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Neuveville Neighborhood,Fribourg,Switzerland.Neuveville Neighborhood,Fribourg,Switzerland.

Alte Brunnengasse,Old Town,Fribourg,Switzerland.Alte Brunnengasse,Old Town,Fribourg,Switzerland.

Rue de Romont,Fribourg,Switzerland.Rue de Romont,Fribourg,Switzerland.

Free Art,Building Sculpture,Fribourg,Switzerland.Free Art,Building Sculpture,Fribourg,Switzerland.

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Fribourg Walking Tour

by amsterdam_vallon

Fribourg has preserved a medieval entirety which is unique in Europe. The best way to explore the city is by foot. The itinerary that I've done is marked in yellow on the map. This tour is about 2-3 hours and show you all the sights that Fribourg has to offer. Don't be fool, Fribourg could be visited in 2-3 days to take advantages of all the sights that the city has to offer.

The star sights of Fribourg are numbered here :
- The Fribourg's neighborhoods (L'Auge, La Neuville, Le Bourg) - explain in the must see activies-
- The St-Nicholas Cathedral -3-
- The Cats' Tower -27-
- Bern Gate -26-
- Gotteron Gate -29-
- The Town Hall -38-
- The University of Misericorde -50-
- The Funicular -L-
- The The Jean Tinguely fountain -B-
- The Berne Bridge -65-
- The Middle Bridge -66-
- The St. John's Bridge -67-

There's a list of some other curiosities of Fribourg :
- The Franciscan Monastery -5-
- The Augustinian Monastery -9-
- Our lady's Church -4-
- Visitation Convent -6-
- Capuchin Monastery -7-
- Church and Headquarters of the Knights St John Hospitalier -11-
- Church of the Providence -12-
- Cistercian Convent, La Maugraire -13-
- Capuchin Convent, Montgorge -14-
- Bourguillon Gate -31-
- Maigrauge Gate -32-
- 11 Historical Fountains -Y- It was 11:45 am and I was the only one in the streets of Fribourg. What a great experience!

Jean Tinguely's Jo Siffert Fountain

by amsterdam_vallon

This is probably one of the most famous artisanal machine of the fribourg's artisit. This fountain is hidden at the back of the Grand-Places public garden, near the railway station.

To go there, follow the grey tower of the Golden Tulip Hotel.

Letter B on the Fribourg Map (see the " General Tip " category)

History of this fountain :
Born in Fribourg and later honoured a citizen of Fribourg, Jean Tinguely built in 1984 a fountain in memory of his friend and Formula I driver Seppi "Jo" Siffert, who died in an accident at Brands Hatch in 1971. The two men had previously drawn up plans for a fountain in the 60s. The Siffert monument is Fribourg's only twentieth-century fountain of artistic interest. It is also the third "waterwork" that Tinguely built in a public place-the Carnival Fountain had been built in Basel in 1977 and the Strawinsky Fountain in Paris in 1983. Tinguely had proposed the work to the City Council as early as 1972 but received approval only ten years later, along with permission to choose the location. The fountain has a big round basin in the centre of which sits the fantastic black machine, a firework-like display of iron and water. Originally, the Tinguely Fountain was to have been a part of his Paris fountain. In its present reworked form, it is an astonishingly effective work of art.

St Nicolas Cathedral

by Tripack

This gothic cathedral has required 207 year of labor to be built from 1283 to 1490.

The stained glass designed by the Polish Jozef Mehoffer at the beginning of the XXth century. This masterwork is the most comprehensive example of Art Nouveau in the religious stained glass in Europe.

The classical and romantic organ (1824-1834) represents the achievement of a local organ maker by the name of Aloys Mooser. Franz Liszt and Anton Bruckner played this monumental instrument of international notoriety.

The 76-meter-high Gothic tower takes the visitor up 368 divine steps accessible from April to October. It stands as the most original creation of the late Gothic era in Switzerland. Also a great view point on the town and the Prealps.

Cathedral guided tour available.

You have to visit the 'Musée...

by ciaobob

You have to visit the 'Musée de la Bière Cardinal'.
Recently set up in the former cellars of the Cardinal Brewery, this museum exhibits many old objects related to making beer by traditional methods. After visiting the museum, you can visit the present-day brewery and see how beer is made and bottled today

Musee Suisse de la marrionette Fribourg…

by Greggor58

This little museum offers a whimsical interlude and an opportunity to examine a collection of puppets gathered during the World travels of the owners and curators, Jean Bindschedler and Marie Jose Aebi.

Just across the Middle Bridge and just before you enter the Place de Petite St.Jean you'll find this little museum connected to a small cafe named the same....This is why we discovered the museum, we were looking for a place to have a bite to eat.

To see the “meat and potatoes” of the museum you enter the main door and make your way up a flight of steps to the second level of the structure. Here you’ll find a smartly presented assortment of marionettes contained within glass display “booths” that are well lit and grouped according to country of origin and “ethnic” backgrounds.
You’ll see various themed puppets from the countries of China, Africa, India, Canada and the United States, and Indonesia as well as a grouping from the “host” country, Switzerland; all representing a cultural experience and “taste” from each of the exhibited countries puppets!

There is a small theatre where performances happen but none was about to be presented and we didn’t stay for the next showing.

The museum is quite small and receives small funds to operate from the City of Fribourg and the Swiss L’office Federal de la Culture and so in spite of access being “free” it’s suggested that a donation be made and we did this without hesitating. We each happily contributed about 5.00 CHF.

If you’re tired of walking and would like to take a small break and at the same time see something pretty unique, take the time to pop in here and take a look around, its minimal cost and a little bit of fun as well..

The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 1000 until 1700. Mondays and Tuesdays the museum is closed except for tour groups that have made special arrangements.


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