
And make the route of the "pueblas blancas" the white houses. Very nice.
If you go to Sevilla you will pass Antequera, if there is time left have a stop there.
I don't know anything about dolphins or wales, but they catch Tuna fish between Gibraltar and Cadiz.
Cadiz is about 200 km you will pass lovely villages, but it is a busy road.
And you can go and see the rock and the apes in Gibraltar. (80 km)
As far as I know is the only fiesta in September in Albacete, but that's too far away.

Re: 2 weeks benalmadena costa

by Carmela71


well the 12 of october is the festival in Fuengirola (very close to Benalmadena) but i am not sure about the exactily dates, as the 12 is saturday (could be the week before or begna on that day) i will check it.

yes, Ronda is a must, also granada for day excursions. If you want to see nice beaches (even if it is 2 hours and a half way) go to Tarifa and Conil beaches (you do not have to finish in cadiz is near, and is really nice, ask me for information if you wnat).

for the whales, I kknow most of the companys that do it are placed in Gibraltar, but depending on the season is worth or not. (not sure about right now)


Spain to Morocco?

by micas_pt


I'm planning a visit to Andalucia and Gibraltar next October. Thought i might get a spare day and visit some city in Morocco. I've heard that there are ferries from Spain and/or Gibraltar to Morocco coast.

Where can i get a ferry and to where?

Or would it be better to book a one day trip in a local travel agency?


Re: Spain to Morocco?

by mel_bee

Hi! When I went to Morocco I took the boat over from Algeciras to Tanger. Just walk over the border at Gibraltar to the local bus station in Spain and take a bus to the harbour. You can then just get on the next boat out. The boat I was on took around 5 hours but I think there are much quicker ones. The highlight was seeing lots of dolphins. I got the visa on the ferry and then took a taxi from the port of Tanger into the busy town. I ended up staying a week as I enjoyed being in Morocco so much and there are overnight trains to places such as Marrakech. If you don't have so much time then maybe an agency daytrip is the easy answer. Hope you have a good holiday!
Mel :-)

Re: Spain to Morocco?

by unrulyld

From Tarifa ferries go to tangiers. You can also cross over to the Spanish inhabited part,Cueta. Although I highly reccommend going further south, perhaps Asilah, Fez, or Casa Blanca. Tangiers is VERY SEEDY and I hope you are travelling with at least one guy! It´s the only place in the world I´ve actually felt intimidated on the streets... But you can make some great, cheap purchases!

Spain to Morocco?

by el_sindbad

Hi there ... if u r going fromTarif it will be 30mins trip only and if u go from Algecirers which is closer to Grenada it will be 2hrs30mins ..
no need to book in advance as some said howevere u can get a good deal if u book a weekend trip it will be ferri tickict plus hotel for twoo nights enjoy and have fun for more maybe u can e-mail me ..cheeeeeeeers

Spain to Morocco?

by el_sindbad

Hi there ... if u r going fromTarif it will be 30mins trip only and if u go from Algecirers which is closer to Grenada it will be 2hrs30mins ..
no need to book in advance as some said howevere u can get a good deal if u book a weekend trip it will be ferri tickict plus hotel for twoo nights enjoy and have fun for more maybe u can e-mail me ..cheeeeeeeers

Re: Spain to Morocco?

by micas_pt

Thanks to all of you. You've been very helpful. :-)

Would love your input on where to spend a week!

by Nomadjk

Hello! I am currently working in Liberia doing medical missions, but will finish up next month. A friend of mine is flying in from the US and we are looking to take a 7 day package trip in Europe. I have checked and and see a ton of choices. We both want to go somewhere we can relax by the beach or at a pool, but is also within driving distance of some fun day trips or attractions nearby. We have it narrowed down to Croatia, Cyprus, Algarve, Santorini or another Greek Island, or Sicily. Does anyone have any experience with one or more who can sway us one way or another? I'd love some advice! Thanks!

RE: Would love your input on where to spend a week!

by brotherleelove

Santorini is an excellent place to decompress. I recommend it highly. I've been going there since 1985. Stay in the most beautiful village of Oia, or if you require nightlife and discos stay in Firostefani. You'll be within walking distance to all the action without being in the middle of it. Check out the Blue Dolphins Hotel:

RE: Would love your input on where to spend a week!

by PeteNL

We can recommend Halkidiki peninsula in Greece, where you can visit Thessaloniki and surroundings, or take a boat trip to/around Mount Athos peninsula (which we did when we were there. Though we wouldn't recommend an all-inclusive package- much more fun to go out to some local place for dinner and/or a drink!
In Croatia the area around Split/Sibenik is worth visiting, with the various national parks both inland (Krka) and on the islands.
And next should be fine also weatherwise, not yet too hot!

Have a great trip!


RE: Would love your input on where to spend a week!

by Sjalen

Sicily! :) Love at first sight...great food, Greek-Italian-Arabian-English-viking history, a huge volcano to drive around with fantastic vineyards at its base...beaches in some places even if that's not the main reason for going.


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