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easyjet bus from London to Gatwick

by mindcrime

how much time will the bus need for the ride to Gatwick?
The bus departs from Earl's Court.

We want to be at the airport at 13.30

Re: easyjet bus from London to Gatwick

by Dabs

Are you talking about Easy Bus? You can put in your departure date and get the schedule for the date and how long the bus should take.


Re: easyjet bus from London to Gatwick

by mindcrime

yes the easybus as they call it :)

they say 65' but they also say they cant be sure :)
so I wonder how much does it really takes during miday when there's more traffic, should I think of 90' to be sure?

Re: easyjet bus from London to Gatwick

by puerto_lover

Midday there is less traffic because all those hard working people are already behind their desks. Or should be. I would say that if you leave 90 minutes then this will be fine and guarantee your safe arrival before 1.30pm.
I am always surprised at how quick I can drive from Gatwick to London. The London orbital ring road is the one that gets all the heavy lorries and plenty of traffic. Also the Easy bus is small and can deviate from usual route if necessary.

Re: easyjet bus from London to Gatwick

by leics

I always allow plenty of extra time when travelling to any of the London airports by car. It only takes one lot of roadworks or one accident for congestion to occur at any time of day.

65 min *should* be enough (it's the AA estimate for the journey) but there is no certainty. I'd want to take a bus around 1130ish. Better too early than too late.

I'm not sure Easybuses would, or are even allowed to, take an alternative route unless the road is completely closed and there is no alternative? That's not normal practice for public service vehicles in the UK.

Re: easyjet bus from London to Gatwick

by cubsur

Sure a bus can divert from its route. Happens all the time in London with demos, riots etc!

Seriously, if no stops are missed out I am sure it doesn't matter which way the bus goes. The problem with any drive through South London and along the M23 to the airport is, as the previous poster says, such is the volume of traffic that it only takes one minor problem and gridlock ensues. If you are in a traffic queue on the M23 there may be nothing that can be done. And no you do not get your ticket refunded if you miss your flight.

I would leave Earls Court at least 2 hours before required arrival time at the airport.

Re: easyjet bus from London to Gatwick

by leics

Of course buses divert from their routes if the road is closed etc...that's not what I meant (or said).

But no bus will divert just because there is traffic congestion. That's the point.

Re: easyjet bus from London to Gatwick

by mindcrime

I always try to be at check in when it opens so be on the safe side when it comes to unexpeted surprises/problems like traffic etc

we'll depart from London at 12.00
check in opens at 13.35

I think we'll be ok even if the bus will take 2,5 hours, wont we? :)

Re: easyjet bus from London to Gatwick

by leics

Fingers crossed! :-)

Re: easyjet bus from London to Gatwick

by cubsur

We shall agree to differ on that one!

Re: easyjet bus from London to Gatwick

by puerto_lover

cubsur- I recall taking a Gatwick to Heathrow bus once and the driver said that because of the horrendous traffic jam on the M25 orbital ring road towards Heathrow the bus would go via a different route and we only arrived 15 minutes late at Heathrow. Mind you that was a normal coach type bus not one of those nifty mini bus things that Easy use.

Travel Tips for London

Museum visits

by mirchica

I know I haven't descover anything new,I just wanna confirm it - if it's raining change your plan immidiatelly and go and visit some museums. You know they are many of them and they are for free. The disadvantage here is that in rainy weather museums are very crowded. But better in a crowd then wet and sick then.

See the city by river. I lived...

by Leiah

See the city by river. I lived in London for 18 years and
whenever I had visitors from overseas I would take them on
a tour starting with the boat from Embankment Station to
the Thames Barrier or Greenwich, then the boat back as far
as the Tower of London, and from there a number 15 bus back
to the West End, which goes via the City and St Paul's Cathederal. Get off the 15 at Covent Garden and wander the area. Walk from there to Trafalgar Square, then cut through
to Regent's Street and Oxford Street. It's a great way to get a feel for London's main sites and to see the city from
many different angles. Well, after 18 years in London I guess that I miss relatives
and friends there the most, but then that wouldn't interest
most visitors :-). I miss the variety of theatres, there was
always something on that was worth seeing. I enjoyed growing
up in such a big city, the mix of architecture, the variety
of activities available and the large parks. Most of all though I confess that I miss the weather. Yes, I do. Living
in a part of the world where water is in short supply I miss
living in a city with a mighty river at it's heart, where
even in the hottest summers (yes, we did have those there)you could still hope that the rain would come and bring some
relief. On the other hand at least here you can reliably plan a garden party in the summer...

Bring back " The Sun"

by ZanieOR

Colorful London tabloid papers are famous throughout the world, and though I'm not a reader of tabloids in the U.S., I brought back a couple of copies of "The Sun" as a bona fide souvenir of my travels.
The Sun is probably the most famous of UK's tabloids, and the June 15, 2004, issue didn't disappoint.
Years in the future I will remember that England was competing in the Euro 2004 football tournament (soccer, akin to an international Super Bowl, I gather); the front page headline was "In Me Bed Son: Joy for Rooney & Co. as Sven lifts sex ban" referring to the coach's allowing wives and girlfriends to stay with his players after a 2-1 loss ot France "to boost morale."
I love it.
On-line version: www.thesun.co.uk Acually, as an avid newspaper reader I enjoyed browsing an assortment of London papers while I was there, including The Times, which the hotel left for us every morning.
I brought home several issues for more thorough reading, and they all provide a microcosm of a particular day -- a day I was there -- of London life.
Newspapers make wonderful souvenirs, and a good way to explore the culture of another country.

Graffitti on the South Bank

by Mariajoy

My favourite thing about London?? ..finding stuff like this.. This is the work of the Bristol Street Artist Banksy I know graffitti is vandalism... but his work can be seen all over the city in the most unlikely places and I just liked this one! Click the link to see more of his work.

Yesterday (5/3/05) this one was no longer there... washed away by the rain... or the council.

American English PART2

by Elena_007

gutted: seriously disappointed or a feeling of despair.

homely: UK- comfortable and pleasant, such as a home should be.
homely: USA- Not very pretty, unkempt, or downright ugly even.

indicator(s): turn signal(s) or sometimes referred to as "blinkers."

jumper: a sweater (not the outdated over-all skirt thing), hence you will hear men saying they may need a jumper in case it turns cold.

knackered: completely exhausted after a hard day of work, or perhaps fun. (Another copyrighted explanation of it's dual meaning that you may want to check out before actually using it in conversation is below.) I would advise you take a look before you actually embarrass yourself in a foreign country, and not even know it. Click on the link or copy/paste URL into browser:



loo:the restroom, bathroom, ladie's / men's room, etc. In England, it is also known as the WC (And you will notice motorway signs and wonder possibly... WC?) It is a water closet! (funny to this American! Please see the following for a detailed explanation of the reasons for the name "loo." (And a good laugh!)

To the loo


mean: UK- cheap, as in being a miser with money.
mean: USA- a person of contemptuous nature, perhaps jealous, and revengeful.

natter: to have a natter is a chat similar to gossip. Although men tend to think only women natter or gossip, and men engage in conversations, I beg to differ.

off-licence: an American liquor store. (USA spelling off-license) Since you can buy alcohol in most any shop in the UK, I would imagine their business is sparse.

pavement: UK- (What Americans call the sidewalk)
pavement: USA-(What Brits call Tarmac)

(Confusing, because Americans think of Pavement as the Tarmac, NOT the sidewalk!)



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