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I'm in the sh*t again!

by Elodie_Caroline

If you are easily offended or disgusted? then please bypass this 'tip' ok......

Me, Chris, my sister and her ex boyfriend Dave were coming back from my mums wedding in Ipswich. We stopped off at South Mimms for a coffee and a wee, only, my body decides that it doesn't just want a wee, it wants a crap too!

I hate crapping in public toilets, but this time I just had too. Anyway, I do the business and it must have been the biggest one I've ever done in my life?!..... but horror of horrors, it wouldn't flush away!!! I laughed but I was really embarrassed. I called out to Mel and shouts "Oh gawd,I've done a crap, it won't flush away and it looks just like a walking stick!" hahaha, I didn't even think about anyone else being in the loos and maybe overhearing me?

You can guess what the topic of conversation was on the way home can't you? Dave, Mel's ex, wanted to know if there was a little Charlie Chaplin on the end of the walking stick? hahahaha...
I just couldn't stop laughing at that!! and it's the only time in knowing Dave for 9 years tht he actually made me laugh! :)

I do have a really disgusting sh*t pic I could put on here, but I fear it might get complained about and maybe my page deleted?


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Holiday Inn South Mimms M25 Jct 23

Swanland Rd South Mimms, Potters Bar, South Mimms

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