Millards Hotel

23 Broad Street, Kemptown, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 1TJ, United Kingdom
Millards Hotel
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More about Millards Hotel

Terrific chilled out weekend

by TripAdvisor Member marcandemma

After reading fine reports of Millards we had high expectations of both the hotel and Tony himself.Sure as sure we were not disappointed,from the moment we arrived after a hellish five hour car journey we were immediatley put at ease and totally rid of our stress by Tonys very infectious chilled out manner.
The hotel was perfect,clean, comfy and very homely.Breakfast was fantastic,a top location, on the whole great all round.
Tony couldn't do enough for us which made the weekend all the better.
Parking is an absoloute nightmare in Brighton,so recommend an alternative form of transport if possible to get yourselves to ' Tonys Town'.
We will be back to millards in the winter and would not give any other hotel a thought.
Marc and Emma,Wiltshire U.K.

A nightmare

by TripAdvisor Member Corinthians

Am amazed by the previous reviews and can only assume a change of owner as my stay was nothing short of a nightmare. I booked 2 twin rooms for 3 nights. Just prior to the trip a problem with child care arrangements for the first night for the others meant I was going to have to cancel one /both rooms for that night and pay the price (Millards has a 72 hr cancellation policy). On hearing this, a friend suggested she take the room for the night, and my husband joined my for the first night only. On the morning of arrival the proprietor phoned asking for our time of arrival as he wished to go to a wedding reception that afternoon and evening. I could not be there until later but the other 2 (whose names I supplied) would be there midday, which he was happy with. They arrived and picked up the keys for both rooms.

The following morning the proprietor appeared curt and we were not made to feel at all welcome. For example, when a friend asked for a selection from the Cooked Breakfast (as suggested in the menu:” Please select from the following..”) he interrupted her and told that she had to have the full cooked breakfast, if necessary specifying which item she did not want.

After breakfast, I explained that they would be leaving today and the others arriving as planned. He asked only which rooms I wanted made up. I specified the one room only as I did not want to cause his staff hassle (and I knew the others would not mind).

The guests staying one night only duly left and my friends arrived; in his absence the cleaner showed them in, whilst I directed one of them to a car park. As they came upstairs to put their bags down, he arrived at the room and started asking who we were, demanding to be given our first names and to know who would be where and why I had not told him this was happening (I had). His manner came across as extremely aggressive and we were all shocked. We left the premises and I went to find him to try to sort things out. I apologised for any confusion; I explained the circumstances of the ‘swap’ and that I had certainly not been trying to make things difficult – the opposite in fact. He then admitted that I had indeed mentioned it earlier.

Later that day, my friends who had stayed on Saturday called me and asked to pick up a bag they had left in my room, so I headed back. When I arrived, the proprietor stopped me in the stairwell and starting angrily asserting that we were showing no respect, that we had not introduced ourselves initially (he was at a wedding reception), that they (the friends who had left the bag) and had tried to use the toilet facilities in the room (which they could have doneif I had been there as expected!), that this was “one of his homes” and we were not treating it as such. I was bewildered and shocked; firstly, I had just arrived back and had no idea who had let them in to my room (he then told me that he had!) but secondly, at his aggression. He was extremely intimidating and I was actually scared. I was by myself , with him blocking my only ‘escape’. I tried to talk to him calmly but was talked over. He kept saying that how would I like it if someone brought strangers in to my house and let them use the bathroom. The obvious answer that this is a hotel and I don’t charge people to stay in my home, never mind to use the bathroom, was not ventured as by this point I was too frightened. I was actually left having to apologise at treating his hotel like a hotel, simply to get away. I was physically shaking as I left. (Additionally, I found that both of our rooms had been left open after being made up, with all our belongings inside!)

Next morning, it began again. The two ladies from one room arrived at 9am; I had warned my friends not to ask for any variation of the breakfasts, as it had seemed to rile him before, and they simply requested full cooked breakfast. They tried to be friendly as he brusquely asked where they other two were and said that he had laid a table for 4 as he expected us all to arrive together. This has never been the rule in any other establishment any of us have stayed at. We arrived ten minutes later (still well with in the allotted breakfast time, certainly going by the rules printed on the Guest Information’) and requested a Continental Breakfast. He said curtly that he expected us all to have cooked breakfasts and anyway, he had no croissants. We tried to appease him by saying we would simply have the fruit, cereal and toast, to which he simply walked away. He then moved a half eaten bowl of chopped fruit, left over from another diner, on to our table! By this point we were all upset and tried to finish as soon as possible.

The final denouement came immediately after breakfast when he followed one of us outside (she was by herself) and started verbally abusing her in the street about “ the atmosphere over the breakfast table”, her attitude and the way she was standing (she had her arms folded)! She explained it was because she felt uncomfortable, to which he suggested that if she felt uncomfortable perhaps she should leave.

By now, it was becoming too terrifying to stay. I went down to pay, deliberately accompanied by a friend. He took my card and again started saying exactly what he had said before about the other guests trying to use the bathroom, about lack of introductions, treating it like a hotel (!) again in a incredibly angry manner that we both found very intimidating. My companion stated calmly and quietly that we had not come down to argue and that we simply wished to pay and leave. He then turned on her, refused to put any payment through (holding on to my card) until he had finished and then demanded she stand outside (she refused). He continued for several minutes whilst we stood, unable to say anything. He then took payment for the following night despite it being well before check out time. We were both too afraid to argue further.

I would point out that on both nights we had not been drunk, noisy, rude, or any way disrespectful to the others guests or staff. We are all professional people who are used to having to deal with difficult or aggressive people through our job but I have never been made to feel so scared by someone’s manner before.

I would not recommend this place to anyone, certainly not any 'unaccompanied' female.

Scary owner... okay B&B

by TripAdvisor Member marthasvin

First impressions of Millards.... different.
Owner initially very wellcoming, sat us down and then started on... and on... and on.... Apparently the cook likes to be called Mary as he is gay... Am really not sure this is the case.... We then had the run down of the choice of rooms, by this stage quite keen to dump our bags and go out... but with a stern ' sit down, i have not finished yet' more was to come...
I like to thing that as a reasonably intelligent woman am capable of both locking and unlocking doors, but apparently not....
Small but clean rooms, but certainly nothing that you would not expect from a good B&B...
Breakfast very weird - Owner very stressed - 'Just ASK for the full english breakfast then tell me what you don't want'
'errr I don't want the tomato, bacon, sausage.... just the scrambled egg' My friend wanted tea... teabag arrived.. without hot water .... atmosphere very frosty... asked for hot water.. 'well I am VERY busy'....
But worse was to come... we had booked for three nights, but could only do one night - so two other friends came to take over the room - we left our bags there for a final shop and look round... and came back to pick up bags... asking owner if he would mind letting us in... no problem... suddenly, as we got our bags, he is there very hostile, threatening - 'this is not a doss house- how dare you treat it as one.. get out...'...
We left rapidly - stunned by his manner...and learnt from our friends that they had to leave the next day as he was incredibly hostile and negative to them - even pursuing one of them down the street!
Now I could sort of understand it if we had been a load of beer swilling loud slobs - but given we were a group of professional women who are very house trained it was all very odd , not to mention offensive.
So my advice would be to avoid millards until the owner has been on an anger management course.

Terrible experience at Millards Hotel

by TripAdvisor Member MrsLotto

I left the Millards Hotel early after being made to feel extremely uncomfortable and unwelcome by the proprietor. I travelled down from Newcastle for a weekend shopping with some friends. We are all professionals, and were curtious, quiet and sober! The locks on the bedroom doors had been removed, and following several incidents where we were individually "cornered" by the proprietor and subjected to "lecturers in a raised tone", we all left as we felt unsafe. We in fact paid for the full intended stay, as we were too intimidated to argue. I felt unsafe, vulnerable, and extremely intimidated. Other incidents included giving us partially eaten food from another table for breakfast, as well as the handling of beverages before giving them to us.

OK Hotel or an upmarket B&B

by TripAdvisor Member Coco2005

Having always visited larger hotels and hotel chains, Millards was a refreshing change to that. The reviews on this website give a good indication of what might be expected, and the several mentions of Tony - the owner - who is a character and must be taken as pinch of salt.

I would say the hotel is suitable for anyone who is looking for a short break in Brighton. The location is fantastic as it is a short walking distance from the Pier (in fact we could see the Pier from our room!) and the rest of city centre. The rooms are comfortable and have a very decently priced minibar, which cannot be found in many hotels.

The only criticisms I would personally have is that because of the 'layout' of the hotel there is no reception as such, it is downstairs in the lower ground floor and is only a desk where Tony sits and is adjacent to the breakfast room. On arrival Tony greets you (lets you in as the door is locked) and takes you downstairs to check in. Sitting down on a sofa and he wants to have an informal chat with you whilst you fill your details in. It is Ok, if you are the chatty type, but if you are not you might find it a bit uneasy, although Tony is very friendly. You might also find the start rituals a bit long winded. Especially as he literally shows you how not to slam the doors and shows how the keys work. Tony is also interested to know if the room is satisfactory. The room was, so no complaints, but because of his open manner it would be difficult to criticise as it is a small hotel and you would not want to start on a wrong footing.

Also the problem with hot water during the day was a bit frustrating. It was fine to have a shower in the morning, but after a day on the beach we would have like to have a shower to freshen up for the evening and there was not even lukewarm water - and no one answered the phone in the 'reception' when we would have queried this. We had to have a cold shower - thank goodness it was a hot summer's day, as I wouldn't want to be in that situation in the winter. We asked Tony about it on our departure but his comment was that they only have a small hot water tank in the old building and the water gets used quickly. Well, almost at a £100 / night, I expect to get hot water - so maybe electric showers could be installed, as they wouldn't require a tank...

Breakfast was very good, although the breakfast room had occasionally a bit funny atmosphere because if you arrived when all the tables were taken, you had to wait. It is ok, but the whole breakfast seemed to be orchestrated by Tony and sometimes it didn't feel relaxed. Witihin the cooked breakfast there was a choice of eggs on the menu but we had to order scrambled, despite wanting poached, because that what they had and that's what everyone had to 'choose'.

In general we felt slightly that you couldn't complain or criticise as it would have probably ruined the relations with the owner and in a small, private hotel it is tricky - even though we only stayed the weekend.

It is a good quality B&B, more than hotel (because of the lack of reception, lounge and overnight staff) and I would recommend it to anyone who isn't bothered by the quirkiness of it, as it is clean and comfortable otherwise - and in a great location.

"Lovin it"

by TripAdvisor Member Fubuki

If value for money, excellent service and a relaxed chilled out atmosphere is your thing then Tony's is the place to be!

We stayed in room 8 and had a great view of the sea and Brighton Pier. A spacious, clean room with all the trimmings (digital tv, mini bar, en suite bathroom etc), scrumptious breakfasts, and friendly accomodating staff.

If you're ever going to Brighton head to this hotel you cant beat it for good value and service with a smile.

Thanks especially go to Tony for making us so welcome, if we are ever in Brighton again we shall definitely give you a call

Natalie and Stephan

We were 'lovin it'

Rude and aggressive

by TripAdvisor Member CoralM

I recently stayed in a twin room with a female friend, intending to do some girly shopping in lovely Brighton. We dropped our overnight bags in the tiny room and left to look for shoes, but only after the landlord, Tony, was satisfied that we had all been introduced, stressing this was his home and we had to respect it. There were no locks on the inside of our room and we had to have a twenty minute lecuture on closing the front door quietly. Next day at breakfast he moved half a plate of chopped strawberries from the vacated table accross the room to our table. I commented to my friend where they came from and pushed them to one side. Half an hour later while walking back from the sea front alone I was approached by Tony, who informed me that he didn't like my attitude at breakfast, I had created an 'atmosphere' and wouldn't I expect a little more respect from people visiting my home - I did point out that I don't run a hotel. Tony even commented that he didn't like the way I was standing with my arms crossed! He said that if I didn't like the way things were run I could leave, I said perhaps I would and before my feet could touch the ground he was demanding I vacate my room and pay my bill immediately. My friend and I left within the hour - we, you think are tattooed teenagers, up for all night drinking sessions and bringing visitors back. No, we're both boring marrieds with small children, we both are in our late 30's and both work as hospital doctors - we just wanted to buy shoes and enjoy Brighton! I wonder if he would have so aggressive if I had been with my husband?

Not a place to go for security as a single girl!!!!

A delight

by TripAdvisor Member Marknjo

My partner and I stayed at Millards for the weekend around the 29th of july and I'm really finding it difficult to reconcile the negative reviews with the time we had there. But then again, we liked the personal touches - an introductory talk, a natter before breakfast, being made to feel special etc. We found Tony (the manager) sweet, funny, charming and understanding. The rooms are great (we stayed in two while we were there),the location good and the whole set up professional.

not a hotel

by TripAdvisor Member joannabodie

Just would like to point out that this is by no means a hotel just a simple b&b.
The owner is ok a little rude and very familar which i found to be a little awkward.
Rooms are ok and clean and beds comfortable.
Breakfast was good although not always the choice which is on the menu.

Brighton Breezy

by TripAdvisor Member Tom147

Our impression of Millards
Tony the owner is a character who liked to explain things clearly.
We had no problem with Tony, in fact we found him very friendly. The room we stayed in No2 was small but we chose that as we were only supposed to be staying for 2 nights. (Tony did offer us one of the bigger rooms, which we would take next time)
We eventually stayed for 4 nights.
The bed was comfortable and the room spotless. The Mini Bar prices were really good, not like some places that try to rip you off during your stay. The ensuite was a little small with the shower door not being able to open fully, which could be a problem for the more robust guest.
Breakfast was always served by Tony in an almost regimental fashion, everything had to be "just so", which we soon got used to.
The food was excellent and we always had our fill.
We thought we had excellent value for money.
The location of the Hotel which is in a very cosmopolitan area, out of the door turn left and you were at the sea, right by the pier.
Turn right and left at the top of the road and Brighton Pavillion was 500 yards away.
Parking is a problem, not just near to the hotel but in Brighton as a whole and can prove expensive.
We would have no problem recommending this hotel to friends and would certainly stay here again should we be in the Brighton area




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