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Abingdon boat centre.Abingdon boat centre.

The old Barley Mow pub,Abingdon.The old Barley Mow pub,Abingdon.

The old Barley Mow pub,Abingdon.The old Barley Mow pub,Abingdon.

The old Beehive pub,Abingdon.The old Beehive pub,Abingdon.

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The Beehive and Barley Mow.

by Tdiver

Sadly England is losing its pubs and here are 2 more.
The Beehive on the corner of Stert street and Broad street now a restaurant and the Barley Mow on the corner of Lombard street and West St.Helens street,now an office.

Abingdon Lock

by aaaarrgh

Abingdon Lock and weir has existed north of the town since the 1780's. The weir was designed to control the flow of the River Thames and the lock was built later to allow boats to pass easily.

For the first 6 months of my life I lived in a boat opposite Abingdon Lock.

It is a pleasant walk from the town centre, less than a mile away. You can either walk through the old Abbey grounds along the mill race, or directly along the bank of the Thames from the 500 year old bridge.

Today (and for the last 30 years or so) the lock-keeper sells ice creams and drinks from the front door of his house. So it is fun to stay for a while and watch the pleasure boats pass through the lock.

Abingdon, Berkshire or Oxfordshire.

by Tdiver

"A brief history."

As the title said,Berkshire or Oxfordshire.Up until 1867 it was the County town of Berkshire but under local government reshuffles it was moved into Oxfordshire in 1974.Reading became the new County town of Berkshire.
It is thought that because it was only served by a branch line of the railways,it got passed by and remained much the same size.Whereas Reading grew much bigger and as a result took over.
Settled since probably the Bronze age,it was a well known town in Roman times which then became a Saxon one.Earliest records show a hamlet called Sevekesham across the river Thames.
Hence it is regarded as being the oldest continually inhabited town in the Country.
Hean the nephew of King Cissa was granted land to build a monastery called Abbandun (Hill of Ebba),where the hill is is debatable and his sister Cilla founded the Nunnery of Helnestowe on or near the present church of St.Helens.
The monastery was the 6th richest in England before King Henry VIII's abolition.
The market has been on a monday since 1556 but some say 1328,who knows?
The Michaelmas Fair now called the Ock Fair is a popular event with the Runaway Fair a week later,both in October.The Michaelmas Fair was originally a hiring fair when workers sold themselves into a years bond of work,the runaway fair a week later when workers who had runaway from hard masters re-sold themselves.
Each June the local Morris Men gather to celebrate the election of the Mayor of Ock street.
Morris Men
In 1810 the Wilts and Berks canal reached Abingdon but was abandoned in 1906 due to the railway which also closed in September 1963 so now the only public transport is by bus,about every 20mins to Oxford,
or by boat in summer,from Oxford or Wallingford.
Salters Steamers
The bridge seen in the picture is 550 years old.
The town has lately been famous for it's MG cars but that factory also closed in 1980.Rallies still held by enthusiasts in the town.
The most prominent thing you see when entering the town is its famous County hall,now the museum.Designed by the mason who also worked on St.Pauls in London under Sir Christopher Wren,between 1678-82

The famous Morland brewery established in 1711 was also based in the town down Ock street since 1912 has also sadly gone,in 2000,taken over by Greene King.It was the country's second oldest independent brewery.
Lots of great pubs still in the town to visit as well as restaurants.
Town centre map
Vale of the White Horse Parishes

"More history."

More in depth history found on these sites below.
Berkshire villages
Abingdon history
Abingdon churches
Since i am originally from Windsor i couldn't help but put this in as well (The Wiches of Windsor)as they were tried here in Abingdon

An hour in Abingdon

by sue_stone

Early one Saturday we drove up to Oxfordshire to have a look at a car we wanted to buy. The car had been describes as 'immaculate' by the current owner, and it sounded like exactly what we were after, we decided to take the 1hr 15min drive from London to check it out.

Well, we saw the car, and if that was immaculate...then I'd hate to see what the guy described as 'good'. The paintwork of the car was in bad condition - it was covered in scratches from one of those brush car washes, and also had several marks where boxes had been put on the bottom & roof.

So, we didn't buy it. To make us feel like the trip hadn't been in vain, we stopped in at the pretty town of Abingdon for a coffee and a treat. After a coffee and then a quick look around the centre of town, be jumped back in our car and drove home.

Perhaps next time we are in the area we will have a proper look around Abingdon.

Abingdon - more people should visit here!!

by aaaarrgh

Famous for being the town where aaaarrgh was born, way way back in the mists of the time.

Abingdon really is a very nice historic town. Apparently it has 3000 years of history, the longest continually inhabited site in England!!

It was the site of England's first Abbey. The Market Place has had regular weekly markets since the 16th century. Overlooking the Market place is the most splendid Town Hall, which was built by a pupil of England's most famous architect, Sir Christopher Wren. Nearby St Helen's Church is famed for being the second widest church in England.

Famous more recently for being the home of the MG sports car factory.

Tourist Information Office on Bridge Street, as you enter the town over the old bridge, from the south.


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