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... and quality control and passion again... and quality control and passion again

The stretch affected (August 2009)The stretch affected (August 2009)

Detail of the incredible Målerås techniqueDetail of the incredible Målerås technique

Typical Åfors glass wareTypical Åfors glass ware

Travel Tips for Växjö

Some thoughts about the real artists!

by Trekki

Only a handful of glass manufacturers have employees who do both, design and the real work on the ovens with the pipes. Kosta group certainly does not. And that’s where I have a problem with. No, not with the fact that the designers don’t work on the pipes, but with the tremendous overrating of their designers. Surely, they design some beautiful things. But what do they do other than make some drawings on paper?? The real artists are the ones who stand and sit in the factories and transform into reality what the designers brought onto paper. They are the ones without whom the designers would never ever have earned fame and money. And they appear nowhere… That’s my problem with the Kosta group. I wouldn’t mind at all if there wouldn’t be posters and signs in all sizes with the faces of the designers next to each glass object. They are a real pet peeve for me. Mainly the new objects in the exhibition halls of these three companies (or Kosta group): nothing, absolutely nothing would be produced if the glass blowers wouldn’t know how to handle the glass and the raw materials and how to make it possible that the ducks and other animals sit or look out from bottoms of vases and glasses.

The real artists are the ones at the ovens. And I am wondering if the wages of the glass blowers reflect this, compared to the fortune, the designers and the marketing guys make....

I just had to get this off my chest…..

Home of Wilander

by Sjalen

Växjö Tennis Club is today even bigger than before thanks to time and money from Mats Wilander, the local star who sadly lives abroad these days but hasn't forgot his first days with the racket. Magnus Larsson is another of Växjö's familiar international names if you are into tennis and Stefan Edberg lives in next door Alvesta so he has also greatly contributed to the realisation of the Tennis Academy.

A walk around the lake

by Sjalen

Växjösjön (Lake Växjö) is just one of the many lakes in town but it is the most central. Start your walk just beyond the cathedral and go around the whole lake. If you happen to be there in winter, just walk on the ice. It is usually a lot brighter than in this "dusk in March" photo.

Oh holy glass and glass blowing maestros

by Trekki

Updates, October 13, 2009:
Spelling only, no new tips.

Oh well, I am fully aware that I didn’t wrote one single tip about Växjö because I simply didn’t make it into the city. In addition, the VT database has only läns (administrative divisions) for Sweden and not regions, which is why I cannot write about Småland, the province, because it simply does not exist in the database and is most probably not easy if not possible to add in the near future. If I would follow the län-logic, I would have to write in both, Kalmar Län and Kronobergs Län. So I abandoned my usual writing “logic” on VT and added all I did and see in the Kingdom of Crystal on this Växjö page. I think that the majority of the people who want to visit glass factories might look at Växjö. Maybe at Kosta, but this maybe if they want to visit Kosta only.

Ok, but back to the eastern surroundings of Växjö. That’s a huge forested region and was ideal some centuries ago to start glass blowing. There is an abundance of little rivers and lakes and trees to fire the ovens. Kosta was the first to settle here and then more came. By now it is 14 glass factories to visit and of course to buy. But in addition to the glass factories, there are countless of little beautiful churches in Växjö’s surroundings. I have visited two of them and one of it was definitely one of the most beautiful and magic one I ever saw.

So in theory, all tips I wrote here might classify as off-path. But…. as for me almost nothing is off-path because it means classification, running always to the famous sights and leave the lesser known neglected, I have added all these to the to-do section. Because in my opinion they are well worth a visit, no matter how far they are away from Växjo.


All pictures have been taken by myself, if not marked otherwise.
Please do not use any of them without my permission.
The same applies for my writings here.


by eden_teuling


Creating these pages is oh, so difficult.
The reason is that we made a monthlong trip through DENMARK, SWEDEN AND PART OF NORWAY amd this means: drive all day till about 5 to put up our tent somewhere......and next day it is the same recipe.....

But during those days we stop at lots of places, towns, villages, hamlets etc. and thus I have a collection of photos which all must find a place in one of my pages.

Better 1 well-filled page than 10 meager-filled pages......



Oh, in my travel report I see that I wrote: oh, how I feel at home here one with the numerous greener than green trees, blue like the sky, warm as the atmosphere here, I shall never get enough of it....I would like moving to Sweden.....
I enjoy the wooden houses, everything bright and clean, porches, dreams of porches, flowers in all colours.....and that church....another jewel!

we had drinks and a walk at SIMRISHAMN and I can say: Hälsningar från Simrishamn , which means: greetings from Simrishamn!


People who know me, also know that I love to send postcards and sometimes an extra funny or beautiful one keep for myself.....

This is a funny one, that one day will find its way to a special person!


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